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J Dilla Donut Shop+FREE MP3 Safety Dance

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Pre-order for the J Dilla-Serato release (May 2010)

Serato and Stones Throw have teamed with the J Dilla Estate for the official J Dilla Serato release, Donut Shop. This is 2 discs with six J Dilla tracks, 2 sides with Serato Control Tone (for use with Serato Scratch Live DJ software), and 2 donut slipmats in a package designed by Studio No.1. This will be released May 10th (the day after Mother’s day–what’s up Ma Dukes?). Pre-order is available now.

The J Dilla tracks consist of three previously unreleased instrumentals selected by J.Rocc from the Dilla archives – “Safety Dance”, “Sycamore”, “Bars & Twists” – and three unreleased instrumental versions of Dilla’s production for Mos Def, Q-Tip and Busta Rhymes, each remastered by Elysian Masters who mixed and mastered J Dilla’s Donuts, The Shining and Ruff Draft albums.

Download a track from J Dilla Donut Shop:
J Dilla – “Safety Dance” (MP3)

Serato Scratch Live is the leading vinyl emulation software, used worldwide by professional and bedroom DJs alike. This is an officially licensed release of Pay Jay Productions, aka the J Dilla Estate, with Stones Throw and Serato.

‘A Moovmnt with Nalden’ presents: "The Afterthought"

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After the Beat Battle at the Rooms of Red Bull took place last month, we decided to release a compilation album to give everybody a glimpse of what took place that night. Now it seemed to take ages before we received all the correct audio and when we got everything locked, we decided to ask our friend JayHats to mix everything down to give it that harmonic sound. We really put in some work here and went all out by asking every contestant for one beat. Some where hesitant, but most loved the idea. They recognize what ‘A Moovmnt with Nalden’ is trying to do for the beat community and thus “The Afterthought” became a fact. If you were at the battle please keep in mind that the beats you heard live at the battle may sound a bit different from this compilation. If you truly want to relive the moment I suggest you play these beats in a residential area, preferably as loud as possible. For those who weren’t there…ya’ll missed a CLASSIC!

01 J’83 – Dr Wiley’s Groove
02 Y’skid – Played Out
03 Marcus Sebastian – Nasty Lady
04 1st Angle – Yo
05 Jay Bordeaux – Attack 2A
06 Bluntspeakers – Indigo Flirt
07 Hayzee – Roustabouts
08 Dukehugh – Gemkraft
09 Dyno – Sosis Mas
10 Louis Bordeaux – A Lo-Fi Hymn Before The Cosmic Rain
11 I-Sa – Syco3
12 Wan – BoomClickClap
13 StatikMusic – Drummond
14 FS Green – HEmawfuckinMAN
15 Presto – Colloseum
16 I.N.T – ChinChin Salute (Cats Come Wack)
Bonus Beats
17 J’83 – Boss #7
18 StatikMusic – MetalBrass
19 Hayzee – DOOMFOOD

for more visit moovmnt

Great Compilation,must check all you beats lovers!
Promotional Stuff arrived via email ,send your stuffs via e mail or soundcloud,promote yourself…!!!

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Samiyam – Zomby Mix +Bootleg Beats

Posted in Dj Mix, Dub Step, Hip Hop, Loops on June 12, 2009 by J.D.

Samiyam compiled this mix of new and old original beats for a Hyperdub showcase on BBC´s Mary Anne Hobbs a few months back. you might recognize some of the tunes but there should be a few cuts you haven´t heard. Also, towards the end of the mix you get a nice piece of Zomby´s BBC mix.

Samiyam – Zomby Mix

Samiyam – Bootleg Beats

1. Athsma
2. Blam
3. Box
4. Lounge Chair
5. Brainbeat 3
6. Deathrace 2000
7. Moon Shoes
8. Oil-Slick
9. Part 1
10. Powervinkel
11. Ridin’ Dirty
12. Rough Copy
13. Rum & Sugar
14. Untitled (NES Beats)



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Onra – 1.0.8

Posted in Hip Hop, Loops, Promotions on February 27, 2009 by J.D.

Onra – 1.0.8
I wanted to release these beats for a few good reasons:
– First, they still make me nod my head.
– Second, if I didn’t do it now, they’d died in my computer just like hundreds of others.
– Third, I only used Indian samples to make this project. Of course it is not promoted as it,because of “you-know-who”, who did it before! 🙂
But what can I do? When I find a bunch of good indian samples that inspire me, am I supposed to not use them just because someone sampled Bollywood music already?
Plus I tried my best to make them not sound “cliché”.

Using only Indian samples makes the project more coherent.
I could have added a lot of different flavors, but this would’nt have sounded like an album,more like a beattape.
So… that’s it…
I hope you’ll like it.
Please give me your feedbacks, positive or negative, it is always good to hear.
If you loved it, please spread the word.

We choosed 5 tracks(inside read me info) from Onras album, if you like it as much as we do,buy it
Album of the week at Boomkat(check for more)

Onra – 1.0.8
1. Onra – The Spy (1:19)
2. Onra – Dirty Loop (1:15)
3. Onra – Hard Times (1:11)
4. Onra – Come Closer (Kicks & Claps Edit) (2:42)
5. Onra – Haterproof (1:47)

Upcoming Shows

Mar 13 2009 9:00P
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Mar 28 2009 8:00P
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May 15 2009 9:00P
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May 21 2009 10:00P
Live @ From Me To You Stockholm
Jun 18 2009 8:00P
Sonar Festival Barcelona

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