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Album Leaf – A Chorus of Storytellers

Posted in Electronic, Electronica, Experimental, Mood, Post-classical, Rock on January 21, 2010 by J.D.

A Chorus of Storytellers was recorded by Ryan Hadlock in the frosty month of February 2009 at Bear Creek Studio just outside of Seattle. It was mixed in the decidedly warmer month of June in Reykjavik, Iceland by Birgir Jon Birgisson (of Sigur Ros). For the first time in five albums, The Album Leaf recorded as a whole band. In the past, almost every instrument was performed by principal songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jimmy LaValle. This time the whole band was invited to participate and the result is their best record yet.

This title will be released on February 2, 2010.
Pre-order now at Amazon

1. Perro
2. Blank Pages
3. There Is a Wind
4. Within Dreams
5. Falling from the Sun
6. Stand Still
7. Summer Fog
8. Until the Last
9. We Are
10. Almost There
11. Tied Knots

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Signer – Next We Bring You The Fire

Posted in Drone, Electronic, Experimental, Mood on September 25, 2009 by J.D.

New Zealander Bevan Smith returns as Signer for a fourth album of dream-scape electronics, but at the centre of the record lies a very definite sense of song structure, perhaps something carried over from his work as one half of folk-tronic duo Skallander. From the immaculate digital miasma of ‘Nord All Black Keys’ this album comes up with rethought, sonically beguiling ways of presenting song formats, presenting lavish drone assemblies (‘Break My Arms Around You’) and forward-thinking 4/4 tracts (‘Don’t Be A Forest Cow’), all the while deftly integrating vocals – you can hear a kind of super-hi-tech take on Panda Bear’s vocal layerings in here too, as if Animal Collective were genetically modified by a Max/MSP patch. Ace.(boomkat,listen,buy here)

SIGNER – Next We Bring You the Fire
Car Park
Released: Sep 2009
Catalogue Number: CAK050

1. Signer – Nord All Black Keys
2. Signer – +Kicks And Kicks
3. Signer – Break My Arms Around You
4. Signer – Languidly Toot
5. Signer – The Glass Ceiling
6. Signer – We Should Touch Teeth
7. Signer – Don’t Be A Forest Cow
8. Signer – Unprotected Walls

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*ExtraPromo 200* Sleep Whale-Little Brite

Posted in ElectroAcoustic, Electronica, Modern Classical, Mood, Post-classical on June 12, 2009 by J.D.

Yes yes its lucky number 200-posts PROMOtions!We choosed this one to be lucky number its something very special for us-atmospheric electroacustic,mood,modernclassical…stuff.
Thanks to Western Vinyl crew we have for you in advance track “Josh Likes Me” by the Denton, TX group Sleep Whale, download here and have a nice sleep!

SLEEP WHALE – LITTLE BRITE (Western Vinyl, 7/14/2009)

1. Sleep Whale – Skipping Stones (4:30)
2. Sleep Whale – A Pebble Garden (3:28)
3. Sleep Whale – Josh Likes Me (5:04)
4. Sleep Whale – Sleep Whale (4:44)
5. Sleep Whale – Airplane Arms (3:52)
6. Sleep Whale – Little Brite (4:31)

Much like a handmade quilt, Sleep Whale’s music is filled with collected scraps of material, beautiful patterns and meticulous crafting. Though the possibilities for both quilts and music are many, the ultimate purpose is to keep one warm. For guitarist/cellist Joel North and violinist/sequence programmer Bruce Blay, the melding of traditional live acoustic sounds of violin, cello, and guitar with vanguard electronic processing is the most natural thing in the world. Woven throughout the infectious melodies of violin, cello, and guitar you’ll find music boxes, shortwave radios, tape machines, field recordings, and much more. The six songs on Little Brite conjure a universe whose ancient forbears include Steve Reich, Penguin Cafe Orchestra, Eno’s looping ambiences, Brit-folk guitarist Bert Jansch, gamelan ensembles and Hindustani hand percussion, however, the wall-to-wall beauty of the proceedings is anything but reverential ear candy. Engaging, melodically rewarding, and sophisto-whimsical, Sleep Whale’s cerebrally atmospheric marriage of the luddite and techno worlds makes for essential listening

“We’ve been impressed by everything we’ve heard from them.”
Gorilla vs. Bear

“so stirringly beautiful you almost drop your jaw the first time you hear it….You’ve gotta hear them. See them too.”
Dallas Observer

“Every track on this record is full of surprises, textures and effective broad strokes, but it’s the intangible quality of the songcraft that takes these “electro-acoustic” pieces beyond merely interesting and thrusts them into the realm of celebratory emotional resonance.”
We Shot JR

“Taking a page from the Books, Denton’s [Sleep Whale] weaves mesmerizing audio collages.”
Austin Chronicle


Western Vinyl
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EMN pres. blit – Sano & Salvo (2009)

Posted in Dub Step, Electronic, Experimental, IDM, Micro, Mood, Promotions on June 11, 2009 by J.D.

We are very happy to presents this album and artist from Chile,take a listen and say what you think,i hope that you will like as much as we do!
Thanks blit for contacting us!

blit – Sano & Salvo (2009)

1 1000 cc
2 Al final del dia
3 Sepa Moya
4 Devuelve la llamada
5 Descombre
6 Medica la melodica
7 Nueve
8 Otra vez
9 Temp
10 Haznos un favor
11 No te estreses Benito
12 El miedo de la mano de las expectativas
13 Ca re nada
14 Porfavor, porfavor, porfavor
15 Un Punto (con Sebastian Korenblit)

Introduce Yourself!
-Well, my name’s Cristobal Korenblit but i go as “blit” as my alias for making electronic music. I started this around 2004, playing with a few softwares like Fruity loops or Reason, learning how to make music by myself. At first I tried to get the sound like Prefuse73, Aphex Twin, Cepia but then with all the access the internet gave me, i discovered a lot of artists that dont get played here in Chile so my musical richness started to grow, in the way that i dont know how to classify my music. It got some parts of idm, other from hiphop, breakcore, dubstep, a little bit of free jazz but if you ask me what my music genre specific is, i would not know what to say, but it really doesnt matter. The only thing that matters is to make music and have fun with it.
At first i was releasing in a label called Neurotyka but then i changed to a netlabel called Modismo, which is only about electronic musicians.
In 2007 i released an album called “Tu Segunda Razon”, which is a compilation of all the “good” tracks i made since 2004, mostly sample based. I started making ep’s by myself and with other people. Also i started remixing people from here: rock bands, hiphop, pop, electronic, etc. And also from the states. I got a electribe es1 in those days, so some of the tracks i make are based on that machine.
A month ago i released my last album called “Sano & Salvo” which is like a grown up from the previous one, in terms of producing songs, because of all the knowlodge i got from using music software and instruments. It uses a lot of samples from everywhere and instruments too, like synths, melodicas, mbiras, etc. In this album i was really into Four tet, Dosh and Amon Tobin, so those artists really influenced in the music of it. The Artwork was created by my girlfriend, a visual artist, who likes to work with photography and toys and put them in different scenarios.
I got a blog where i keep all my stuff:

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Stee Downes – All in a day (Sonar Kollektiv)

Posted in Headz, House, Mood, Nu Jazz, Nu Soul on May 25, 2009 by J.D.

For your summer holidays,just for you, Stee Downes
Artist: Stee Downes
Title: All In A Day
Genre: Soul / Nu Jazz /House
Label: Sonar Kollektiv
Release Date: 20 / 11 / 2008
Quality: VBR kbps / 44100 / Joint-Stereo
Size: 72,6 Mb

Stee Downes – All in a day (Sonar Kollektiv)

01. Asunder
02. What’s Wrong With Groovin’
03. Put a Little Love in My Soul
04. Disciples
05. Obviously
06. When I’m Feeling
07. I’m Telling You
08. Movement
09. Need for Something Else
10. Destruction of Ourselves

After his great contribution to Sonar Kollektiv’s critically acclaimed compilation Secret Love 5 with the beautiful song Destruction of Ourselves, Irish DJ and producer STEE DOWNES is now back on JAZZANOVA’s label to expose his unique talents of singer and songwriter with his brilliant debut album All In A Day. The artist hailing from Dublin has been raised with the love of Soul music. He deeply fell in love with the music of STEVIE WONDER, ROY AYERS, GEORGE BENSON, and CURTIS MAYFIELD amongst many others at a young age thanks to his parents’ record collection. This experience shaped his outlook on music and life. Artists such as DONNY HATHAWAY, DANGELO, JAMES BROWN and ARETHA FRANKLIN took in a place in his heart and still inspire him today. Multi-instrumentalist and renowned DJ that mixes skilfully many different styles from House, Soul, Funk, Hip-hop . With his warm and groovy voice STEE rapidly gained recognition in the community of soulful music lovers. London based outfit LOOSE ENSEMBLE got their hands on one his demo’s and promptly asked him to feature on two tracks for the Catalyst EP, which was released on Foundation records. He later collaborated with ECHOPLEX’s ED EUSTACE to be part of Vinylvibes first release, which received the massive support from top-DJs, music connoisseurs and tastemakers such as DOM SERVINI, RAINER TRUEBY, MICHAEL RUETTEN and JAZZANOVA. He developed his vocal talents and combined them with his original song-writing to create a unique sound. He began to build his repertoire and put together a live show, later supporting top acts such as ROY AYERS, DJ SPINNA, AMP FIDDLER, FAT FREDDYS DROP, BUGZ IN THE ATTIC and MONEY MARK.
In April 2008 he teamed up with old friend and musical counterpart ISHFAQ to record his debut album All In A Day. Coming from the same school of thought and heavily influenced by similar music they formed a solid partnership and played all the instruments on the project. The songs on the album are a collection of thoughts, observations and experience. His creativity is driven by his personal feelings and the philosophy of always being honest and true to the music he loves .” In ten songs that fuse the emotion of Soul and the groove of Funk with the coolness of Jazz, STEE DOWNES opens his hearts and gives it all to you. With his laidback and soulful voice STEE will relax you at once. All In A Day features STEE DOWNES’ excellent and first single Asunder (DK031/illicity), chill-out and feel-good tunes such as When I’m Feeling, What’s wrong with Groovin’, funky and groovy numbers such as Disciples and Movements, as well as deeper and more intimate songs like Put A Little Love In My Soul, Obviously and Destruction of Ourselves. If you are feeling down, All In A Day will help you releasing stress and anxiety and if you feel good, the music of STEE will make you smile even more! All In A Day is the best cure to soothe your mind and refresh your soul, give it a listen and let STEE DOWNES take you on board for a relaxing and soulful cruise.

Press Quotes:

“What I get out of the album most is Stee’s summer soul vocals (this album has sounded it’s best when the sun has been out) and the folky-soul, jazz, funk theme. They even have a go a disco on ‘Discipiles’ and ‘Movement’ (well more like Jamiroquai actually) but the tracks that stand out are the more downtempo like ‘Obviously’ (lovely use of the strings) and ‘Destruction Of Ourselves’.” magazine –

“Stee Downes may not be known to most but “All In A Day” will make everyone get familiar with him. His voice isn’t overpowering but he doesn’t try to do what he can’t do. What he can do is create quality music with warm harmonic arrangements. This is an impressive debut by Stee Downes and is certainly worth checking out.”

Also check out remix 12″ remixes from Simbad, Diesler and Ishfaq
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New extra promo from DXR-Jay Riordan -Time to Chillage

Posted in Chillout, Downtempo, Electronic, Mood, Promotions on May 19, 2009 by J.D.

We have a promo track from the forth coming artist compilation vol2 on DublinXpress recordings for you (its)Time to Chillage,Enjoy!!!

Jay Riordan -Time to Chillage

The track is by Jay Riordan and has elements of down tempo beats / acoustic bass / classical strings and fused with techno synths.
The track has been compared to clubbed to death track featured in the matrix movies , but we’ll leave that verdict up to you, all feed back is very welcome and greatly appreciated.

for more check
*Promotional Stuff arrived via email ,send your stuffs via e mail or soundcloud,promote yourself…!!!

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