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Free Download-Piece of Shh… – Good Ol’ Dayz EP [Black label 02]

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Here it is again Piece of Shh… with extra free choons just for you:dub,dubstep,experimental sound …lovers!

Free Download-Piece of Shh… – Good Ol’ Dayz EP [Black label 02]

1. Piece of Shh… – Coffee break (5:08)
2. Piece of Shh… – Shipwreck (5:34)
3. Piece of Shh… – Can’t get Rid Of It (5:25)
4. Piece of Shh… – Radio Boom-Boom (5:05)

The Bumcrack Mixes

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EMN Members Mixes

The Bumcrack Mixes
A Fart mix by The Bumcrack
1. SCIENTIST “Dangerous Match 1” (Greensleeves)
2. JUNIOR CONY “Keus Keus” (P.I.A.S)
3. MAD PROFESSOR “Freedom Chant” (ARIWA)
4. VICTOR RICE “Drum Thief” (Megalith Records)
5. YABBY YU “Anti-Christ Dub” (Blood & Fire)
6. CHARLIE ‘ESKIMO’ FOX “Changes” (On-U Sound)
8. PAMA INTERNATIONAL “Come As You Are” (Rockers Revolt)
9. MASSILLA SOUND SYSTEM “Ma Ville Est Malade” (Eve)
10. URBAN DUB “Colorblind” (Urban Dub)
11. LOVE GROCER “Blossom” (Universal Egg)
12. MICHAEL ROSE “Throw Some Stone (Megadub Mix)” (M Records)
13. RANKING JOE “Don’t Try To Use Me PT1 & 2” (M Records)
14. ADRIAN SHERWOOD “Stepping Crowd” (Real World)
15. TINO “Loch Ness Monster Dub” (Tino Corp)
16. RANKING JOE “Nowhere To Hide” (M Records)
17. HENRY & LOUIS “Revalation Time” (2 Kings)
18. IMPROVISATORS DUB meets IRATION STEPPAS “Ghetto Dub (Chopz Raw Cut)” (Hammerbass)
19. DJ KENTARO “Beware (DJ Kentaro Tuff Cuts Mix) (Pressure Sounds)
20. CHARLIE ‘ESKIMO’ FOX “Sweet Memories” (On-U Sound)

“House Of Impending Doom” Dub reggae mix
1. LEE ‘SCRATCH’ PERRY “You Thought I Was Dead ” (Mango/Island)
2. CHARLIE “ESKIMO” FOX “Natty Farmyard” (On-U Sound)
3. KING JAMMY Vs DRY & HEAVY “Radical Dubber” (Beat Records)
4. SCIENTIST “Time Warp” (Greensleeves)
5. DUB SYNDICATE Ft: Ranking Joe “Countryman Talk” (Lion & Roots)
6. DUB SYNDICATE Ft: Andy Fairley “Lack Of Education” (On-U Sound)
7. JUNIOR CONY “Originally Dub Mix 1” (P.I.A.S.)
8. SAMIA FARAH “Ottenhot” (On-U Sound)
9. SAMIA FARAH “Si ‘Tas La Parole” (On-U Sound)
10. LEE ‘SCRATCH’ PERRY “Lucky Charm” (On-U Sound)
11. DUBKASM “Babylon Ambush” (Sufferahs Choice)
12. AFRICAN HEAD CHARGE “Who Are You?” (On-U Sound)
13. DUBKASM “Zulu Dawn” (Sufferah’s Choice)
14. VIN GORDON “Double Take Dub” (Masaya Records)
15. VICTOR RICE “Fique” (Megalith Records)
16. SAMIA FARAH “Du Signe Du Lion” (On-U Sound)
17. MIKEY DREAD “Rastadub” (DATC)
18. HENRY & LOUIS “Love Dub” (2 Kings)
19. HENRY & LOUIS “Love Like” (2 Kings)
20. DISCIPLES “Prowling Lion ext mix” (Boom-Shacka-Lacka)

Old Skool On-U Mix
1. CREATION REBEL “Ethos Design”
2. CREATION REBEL “Threat To Creation”
3. DUB SYNDICATE “Crucial Tony Tries To Rescue The Space Invaders (With Only 10p)
4. NEW AGE STEPPERS “Radial Drill”
5. SINGERS & PLAYERS “Blood Shed (Dub)”
6. DUB SYNDICATE “Forever More”
7. SINGERS & PLAYERS “Vegetable Matter”
8. JAH WOOSH “Woodpecker Sound”
9. CREATION REBEL “Earthwire Line”
11. AFRICAN HEAD CHARGE “Depth Charge”
12. SONS OF ARQA “Asian Rebel”
13. CREATION REBEL “Painstaker”
14. CREATION REBEL “Chemical Specialist”
15. DUB SYNDICATE “Out And About”
16. SINGERS & PLAYERS “Make A Joyful Noises”

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EMN TOP 30 Dubstep – December 2009

Posted in *EMN Charts, Beats, Dub, Dub Step, Electronic, Experimental, Funky, Grime, Reggae, Techno on December 29, 2009 by dk

1.GATEKEEPER & APPLEBLIM – Blip / Vansan (Gatekeeper remix)
2.GREENA – Tenzado
3.Headhunter – 3 Mad P’s
4.Martin Kemp – After The Night
5.Millie & Andrea – Spectral Source / Ever Since You Came Down
6.Hyetal – Neon Speech
7.Tycho – Coastal Brake
8.MODERAT / SHACKLETON / T++ / HEADHUNTER – Unofficial Mixes of
9.16 Bit – Swine Flu
10.Azat – This isn’t happiness
11.AARDVARCK – Bloom 4
13.Helixir-Convultions / Let Me Drive Now
14.Radikal Guru – Ahmed
15.Rob Sparx – What U Gonna Do
16.AND / 16BIT – Nebulos / Serum
17.Dub And Run-Loneliness/ Milk
18.MARLOW – Druid / Cattle Prod
19.Beezy-Lost In Translation
20. Ke$ha “TiK ToK”(untold remixes)
21.D-RANGED – Check Please / Her
22.FALSE PROPHET / SPATIAL – Wake Up (Spatial Mixes)
23.MONSTR Irieality
24.DECREE – Surge
25.WACHS LYRICAL – The Fear / Dark Entity
26.YOUNGSTA & SEVEN / N-TYPE & SEVEN – Masai Mara / The Story
27.WR1NG – Middle Centre Ep
28.Syndaesia -Sultan Swing
29.OCTA PUSH – Deixa
30.TRIMAXIS – Forget Me
Check EMN Rewind Dubstep 2009

FACT Mix 103 – King Midas Sound

Posted in Deep House, Dub, Dub Step, Funky, Grime, Podcast, Pop, Reggae on November 23, 2009 by dk

FACT mix takes the form of a very special session from King Midas Sound, the trio of Kevin ‘The Bug’ Martin, Roger Robinson and Hiroki.

All live edited, with special effects and additional vocals and commentary from the London trio, KMS’s FACT mix reads like a list of influences on their twilight Lovers Rock sound, featuring sweet reggae in Tanya Stephens and Gregory Isaacs, dusty shoegaze in My Bloody Valentine and A.R. Kane, modern favourites Burial and Little Dragon, and tracks from Sade, Larry Heard and Scritti Politti, plus material from their forthcoming debut album, Waiting For You on Hyperdub.

We’re blown away from it, and pretty much play it every other morning in our office. Not only is a great listen, it provides a genuine insight into the conception of Waiting For You, one of the year’s most intriguing albums which should drop towards the end of this month

Download: FACT Mix 103 – King Midas Sound
(Available for three weeks)


King Midas Sound – Sometimes (Waiting For You/Hyperdub)
Lovejoys – All I Can Say (Reggae Vibes/Wackies)
15/16/17 – The Weather (Magic Touch/DEB)
Burial – Night Bus (Burial/Hyperdub)
Little Dragon – Twice (Little Dragon/Peacefrog)
The Dynamics – 90% of me is you (Version Excursions/Points South)
Tanya Stephens – It’s A Pity (Gangsta Blues/VP)
Jacob Miller – Baby I Love You So (Who Say Jah No Dread/Greensleeves)
Gregory Isaacs – I’m Alright (Cool Down/VP)
Wayne Jarrett – Live&Love (Horace Andy Meets Naggo Morris & Wayne Jarrett/Wackies)
Sade – Lovers Rock (Lovers Rock/Epic)
Rhythm & Sound ft Lovejoy – Best Friend (With the Artists/Burial Mix)
Larry Heard – Missing dub (Theo Parrish remix) (Missing You/Track Mode)
Vincent Gallo – Lonely (When/Warp)
A.R.Kane – Madonna is with child (69/Rough Trade)
Scritti Politti – Sweetest Girl (/Rough Trade)
Lloyd Chambers – Dry Your Tears (Firehouse Revolution/Pressure Sounds)
King Midas Sound – i Dub (Dub Heavy/Hyperdub)
Scientist ft Johnny Osbourne – In Your Eyes (Wins The World Cup/Greensleeves)
King Midas Sound – Outtaspace (Slow Motion mix) (Waiting For You/Hyperdub)
Japan – Ghosts (Tin Drum/Virgin)
Kevin Shields – Ikebana (Lost In Translation s/t/Emperor norton)
King Midas Sound – One Ting (Dabrye remix) (Cool Out/Hyperdub)
Oval – Do While (94diskont/Mille Plateaux)
Thomas Koner – Kanon (Isolationism/Virgin)
My Bloody Valentine – Touched (Loveless/creation)


Jovi Rockwell “Psycho Therapy” Mixtape incl.Diplo, Major Lazer…

Posted in Dance Hall, Mixtape, Pop, Promotions, Reggae on November 18, 2009 by dk

Jovi Rockwell “Psycho Therapy” Mixtape w/ guest appearances from Akon, Diplo, Major Lazer, Andy Milonakis & more

Download Here

Promotional stuff arrived via email ,send your stuffs via e mail or soundcloud,promote yourself…!!!

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Extra mp3 Promo-DJ Rupture & Matt Shadetek-"Strength In Numbers"

Posted in Dub, Dub Step, Promotions, Reggae on November 12, 2009 by dk

“Strength In Numbers”
DOWNLOAD: “Strength In Numbers”
Strength In Numbers is one of the opening tracks from DJ Rupture & Matt Shadetek’s new mix album “Solar Life Raft”, out NOW. It kicks off right with reggae horns and a heavy sine-wave bass, and has become an anthem at their Dutty Artz parties. The track kicks off the Solar Life Raft album and is on a forthcoming companion 12″ titled Shallows, the first of a 12″ series from The Agriculture – committed to pushing cosmopolitan bass sounds from Brooklyn rooftops to the world.

Producer Matt Shadetek is a lifelong New Yorker, releasing instrumental hip hop, dancehall, dubstep and many things in the cracks between, including the viral hit “Brooklyn Anthem”. He’s one of the few U.S. producers to record on the U.K.’s Warp Records. His tunes come with support from Skerrit Bwoy, Diplo and Green Lantern.

ALSO CHECK *Extra MP3 PROMO*: GANG GANG DANCE ‘BEBEY’ (DJ /rupture and Matt Shadetek Remix)-Solar Life Raft | |

Promotional stuff arrived via email ,send your stuffs via e mail or soundcloud,promote yourself…!!!

EMN TOP 30 Dubstep – September 2009

Posted in *EMN Charts, Bass, Dub Step, Funky, Grime, Reggae on October 1, 2009 by dk

First time at our chart something exclusive unsigned,its not for that,we think that this guys are really something different,special,why not supporting new artists?…so here it is top 30.
1. Jericho-Crevice
2.Joy Orbison-Hyph Mngo
3.Unknown Artist – Layin’ In Bed
4.Faib – Ticking Clocks/Whisper Of Trees
5.Mono/Poly-The George Machine
6.Instra:mental -Watching You
7.WAX / SHED – Dub Shed Sessions I
8.Shortstuff – Progression
9.JAYBIRD / JSL – Work Dat Box
10Trolley Snatcha – The Future

11.Humanleft – Roarr
12.Ras G & The Afrikan Space Program-Destination There
13.Jahmiga – Whiskey Bar
14.Rusko – Cockney Thug (incl.Caspa Remix)
15.The Others-King Pin / Splinter In My Soul
16.Roof Light – In Your Hands EP (STRX 14)
17.Caspa-Louder VIP /Power Shower
18.Fever Ray – Seven
19.DZ – Coast II Coast
20. Wartech – The Wolf
21.October – Elephants
22.Noah D – Hypnotic Elements
23.Soul Sinners-Get Slew
24.Forensics – Exile VIP/ Not Alone
25.Alien Pimp And Ikkaku-Neutro
26. Arikan Simba – Power In The Word
27.Distinction – Fly Eyes/Brok Owt
28.Hopeton Lindo/Disrupt -Rude Boy
29Soul Sinners – Dibble
30.Burnkane-You Know (ZIQ251)
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