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*Introducing* Rich Hil -Lady in the Hall+Mixtape

Posted in Downtempo, Promotions, R n B, Trip Hop on February 6, 2010 by dk

Rich Hil is fusing back-to-basics pop with down-tempo hip-hop and R&B. He’s already made his mark with a series of mixtapes and blunted rhymes on Limos Were Cool In The 90s. The vintage beats paired with Hil’s crooning flow will give you a taste of what to expect from his forthcoming full-length on Limo Life Records.

Download Free MP3 of “Lady in the Hall” HERE

Check Out His Latest Mixtape,
Limos Were Cool In The ’90s HERE

If you want to discover something new -new style,then dont miss this!

More on Rich Hil Here
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You Will Love Tha Boogie

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Who is Tha Boogie you ask? They are an experimental Pop/Hip-Hop/ R&B/Alternative Soul trio who hails from Rancho Cucamonga, CA. They write, produce, record and arrange their own music with no boundaries.
Tha Boogie represents

LEJIN: Singer/ Music Producer/Arranger
NUSCHOOL: Singer/Songwriter/Rapper/Vocal Producer and Arranger
KORUS: Singer/songwriter
The talented trio is currently signed to Raphael Saadiq’s label, Velma records, and was the opening act for the last leg of his 2009 Winter tour.

OC Weekly described the group as a, “Three piece flurry of Janet Jackson-style choreography, bright colors and unshakable M.I.A. swagger carried an entertaining flair that was all together unexpected.”
Their EP is coming out in a couple weeks. We have thanks 2 Luxury City Entertainment Music Group (“California Muzik” and “Tha Anthem“) to give you another dose of what is to come.

Here is their latest video “Hey Love” directed by Mike Quain.

If you like to Discover new music and artists as we do or if you had enough hip hop crap(T.I. and Co.)then check this band!
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*Promotional Stuff arrived via email ,send your stuffs via e mail or soundcloud,promote yourself…!!!
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