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Exclusive Crazy P 7″ | Free Music Downloads

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EXCLUSIVE CRAZY P 7″ for sale and FREE DOWNLOADS of two classic releases.

Crazy P – Fascination

Crazy P and 2020 collaborate to release a limited edition  7” released in conjunction with record store day.  The one day that all of the independently owned record stores come together with artists to celebrate the art of music.
It features album track Fascination in original form and also in covered form by Benjamin James Smith (Smith & Mudd).  Ben took the lyrics and went into the studio to record his version after watching the Johnny cash biopic Walk The Line.
The result is a million miles from the Crazy P version, but not far from what Johnny Cash would have done in his heyday, and hence why his version is housed in Sun Records inspired artwork.
These have been pressed in very limited quantities and aren’t in the shops till record store day (Sat 17th April) and will no doubt be future collectors items.

Digital Disco compilation (FREE DOWNLOADS)

We’ve also got a new digital only compilation of our more disco and leftfield orientated catalogue out this week exclusively on Juno Download.
Click here to check it out
Also available are two of the highlights from the comp (Maurice Fulton remix of Fred Everything and the Emperor Machine remix of Random Factor) for FREE DOWNLOAD (MP3 and WAV format) for just two days. 
Move fast if you want to download these for free.
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Dimitri from Paris – “Get Down With The Philly Sound”

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Dimitri from Paris to release
Get Down With The Philly Sound

This compilation is the first ever to document the birth of disco in Philadelphia and the work of the unsung musicians who played on the numerous hits that came out from the Philadelphia scene.

Featuring platinum selling hits from Melvin & Blue Notes, Teddy Pendergrass, The Trammps and The Jackson 5

Dimitri From Paris
Get Down With The Philly Sound
BBE Records
May 18, 2010

BBE Records proudly presents its fifth and arguably most exciting compilation with The French DJ and ambassador of disco – Dimitri from Paris. Get Down With The Philly Sound focuses on Dimitri’s essential disco era tracks, all were made in Philadelphia, and feature the core of the rhythm section that created and defined the sound of the genre. Dimitri’s selection on CD1 traces the evolution of the ’70s disco groove from the first ever disco hit record, to the rejuvenation of the Jackson 5’s career, interspersed with obscurities such as Charles Mann to the magnificent Teddy Pendergrass; Philly International’s answer to Marvin Gaye. CD2 of the compilation pays homage to the original creators and innovators of the remix and extended edits with reworkings exclusively by Dimitri from Paris.
Undisputedly, Philadelphia gave birth to and defined the brand new Disco genre. Gamble and Huff’s sound evolved from the simpler arrangements of the late 1960s into a style featuring lush strings, thumping basslines and sliding hi-hat rhythms. The anthemic “The Love I Lost” by Harold Melvin & The Bluenotes, recorded at Sigma Sound Studios in 1973, laid the blueprint for how a disco record should sound. Recording engineer Joe Tarsia founded Sigma Sound in 1968, and virtually of all the disco recordings released on Philadelphia International, Salsoul, Philly World, Gold Mind and Atlantic were made at his studio, thereby maintaining the unique sound of Philadelphia. Located at 212 N. 12th Street in Philadelphia, it was only the second studio in the USA to offer 24-track recording and the first in the country to use console automation. Sigma’s sound was so strong that mainstream acts queued up to record there: David Bowie recorded his Young Americans album there, Dusty Springfield recorded A Brand New Me, while Elton John’s 1977 Philadelphia sessions were in such demand recently that they provided a hit single (‘Are You Ready For Love’) and CD re-issue 3 decades after the recordings were first made.
Nearly all of the disco output from Philadelphia between 1973 and 1980 featured the work of the same studio musicians, known as The Family or MFSB (Mother, Father, Sister, Brother). And of course, these same musicians were also known as The Salsoul Orchestra, Baker/Harris/Young Productions, The John Davis Monster Orchestra or The Montana Sextet (depending on who the recording was for). The classic line up of musicians included Earl Young (Founder of The Trammps and creator of the 4/4 disco drum pattern which laid the template for every dance record since) and Karl Chambers on drums, Norman Harris, Roland Chambers, Bobby Eli and TJ Tindall on guitar, Ronnie Baker and Winnie Wilford on bass, Vince Montana (vibes/arranger and founder of the Salsoul Orchestra) and Larry Washington on percussion and Ron Kersey, Leon Huff and Thom Bell on keyboards. Don Renaldo took care of strings and horns. Tom Moulton (Pioneer of the Disco Mix, the 12 inch vinyl format, the break down sections of records and supplier of missing masters for this compilation) influenced the popularity of the songs with his legendary mixes.
By 1975, Philadelphia International and the Philadelphia soul and disco genres it helped define had largely eclipsed Motown and the Motown Sound in popularity and Gamble and Huff were the premiere producers of soul with nearly 200 gold and platinum records to their credit. Salsoul capitalized on the success of the sound by employing the same musicians whilst focusing predominantly on club music. Notable acts rushed to Philadelphia to capture the sound: Ex Motown cohorts The Jacksons and Eddie Kendricks utilized the above classic line-up of musicians to embrace the new sound and extend their careers.
Now, for the first time ever, Gamble and Huff have given a label access to the multi track tapes of some Philly International platinum selling classics such as “The Love I Lost” and “Bad Luck” featuring the vocals of the late great Teddy Pendergrass, the first black male to release five consecutive platinum albums in the United States. This tribute to the creators of disco is presented on a limited edition double CD, and three deluxe multiple vinyl releases, exclusively featuring Dimitri’s remixes and edits. There will be an additional vinyl double pack containing remixes by Francois Kevorkian, John Morales and Tom Moulton

BBE releases Get Down With the Philly Sound! on May 18, 2010

CD1. Original Tracks
01.       Harold Melvin & Blue Notes – The Love I Lost
02.       The Jackson’s – Living Together
03.       Teddy Pendergrass – You Can’t Hide From Yourself
04.       Carl Bean – I Was Born This Way
05.       John Davis – Night & Day
06.       The Trammps – The Night The Lights Went Out
07.       Teddy Pendergrass – The More I Get The More I Want
08.       TJM – I Don’t Need No Music
09.       Charles Mann – Do It Again
10.       Eddie Kendricks – He’s a Friend
11.       Harold Melvin & Blue Notes – Tell The World How I Feel About ‘Cha Baby
12.       Harold Melvin & Blue Notes – Bad Luck (Pt. 1 & 2)
13.       Philly Devotions – Hurt So Bad
14.       The Girls (Brown Sugar) – I’m Going Through Changes
CD2. Remixes and Edits all respectfully done by Dimitri from Paris utilizing the original multi track parts
01.       Harold Melvin & Blue Notes – The Love I Lost (DFP remix)
02.       The Jackson’s – Living Together (DFP edit)
03.       The Trammps -The Night The Lights Went Out (DFP edit)
04.       Teddy Pendergrass-You Can’t Hide From Yourself (DFP remix)
05.       Teddy Pendergrass-The More I Get The More I Want (DFP remix)
06.       Eddie Kendricks-He’s a Friend (DFP remix) 8mn
07.       Harold Melvin & Blue Notes-Tell The World How I Feel About ‘Cha (DFP edit)
08.       Harold Melvin & Blue Notes-Bad Luck (Pt. 1 & 2) (DFP edit)
09.       Philly Devotions-Hurt So Bad (DFP remix)
1. This compilation is the first ever to document the birth of disco in Philadelphia and the work of the unsung musicians who played on the numerous hits that came out from the Philadelphia scene.
2. The compilation exclusively features five remixes and four edits by Dimitri from Paris.
3. Online bonus features – A Tom Moulton Mix in the style of his legendary Sandpiper mix tapes that brought him to the attention of Philly International and Salsoul records and started off the remix, available exclusively from the     BBE website using download codes available to physical copy purchases.
4. An epk shot with the surviving key members of the Philly movement.
5. This release is a historical documentation of the birth of modern dance or nightclub music. Every remixer, DJ and dancefloor has been influenced by the content of this release.
6. Gamble and Huff granted BBE access to multi track tapes for four tracks for Dimitri to create new mixes of their classic recordings.
7. Earl Young is founder of The Trammps and creator of the 4/4 disco drum pattern which laid the template for every dance record since
8. Recording engineer Joe Tarsia founded Sigma Sound in 1968, and virtually of all the disco recordings released on Philadelphia International, Salsoul, Philly World, Gold Mind and Atlantic were made at his studio.
9. The release will be accompanied by extensive liner notes, pictures, interviews and anecdotes from the legendary players involved in the music.
10. Listening parties will take place in key capital cities as well as themed DJ events with Dimitri from Paris.
11. A bonus limited vinyl of mixes from Tom Moulton, Francois K and John Morales.
12. The vinyl edition of Dimitri’s remixes will include bonus passes not available on CD or digitally.

Download: FACT mix 134 – Ewan Pearson

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Ewan Pearson is at the controls for today’s FACT mix, a thirty minute rocket-ride through the sounds that are currently preoccupying the acclaimed DJ, producer and remixer.

Download: FACT mix 134 – Ewan Pearson
(Available for seven days)

1.The XX – VCR (It’s A Fine Line Remix) [Young Turks]
2. Alex Smoke – Lux+ [Hum & Haw]
3. Willie Graaf & Tucillo – Give You Up (Damier’s A Little More Mix) [Freerange]
4.Mes – Back to Basics (Motorcitysoul Remix) [SAW]
5.Manik – Rau Down Low [Ovum]
6.Catz vs Ibi Tijani – Word Problems [Catz Musik]
7.Ost & Kjex ft. Mung – Dirty Mind [Luna Flicks]

RA.199 House Of House

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The NYC house duo rushes to paradise on this week’s RA podcast.

It may not have been the originator of the genre, but New York certainly has its fair share of house music heritage. As House Of House, Olivier Spencer and Saheer Umar are one of the latest acts to take their place in NYC’s house lineage, causing a major stir last year with their dance floor-slaying debut single, “Rushing To Paradise (Walking These Streets).” Its slick synth pulses, cascading pianos and
visceral climax made sure that it found its way into the boxes of DJs looking for a dance floor track with plenty of emotional clout,and our panel of critics here at RA couldn’t get enough, placing it at #20 in our Top Tracks Of 2009 poll.
When they both get behind the decks as House Of House, though, don’t expect a straight up set of deep house. As this week’s podcast proves, Spencer and Umar are a wild and diverse pair when they get down to mixing, managing to traverse from organic house through to dark minimal techno and back, even managing to work in a bit of pitched-down dubstep. We caught up with the duo by e-mail to ask them about the mix,their recent activities and what revellers can expect when House Of House hit their local clubbing establishment.(RA)

Published / 22 March 2010
Filesize / 89.68 MB
Length / 01:14:42
Status / Available

Download RA.199 House Of House

Surkin-Silver Island EP (Listen)

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Our Favorite Surkin is back with another New Break High Energy style Monster.
Easy action is brand new song from his new EP Silver Island, out 22nd of March

Download: FACT mix 130 – Prins Thomas

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This Monday’s FACT session comes courtesy of Thomas Moen Hermansen, the man we all know – and love – for his work as Prins Thomas.

Download: FACT mix 130 – Prins Thomas
(Available for three weeks)

Sadistic Mika Band – Mummy Doesn’t Go to Parties Since Daddy Died
Jean Luc Ponty – Renaissance
Ralph Lundsten – Lifetide
Pat Metheny Group – End of the Game
Neil Ardley – Kaleidoscope of Rainbows – Rainbow 1 (edit)
Richard Schneider Jr. – Fata Morgana (edit)
Baden Powell – Cegos do Nordeste
Venice Arkestra – WEWW014 (edit)

EMN Soundcloud BOX

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artwork Francis Inferno Orchestra-Oh Teddy DEMO

A lot of choons at our soundcloud box,we choosed some of them,check it out,all styles:disco,boogie,house,electro,crunk,techno…some you can stream some you can download,all in one post!

Francis Inferno Orchestra-Oh Teddy DEMO
Its Demo-so what? sounds great,space boogie, check it

Bulletproof feat. J Dog (Original mix)
Bulletproof pitch twit sic outfit tom sidebottom nu disco leeds jesse o’mahoney
Opening track ‘Bulletproof’ immediately grabs you and gives you a healthy injection of energy. It’s an uplifting hard hitting Nu Disco track similar to the likes of Danger and Justice. The production is of the highest quality with plenty of sub and a good amount of all round fatness and a messed up vocal from J Dog of Black Diamond Bay (UK) fame.

Released by: Sic Outfit
Release/catalogue number: SIC0001
Release date: Mar 5, 2010
ISRC: GB-4UF-09-00101

Brand new 2010 WMC Version of Six Feet Under..
Soon to be released on Beatport
Released by: PR Records
Release date: Mar 2010

Alex Dias – Mococa (Fernando Tessis Rmx / Original Mix / Marcelo Carvalho Rmx / Anna Miranda Rmx)
Release date: Mar 1, 2010

Alex Dias comes back on Le Club Records with a new release already supported by CARL COX and many others international Deejays!
Includes remixes from Fernando Tessis, Marcelo Carvahlo, Anna Miranda!
These Brazilian Guys are on Fire!

+++ Feedbacks & Supported By: Carl Cox, Wally Lopez, Adam Sheridan, Koen Groeneveld, Joe T Vannelli and many more…

Je Deviens DJ En 3 Jours – Aerodynamic (BETAMAXNOMATES B-More Refix)
A quick Baltimore reswizzle of Je Deviens DJ En 3 Jours 8-bit cover of Daft Punk’s ‘Aerodynamic’.

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House Of House – Rushing To Paradise (DJ Harvey Streets Mix)

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There’s a bit of a cliché about remixing perfect tracks. Why bother, the thought goes, when you’ve already got something that doesn’t need “fixing”? “Rushing to Paradise” isn’t a perfect track (although it’s pretty close to a perfect song in my mind), as evidenced by the wide variety of edits floating around, and the wide variety of tempos I’ve heard it played at. But DJ Harvey’s remix of the epic tune hardly does the thing justice. The edit maestro splices and dices “Rushing,” making it more suitable for the floor, but loses the bits around it that made the original so special.

That’s his job of course, but you get the sense that this is a bit of a missed opportunity. Like taking out “In the beginning there was jack” from “My House.” (Well, not that bad, but you get the point.) With such rich source material, it feels as though there would have been endless possibilities for Harvey to ponder. And, in the end, we simply get something this straight ahead? Bummer, dude.

Then again, if you haven’t got the original—and considering how much the original pressing sometimes goes for elsewhere, we don’t blame you—we can’t recommend this one enough.(RA)

1. House Of House – Rushing To Paradise (Walkin’ These Streets) (12:58)
2. House Of House – Rushing To Paradise (DJ Harvey Streets Mix) (9:11)

Buy at Juno

Download-The Diogenes Club’s New Mix

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Building on the imense hype for their new 979 EP, Britain’s The Diogenes Club have just dropped this amazing new mix for you all. This one hour mix blends some of the best electro, dreamwave, remixes and The Diogenes Club’s own new tracks.

Download The Diogenes Club’s New Mix
Track Listing :
1. Black Kids – I’m Not Gonna Teach Your Boyfriend How to Dance with You (Twelves Remix) – Almost Gold
2. Van She – So High – Modular
3. the Diogenes Club – Tete – Urban Torque
4. Tesla Boy – Fire – Mullet Records
5. Lindstrom & Christabelle – Baby Don’t Stop – Smalltown Supersound
6. Pnau – Baby (Breakbot Remix) – Etcetc
7. Stardust – Music Sounds Better with You – Roule
8. BB & Q Band – Dreamer – Cooltempo
9. Dusty Kid – Nemur – Boxer Recordings
10. the Diogenes Club – Tie Ourselves Around – Urban Torque
11. Scope – Audio Tonic – Urban Torque
12. Midfield General – Disco Sirens – Skint Records
13. Yuksek – I Like To Play – Fiction Records
14. Barbara Mason – Another Man – Metronome
15. Tom Tom Club – Wordy Rappinghood – Island Records
16. the Diogenes Club – Early May – Urban Torque
17. Booka Shade – Sweet Lies – Get Physical
18. the Diogenes Club – Come Back to Us – Urban Torque
19. Junior Boys – Hazel – Domino
20. Friendly Fires – Paris (Aeroplane remix) – XL
21. Mario Bastinov – Caribbean Girl – (TDC Part 1) – Unknown
22. X-District – Color Correction – Playhouse
23. Zoot Woman – Automatic – Wall Of Sound
24. Zapp n Roger – So Ruff So Tuff – Lastrada Entertainment Co.
25. Lindstrom – The Magnificent – Smalltown Supersound
26. the Diogenes Club – Do You Know How To Feel It? – Urban Torque
27. Telefon Tel Aviv – My Week Beats Your Year – Hefty Records
28. Anoraak – Nightdrive With You – Endless Summer Recordings
29. Casio Social Club & XS Night – More Love – Mullet Records
30. Zoot Woman – Nobody Knows (Part 2) – Wall Of Sound
31. Sharon Brown – I Specialize In Love – Profile Records
32. Michael Mcdonald & James Ingram – Yah Mo Be There – Qwest Records
33. Lovebirds – Tuesday – Teardrop
34. BB & Q Band – Genie – ZYK
35. Midnight Star – Midas Touch – Solar
36. Eat More Cake – Red Sky – Urban Torque
37. Latryx – Lady Don’t Tek No – Solesides
38. Kool And The Gang – Fresh – Best Records
39. Aretha Franklin – Jump To It – Arista
40. Long Distance Analogue – Plecked Medium – Mullet
41. Toto – Africa – Columbia
42. Tom Browne – Brighter Tomorrow – Arista
43. Five Star – System Addict – RCA
44. Empire Of The Sun – Standing On The Shore – EMI
45. the Diogenes Club – Untitled – CDR
46. Art Of Noise – Moments In Love – ZTT
47. Radiohead – Talk Show Host – Parlophone
48. Mario Bastinov (TDC Part 2) – Caribbean Girl – Phonica

The Diogenes Club Myspace
Urban Torque Catalog
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Download XLR8R Podcast 124: Soul Clap’s Boston Mix

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DJ veterans Eli Goldstein and Charles Levine not only oversee some of the city’s finest parties, they’ve also been busy taking their soulful, disco-infused brand of techno around the globe, producing all sorts of remixes and re-edits, and dropping the extremely well-received RnB FreE.P. On this mix, they’ve employed a number of their own concoctions, along with a few of their Beantown favorites, and cooked up a smooth, slow-burning musical journey that does Boston proud.

Download XLR8R Podcast 124: Soul Clap’s Boston Mix

01 Soul Clap’s Boston, Massachusetts Intro
02 Soul Clap “Dreams Of Tomorrow (Mo Money)” (Wolf + Lamb Black)
03 SECT “Hi-Fi All Around” (Culprit)
04 Soul Clap “Extravaganza” (Wolf + Lamb Black)
05 Tanner Ross & Sergio Santos “Excuse Me While I Hit This” (Airdrop)
06 SECT “Man Of Wisdom” (Culprit)
07 Clapz II Dogz “Dogz” (Glass Table)
08 Mystery Roar “Mayhem (Soul Clap Edit)” (Dopamine)
09 Axel Bartsch “Daight (Soul Clap’s E-Funk Remix)” (Suol)
10 Gadi Mizrahi & Soul Clap “Yer Body (Kills Me)” Double Standard)
11 Bad Rabbits “She’s Bad (Gadi Mizrahi & Soul Clap Remix)” (Karmaloop)
12 Bon Johnson ft. Dana D “From the Heart” (white)
13 Armand Van Helden “Spin The Bottle (Axis Mix)” (AV8)
14 Darryl Douglas “Holding On (Kon’s Edit)” (white)
15 Soul Clap “Baker Man” (AUX)
16 Soul Clap “Ghosts Edit” (white)

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