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The Chemical Brothers – ‘Swoon’/Gorillaz – Superfast Jellyfish (Don Diablo Remix)

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Don Diablo puts his spin on ‘Swoon’, the new single by The Chemical Brothers, and turns it into something epic that will set dancefloors on fire and keeps your iPod on repeat! Just remember to fall in love. Over and over. With this mix.
[DIRECT] The Chemical Brothers – ‘Swoon'(Don Diablo Remix) (Right Click, Save Target As…)

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More The Chemical Brothers-Swoon Video,new Album

Gorillaz – Superfast Jellyfish (Don Diablo Remix)
Don Diablo takes on ‘Superfast Jellyfish’, the new Gorillaz single featuring De La Soul and Gruff Rhys. The end result is simply bananas. It’s one of those songs you just go apeshit to, when you hear it.


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Robyn-Body Talk PT. 1 Out In June 15th

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Robyn Reveals 2010 Album Plans
Body Talk PT. 1 Out In June; 3 New Songs Available Now
Calling All Fan Reaction Videos To “None of Dem”

After the huge success of her self-titled release (platinum UK) featuring international #1 smash single “With Every Heartbeat” and top 10 hit “Be Mine” in 2007, Robyn is back with her killer combination of natural pop nous and cool sassiness.  Due to an abundance of great songs bursting to get out, 2010 will see her unleash not one, not two but three albums.  The first, Body Talk PT 1, will be released on June 15th, and fans can expect an exciting mix of cool electronica, heartfelt pop, and tracks that have all the hallmarks of becoming classic hits.

Robyn explains: “I got all these great songs so why not? It’s been 5 years since “Robyn” and I didn’t want to wait with a release until they are all recorded, so I decided to start putting them out right away. I also can’t wait to play live again and this enables me to tour and record at the same time. I just want to keep making music.” Robyn has worked with the hottest producers around to make these ambitious plans a reality. Diplo, Royksopp, Kleerup and Klas Ahlund (amongst others) are all on board.

Robyn wants to see her fans’ reactions to “None of Dem” which just premiered on her site, so head over to and get your web cam rolling as you listen to the track for the first time.  Scroll through the gallery to see Robyn’s personal video submission“None of Dem” is now available on iTunes along with “Dance Hall Queen” and “Fembot.” 

Body Talk PT 1 Tracklisting:
1.     Don’t F*cking Tell Me What To Do
2.     Fembot
3.     Dancing On My Own
4.     Cry When You Get Older
5.     Dance Hall Queen
6.     None of Dem ft. Royksopp
7.     Hang With Me (acoustic)
8.     Jag Vet En Dejlig Rosa

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The Bloody Beetroots Announce Domino EP & Tour

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Available Today Exclusively Through iTunes

Dim Mak is pleased to announce the latest release from The Bloody Beetroots entitled “DOMINO” (Spares Of Romborama Pt.2) available beginning today exclusively through iTunes. The EP will feature unreleased tracks and marks a cornerstone for the production duo, as they focus on a grandiose live show know only as The Death Crew 77. In addition to the release of the EP, The Bloody Beetroots will also be embarking on select West Coast dates in late April. A full list of tour dates is below.

The name “DOMINO” comes from a typical Venetian Carnival costume, a robe with a black hood and a white mask. The title was chosen title to introduce the first BBDC77 anarco-musical army. The video – like Xmas Vendetta – underscores the contents of their latest critically acclaimed release “ROMBORAMA”. “DOMINO” is part of “ROMBORAMA” and in turn “DOMINO” is a spare of “ROMBORAMA”.

This announcement comes off the heels of the their dark and destructive musical, cinematic and photographic opus for the title track.

Bloody Beetroots is the guise under which producer and dj Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo operates. In the Beetroots live sets and dj sets, Sir Bob avails himself of the services of Tommy Tea. Despite their glorious origins in the alcoholic Italian hamlet of Bassano del Grappa, The Bloody Beetroots are a worldwide phenomenon.

The quest of Sir Bob Cornelius Rifo (a.k.a. The Bloody Beetroots) continues in 2010 off the heels of, “Romborama”, with appearances by The Cool Kids, Vicarious Bliss, Justin Pearson from The Locust and many more. The album incorporates all musical genres from pop, punk, electro, acid and hip hop to classical music, house and techno.

“DOMINO” (Spares Of Romborama Pt.2)


1.DOMINO (Radio Edit)
4.DOMINO (The Movie) *
5.FINAL CREDITS (Domino – The Movie)

Tour Dates
4/22 The Independent, San Francisco, CA
4/23 House of Blues, San Diego, CA
4/24 The Palladium, Los Angeles, CA

Exclusive new Young Punx album “Mashpop and Punkstep”preview +Free Downloads

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The Young Punx return for their second studio album, a startling and inventive exploration of the deliberate destruction of genre boundaries in electronic music. Probably the first album in history to have toyed with drum and bass, heavy metal, electropop and cuban timba within the first 5 minutes (!) “Mashpop and Punkstep” is a vibrant manifesto for the next generation of mashup music. Featuring the epic collaboration with Memphis hip hop Don ‘Count Bass D’ – “Ready For the Fight” (already heard as the theme music for EA Games “Fight Night 4″ and as official entry music for world middleweight champion Arthur Abraham), the J-pop electro disco of SugarCandySuperNova and the Ragga House of “Juice and Gin” the album spans Puccini Opera, Punk rock, hip hop, synth pop, Japanese rock and much more…

“[The Young Punx are…] jubilantly shredding genre boundaries, swooping like crack crazed Magpies to grab their favourite shiny bits with maniacal gusto” – Clash Magazine

Finally Album from the Young Punx!
The Young Punx has been around for a while now,here and everywhere,their best work ‘Mashpop and Punkstep’ sees the day march 22.
The are No Boundaries at ‘Mashpop and Punkstep’, just like we expect from Young Punx, all kinds of music styles in one album,from Electro to Hip Hop,from Punk to Opera,from Funk to Nu Disco,…,
Already our headphones got burnin listening track BurnBurnBurn!
Funk will Never Die (track nr 4) thanks to The Young Punx,we hope soon part 2!
New Wave music lovers,this is your -Final Destination!
There is just one’Mashpop and Punkstep’album,so far, one of the Best Indie Party Albums this year

Monosurround – Hello World remixes

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Impelled by an insatiable hunger to impose their musical concepts on the unsuspecting (yet inevitably thankful) masses, the visionary electronic circus ringmasters Monosurround are finally poised to unleash the latest act in their three-ring spectacle. With the unveiling of MS Records, the minds behind the madness have founded the platform from which they will boldly announce their decrees to ears and dancefloors across the world, bringing together their own music with selections and remixes from a carefully selected cache of fellow producers.
For the labelʼs inaugural blast, label heads Ramtin A. and Erik S. have chosen one of their biggest hits of recent years – the title track from their scorching album “Hello World” – as the springboard for a complete musical overhaul by a collection of their current favorite studio wizards. 

Monosurround kick off the four-track vinyl EP with their own dancefloor-chasing Club Rework of “Hello World”, a blazing electro-house affair bristling with energy and doused in overdriven acid. An audacious and playfully malicious bassline, massive enough to cause any soundfield to burst at its seams, carries the song through a series of effects-laden crescendos expertly designed for evoking maximum effect.

France-based duo The Gilles de la Tourette Conspiracy strip the track down to its bare bones, rebuilding an ominous and tense techno number which seamlessly blends a simple string arrangement with rumbling low-frequency atmospherics to craft a piece of minimál noire.

English artist The Big Robot imports a taste of tech-funk from the Isles, presenting a squeaky number that rides a massive chopped bass and defiant metallic riffs through a series of heavily cut samples and shredded synths, manufacturing an electrifying trip for any lucky enough to find themselves within earshot. 

Hungarian indie-infusion artist Adam Landon adds the final touch to the EP with his incomparable mish-mash of influences, creating a rock-tinged electroid number that surfs on the edge of combustion while keeping just one finger barely hanging on to the right side of chaos.

As a bonus to the digital-friendly DJs and listeners, the tracks from the vinyl release will be packaged with four additional remixes and released as a digital compilation. A lush, relaxed tech-house interpretation from French newcomer Mazel Source provides a subtly twisted soundtrack for the after-hours while BRM and Azgas each throw their own sense of fun into a pair of breakbeat-inspired remixes for the prime hours. Closing the digital compilation is German abstract beat extraordinaire Xyqph with deliciously mangled reconstruction that defies definition and stands alone in its daring uniqueness.

They really rocks live, check HERE

Free download! The Anthem (Sammy Jo Scissor Sisters Tour DJ & DJ Nita Remix)

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**CLICK HERE** to download THE ANTHEM (Sammy Jo Scissor Sisters Tour DJ and DJ Nita Remix)


Free Download – Alex Gopher’s remix of ‘Echoes In My Head’

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Alex Gopher has been having a very busy Spring season. On top of releasing his double CD album this week titled “My New Remixes,” which features a compilation of all of Alex’s best remixes from the past 2 years, he will be releasing a new EP on Go 4 Music (his own label) in early April.

To coincide with the release we have a free track to download from the forthcoming EP, Alex’s rework of
Pablo Decoder & Tim Healey “Echoes In My Head”

About Alex Gopher
Over the course of his career, which began with fellow French cohorts Air at age 15, Gopher has been one of France’s most in-demand remixers, DJs and producers, releasing albums and EPs on his own labels, Solid and Go 4 Music, as well as on Kitsune and BTK, while collaborating with the likes of Jamiroquai, Vanessa Paradis, Mr Oizo, Nightmares On Wax, Roy Davis Jr, Sly & Robbie, Zazie, Bob Sinclar, and Bootsy Collins.

His mischievous house production work with Etienne de Crecy as Super Discount, led to one of the French Touch movement’s cornerstone releases, the ‘Super Discount’ LP in 1996. Gopher’s subsequent solo LP “You, My Baby and I”, released in 1997, also became a key album in the French Touch and was followed by Gopher’s anthem ‘The Child’ in 1999.

Gopher was recruited by designer Yves Saint Laurent in 2000 to produce tracks for his upcoming runway show in Paris. Gopher delivered ten tracks for the runway, before working with French underground artist Demon to reshape the tracks for an album they dubbed ‘Wuz’. A critical hit in France and beyond, this darker atmospheric album shows Gopher’s more brooding sensibilities.

Gopher and de Crecy reformed Super Discount 2 in 2004, touring the world and performing live at the biggest electro, rock and dance music festivals and clubs, while their track “Someone Like You”, featuring Camille on vocals, became an international hit.

Gopher is an exceptional instrumentalist, and Air recruited him to play bass on their debut album ‘Premier Symptomes’. He further demonstrated his talents in this realm on his 2007 self titled LP, which combined New Wave accents and electro influences and featured Gopher on vocals, as well as playing guitar, drums and piano.