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Live : The Herbaliser. At Jazz à la Villette,

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September 09 2009, Live (Opening for De La Soul): The Herbaliser. At Jazz à la Villette, Paris, France

Live (Opening for De La Soul)
1. Same As It Never Was 00:03:26
2. Mr Chombee has the Flaw 00:03:27
3. Can´t Help This Feeling (ft Jessica Darling) 00:03:26
4. Another Mother 00:06:55
5. Geddim 00:04:47
6. Sensual Women 00:05:24
7. Sensual Women 00:03:22
8. Clap Your Hands (ft Jessica Darling) 00:05:09
9. Moon Sequence (if memory serves) 00:04:59
10. Stranded on Earth (feat Jessica Darling) 00:06:52
11. On Your Knees (ft Jessica Darling) 00:04:53
12. The Missing Suitcase 00:06:05

Grandcrew Review

The Herbaliser is a patchwork of musical influences: from Jazz to Hip-Hop, and including funk and soul. The english band electrified the Grande Halle, honoring the Festival that brought them to Paris – Jazz à la Villette. Generous & enthusiastic, The Herbaliser was a high class opening band for De La Soul, …special mention to the delicious Jessica Darling that set the stage ablaze!

The Herbaliser est un patchwork d’influences musicales: du Jazz au Hip-hop en passant par la funk et la soul, le collectif anglais électrisa la Grande Halle, honorant avec brio le Festival qui les conviait à Paris : Jazz @ La Villette. Généreux et enthousiaste, The Herbaliser a parfaitement ouvert la soirée entre grâce à la délicieuse participation de Jessica Darling !

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Paul Pre x Moovmnt mix

Posted in Beats, Broken Beats, Dj Mix, Glitch, Headz, Hip Hop on November 18, 2009 by J.D.

Another brand new mix from Paul Pre . This time for the incredible moovmnt crew.

“Paul Pre is on a killin’ spree. Last week he dropped a mix with Musique Large, this week he’s dropping this Moovmnt mix and who knows what he’s dropping next week. Paul describes this mix as a relaxed mix for the autumn mood. Nice selection and hope you all enjoy this one. “

Paul Pre x Moovmnt

01. J Dilla – King
02. Lone – Sea Spray
03. Ad Bourke – TT
04. Erik L – Electric Dreamland
05. Low Limit – Turf Day
06. Suzi Analogoue – For Revisit
07. Mndsgn – Etcetera
08. Devonwho – Fedoraworm
09. Cupp Cave – Quarzh.
10. Shlomo – Sweatpants
11. Muhsinah – Gogh (Daru’s pt2 Remix)
12. Morgan Zarate – Satin White
13. Electric Wire Hustle – Longtime
14. Little Dragon – After the Rain (GB remix)
15. Mux Mool – Eagle Fantasies
16. Sir OJ – Dirty Funk
17. Shafiq Husayn – Lil Girl feat. Fatima
18. Bei Bei & Shawn Lee – Make me stronger feat. Georgia Anne Muldrow (Floating Points Remix)
19. Mono/Poly – For Progressive Minds
20. Floyd the Locsmif – Fuzzy Navel
21. Dam Funk – On & On
22. Sa Ra creative Partner – Souls Brother
23. KenLo Craqnuques – LLL’s feelosophie
24. iisijii – Useme
25. Mike Slott x Distant Starr – Boxed In
26. Mndsgn – Transport

FACT mix 87: Noodles

Posted in 2 Step, Dub Step, Grime, Headz, Hip Hop, Hits Remixed, Nu Jazz, Podcast, UK Garage on September 28, 2009 by J.D.

FACT Mix 87 comes from the man behind 2step legends Groove Chronicles and the associated DPR label, Noodles.

Steven Jude to those who know him best, Noodles is one of our favourite DJs and producers in the UK, and his FACT mix only puts him higher in that hierarchy. He founded Groove Chronicles in 1996, and it quickly established itself at the vanguard of UK club music, releasing a series of phenomenal tracks engineered by El-B. A distillation of R&B, jungle, broken beat and house influences, their 1998 single ‘Stone Cold’ is widely regarded as the creative high watermark of UK garage, and Burial speaks often of his admiration for it.

Noodles continues to operate the Groove Chronicles/DPR label, releasing new music alongside archive classics [we asked him, and ‘Stone Cold’ is getting re-issued on vinyl, before you ask – Ed]. His FACT mix features material from himself, MJ Cole, Menta, Sunship, Architeches and more ghosts of UK garage past. We’d suggest you download it, so long as you like stuff like dancing and fun.

Download: FACT Mix 87 – Noodles
(Available for three weeks)

1. 4hero – Hold It Down – (Wookie Remix)
2. Zed Bias – All Night Jam (Steve Gurley Remix)
3. Brandy & Monica – Boy is Mine (Architeches Remix)
4. Sugababes – Run for Cover (G Force Remix)
5. Headtop – The Matrix
6. East 17 – Each Time (Sunship Remix)
7. Frankie Paul – Kissing Game (Large Joints Remix)
8. Troublesome – DJ Luck & Shy Cookie Remix
9. After Party (Promo)
10. Zoom & DBX – Comin Again (Promo)
11. If Your Girl Knew (Promo)
12. Confetti (Promo)
13. G.O.D (Promo)
14. Dub-a-holics – Just in Case (Promo)
15. Roots manua & MJ Cole (Promo)
16. Steve Gurley – Lessons in Love (Promo)
17. Midnight Caller (Promo)
18. Ghetto Lovin’ (Promo)
19. Lynden David – Hall (Artful dodger Remix)
20. Menta – Sounds of Da Future (Promo)
21. Groove Chronicles – 1999 (Promo)
22. Sunshine Anderson (Promo)
23. Headtop – Madshit (Promo)


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robert logan – accurate remix boy ep

Posted in Electronic, Experimental, Headz on September 25, 2009 by J.D.

Still only 21, Robert Logan is a producer who has already drawn comparisons to the likes of Amon Tobin, Massive Attack and Autechre. Already championed by the likes of Mary-Anne Hobbs, Logan’s recent CV includes opening for Grace Jones at Massive Attack’s Meltdown, co-writing the score for the Oscar winning documentary feature ‘Taxi to the Darkside’ and ongoing collaborations with the likes of Grace Jones, Skye [Morcheeba], Brigitte Fontaine and Brian Eno.
His acclaimed debut ‘Cognessence’, was followed by a couple of 12″s [‘Grinder EP’ and ‘Accurate Spit Boy EP’] and his album ‘Inscape’, released earlier this year has been described as one of the strongest records of the year so far.
“Accurate Remix Boy EP” is a collection of remixes of material from Logan’s recent releases on Slowfoot and features the stellar and diverse talents of Red Snapper, Bass Clef, Snorkel, Gagarin and DJ Coghk. The EP also contains an unreleased Logan track taken from the album sessions.
(ss,listen buy here)

robert logan – accurate remix boy ep
label slowfoot records/gb
style nujazz / headz / groove
released 21/9/2009
item# B310127
catalog# SLODIG011

1. Robert Logan – Accurate Spit Boy (Red Snapper Remix)
2. Robert Logan – Accurate Spit Boy (Bass Clef Remix)
3. Robert Logan – Turbine
4. Robert Logan – Inscape (Snorkel Remix)
5. Robert Logan – Cranes (Gagarin Remix)
6. Robert Logan – Rat (Dj Coghk)

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Free album download: Koushik – Beep Tape

Posted in Beats, Downtempo, Headz, Instrumental on September 15, 2009 by J.D.

It’s Koushik. It’s a 30-track instrumental album.
BEEP TAPE on Vinyl
BEEP TAPE Free MP3 Download for one week

For more visit stonesthrow

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EMN TOP 25 Dubstep – August 2009

Posted in *EMN Charts, Beats, Dub Step, Electronic, Experimental, Funky, Grime, Headz, Hip Hop, Wonky on August 29, 2009 by J.D.

1.Dorian Concept – Trilingual Dance Sexperience
2.EL-B / ROSSI B & LUCA – Jah No Dead / Son De Cali
3.King Cannibal – So… Embrace The Minimum
4.Zomby-Digital Flora/ Fauna(MATH02)
6.Data and Cell -Doors Of Perception/Leaves(TEMPA044)
7.Shortstuff – A Rustling
8.Red Snapper-Chris Smith EP
9.Skream – Burning Up/ Memories Of 3rd Base
10.CAPTN K – Holding Me

11.Pearson Sound (Ramadanman) -wad/plsn
12.Appleblim and Gatekeeper -Hades/Tomb VIP
13.DZ And The Spit Brothers-DZ Dubwise (DAV004)
14.Helixir-XP Dub And Peace Dub(7EVEN10)
15.Grand Puba – Get It remixes
16.Geiom/ Spamchop – Cave Rave / Sirius Star
17.Mode – Fight Night
18.The Gaslamp Killer-My Troubled Mind
19.A Made Up Sound-Archive
20.Breakage – Run ‘Em Out (Ft Roots Manuva)
21.XxXy – Reflections
22.Sub Scape – Wrong Number/ Nothing’s Wrong
23.The Clonious – Adroit Adventures EP
24.Sully-Tags & Throw Ups Vol 8
25. Attaca Pesante – Make It Funky For Me

For more Extra Music new Charts check section – * EMN Charts
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Bodytonic Podcast 040: The Herbaliser

Posted in Beats, Headz, Hip Hop, Podcast on July 15, 2009 by J.D.

‘With the good-time soul/jazz/funk of their ‘Session 2’ LP – a live retrospective of sorts, and a sequel to the first instalment from 2000 – still playing around the ears, now is as good a time as any to catch up with The Herbaliser’s deejay, Ollie Teeba…

Bodytonic Podcast 040: The Herbaliser

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