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Alex Barck ‘Sky High’ (Reunion) out June 10th

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REUNION3_cover.inddJazzanova producer Alex Barck continues his run of solo 12″ singles with ‘Sky High‘ – a three track EP containing ‘We Get High’, ‘Skydancing’ and a Kalabrese remix.

Barck and family left Germany last summer for a new home on the idyllic La Reunion Indian Ocean island, which gifts the album its ambiguous title as well as a theme of new beginnings and fusion. It is here where he has been progressively guiding his solo album ‘Reunion’ through to completion for the past year.

Alex Barck is a founding member of the renowned DJ and producer collective Jazzanova, one half of the Prommer & Barck project and A&R manager for record label Sonar Kollektiv.

Release Date: 10th June 2012
Format: 12″ Vinyl

1. We Get High
2. Skydancing
3. We Get High (Kalabrese Remix)

LP ‘Reunion’ drops later in 2013.

POPOL VUH revisited & remixed (Video)

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more on POPOL VUH revisited & remixed HERE

Popol Vuh: Revisted & Remixed (1970-1999)

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As a tribute and homage to German progressive rock band Popol Vuh, SPV records announces a special record release: marking the 10th anniversary of the death of the band ́s founder Florian Fricke, “Popol Vuh Revisited & Remixed (1970-1999)“ combines selected Popol Vuh tracks, new bonus material and eleven remixes of Popol Vuh by avant- garde bands and electronic musicians. A Popol Vuh selection of electronica and Werner Herzog soundtracks, together with 10 ambient , downtempo and club remixes – it will be available on double CD and digitally in June 2011

“Popol Vuh: Revisted & Remixed (1970-1999)” is a double album: CD1 contains original Popol Vuh tracks, highlighting their ambient and electronica oeuvre, including 197s Moog III Synthesizer tracks and selected soundtracks of Werner Herzog’s classic films “Aguirre“, “Nosferatu“ and “Cobra Verde“. Popol Vuh is now the second German progrock band after Can to be remixed by a younger generation: elevating Popol Vuh’s music into the 21st Century. CD2 introduces their music to a younger audience: It includes tribute remixes by Vienna ́s Peter Kruder (Kruder & Dorfmeister), Berlin based electronic combos Mouse on Mars and Stereolab, Dub experts A Critical Mass, Moritz von Oswald,Thomas Fehlmann (The Orb), deep houses Roland Appel and Alex Bark (Jazzanova), as well as minimal specialists Mika Vainio (Pan Sonic) and Haswell / Hecker. They have remixed Popol Vuh original electronic albums such as“Affenstunde“, “In den Gärten Pharaos“ and their soundtracks including “Aguirre“, “Nosferatu“, “Heart of Glas“ and “CobraVerde“. Remixes of more lyrical, progrock-oriented, classic Popol Vuh albums like “Hosianna Mantra“, “Letzte Tage, Letzte Nächte“ recall the typical Popol Vuh sound of piano journeys, cosmic guitars and strings, hypnotic conga drums and lyrical rides.

With a new rebirth of ambient and progrock, over the past decades, Popol Vuh’s music has inspired a younger generation of composers, bands and electronic musicians including Aphex Twin, Stereolab or Mouse on Mars. Currently new “Kosmische“ movements are rising in Berlin, London and New York. Produced by Edition Popol Vuh, Johannes Fricke, and techno producer and DJ Roland Appel, this album is a deep listening journey into Popol Vuh’s electronica and soundtrack world.

Popol Vuh are considered one of the most influential German “70s progressive rock” avant- garde acts and are also known as a pioneering band in ambient- electronica and progressive rock music. They were the first german band to employ a Moog synthesizer and played their records “Affenstunde” (1971) and “In the Garden of Pharao” (1972) with the Moog III Synthesizer which are claimed to be fundamentally influencing works in electronica. They went down in the annals of German film music history with their soundtracks for legendary cinema classics by director Werner Herzog and composed more than 15 soundtracks, with the majority of them for Herzog’s feature films with Klaus Kinski as the leading character. From 2004 on, SPV has reissued the complete back catalogue of 20 original albums by Popol Vuh.

‘Popol Vuh created borderless atmospheres forever resonating in the world of today and tomorrow.”
Peter Kruder (Kruder & Dorfmeister)

Rethinking European and German post- War music Popol Vuh is of particular interest to us. It came out of the blue, from a inextinctable desire to reach out to spiritual, deeply personal insights. Like a mess for the mystic joy of existence itself. Maybe a „Hosianna“ on what was left or at all relevant of the totally fucked up German historical heritage in the 1960s. Our Remix from Nosferatus “Through pain to Heaven” is a song, which we would have liked to hear on our new album. “
Jan Werner & Andi Thoma ( Mouse on Mars)

Popol Vuh guided me into a world of wonder and awe. At it’s core the music is very spiritual, they just sound far out and mysterious. The clanging guitar chord of ‘Wehe Khorazin’ (Fitzcarraldo Soundtrack) will stay with me all my life. At that moment you really do travel a million miles. “
Timothy Gane (Stereolab)

To be involved in a project like this means always to require as much as possible knowledge about the music or band or artist , who created the original. I thought that I know a lot about Popol Vuh. But I learned that there is much more behind this project than music. It ́s almost a cosmos and I think that’s the reason why the music and the project Popol Vuh is such an inspiration for so many people, including myself.“
Roland Appel (Co-Producer “Popol Vuh Revisited & Remixed 1970-1999“)

artist: Popol Vuh
remixes: Peter Kruder I Thomas Fehlmann I A Critical Mass I Alex Barck I Roland Appel I Mika Vainio I Moritz von Oswald I Mouse On Mars I Stereolab I Haswell & Hecker
title: Popol Vuh: Revisted & Remixed (1970-1999)
label: SPV gmbh, DE
date: DE 24.06.
EU 27.04.
USA 26.07.


Aguirre I Lacrima di Rei Aguirre (Soundtrack) (1974)
Affenstunde Affenstunde (1970)
In den Gärten Pharaos In den Gärten Pharaos (1972)
Ich mache einen Spiegel Affenstunde (1970)
Nachts – Schnee Cobra Verde (Soundtrack) (1987)
Eine andere Welt Cobra Verde (Soundtrack) (1987)
In your Eyes For You and Me (1991)
Train through time Affenstunde (Bonustrack) (1999)
Nascita Messa di Orfeo (1998)
Brüder Des Schattens Nosferatu (Soundtrack) (1987)
Through Pain to Heaven Nosferatu (Soundtrack) (1978)
Kailash: Last Village Bonustrack (prev unreleased) (1998)

Planet Time 73:55

Aguirre I / II (Lacrima Di Rei edit) Peter Kruder Remix (Kruder & Dorfmeister)
Schnee (Flow edit) Thomas Fehlmann Flow Mix (The Orb)
Heart of Glass (Sei Still Wisse Ich Bin edit) A Critical Mass Remix (Schwarz/Dixon/Amé)
Haram Dei Haram Dei (ProgRock Edit) Alex Barck Remix
Through Pain to Heaven / Kyrie (Edit) Roland Appel Remix
Nachts Schnee (Ambient edit) Mika Vainio Remix (Pan Sonic)
Gärten Pharaos (Dark Development Edit) Moritz von Oswald Remix
Through Pain to Heaven (Dopeful Vuh) Mouse On Mars Remix
Hosianna Mantra (Lyrics edit) Stereolab Remix
Aguirre I / II (Endless edit) Haswell & Hecker Remix
Train through time (long edit) Popol Vuh

Cosmic Time 78:24

Prommer & Barck – Sleeping Beauty

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Track taken from the upcoming album “Alex And The Grizzly”Download link expired
Listen Prommer & Barck – Sleeping Beauty

Prommer and Barck live @ Weekend Berlin , September 18th , 2010

tour dates:
22.04. Berlin, Watergate (Prommer & Barck)
30.04. Trieste, Teatro Miela (Italy)
06.07. Sete, Worldwide Festival , France (Prommer & Barck)

Prommer & Barck-Alex And The Grizzly

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Alex Barck, founder and member of Jazzanova and SonarKollektiv, has teamed up with his longtime friend the producer and musician Christian Prommer, member of Voom:Voom, Trueby Trio, Fauna Flash, who also produced DJ Hells album “Teufelswerk” for which he was nominated for the German “Echo” award. They were reunited by their passion for music, their hobby that became their lives and later their mission: good music for the world to hear. Their new project Prommer & Barck sees them return to the live stage and has spawned the delectable album ‘Alex And The Grizzly’.

Between them Prommer & Barck have had so many musical experiences and numerous discoveries – electronica, funk, dubstep, nu jazz, punk, wave, Chicago house, handmade music and soul. Those nights at clubs, the records, the shelves, the dirt in the second-hand record shops, the stacked audio- and studio magazines in their toilets or elsewhere in the house, the hours spent making their own radio-shows, hundreds of hotels checked in and out of, dozens of sound-checks done. Last but not least, the revivals, the subgenres, the fusion – the duo have been nothing less than prolific in their contributions across the years.

The songs on “Alex & The Grizzly” are inspired by their lifelong and concentrated quest for finer music and obsessions with the enthralling tiny details of deep tunes that bury deep under the skin and touch your soul. ‘Alex & The Grizzly’ feels like a homogeneous, modern-sounding and timeless album, but with its own informed perspective, which the duo like to call: ‘Earthboogie Dance` or `Deep Kraut Music’. Made over a period of less than 20 days, this may be proof the professionalism and clear artistic vision of these two masterminds. A spontaneous fusion, a mature work featuring both producers on vocals, esteemed guests (including Dollkraut, Kim Sanders, James Teej, Eva Milner (Hundreds), Sascha Gottschalk (Thief) and Uwe Karpa) with plenty of soul, ‘Alex & The Grizzly’ is a warm and inviting work that will win you over from the very first track and is bound to become a favourite springtime soundtrack.

The album is also being performed live, organically, on stage the musicianship goes hand in hand with their 20 years of DJ experience. The first live shows are already taking place in Berlin and will soon be travelling across the whole of Europe, with a summer highlight set to be their performance at the Worldwide Festival in Sete.

The album will be released on their newly found label: Derwin Recordings. The first single appeared in October 2010 on Permanent Vacation, followed by a second single on Best Works, another one on Hells label Gigolo. Further singles, as well as several remixes will follow on Derwin Recordings.

This is one of the most inspiring albums i’ve heard in a long time. It mixes an old skool sensibility with a futuristic approach to music. In short – I just love it from start to finish.” // Peter Kruder
The best news of the year! Alexander Barck can sing! His new project with Christian Prommer is an intoxicating journey. Lovely, luscious and soulful!“ // Gilles Peterson

artist: Prommer & Barck
title: Alex And The Grizzly
label: Derwin Records, DE.
date: 15.04.2011

01. Pictures Of The Sea (8:09)
02. Submarine Bells (6:27)
03. Lovin (8:11)
04. Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde (6:25)
05. Everything (7:30)
06. Gladys Knight (7:27)
07. Soweto Symphony (7:13)
08. Journey (6:46)
09. The Barking Grizzle (Detroit /Berlin) (8:05)
10. Sleeping Beauty (6:38)
11. Faces From The Past (6:19)