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Speaking in Code DVD Release+free Hearthrob podcast

Posted in Dj Mix, DVD, Movie, Promotions, Techno on March 4, 2010 by J.D.

Speaking in Code is the techno movie that is not about techno. It is about people.
Speaking in Code
Out March 12, 2010

For nearly a year, a documentary has been filtering though the world, via film festivals, music festivals and one-off viewings. Now, after 5 years of work, Speaking in Code is proud to announce the DVD is ready to order.

“The personal edge really makes it stand out as something different,” said one viewer. “I was very impressed with the unexpected layers,” said another. “Brave rather than exploitative,” “Had an amazing look” and “I loved it, truly!” is just some of the feedback for Speaking in Code.

There have been many documentaries about dance music, either focusing on a broad survey of the music (Modulations, High Tech Soul) or backstage with certain superstars (Sasha and Digweed’s Delta Heavy, Tiësto in Concert), but none like Speaking in Code, which fixes the camera on a special set of characters and follows them for years—experiencing their triumphs, their failures and their near obsession with a music long forced to the fringes of mainstream culture. It is all spectacularly framed by Director/Producer Amy Grill and Cinematographer Scott Sans, who travelled to the world on a shoestring budget to bring the characters to life.

These characters include: Monolake, the inventor of music production program Abelton Live; Modeselektor, a DJ/production duo whose famous fans include Radiohead’s Thom Yorke; The Wighnomy Brothers, who, raised in East Germany, brought a new sound to the music and catapulted to success; Philip Sherburne, an established journalist and producer himself; and David Day, the director’s then-husband, who attempts to change a rock-centric American city. Together they form a near perfect portrait of an underground, global community.

Filming began five years ago, and the blog chronicled the journey. Word grew until everyone—from well-known artists to countless of blogs and fans—desperately wanted to see the film. It then screened all over the world, from China to Poland to Holland and at film festivals like Independent Film Festival Boston, CMJ Film Festival and San Francisco’s DocFest.

The $19.95 price includes a wealth of DVD extras. Footage from Modeselektor’s brazen performance at Sonar 2006 is provided uncut, or go on a tour of Kompakt with Michael Mayer or an extended interview with Ellen Allien of BPitch Control. Characters not explored in the film, like Jimmy Johnson of Forced Exposure record distribution, are featured in the extras. In the printed insert, journalist and producer Philip Sherburne contributes an essay.

“Electronic music’s most important documentary?”—Terry Church, Beatport
“Reveals the human side of the thoroughly modern music.”—Ada Hutchinson, Weekly Dig


Speaking in Code is the techno movie that is not about techno. Five years in the making, it follows a cast of characters compelled to make and support electronic music. In cinema verité style, the 90-minute feature takes the audience into a world few have ever seen.
Speaking in Code podcast from Baltimoroder, a Boston DJ related to the Hearthrob party ( He takes a lot of signature tracks from the film and weaves it into music from the in the film.

Download it here:

The tracklisting:
1 “Fragile” – Monolake (Imbalance Computer Music)
2 “Wombat” – The Wighnomy Brothers (Kompakt Extra)
3 “In The Moog For Love” – Steadycam (K2)
4 “For Penny and Alexis” – The Rice Twins (Kompakt Extra)
5 “You Might Say Im Ruminativen (Parfum rework)” – WB (WB Records)
6 “Enjoy The Silence (Timo Maas Extended Remix)” – Depeche Mode (Reprise Records)
7 “Milk & Honey” – Philip Sherburne (Lan Muzic)
8 “Maps (Michael Mayer & Tobias Thomas Mix)” – Ada (Areal Records)
9 “Regensburg (Gas Mix)” – Markus Guentner (Kompakt)
10 “Kappsta 2” – The Field (Kompakt)
11 “Vote or Die” – Modeselektor (BPitch Control)
12 “Way Out” – Ellen Allien & Apparat (BPitch Control)
13 “I Love You” – Modeselektor (BPitch Control)
14 “No 7-11’s (Akufen’s Chill Em All Mix) – DJ Champion (Saboteur)

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