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Forrest. – ‘Shiny Suit Man’ EP

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Beverly Hills (Original Mix) - Forrest.
Since his first single ‘Masquerade’ dropped on vinyl just over a year ago, Forrest’s profile has continued to rise, with releases on Noir Music and Mobilee and forthcoming on Visionquest.

Forrest’s latest release, his debut for Midnight Vision, demonstrates his intense and versatile sound. The lead track ‘Shiny Suit Man’ blends hypnotic, cheeky vocals with dusty drums to create a roller, which sounds great both in the headphones and on the dancefloor. ‘My Factory’ continues on the deep tip and mixes vocal samples and modulating synth lines to create a smokey atmosphere. ‘My Factory’s’ slinky bassline drives the track along and will get any floor moving… ‘Beverly Hills’ teases us with an uncomplicated arrangement of slick house with sustained strings providing the tension and a great use of a female vocal sample. Closing the EP, new kids on the block Bodhi bring a garage swing to their remix of Shiny Suit Man kicks, their introduction of heavy syncopated 808’s paired with shuffling synths bring a new flavour to the EP.

Track List: 
 1. Shiny Suit Man 2. My Factory 3. Beverly Hills 4. Shiny Suit Man (Bodhi Remix)

ONIRIS – The Rebirth / Leaving Earth (BEDDIGI33)

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BEDDIGI_33Proving that amazing electronic dance music can come from absolutely anywhere in the world, if you travel 1,210 kilometres east from Australia into the heart of the southwest Pacific Ocean to a place called Nouméa on a group of islands collectively known as New Caledonia, you will find a certain Oniris, creator of some of the most sublime melodic techno that you will hear this year.

Up until now, this mysterious and exceptional young producer has been picking up praise and support from some of the world’s most savvy and innovative forward-thinking artists & DJs. When Laurent Garnier is waxing lyrical about your talents on his radio show, and your tracks are highlights in the sets of such illustrious people as John Digweed, Agoria, Psycatron, Marc Romboy and Ian O’Donovan, there is most definitely something very special going on!

As Ian O’Donovan says: “I’ve been playing these tracks for a while now and they are amazing! They are dynamite on the floor and beautifully melodic! A fantastic introduction to an artist I’m sure you’ll be hearing plenty more of!”


The Rebirth/Leaving Earth
1. The Rebirth (featuring Pat Brooks)
2. Leaving Earth
3. Ascend
(Bedrock) BEDDIGI33
Release: 11.03.13

Agoria – fabric release party tonight in paris

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After his internationally acclaimed “Impermanence” Agoria is back with Fabric n°57 and a crazy summer planning!
tonight for InFiné Week at La Gaîté lyrique in Paris, Agoria will celebrate the release of fabric 57 with Terry Francis (fabric resident). Aufgang will open the night.

Dates15-04 / InFiné Week, La Gaité Lyrique,
Paris (Fr)
16-04 / Les Giboulées,
Le Creusot (Fr)
23-04 / Printemps de Bourges,
Bourges (Fr)
24-04 / Electron Festival,
Genève (Sw)
29-04 / Par Van Troje for Queens Day,
Den Haag (Hollande)
30-04 / Twisted Pepper,
Dublin (Ir)
13-05 / Remedy Nights, The Arches,
Glasgow (Ecosse)
14-05 / Fabric,
Londres (Uk)
20-05 / Air Club,
Amsterdam (Holland)
27-05 / Kolektiv,
Krakow (Pologne)
28-05 / Watergate,
Berlin (All)
01-06 / Spring, Château de Keriolet,
Keriolet (Fr)
03-06 / Les Nuits Sonores,
Lyon (Fr)
04-06 / Spartacus,
Aix (Fr)
07-06 / Wet yourself @ Space,
Ibiza (Spain)
17-06 / Sonar “by day”,
Barcelona (Spain)
17-06 / UAF, Vienne
25-06 / Mad, Lausanne
02-07 / Casa Nostra, Cabaret Sauvage,
Paris (Fr)
08-07 / Les Ardentes,
Liege (Belgium)
17-07 / Ten Days of Techno,
Ghent (Belgium)
22-07 / Opart,
Porto (Portugal)
23-07 / Ministry of Sound,
Londres (Uk)
24-07 / We love Space,
Ibiza (Spain)
30-07 / Rockit festival
03-08 / Plages éléctroniques,
Cannes (Fr)
05-08 / Kompakt,
Munich (All)
06-08 / Nachdigital festival
14-08 / Creamfields Andalucia
15-08 / Bals au Pont, Pont Du Gard,
Montpellier (Fr)
27-08 / Wire Festival

Fabric 57 – Agoria

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Agoria is mixing Fabric 57
Release Date 15. April 2011
more info soon!

AGORIA – Heart Beating feat. Kid A (Remixes)

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(Infine, France) iF2031R
Single Release: 12″ Vinyl 14/03/11 – Digital 24/03/11
(The original appears on Agoria’s new album – Impermanence)

1. Original
2. Sylvain Chauveau Orchestral Remix
3. Argy Tension Remix
4. John Roberts Remix
5. Fraction Remix

Critically acclaimed as the vocal revelation of Agoria’s new Impermanence album, Kid A’s breathtaking voice is taking the world by storm. Hailing from Virginia USA, Anni T made her first contribution for Infine last year, collaborating on “Lonely”, which was a highlight on Agoria’s Balance 016 mix compilation. She also featured on Spritzer’s debut EP “Too Hard To Breathe”. Kid A is an artist-to-watch in 2011, having already been hailed as artist of the week on MTV and highlighted on the Sunday Times for her debut single and collaboration with Dan le Sac.

It is no surprise, that when Agoria was looking for talented producers to remix his forthcoming “Heart Beating” single, he received highly enthusiastic responses from John Roberts, Sylvain Chauveau, Argy and his label-mate, Fraction.

With album releases on Fat Cat and Type, Sylvain Chauveau is among the best forward-thinking producers with a classical background who are re-inventing Chamber Music with modern technology. Wrapping up Kid A’s voice with string arrangements, his beatless remix stirs up the emotional elements of the original and reminds the listener that it is wise to handle the heart with care.

Originally from Greece, Argy Theofillis has made a reputation for himself with highly percussive productions for Poker Flat and Cocoon. Universally crafted for the clubbers, his “Argy Tension Mix” instinctively raises your blood pressure, pumps your heart up and condemns your legs too unstoppable dance moves. This is one for the floors!

John Roberts “Glass Eight” on Dial, was one of our favourite albums of 2010. Extracting a loop of violins and the vocal whispers of Kid A from the original, he delivers a gem of a modern house interpretation with his remix, particularly tailored for those after-party moments.

Mostly recognized up until now for his experimental excursions for Infine and Shitkatapult, Fraction proves with his remix, that he also has the muscle to turn a pop anthem into a dance machine. He steamrolls the original elements and releases an incredibly powerful wave of furious handclaps and phasers. Simple bombastic!

AGORIA @ Fashion Week in NYC…
Heart Beating @ Oscar De La Renta Fall 2011 Show

AGORIA – IMPERMANENCE LP (Infine, France) – out now

Agoria – Impermanence (Infine) – New Artist Album Feb 2011

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AGORIA – IMPERMANENCE – LP – Infine (France)

Release Feb 2011

My Soul 02- Souless Dreamer 03- Panta Rei 04- Simon 05- Speechless 06- Grande Torino 07- Heart Beating 08- Little Shaman 09- Under the river 10- Libellules

Sébastien Devaud, aka Agoria, entered the world of electronic dance music at a peculiar moment in time. Unlike the first generation of techno producers, he’s too young to have been actively listening to early 80’s electronic pop by groups such as Depeche Mode or New Order. But unlike younger DJs and musicians, he’s been exposed to house and techno more or less since the start of these genres.

Living in rural France, Agoria first got hooked to electronic music through listening to Kevin Saunderson’s classic “Good Life” on the local radio as a twelve-year-old kid in 1988. He was so impressed by the Inner City hit that he spent the following afternoons washing his neighbours’ cars to earn enough money to buy his first 12´. His next revelation came a few years later when one of the first DJ sets he experienced happened to be from Jeff Mills in nearby Lyon. « It was the first time that I saw a DJ using three turntables and a drum machine. He really created something completely new rather that just playing records. And the way he moved, his precision and speed, impressed me. » Agoria started out as a DJ himself, quickly followed by organizing his own parties together with a group of friends (who also gave Séb Devaud his artist moniker loosely named after Agora – the title of their party series, meaning “meeting place” in ancient Greek). He started producing and releasing his own tracks in 1999 and first gained international recognition with a series of 12´s on Pias Recordings in 2002, which were followed by the acclaimed album Blossom a year later. Since then, Agoria has released two more long-players The Green Armchair (2006) and soundtrack Go Fast (2008), all showcasing Agoria’s talent for creating deep, stripped-back, melodic, techno tracks. In addition Agoria has compiled three mix-cds that present his unique ability in pairing tracks of very different origins and layering them in creative, sometimes even awe-inspiring ways. Deservedly so, Resident Advisor named his contribution to the At The Controls series from 2007 as one of the best mix-cds of the past decade.

Apart from his own work as a DJ and producer, Sébastien Devaud has also helped to establish Nuits Sonores, an ambitious electronic and indie event that takes place all over the city of Lyon every Spring and has, over the last ten years, become one of the best European festivals.

Another important contribution has been the start of InFiné in 2006, a label that Devaud founded together with his friends Alexandre Cazac and Yannick Matray. InFiné is a label that follows no rules, shies away from trends and features young, new talents, from various parts of the world. Its releases – from Francesco Tristano’s piano treatments to Danton Eeprom’s sensual productions or Bachar Mar-Khalifé’s dramatic arrangements – continue to surprise and have made InFiné a platform for new music that always challenges and excites it’s listeners.

Agoria’s own debut on the label only came in 2009 with his 12” “Magnolia / Libellules”. However, with his new third album Impermanence one can clearly hear that InFiné has also had an influence on Agoria’s own music. « For the first time, I have complete freedom in creating my music, » says Séb Devaud. « I don’t have the feeling any longer of having to work within certain boundaries and the result sounds more like me. » Like most releases on InFiné, Impermanence is the product of extensive collaboration and doesn’t share the solipsistic tendencies of so many electronic musicians. As its title implies the music exists in a constant state of flux and flows easily from contemplative sound pieces to intimate acoustic songs and forward moving club tracks.

The album opens with the repetition of three notes played on a piano, with only the addition of violin, bell and the voice of the album’s biggest discovery, 20 year old female singer, Kid A, from Virginia, USA. The beatless “Kiss My Soul” establishes the intimate tone of the album, which continues with the dubby house of “Souless Dreamer”, on which Berlin based DJ, Seth Troxler, guests on the track with his trademark whisper, inviting the listener to « allow yourself to drift

Strings and piano resurface on a number of the album tracks, sometimes used in surprising guises, such as the Stradivarius that serves as a rave signal on the infectious “Panta Rei”. “Under The River”, on the other hand, is a lush ambient piece dominated by the late-night sounds of a horn. Carl Craig makes an appearance as a vocalist on the sleazy “Speechless”. « I asked for something romantic, something sounding like the spoken words of “Angel” », laughs Agoria about Craig’s aural sex fantasy. Another standout track on Impermanence is “Heart Beating”, again featuring Kid A’s strong and engaging voice. The song is Agoria’s most direct pop-piece yet and an unexpected proof of his strength as both a songwriter and arranger. Once again instrumentation is kept sparse with Kid A’s singing added to only by changing percussion and soaring strings. It’s a special piece of music that surely will get a life of its own.

Agoria has created an album that is at the same time constantly changing while also having a unique flow and mood of its own. « Before, my music often felt dark and maybe a bit forced. This time I just let things happen and everything just fell in its right place », he says. And despite using more guests and exploring more styles than on his previous recordings, Agoria has managed to create his most intimate and alluring music yet on Impermanence.

Agoria – Grande Torino & For One Hour (out now)

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AGORIA kicks off the summer season with might and dexterity with the release of two brand new tracks. A few weeks from the opening of the Soccer World Cup, Sébastien Devaud has made a promise: instead of relaxing on sunny terraces, watching the events unfold on wide outdoor screens, he is going to spend the whole of summer locked up in his home studio – “The Circle Room” in Lyon – to record his next LP, which will come early next year. However, this should in no way prevent the sun from shining on dancefloors, thanks to the release, this coming June, of InFiné’s 25th EP. Agoria – just like his label – has been breathing life into his productions through the use of ‘real’ sounds. As early as 2007, Agoria invited Francesco Tristano and Rami Khalifé to work on the arrangements of “Les Violons Ivres”. On “Solarized” and “Dust”, he laced his electronic soundscapes with the voice of Scalde. In his mixes as well as in his own productions, Agoria is on a permanent quest for the right balance between the Authentic and the Synthetic, the Classical and the Modern, the Body and the Mind. With “Grande Torino” and “For One Hour”, he moves one step closer to completing this quest. “Grande Torino” is a true coup de théâtre. Agoria opens this new masterpiece with an almost manic, metronome-like kick, building it up gradually with cosmic and ethereal layers of piano. This subtle equilibrium between pressure and release reaches its climax at the 8th minute, when a breathtaking break of celestial violins is unleashed. In many respects, “For One Hour” could be compared to Bel Canto. It features Scalde at his best. His androgynous and decadent tone contributes, with great virtuosity, to the lyricism of the guitars and cellos of his maestro’s composition and adds the finishing touches to this modern House gem. 

grande torino out now!
 James Holden: “For One Hour is beautiful, incredible.”
Seth Troxler: “I am a big fan of For One Hour ! been playin`it a lot…”
Dop: “Both tracks are huge !”
Trevor Jackson: “Agoria never lets me down”
Big Shot (USA): “2010’s most influential dj”
Tsugi (FR) : “EP of the month”
Raveline (Ger): “The perfect symbiosis between modern dance music and classical fragments.”

Buy on yellow 12″: Decks
Buy on digital: iTunes / WhatPeoplePlay / Zero Inch

check also: Balance 016 Selected by AGORIA

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