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RA.200 Carl Craig

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The Detroit techno legend takes to the decks for RA’s 200th podcast.
Published / 29 March 2010
Filesize / 75.31 MB
Length / 01:02:43
Status / Available

Download RA.200 Carl Craig

Dance music is prone to hyperbole, but you’d be hard-pressed to come up with anything but words like “legend,” “titan” and “giant” when describing Carl Craig’s impact on the electronic scene. Producer, remixer, label boss, DJ, the list goes on and on.

His bio on RA at the time of this writing ends at 2001, and it’s more than 2,000 words. Since then, he’s been nominated for a Grammy, performed his music with a symphony orchestra and traveled the world evangelizing for forward-thinking house and techno from Detroit and beyond. (And that doesn’t even begin to scratch the surface.) His relentless passion for electronic music of all stripes is unquestioned, but for RA’s 200th podcast the Detroit jock goes straight to the floor and stays there for more than an hour. This is Carl Craig at his clubbiest, long may his legend continue to reign.

What have you been up to recently?

I’ve been on tour…for the last 15 years. [laughs]

It doesn’t look to be ending anytime soon?

The day I die.

You were recently in London for the Red Bull Music Academy event at the Southbank Centre. How do you feel that went?

It went great. It’s special every time that I get to do these performances with my friends. I’ve known Moritz [Von Oswald] and Francesco [Tristano] for a very long time, and we’ve done some really some great things separately, so it’s nice to take that energy and put it together into something else.

You’ve worked quite a bit on these more ambitious events in the recent past. Considering how much focus you’ve put into them, does DJing in a club give you the same thrill as it once did?

Of course. DJing in a club is a more immediate thrill. When you’re doing something and you’re preparing for it with set lists and rehearsals, the thrill is in the idea that it’s going to be amazing. But when you’re DJing, it’s something different every night. You can change your set to reflect your mood, you can play out something you’ve just finished in the studio to get a reaction.

You’ve just helped launch the D25 tour at WMC and will be taking it to Spanish festivals, and clubs like Weekend in Berlin and London’s fabric in late April and early May. But you’ve always been someone who resolutely looks forward. Why does this particular project feel so important to you?

These are the roots of my being. In 1985, when I heard “No UFOs,” I first heard it from my cousin Doug [Craig] and also The Electrifying Mojo on the radio. Doug was making a record with Juan [Atkins] at the time called “Technicolor,” and all of this led to me searching out Derrick May and making music. It’s important because it goes all the way down the line from Juan to Derrick and Kevin, and so on. These are my roots.

And the mix?

I wanted to play a lot of new stuff, mixed with a few old things that I don’t play very often that I feel like are worth being rediscovered.

What do you have coming up? 15 more years of touring I suppose?

[laughs] I hope! But hopefully the next 15 years will be more inclusive of things like the Craig/Oswald/Tristano trio and other amazing projects that will come about over the next few years. I did something a number of years ago with Leon Ware, and I haven’t heard from him in about eight years. He sent me an e-mail yesterday, saying that he wants to do some new collaborations. It’s always wonderful to hear from someone like that. So, who knows?

Photo credit: Riva Sayegh

Kuedo RA.196

Posted in Bass, Dub Step, Electronic, Funky, Glitch, Podcast, RA on March 1, 2010 by J.D.

Jamie Vex’d dons his Kuedo moniker for a delightfully wonky mix of bass music.

Even if you only have a passing interest in the more sub-heavy end of dance music, chances are you’ll have heard of Vex’d. Jamie Teasdale and Roly Porter’s fusion of dubstep with industrial and UK rave music on 2005’s Degenerate album paved the way for countless international and festival appearances. Tiring of the hectic schedule and life in London, the pair decided to move from the city in early ’07, with Roly heading west to Bristol and Jamie jetting to Berlin. Unfortunately, this meant that producing collaborative Vex’d material for their planned second album was a slow and difficult process, and they consequently decided to each focus on their own solo material. Jamie has been the more prolific of the two thus far, again aligning himself with Mike Paradinas’ Planet Mu imprint for 12-inches both as Jamie Vex’d, and more recently under his new Kuedo moniker.

The recent material has seen Teasdale move away from the dark and industrial dubstep sound of Vex’d, instead taking inspiration from the new wave of off-kilter beatsmiths that have emerged in the post-Dilla era. His fantastically wonky take on Scuba’s “The Upside” was the first track to hint at his stylistic change, but the two solo EPs that followed have cemented his reputation as both a formidable and versatile producer, featuring nods to blissful electronic jazz, kaleidoscopic dubstep and even ambient music.(RA)

Published / 01 March 2010
Filesize / 59.32 MB
Length / 00:49:25

Download Kuedo RA.196


The Creatures – Morning Dawning – Wonderland
Mike Slott – Snow Birds Expansion – LuckyMe
Kuedo – Glow – Planet Mu
Kuedo – Joy Construction – Planet Mu
Krystal Klear – Boogie Wan
Om Unit – Lightgrids – All City Records
Little Dragon – A New (Clay Moon remix) – Peacefrog
Mount Kimbie – At Least (Instra:mental remix) – Hotflush Recordings
Kuedo – Shutter Light Girl – Planet Mu
Kuedo – Shutter Light Girl (Falty DL remix) – Planet Mu
Computer Jay – Maintain (Ikonika remix) – Ramp Recordings
Rudi Zygadlo – Resealable Friendship (Slugabed remix) – Planet Mu
Slugabed – Take Off (Kuedo remix) – Ramp Recordings
Starkey – Ok Luv (Instrumental) – Planet Mu
Kuedo – Starfox – Planet Mu
Zomby – Mercury’s Rainbow
Rudi Zygadlo – Resealable Friendship (Doshy remix) – Planet Mu
Diplo – Boi (Zomby remix)
SDUK – Clunge – Slit Jockey Records
Starkey – Pressure Points – Planet Mu
Sully – In Some Pattern – Keysound Recordings
Ramadanman – Work It
Tiago – Babel Fish – Rush Hour
Low Limit – Trapper Keeper
Loops Haunt – Rubber Sun Grenade – Fortified Audio
Comanechi – Close Enough to Kiss (Ghost Hunter remix) – Merok
Clark – Future Daniel – Warp Records
Alva Noto – Xerrox Phaser Acat 1 – Raster-Noton
Tim Hecker – Harmony in Blue II – Kranky
Mike Slott – The Now – LuckyMe

RA.188 Terre Thaemlitz aka DJ Sprinkles

Posted in Dj Mix, ElectroAcoustic, Podcast, RA on January 4, 2010 by J.D.

The producer behind RA’s #1 album of 2009 starts off the year with an acoustic-electro ambient mix.

Terre Thaemlitz, AKA DJ Sprinkles, AKA G.R.R.L., AKA Kami-Sakunobe House Explosion K-S.H.E, AKA Social Material, AKA Teriko, AKA Terre’s Neu Wuss Fusion, is something of a polymath. After moving to New York in the mid-’80s and getting bit by the house music bug, Thaemlitz adopted the aforementioned Sprinkles guise and quickly found a place via idiosyncratic DJing that combined the undeniable glamour of house music and “challenging, elaborated structures” as Thaemlitz bio puts it.

It was a combination that didn’t exactly make for populist sets, to say the least. But in listening to mixes since, you can tell that Sprinkles knows how to party. Nonetheless, this alienation from the house scene found its way back into Thaemlitz’s music at various points—most powerfully as part of Midtown 120 Blues—but the RA podcast prepared for us is largely geared towards the voluminous work done under Thaemlitz name. Encompassing tracks that Thaemlitz has dubbed “acoustic-electro ambient,” like The Orb’s first podcast of 2008, it invites you to start the year slowly, in a contemplative manner.(More at RA)

Published / 04 January 2010
Filesize / 100.00 MB
Length / 01:23:18

Download RA.188 Terre Thaemlitz aka DJ Sprinkles

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RA.174 Neil Landstrumm

Posted in Bass, Dub Step, Electronic, Grime, Podcast, RA on September 28, 2009 by J.D.

Edinburgh’s king of bass gives us a taste of his new live set on this week’s RA podcast.

Edinburgh’s Neil Landstrumm is a man with some serious techno stripes. (And not just because two of his tracks got mispressed onto Robert Hood’s Internal Empire LP.) Landstrumm got his start at the beginning of the ’90s, when he began DJing at the Sativa club in his hometown alongside friends and fellow techno junkies Tobias Schmidt and Dave Tarrida. That’s where he met Chilean electronic wizard Cristian Vogel, a producer he would begin to work with as Blue Arsed Fly. In addition to BAF, Landstrumm also set out on his own with bass-heavy interpretations of jackin’ Chicago house rhythms marking Brown By August, a full-length that’s still considered a classic of mid-’90s techno.

But while he had great success producing techno for labels such as Tresor, Sativae and his own Scandinavia imprint, Landstrumm has never been one to get too comfortable with any particular strain of the stuff, often making great stylistic leaps between albums. Restaurant Of Assassins meshed modern UK bass music with Sheffield bleep, Lord For £39 saw him offer a rave-infused take on dubstep and the recently released Bambaataa Eats His Breakfast showcases Landstrumm’s more playful and melodic side. The thick low-end synonymous with his sound is still there, but there are also clear parallels with the adventurous instrumental hip-hop being pushed by his countrymen Rustie and Hudson Mohawke on top of bleepy dubsteppers like Zomby and Ikonika. This week’s RA podcast seems Landstrumm revisit these three Planet Mu releases with a special live set that’s interspersed with some of his own personal favourites from the likes of Mala and Jakes.(read more at RA)

Published / 28 September 2009
Filesize / 77.78 MB
Length / 01:04:48
Status / Available

RA.174 Neil Landstrumm

credits 2 deepgoa
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RA.173 Modeselektor

Posted in Dub Step, Electronic, Podcast, RA on September 21, 2009 by J.D.

Gernot and Sebastian crank up the bass on this week’s RA podcast.

As far as modern Berlin-based acts go, Modeselektor are an anomaly. While others may be content with forging a path down one particular aural avenue, Gernot Bronsert and Sebastian Szary have managed to incorporate myriad styles from their beginnings as Fundamental Knowledge in the mid ’90s. Be it electro, techno, dubstep, electronica or hip-hop, the duo can be found meshing it all together (and more) in both their original productions and live shows.

After spending two years touring heavily off the back of 2005’s Hello Mom! album with their Ableton-aided live show, Gernot and Sebastian committed their fast and furious mixing style to CD with the third volume of the Boogy Bytes series. Containing a staggering thirty-three tracks, the pair proved that it was possible to traverse from experimental hip-hop through to Radiohead in just over an hour without sacrificing the smooth and natural flow of the mix, and they’re set to do it all over again with Body Language Vol. 8.

While their RA podcast might not contain the poppy curveballs featured throughout their latest commercial effort, you can rest assured knowing that the Modeselektor lads have conjured up a cracking selection of techno, dubstep and UK funky—most of which is hot off the presses.(more…at RA)

Published / 21 September 2009
Filesize / 75.14 MB
Length / 01:02:36
Status / Available

Download RA.173 Modeselektor

Also check
Modeselektor Announce N. America Body Language Tour

credits 2 no rockstars
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RA.171 Erol Alkan

Posted in Electro, Nu Disco, Podcast, RA, Tech House on September 7, 2009 by J.D.

Erol Alkan dons his Disco 3000 cap on this week’s RA podcast.

If you haven’t heard the name of Erol Alkan over the past decade, just what rock have you been living under? That said, while Alkan might be an international megastar now, his beginnings seem quite humble when you consider that his first Trash party in 1997 managed to rustle up a crowd of just 60 people. Things didn’t stay like that for long, however, with the Monday night mix of indie, rock and pop attracting a fervent young crowd ready to let their hair down as if the weekend was only just starting. The turn of the decade saw Erol start to experiment with mash-ups under the name Kurtis Rush, with the chapter of his production period coming to a close in spectacular fashion with Kylie performing his bootleg of “Blue Monday” and her own “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head” at 2002’s Brit Awards.

His DJing schedule has been overflowing with shows ever since, but becoming an accomplished producer in his own right has been Erol’s real goal during the last five years. Remixes were his first port of call, with Alter Ego, Klaxons, Hot Chip, Daft Punk and Franz Ferdinand amongst the acts to get the Erol touch, and he’s also had his hand in producing guitar bands such as Mystery Jets and Late Of The Pier. Last month saw the release of a single with Boys Noize, seeing the pair mix up French house, acid and disco over two separate tracks.

In 2008 Alkan unveiled his Disco 3000 DJ moniker, recording a special disco-flavoured mix for his website. This week’s RA podcast sees Alkan continue his Disco 3000 mix project, with disco, Italo, electro and even an early house cut getting blended into a rapid-fire 80-minutes….more at RA

Published / 07 September 2009
Filesize / 96.65 MB
Length / 01:20:31

RA.171 Erol Alkan

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RA.170 FaltyDL

Posted in Bass, Dub Step, Electronic, Funky, Grime, Podcast, RA, Wonky on September 1, 2009 by J.D.

The NYC-based 2-stepper mixes up the tempo on this week’s RA podcast.

Looking at Planet Mu’s 2009 release schedule, you can’t help but feel slightly overwhelmed. Come the beginning of September, Mike Paradinas (AKA µ-Ziq) has already released albums by Shitmat, Milanese, Like Vibert, Few Nolder, Venetian Snares, Legion Of Two and Boxcutter. But arguably the most interesting full-length that the label has birthed this year is the debut album from New York-based producer Andrew Lustman. Love Is a Liability saw the 2-step template turned on its head, with Lustman’s rich melodic textures and hyper-kinetic beat programming injecting a fresh sensibility into the genre.

Not one to rest on his laurels, Lustman has already completed work on his follow-up album, and showcased a fresh direction with his To London 12-inch on Ramp Recordings. While the title track on the latter sees him pull off a wonky house workout complete with wiggling synths and skippy rolling percussion, “Meta-Cognist” proves that he can also craft lush Detroit beatdown-inspired material with the best of them. Similarly, Lustman’s RA podcast journeys through beat-driven low tempo sounds, inventive new-school UK garage, dubstep and even some wild drum & bass courtesy of Luke Vibert.(more at RA)

RA.170 FaltyDL

Ultragamma – Stars Collapse
Architeq – Sleeping Bear Lament (Take remix) [Planet Mu]
Floating Points – Esthian III [Planet Mu]
FaltyDL – Play Child [Planet Mu]
Floating Points – K&G Beat [Planet Mu]
sbtrkt – 2020
FaltyDL – Time
FaltyDL – Bravery [Planet Mu]
Untold – Don’t Know Don’t Care
Boxcutter – Other People
Joy Orbison – Wet Look [Hotflush Recordings]
Luke Vibert – Belief File [Planet Mu]
sbtrkt – Laika [Brain Math]
Joy Orbison – Hyph Mngo [Hotflush Recordings]
Toasty – The Knowledge [Hotflush Recordings]
Spac Hand Luke – Like A Machine [Rephlex]
Amen Andrews – Screwface [Rephlex]
Aphex Twin – Inkey$ [Warp Records]
FaltyDL – Made Me Feel So Right [Planet Mu]

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Wireblock -RA Exclusive mix

Posted in Bass, Dub Step, Grime, RA on June 30, 2009 by J.D.

The trio behind Wireblock, Jack Revill (AKA Jackmaster), and brothers Neil (AKA Nelson) and Calum Morton (AKA Spencer) have cooked up this exclusive mix for RA

Exclusive Wireblock mix(right click + save target as)
Filesize: 75.8MB Length: 55:12


Part 1, Mixed by Nelson
Redinho – Boy Racer [Wireblock/Numbers]
Cajmere – Percolator [Cajual]
Cooly G – Narst [Hyperdub]
Ghosts on Tape – Predator Mode (Roska remix) [Wireblock]
Lil Silva – Pulse vs Flex [White]
Emvee – Glitch Dub [Wireblock]

Part 2, Mixed by Spencer
Roska – Feeline VIP (Stop Start remix) [Roska Kicks and Snares]
Shake – For The Lamented [Frictional]
D Malice – Gabryelle Refix [White]
Shystie – Pull It (Ill Blu Remix) [It’s Funky]
Waxmaster – Going Down [Dance Mania]
Apple – Siegalizer [Slimting]
Manix! – Special Request [Reinforced]
DVA – Nasty Nasty Nasty [Earth 616 White]
Rustie – Bad Science [Wireblock]

Part 3, Mixed by Jackmaster
Radioactiveman – Goodnight Morton [Rotter’s Golf Club]
Rich Boy – Throw Some D’s Accapella [Interscope]
Untold – It’s Gonna Work Out Fine (dub)
DJ Deeon – Freak U Rite [Dance Mania]
AFX – PWSteal.Bancos.Q [Rephlex]
Human Action Network – Eating Angelic Diamonds [Alphabasic]
DJ Assault – Ass N Titties [Assault Rifle]
Drexciya – Digital Tsunami [Tresor]
Mr. De’ – Y2K Bug [Electrofunk]
Redinho – Pitter Patter [Wireblock]
Ghosts On Tape – Kryptonite (Dub)
Ginuwine – Pony [550 Music]

Label of the month: Wireblock

Be it techno, electro, dubstep, house or UK funky, Glasgow’s Wireblock have got it all after just three years in the game. RA’s Richard Carnes tracked down the trio behind the label’s diverse and consistent output to discover more.

Despite their short history, Wireblock have already established themselves as a go-to imprint for lovers of idiosyncratic and forward thinking club tracks; a label with a wide remit and high quality control. Wireblock founders Jack Revill (AKA Jackmaster), and brothers Neil (AKA Nelson) and Calum Morton (AKA Spencer) all have professional jobs in vinyl distribution, web and graphic design and music marketing respectively, so it’s no surprise that everything about their label seems so clinical.

They’ve certainly come a long way from their teenage beginnings listening to “cheesy, Ibiza style house.” It was one album in particular that nudged them in the right direction when they started to get serious about buying vinyl: Daft Punk’s Homework. “Me and Calum went to school together and he taught me how to DJ in his house one day on a pair of old battered out Gemini decks and a Numark mixer,” Revill explains. “That album was basically the one that we were playing when we first got our turntables,” Calum adds. “All the Roule records and connected labels, and all that French stuff.” …read more

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RA.160 Giles Smith

Posted in Deep House, Podcast, RA, Tech House on June 24, 2009 by J.D.

The mustachioed half of secretsundaze takes things deep for RA on this week’s podcast.

It’s not often that we think of Giles Smith apart from James Priestley, but the duo that make up the DJing arm of secretsundaze are very much distinct characters. Smith is the deep house don, Priestley the disco diva in disguise. And while there are clearly common pockets of interest, it’s clear that what they do is complementary—with few overlaps.

Smith’s love of the deep kicked off in earnest via his residency for the legendary Faith parties, where he cut his teeth under the tutelage of X-Press 2 and Terry Farley. He soon left, however, to begin sundaze with Priestley, building up the brand into one of London’s hottest events, and a summertime tradition for clued-up clubbers interested in coming down from a long weekend of partying. Since then, they’ve extended to become a worldwide phenomena, throwing parties in Barcelona, Ibiza and Miami (among other places) in addition to their usual summer schedule in the UK.

And Smith, as many of his DJ brethren have done, has also begun to produce music as well. Martin Dawson, AKA King Roc, and Smith form Two Armadillos and have had a string of releases on Dessous, Buzzin’ Fly and Four:Twenty with much to come in the summer of 2009. Already released this year are remixes on Dessous and Fear of Flying and original productions—the Je Suis Differente EP and Rattlesnake 12-inch—on Sthlmaudio and Motivbank with work on BangBang! (2000 and One’s new-ish house label) yet to come.

The work is, as always, defined by a deep house sound, and that’s exactly what Smith provides on his RA podcast too. Detroit, New York, Paris, Amsterdam and London: Wherever there is house music being created, Smith has found it and put it in the mix… more

Published / 22 June 2009
Filesize / 77.17 MB
Length / 01:20:22

RA.160 Giles Smith

Brawther – Asteriods and Star Dust – Balance Alliance
DJ Qu – Be Who You Wanna – Strength
Omar-S – 02 – FXHE
Fresh n Low – Besos De Los Angeles – Guidance
Keith Worthy – Atlantis – Aesthetic Audio
Osunlade – Pride – Set
Rick Wade – I Believe – F.C.R
Boris Horel – Close To Me – Eklo
Digital Tongue – Deeper – Set
David Duriez – Your Guide – Gourmet
2000 and One – Wan Poko Moro – 100% Pure
Jerome – Boom Bap – Intacto
Jesper Dahlback – What’s The Time Mr Templar? – PND
Cobblestone Jazz – Fiesta – Wagon Repair
Russ Gabriel – Spirits – Pariter
Agent X – Driftin – Planet E

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RA.159 Manuel Tur

Posted in Podcast, RA on June 16, 2009 by J.D.

Essen’s young hope turns in a stellar house set for his week’s RA podcast.

Essen’s Manuel Tur is the definition of a wunderkind. After starting to listen to electronic music at a young age, he stuck his head into the production game at the ripe age of 16, and hasn’t looked back since—releasing records under his own name, Arcade Mode, Blackbird, Jermaine Jones, Tweeq and as part of Knabberbox, Dplay, Ribn and Ufoboys. To put it bluntly, the kid has had a lot of practice in a very short time.

He puts it to good use on his forthcoming debut album for Freerange, 0201, which takes advantage of the LP format by cobbling together a collection of tracks that complement one another beautifully. It’s a cliché, but it’s most assuredly an album—not a rushed status report of where Tur is at in 2009…more

Published / 15 June 2009
Filesize / 64.55 MB
Length / 01:07:12

RA.159 Manuel Tur

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