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Bass Punch Records Album Sampler Autumn-Promo

Posted in Bass, Dub Step, Electronic, Grime, Promo CD on September 4, 2009 by J.D.

Bass Punch Records is ran by MarchMelloW & Skrewface. Born out of the need to get out dubs that deserves to be rinsed worldwide, Bass Punch Records will deliver QUALITY over quantity. Bass Punch’s aim is to become into a label associated with high quality releases and productions in due time.

Bass Punch genres will stretch from mainly Electronica (Dubstep, Sublow, Grime, House) but also Dancehall, Reggae & Dub.
If it punches you in the face, expect it to be released through this label.

Bass Punch Records owes it to Dylan James (Betamorph/Abducted Dubs) for all the assistance and guidance.

Bass Punch Records Album Sampler Autumn-Promo

1. ill boding – cleanstep (5:56)
2. rdubz – dont dare (6:30)
3. rakoon – faul (5:33)
4. decree – brahms war (4:10)
5. genetic.krew – the city (4:55)
6. marchmellow – ouch!! (5:10)
7. swiftee – strange thoughts (5:03)
8. richie august – righteous kill (4:27)
9. riskyman – rio (6:44)

Just to listen- what you can expect from bass punch.

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