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Tonstartssbandht Release Midnite Cobras 7″+Free Download

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Available Today On Psychic Handshake Recordings;

Montreal-based noise rockers Tonstartssbandht (pronounced”tŏn-stārts-bānd-it”) are pleased to announce their latest EP “Midnite Cobras” available on 7″ vinyl and digitally at all major online outlets beginning today on Psychic Handshake Recordings. The kick off the release, they are making the title track available for free download via RCRD LBL. You can grab it here.

Stick around for a while, this one gets heavy/weird” – Gorilla Vs. Bear

While many bands present themselves as “a band from [insert well known metropolitan area with all kinds of unspoken connotations, associations, and implications]” Tonstartssbandht want none of that. Eschewing any kind of geographical loyalty, they describe themselves simply as “a brother band” and would hope you would be so kind as to leave it at that. Though both musicians from a young age, Andy and Edwin White were in different bands as teenagers in Central Florida. They watched one another play, and occasionally teamed up in what they describe as “formless noise bands.” It was not until they were separated by distance that they realized that the only people they should be playing with were each other. “It was a match made in heaven” says Edwin of their partnership, and it has led the brothers to settle, for now at least, in Montreal.

It is there in their cold, northern, adopted city that the brother’s are preparing to release their newest 7″, Midnite Cobras. The three-track EP features new material, but in true brother-band fashion, it is material steeped in history. When he was a teenager, Andy, the younger brother of the two, made what he estimates to be “a lot” of pop records in his bedroom. Lucky for us, these recordings did not go the way of many a bedroom opus, lost in a basement or thrown out in an effort to force growing up, and Andy decided to dig one up recently. “He made a backwards loop of one of the guitar parts and sent it to me,” remembers Edwin, who in turn took the track and worked on it. The two went back and forth with it, eventually coming up with their upcoming single and the title to the 7″.

“a conglomeration of everything that’s great about current pop and experimental music alike, without all of the needless chaff and bullshit.” – Impose Magazine

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Live: WhoMadeWho. At Point Ephémère, Paris, France

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April 23 2009, Live: WhoMadeWho. At Point Ephémère, Paris, France

1. Rose 00:04:01
2. Empty Room 00:03:27
3. TV Friend 00:02:15
4. The Plot 00:05:12
5. Satisfaction 00:08:38

These guys are crazy!!! Dressed in black and white jumpsuits, the 3 Danish guys from Whomadewho drive their music to psycheland. The energy they release on stage is an everlasting orgasm… The music is rowdy and immature enough to make all the folks dance… yet refined and truly sophisticated!
Whomadewho is the electro / rock band we’re really diggin these days. Stay tuned for more music & some hilarious police action when Who Made Who steps out of the club in PART 2 of the video, coming soon on Grandcrew!

Ces mecs sont barrés !!! Dans leurs combinaisons noires et blanches, les 3 danois de Whomadewho évoluent dans des contrées musicales et artistiques psychédéliques hallucinantes et envoutantes. L’énergie qu’ils dégagent sur scène est une jouissance continue. Leur musique bien que travaillée est pleine d’immaturité assumée, d’une candeur qui transporte fatalement au royaume du kiff. Whomadewho est la sensation électro/rock du moment…du moins chez Grandcrew. And you ?

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