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*Introducing* Dadahack

Posted in *Introducing, Deep Tech, Electro, House, Minimal, Promotions, Tech House, Techno on February 8, 2010 by dk

Dadahack are a UK and Sweden based electronic music group comprising of Pete Davis and James Banbury. Fuzzy Dunlop is an undercover informer and also a pumping fumping bleeping and glitching electro tune which appears on Dadahack’s forthcoming album TAP3. Ahead of their album release in mid-March you can download the first package,of ‘Hellos EP’ and the brand new promo exclusive remix of album track, ‘Fuzzy Dunlop’ by Stockholm mystery man, Body In The Thames.
Its time to discover brand new original sound of Dadahack(Minimal Progressive Vibes, Nu Disco,Electro,House,Techno,Deep Tech…)-do it Now!

dadahack ‘Fuzzy Dunlop’ (Body In The Thames Subzero Clepsydra Mix)
dadahack ‘Hello Dust (toDust)’ [Håkan Lidbo RMX]
dadahack ‘Hello’ [Tranquility Bass RMX]
dadahack ‘Hello’
dadahack ‘Hello Dust’ feat Hannah Robinson
dadahack ‘Hello’ [Freelance Hellraiser RMX]

The video was created using footage from Dadahack’s live show visuals with modul8 and Final Cut Express HD.

Dadahack – Fuzzy Dunlop from James Banbury on Vimeo.

About /dadahack/
written by Paul Morley

So if there was a group called /dadahack/ making good use of truly unlimited technological possibilities, to the extent that they exist on the cusp between being real and being something else altogether, then letʼs say there they consist of two musicians. These musicians are therefore members of /dadahack/ and /dadahack/ is therefore a duo, but that doesnʼt quite define what it is /dadahack/ do, because they do not sound like a duo, even a synth duo, more a fluid, fancy electro-ensemble, a solemn, playful digital orchestra, a programmed/arranged/fused series of sounds and rhythms and sources and beats and bleats and static and space and breaths and jumbles and tones and wounds and purpose and atmosphere and what have you and bliss and edits. The truth is, if we can go as far as saying there is any truth to the matter, /dadahack/ are made up of two, but once there is the addition of the instruments, machines, studios,histories, what goes through their minds, then basically they are more than two.

They exist in the futurist tradition of studious sensationalist English synth-pop units – going back as far as the Human League, Ultravox!, Cabaret Voltaire, Depeche Mode and Fad Gadget, who were born in special relationship to Kraftwerk, Can and Eno, who were born in special relationship to Reich, Miles and Xenakis, who were born in special relationship to Webern, Satie and Bach, who were born in special relationship to harmony and heaven – but they also exist in a post-minimalist, post-house, post hip hop, post ambient, post trip hop, post glitch, post-Warp, post-disco, post iPop universe, and at a time when ideas can be communicated in an instant, and ideas can be electronically swapped, switched and searched, swiftly distributed and downloaded. They are a genre-transforming electronic musical ensemble taking full advantage of a supersonic technological world that means they can make/finish/reconsider their music while working in different rooms inside different buildings on different continents, and then distribute their music
into other different rooms on different continents so that people can hear it, and at no time does anyone have to leave any of these rooms unless, of course, they want to.
The two musicians who sit, sequence, dream and programme at the centre of /dadahack/, making up the rules of the group, naming them in honour of computer hackers, and their particular freewheeling style of manipulating reality, and early 20th century Dadaists, with their particular mischievous commitment to remaking and remodelling reality and various rational and irrational emotional states attached to it, are called James Banbury and Pete Davis. They have existed, professionally, as technicians, programmers, producers, consultants, mixers, arrangers, players, theorists in a number of polyglamorous popmusic ontexts – The Auteurs, Gwen Stefani, U2, Art of Noise, New Order, Human League, Infantjoy – and as /dadahack/ they sent each other musical ideas that they played on traditional musical instruments, on computers, samplers, on rewired mucked up electronic toys, and via various contemporary forms of communication, techno-transference, file sharing, time dilation and system exploitation. Living on the edge of their nerves, plugged into their personal systems and lifestyles, they blended, bled and blasted together various elements of musical form and content to produce their compositions. Occasionally their writing process involved travel,and the pair would actually meet, somewhere, in one mysterious place or another, that was for a moment the home of /dadahack/, even though the group/unit/idea/project as such has no home, just a series of destinations, an array of potential meeting points, a succession of areas and spaces that they pass through,leaving certain traces that thrill and buzz between the temporary and the permanent.

The routes to completing a piece of music therefore combine the mental, the physical, the metaphysical, the airport, the train, the car, random architectural spaces and the studio – and their music is very much a soundtrack to such a combination, the idea of a music that solidly exists in everyday reality and
also tentatively vibrates around the edges, a music that is made up using bits and pieces, parts and remants of the past, present and future which are pieced together using keyboards and screens to create a fixed, free sound that is specially organised to be heard via club speakers, noise cancelling earphones, televisions,
laptops, in-car sound systems, smart phones, advertisements and radio.

TAP3, the new collection of codes/pulses/sounds/voice and electronic settings to be released by /dadahack/, is both an album and not an album, and will therefore be available as both a thing and a thing that is not a thing. You will be able to download the finished sounds to add to your play lists and alert the rest of the world about, and you will be able to buy it as an innovative piece of product that, in honour of / dadahack/ sources, to celebrate the mysterious, practical type of physical formats that electronic music was once released on, looks as though it is a cassette. TAP3 the physical thing you can hold in your hands and explore is a combination of romantic found object and specialised industrial product that took many months to conceive, design and manufacture. It appears to be something that might appear in a 23rd century museum of Earthʼs pop culture history that got it slightly wrong – /dadahack/ have created a personal history as though the cassette was invented after the iPod.

If a group like /dadahack/ existed, nostalgic for a certain time and place when electronic imaginers lusted for change, and restless for the future to really take hold, it would be right and proper that they release their debut album as a lovingly assembled cassette. To some extent, this is what they have done – and indeed the physical piece of /dadahack/ can be played as a cassette, although, as if it is a cousin once or twice removed of Dr.Who, and something he would have as part of his collection inside the Tardis, it also plays itself. It needs no machine for the TAP3 sounds, made because of machines, to be released and heard. /dadahack/, because they thought about it, and discussed it via the various forms of communication that now exist, have composed and assembled an album of music that exists on its own terms, and exists to listen with careful consideration, or as you pass through from one place to another moment, and which exists as something that is a soundtrack to its own physical existence. TAP3 is a souvenir of a fading time when music was only finished when it appeared on an actual object, and an acceptance of a future where music is finished as soon as it is let go into the cloud above/below/all around us.
If there really was a group called /dadahack/ intelligently exploring the role of the modern pop group privately and in public, calculating what they will look like when they play live, hiding behind walls living in the shadows as they collaborate with each other and others and invent new shapes and sizes, developing new forms of product to release their music on even as they distribute it online making it something else altogether, then /dadahack/ would be exactly that group. To some extent, /dadahack/ are from London and Stockholm, and/or they are from everywhere, and/or they are from nowhere. They can be enjoyed wherever you are, danced to in company or listened to in isolation, whether youʼre moving or still, up late or up early,experienced as a thing, and as no thing at all. Thatʼs 21 st century entertainment for you.

Find out more at

Ben Klock-Tracks From 07

Posted in Electronic, Minimal, Techno on January 26, 2010 by dk

Raw uncompromising Techno killers from Berghain resident Ben Klock. Once again the Klockmeister show us he’s not just about the relentless warehouse Techno as these tracks whilst banging do have a subtleness to do them which makes them stand out from the pack. Red Alert is quite an anthemic number and will certainly do some damage on the dance floor. Quality stuff.(rubadub,listen,buy here)

1. Ben Klock – Red Alert
2. Ben Klock – Viscoplastic

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Grasscut – ‘Muppet’+Free Download Nathan Fake Remix

Posted in Electronic, Experimental, Minimal, Techno, Video on January 23, 2010 by dk

Grasscut return with the second single, ‘Muppet’ from their forthcoming debut album. ‘Muppet’ is released on Ninja Tune on 15th February 2010.

Download for free Grasscut – ‘Muppet’ (Nathan Fake Remix)


Planetary Assault Systems Remixes (OTON031)

Posted in Dubstep, Minimal, Techno on November 23, 2009 by dk

Following the Planetary Assault Systems long player, the most recent ouput from veteran electronic music figurehead Luke Slater’s most prominent alias, we continue the exploration into the outer limits with remixes by Al Tourettes & Appleblim, and Deuce. Purveyors of the UK Dubstep / Techno hybrid, Bristol’s Al Tourettes and Appleblim contort and re-form „X Speaks To X“ into a devious, hot-footed celebration of dark and intense broken-beat electronics. Tight, tensile and direct, the pair intwine suggestions of melody, thick synth patterns and shuddering sub-sonic bass lines around the heavy, morphing groove. If you liked their stunning heavy rework of Hector’s “Tension” on Phonica, you’ll love this!! Deuce (or Berghain residents Shed and Marcel Dettmann for those in the know) turn in their relentless yet smoothly rounded version of „Hold It“ by building upon the same foundations that shaped their bass-heavy, purist debut on the label. Droning and phasing to the point of hypnosis, this reduced and pumping tool sums up the energy that drives both Shed and Dettmann during their appearances at Berghain. Honouring the original for its insight and clout, Deuce let the bass energy flow in abundance as their instictive arrangement unfolds.
(Listen/Buy at Phonica)

1. Planetary Assault Systems – X Speaks To X (Al Tourettes & Appleblim Remix)
2. Planetary Assault Systems – Hold It (Deuce Remix)

Sven Vath In The Mix (The Sound Of The 10th Season)

Posted in Dj Mix, Minimal, Tech House, Techno, Various on November 12, 2009 by dk

Cocoon Recordings boss Sven Vath will release Sounds of the 10th Season in November.

It is nearing the end of the year after all. And that means that Uncle Sven has finally wrapped another season in Amnesia on the White Isle and is set to let everyone know the tracks that worked the best for him. This being a big anniversary for the party, though, means that Vath has a little something up his sleeve. In addition to the usual double disc mix, there is a special DVD as well which includes a 43-minute performance video of Sven playing at Amnesia.

But if watching Sven in HD isn’t your cup of tea, that’s no problem: There’ll also be a performance from Underworld, a short documentary about the creation of the 10 Years in Ibiza campaign (expect funny footage from the promo photo shoot) and plenty of interviews with Ricardo Villalobos, Richie Hawtin, Loco Dice and the Vath man himself.

CD 1 – Noche
01. Alejandro Mosso – Somebody
02. Anthea & Celler – Ceadmon Loop
03. Spencer Parker – The Beginning (Michel Cleis Rmx)
04. Sebastian Lutz – I’m Telling You (Nico Purman Remix)
05. Dreher & Smart – Call of Banganzwe (Matt John Discopub Remix)
06. Electric Rescue – The Darkest Star
07. Franco Cazzola – In Mexico With You (Ahmet Sisman Remix)
08. Egbert – Magie (Techno Version)
09. Umek – Pravim Haos
10. Marc Marzenit – Not Assigned
11. Ilario Alicante – Living in Africa

CD 2 – Dia
01. Prostitune – Money Nugget
02. Basti Pieper feat. Eddy Pirax – I Love You
03. Lee Jones – Aria (Lawrence Remix)
04. Cesare vs Disorder – Mean Land
05. Precious System – The Voice Of Planet Love
06. Yousef – Come Home
07. Michel Cleis feat. Totó La – La Mezcla
08. Momposina
09. Stefan Goldmann – Art of Sorrow
10. DJ Koze – Mrs Bojangels

Cocoon will release Sven Väth’s The Sound of the 10th Season on November 20th, 2009

Buy at wordandsound

Boys Noize – Essential Mix on BBC Radio 1 (10.10.2009)

Posted in Deep House, Dj Set, Dubstep, Electro, House, Live, Minimal, Techno on October 10, 2009 by dk

Berlin’s Boys Noize aka Alex Ridha takes to the turntables for two hours of supercharged house & techno!Mixing up a storm with vinyl only!
techno,tech house,electro …+ dubstep,check it out HERE

*ExtraPromo* Pintail – Impulses VIII

Posted in Avant, Dark Ambient, Electronic, Micro, Minimal, Modern Classical, Post-classical, Promotions on October 7, 2009 by dk

Minimalist electronica influenced by the likes of Steve Reich and Murcof.

download 9 track demo available in
mp3 format here PS.NEW LINK REMASTERED

or flac here

for more visit myspace
Promotional stuff arrived via soundcloud ,send your stuffs via e mail or soundcloud,promote yourself…!!!

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