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2562 ‘Air Jordan’ EP(Preview) [DOUBT002]

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Releasedate: March 19th (vinyl) / 26th (digital)

A year and a half in the making – well, spiritually at least – the Air Jordan EP soundtracks a 2010 roadtrip through a captivating country, just before the instant rush that became last year’s Fever album and subsequent When In Doubt label launch. Based on field recordings taken in various bustling city centres, rugged desert landscapes, peaceful cornfields, lively amphitheatres, abandoned villages and ancient temples, the EP’s four tracks capture glimpses of Jordan’s stark and desolated scenery as well as its warm and vivid spirit, channelled and reinterpreted through a simple recording device and a sampler. We hope you enjoy the results as much as we enjoyed travelling.

A1 Solitary Sheepbell
A2 Desert Lament
B1 Jerash Hekwerken
B2 Nocturnal Drummers


2562 – ‘Jerash Hekwerken’

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