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Traffic Report – Alsvid’s Journey(Stream)

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Nery – Silent Light Feat. Margo (Fulgeance Remix)(free download)

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Portuguese DJ and producer, João Nery – AKA Nery – celebrates 1 year of his debut album “33” by inviting 4 solid artists (Nvie Motho, Fulgeance, Dnte and DJ Ride), from 4 distinct music scenes, and releasing a new EP of remixes.

Bryan Matthz – Fly Over The Woods (Stream)

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The Chemical Brothers – ‘Swoon’/Gorillaz – Superfast Jellyfish (Don Diablo Remix)

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Don Diablo puts his spin on ‘Swoon’, the new single by The Chemical Brothers, and turns it into something epic that will set dancefloors on fire and keeps your iPod on repeat! Just remember to fall in love. Over and over. With this mix.
[DIRECT] The Chemical Brothers – ‘Swoon'(Don Diablo Remix) (Right Click, Save Target As…)

download via soundcloud

More The Chemical Brothers-Swoon Video,new Album

Gorillaz – Superfast Jellyfish (Don Diablo Remix)
Don Diablo takes on ‘Superfast Jellyfish’, the new Gorillaz single featuring De La Soul and Gruff Rhys. The end result is simply bananas. It’s one of those songs you just go apeshit to, when you hear it.


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King Unique Bootlegs & Secret Weapons +Free Download Silicone Shelter

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If you listened to Pete Tong on BBC Radio 1 on Friday night you will have heard him make a very special announcement…
Thanks to Alan Fitzpatrick, Reset Robot and of course the The xx for giving this the go ahead, the amazing “SILICONE SHELTER” (KING UNIQUE BOOTLEG MIX) can now be downloaded as a full quality 320mp3 for FREE at
or download below from Soundcloud.
Matt Thomas (aka King Unique) came up with this very cheeky idea while planning a few secret weapon edits. 2hrs of fiddling later he arrived at something that was so wrong it was right! This is HUGE!!! You may have heard it recently being played by Tong, Tiesto, and on John Digweed’s Transitions radio show, so grab it now, before its too late!
Matt has also put a whole raft of KU bootlegs past & present from the archives on to Soundcloud. :
There’s ten KU bootlegs on there including the brand new “Fatale Feeling” bootleg that Sasha & Digweed dropped at their WMC yacht party. Original tracks are Layo & Bushwacka “Femme Fatale” and Shit Robot “I Gotta Feeling”. None of these are available for download (yet…) but you can stream them and get excited!
You can check them here and Download Silicon Shelter

King Unique Bootlegs & Secret Weapons by King Unique

NEW KING UNIQUE SINGLE COMING ON BEDROCK 2 Million Suns (John Digweed & Nick Muir Remix)/ Feniksas (Fergie Remix)
+Much More Check HERE

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(download)The Black Dog -FACT mix 144

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April seems to be “legends” month here at FACT – having recently brought you mixes from Greg Wilson and A Guy Called Gerald, today they present a brilliant session from The Black Dog.

One of the UK’s most iconic and inventive electronic acts, The Black Dog was founded by Ken Downie with Ed Handley and Andy Turner. They released several ear-catching 12″s before signing to Warp Records and delivering the Bytes LP in 1993. Over the next couple of years and under various aliases (most notably Balil) the group would, along with Aphex Twin and Autechre, help establish and develop an intense, investigative post-rave “listening music” that drew upon breakbeat, Detroit techno, ambient and classical minimalism, and which lent itself to sombre reflection as much as, if not more than, dancing.

In 1996, Handley and Turner left The Black Dog to form Plaid. Downie remained active but arguably a little rudderless throughout the nineties, releasing the fine solo effort Music for Adverts (And short films) and working with Steve Ash and Ross Knight on other projects; it wasn’t until 2001 that the ‘Dog really barked back into life. Hooking up with Dust Science’s Richard and Martin Dust, Downie’s creative energies began to flow freely once more, resulting in a hail of new records and live performances, including the full-lengths Radio Scarecrow (2008) and Further Vexations (2009). 2007 saw the release (via Soma) of Book of Dogma, an utterly essential “best of” compilation.

Next month comes Music for Real Airports, a brand new album from The Black Dog positioned as a contemporary response to Brian Eno’s seminal but rarely interrogated 1978 ambient work Music For Airports. Going up against Eno in his pomp might seem like a foolhardy pursuit, but Music For Real Airports is a strikingly well-realised and satisfying work, and an ambitious start to the new decade from a group which seems set to innovate and inquire long into the future.

The Black Dog’s FACT mix is comprised entirely of remixes of, or by, the group. Hold tight for the tracklist, and in the meantime, get downloading and listening.

Download: FACT mix 144 – The Black Dog
(Available for three weeks)

(download)Starkey RA.204 podcast

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Philly’s purveyor of “street bass” mixes it up on this week’s RA podcast.

When you think of grime and dubstep, Pennsylvania isn’t one of the the first places that springs to mind, but Paul Geissinger AKA Starkey has been doing his utmost to create his own take on the sound in his home city of Philadelphia. Having been turned on to UK garage while he was studying in London at the start of the millennium, he continued to keep abreast of developments in the scene once he got back to the US. Alongside his Seclusiasis partner Dev79, he helped to promote the first party in the US to feature grime music before launching into the production sphere with singles on Werk, Lo Dubs and Dead Homies.

It wasn’t long before Planet Mu got wind of his energetic and colourful mix of instrumental hip-hop and dubstep, and 2008 saw him gain plenty of exposure with the release of his Ephemeral Exhibits album on the label as well as an appearance on Mary Anne Hobbs’ much discussed Generation Bass showcase.

Published / 26 April 2010
Filesize / 74.66 MB
Length / 01:02:11
Status / Available

(download) Starkey RA.204 podcast

Starkey – 11th Hour – Planet Mu
Kaiser – Polyphonic Pressure
Terror Danjah – Reinforced
Mensah – Acid Dub – HENCH
Spooky – The Devil Within – Oil Gang
Numan – Skull Crusher (Sduk remix) – Slit Jockey
Starkey – Robot Hands
Scratcha DVA – Bullet Dub – Keysound Recordings
Zeno – Test1
Mr. Rogers – Birdbox (Starkey remix) – Innerflight
Starkey – Fourth Dimension – Planet Mu
Stagga – The Park (Draw remix) – Subdepth
Dream McLean – Woo Riddem Freestyle
Gemmy – Da Dodge
Tayo meets Acid Rockers ft. Pupajim – Vampayaa (Starkey remix) – Cool & Deadly
Skinnz & ID – Shimmy – Double Science
Magic Mash – Give Me Some More
Starkey – OK Luv ft. Badness (Eprom’s Alternate Mix) – Planet Mu
Alchemyst – Let the Bass (Grimelock remix) – Stainage
Starkey ft. Anneka – Stars – Planet Mu
Foals – This Orient (Starkey remix) – Transgressive
Drake – Over – Cash Money
Baconhead – Ghetto Buffet – Acroplane
Rod Azlan – Jah Live (Starkey remix) – Scion AV
NastyNasty – Damn Girl
SchlachtofBronx – Ayoba (Knight Riderz remix)
Camp Lo – Luchini (Instrumental) – Profile
Kanji Kinetic – Zombies – Senseless
Halp – Leek – Seclusiasis
Starkey ft. Cerebral Vortex & Buddy Leezle – Club Games – Planet Mu
Swindle – Molly – Planet Mu
Numan – Skull Crusher (Capricorn One remix) – Slit Jockey
Starkey – Numb ft. P-Money – Planet Mu

more at RA