Special Request mixes FABRICLIVE 91 – a journey of heightened emotions, from the lush into the realm of the unhinged

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As an artist, Special Request, aka Paul Woolford, has crossed a multitude of spheres spanning genres, decades and scenes. A wealth of musical influence in his childhood provided strong cultivation of his character, being born of a jazz drummer and growing up with his adoptive father’s fascinating record collection, along with an innate passion to create from his early years, paving the way for him to craft an intense musical path. Radio was a key part of his influences; as a teenager he was constantly listening, absorbing and recording sounds he found interesting, something that rapidly escalated into an obsession when he discovered pirate stations by complete accident.

This mix is about heightened emotions and making them as contrasting and intense as they can be – I wanted to create something lush that slowly moves into the realm of the unhinged. There were no moments of doubt, which is…

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Dubbul O & Pro P – Hold It Down(Video)

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NU – Man O To on Crosstown Rebels

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Man O To from the elusive producer NU is finally set to be released as a single on Crosstown Rebels. Since its inclusion on Acid Pauli’s Get Lost Compilation in 2012 the track has clocked up tens of millions of Youtube hits and now heralds in a much coveted artist album due later this year. Remix treatment comes from Parisian producer ​Pépé Bradock and live artist Be Svendsen.

A nomad of modern times, ​NU​ has travelled the continents with his diverse music to unearth his imitable style.
Repres​ ented heavily in ​Man O To, where instruments amalgamate with electronic production to become solid rhythms. An extra spark come from its lyrics, outtakes from an old Persian poem from the well known poet Rumi, who speaks of true happiness in love here performed by Ghazal Shakeri from an original recording made by renowned French composer Armand Amar.

Julien Auger aka ​Pépé…

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TOP 20 Techno (December Playlist/Chart 2016)

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#dubiksmusiccharts, this months Techno TOP 20 Playlist/Chart
TOP 20 Techno December 2016
1. Marco Bove – In Quietem (Original Mix) INFO+Stream
2. Michael Klein – In Focus (Raiz Remix)
3. Steinklopfer – A Not Really New Approach (Original Mix)
4. V i L – XV77
5. Fennec & Wolf – Krøpte (Original Mix)
6. Monolyth – Solarus (Rekord 61 Remix)
7. Qindek – Odeesjan (Markus Henriksson Remix)
8. Horace Dan D – 3 AM
9. Klinika – Mag (Shaken Opus Remix)
10. Ascent – 4 Mallone’s Descent Mix
11. Uun – Seventh Sacrament (Original Mix)
12. Callahan – Callous (Lo Shea’s 4am Strobe Tunel Remix)
13. Mark Rogan – Dark Nights (Ambivalent Remix)
14. Motionen – Imago
15. iFormat – Cause And Mechanism (Voidloss – Last Light Before Dying)
16. Temudo – Cava filho, cava (Original Mix)
17. Yul – Torpedolly feat. bakhaw
18. T78, Raf Dask – Prince Adam

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Childish Gambino “Awaken, My Love!”(Stream)

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New album “Awaken, My Love!”Stream

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Moby – Natural Blues (Kidnap Kid Remix)

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moby-natural-blues-kidnap-kid-remixA true classic, ‘Natural Blues’ came to life some 17 years ago as part of Moby’s ‘Play’, which sold over 12 million copies worldwide. Back on his label Birds That Fly, Kidnap Kid lends his hand to remix the iconic artist with stunning results.

Showcasing his impressive production skills and in true Kidnap Kid style, the remix is primed for the dance floor, unfolding as an emotive masterpiece. “Moby has a had a bigger influence on my music than anyone else I can think of. He treads the line between sorrow and joy so delicately and his use of restraint is something that I constantly try to replicate. I was a little daunted when I was offered the chance to rework one of his classics but I’m really pleased with how it has come out.

Still only a few releases in and Kidnap Kid’s Birds That Fly has…

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NU-Endup EP

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The sophomore release on the Ouïe imprint brings three more killer cuts into the universe. Made up of the production outfit NU – based in Germany but clearly well travelled and open to diverse sounds from around the globe- this EP is full of groove laden sunshine vibes.

‘Endup’ is the lead track – a swingy, afro-tinged disco outing with warm, trippy percussion and a hypnotic, joyful vocal sample sure to bring smiles to every dancefloor.

‘Cosa Mia’ slows things down a few BPM – a chugging beat and balearic vibe, enhanced by a beautiful string section that makes this a no-brainer for a sunrise / sunset session.

‘Palomita’ delivers a similar feel, but with slightly more drive to it – shifting from a mid tempo groover to a latin hip shaker with perfect aplomb. This three tracker is going to win the hearts of open-minded DJs and dancers alike

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