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Summer Breeze

Posted in Deep Tech, Dub Techno, Electro, Electronic, Minimal Techno, Tech House, Techno, Various on July 28, 2009 by J.D.

Our favourite Dutch imprint rounds up their associates for a super smart soundtrack to your summer. Most of the tracks here are taken from the release schedule of the last 18 months or so, including dope cuts from Syncom Data, Louis Guilliaume, Ovatow, Shitcluster, Duracel, Nukubus Mark Du Mosch and more. Our picks have to be SD’s own day-tripping dub mix of ‘Beyond The Stars’ or ‘SDI’ from the now classic ‘SDo1 EP’, besides Louis Guilliaume’s graceful Detroit groover ‘Time Relapse’ from the ‘Soulpoint’ sessions, Shitcluster’s mind-fook joint ‘Doop 3′, or Aux 88’s Kraftwerkian mix of Nukubus’ ‘Europa’. Oh, and did we forget to mention one of our favourite tracks of the last decade, Obi’s Heavyweight Dub of SD’s ‘Horse’? To much to go on, get stuck in. TIP!(boomkat,buy here)

VARIOUS / SD – Summer Breeze
Released: Jul 2009
Catalogue Number: SDD04

1. Syncom Data – Beyond The Stars (Dub) (7:15)
2. Louis Guilliaume – Time Relapse (5:08)
3. Ovatow – X-Dub II (5:53)
4. Shitcluster – Doop 3 (4:19)
5. Duracel – Don’t (5:25)
6. Syncom Data – SDI (4:40)
7. Nukubus – Europa (Aux 88 Europoort Mix) (5:35)
8. Mark Du Mosch – Summer Breeze (5:12)
9. Mobach – Global (6:37)
10. Syncom Data – Horse (Obi’s Heavyweight Dub) (8:00)
11. Roswell Return – Hara Sun (2:30)

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