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TOP 70 Promo Chart Electronic +,…,-April 2014

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Some of the best tracks from albums,ep’s,compilations…arrived at our mailbox extramusicnew(at)
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TOP 70 Promo Chart Electronic + ,…,-April 2014

Future Garage,Downtempo,Beats,Lounge,Jazz,Hip Hop,Drum n Bass,Glitch,Disco,Funk,Ska,World,Reggae,DUB…,

1.Sylvan Esso – Uncatena (4:16) INFO
2.D-Noise – Time Is (5:52) INFO
3.Rude Audio – LV On A Hill ft. Eucalypta LV (4:36) INFO
4.Machinedrum – On My Mind (3:28) INFO
5.sUb modU – Addis Neukölln (6:37) INFO
6.Thievery Corporation – No More Disguise (3:29) INFO
7.Chopstick & Johnjon -I Will Follow (5:51) INFO
8.Deep City Culture – Where the Road Ends (3:46) INFO
9.David K – Roots & Memories (7:33)INFO
10. Emil Germ – Tease And Burn (Original) (4:29) INFO
11. Arts The Beatdoctor – Ghost In The Machine (Bastard Sugar remix) (4:14)
12.Blitz The Ambassador – CALL WAITING ft. Angelique Kidjo (4:14)
13.NameBrandSound – Spell On Me (4:21)
14.Hypha, sAuce, DuBuddha – Royal Keef (4:41)
15.Around7 – Gaye Party (5:51)
16.Quentin Hiatus – Give Me All Of You (Original Mix) (4:04)
17. Latin Goes Ska Master (6:36)
18.Jay Flora – Get Lucky (Dj Disse Raindrop Re-edit) (3:49)
19.Spankinz – Love Spank (6:50)
20.Emeron & Fox – Cosmic Windup (3:44)
21.The New Mastersounds – Old Man Noises (2:51)
22.Elina Duni – Little love (4:00)
23.SideA-c it016wax (4:34)
24.Dusty – Cosmic Path (4:32)
25.Shawn Lee – Where’d He Go ? (1:04)
26. Movin’ on ft Ty , Breis & Peeda (4:20) worshippers AMENDED (3:12)
28.Kalbata & Mixmonster – Prisoner in Love (CRB Version) (4:14)
29.Wu Wei – Father Winter (4:29)
30.K15 – Ascension (3:56)
31.The Spandettes – Shine a Smile (5:53)
32.Sam Irl – Time (6:35)
33.Too Short, Oh Blimey, El Diablo – Weird Science (4:38)
34.Tim “Love” Lee – Zen Furious (2:09)
35.Paul Hazendonk- Canyon (feat. Sian Evans) (3:32)
36.Rook – Aquatic Robotic (4:06)
37.Kate Tempest – Lonely Daze (4:06)
38.Speedometer – Happy (3:40)
39.Calibro 35 – Vendetta (3:24)
40.DWNTWN (We Were Born Electric Remix) – Til Tomorrow (4:00)
41.Sleepy Time Ghost feat. Ras Demo – Rule Your Destiny (Ed West -Remix) (3:57)
42.2KM2 – 05 What’s Comin’- Born To Hate DJ Amor Remix (3:06)
43.Noel & Exit9 – Tonight (Original) (4:11)
44.Andypop – ANDYPOP Impeccable flows Withthefox rmx (5:11)
45. MoreSpaces – Saturn (Karl Loewenherz Rmx) (8:37)
46.Galak Spiritual – Over London [feat. Jago] (produced by Sleepy Time Ghost) (3:05)
47.Warp9 – 2 AstroDisco Master (4:10)
48.Antiplastic – BAD DOLL (orginal mix) (3:17)
49. Blue – Ray Lugo
50.Diapositive – Spring Affair – Hit The Curb Remix (3:54)
51. Rayko – Time & Space (Cosmic Club Version) (5:14)
52.Funkyloco – Just Relax (Original Mix) (5:20)
53. Agaric – Cross Sections (2:26)
54. Zarkoff – How Shall I Put It (2:56)
55.Hassan Hakmoun – Moulay Ahmed (Saint Ahmed) (5:41)
56.I Killed Kenny – Mercedes (3:32)
57. Pheek – Sortir de l’ombre (18:20)
58.Seba – Life is (6:59)
59.Transparent – Deep In My Soul (Original Mix) (7:04)
60.Beaton – Something From The Jungle (Original Mix) (4:33)
61.D.R.O.P.S – Utopia (Original Mix) (5:32)
62.Bria Skonberg – 12 Go Tell It (3:19)
63.None Decay – Gully (Original Mix) (5:14)
64.Gypsy Dreams Featuring Ferenc Illenyi – Bulerias (3:51)
65.Ruffie – Strife (Original Mix) (5:27)
66.Garnica – I Don’t Care About Winning, I Care About Playing (5:08)
67.krankbrother – Together (6:27)
68. The Kenneth Bager Experience feat. Sofie Gråbøl – What’s My Name (Extended Disco Mix) (7:05)
69. Nu & Jo Ke – Who Loves The Sun (9:21)
70.Arto Mwambe – Hum ALong (Move D’s Move Along Remix) (6:45)

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Deep City Culture – Nomadic Chromatic

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Deep City Culture - Nomadic ChromaticAwarded the 2012 SF:RAW Artist of the Year Award, Deep City Culture is a San Francisco based trio comprised of Augy (Auganism), Issam (OrkidZ) and Ryan (MyPetMonster.) They have blended their unique auditory perspectives into a sonic melting pot of deep digital mysticism with their new EP “Nomadic Chromatic”

This triad brings together their legacy of diverse musical heritage drawing upon Moroccon, Middle Eastern and Western roots instrumentalism by including live outar, doumbek, gun- bri, guitar, piano, rhodes, percussion and vocals. All elements are blended and paved with intricate beats and sophisticated synthery traversing Bass, Glitch, Trap, Jazz, Blues, RnB, Soul, Rock and World like streets upon avenues. This ornate architectural orchestra builds and stacks like castles in the sky but also takes a moment here and there to trip out in the park to listen to the sounds of the city.

Rude Audio- Ruder EP

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Rude Audio are proud to announce the release of their new EP, ‘Ruder’ on 28th April.
Their newest release sees the group hone their trademark sound, fusing elements of dub, drum and bass and reggae to sensational effect.

Lead single and EP opener, ‘Knockemdead’, features vocals from rising star, Eucalypta LV. The young singer first met the band whilst their producer Mark was playing his regular DJing spot in a Hoxton bar, where she confidently showcased her singing talents over drum and bass hit ‘Fin On A Hill’. She immediately won the group over with her soulful tone and they invited her to collaborate.

While ‘Knockemdead’ demonstrates Rude Audio’s ability to create infectious dance numbers, the group also display their deft hand at weaving hypnotic down-tempo tracks with ‘Crystal Palace’ and ‘Chalmette Honey’.

While the two middle tracks induce an almost trance like state, ‘LV On A Hill’ completes the EP with an uplifting beat and robust bassline, featuring more breathtaking vocals from Eucalypta LV. The vocal melody that the young singer improvised on the first night she met Rude Audio has formed the basis for the whole tune.

Rude Audio’s expansive musical repertoire stems from their large presence on the underground scene and it’s these experiences that have contributed to their endlessly eclectic sound. They describe themselves as being rooted in the back streets of London, which is apparent in their unique fusion and approach to music.

This newest piece of work certainly shows that Rude Audio are able to push the creative boundaries with an EP that both nods to the combined musical influences of the group and looks ahead with its cutting-edge production and rhythms.

Sylvan Esso debut album ‘Sylvan Esso‘ due June 2nd+Video+Tour

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SYLVAN ESSOAn accidental duo, Sylvan Esso was not meant to be a band. Rather, Amelia Meath asked producer Nick Sanborn to remix her track Play It Right, originally written for her band Mountain Man. He did the obligatory remix, but he sensed that there was something more important here than a one-time handoff…. Amelia felt it, too.

Schedules alligned. Moves were made. And as 2012 slipped into 2013, Sanborn and Meath reconvened in the unlikely artistic hub of Durham, N.C., a former manufacturing town with cheap rent and good food. A year later, their self-titled debut – a collection of vivid addictions concerning suffering and love, darkness and deliverance – arrives as a necessary pop balm.

Debut album ‘Sylvan Esso’ is released on Partisan Records on June 2nd.
iTunes pre-order

Forthcoming live dates:

12th May 2014 GB, London – Village Underground with tUnE-yArDs
14th May, DT, Berlin, Berghain with tUnE-yArDs
15th May, DT, Hamburg, Nochtspeicher with tUnE-yArDs
18th May, NL, Amsterdam, Bitterzoet with tUnE-yArDs
19th May, FR, Paris, Café Paris de la Danse with tUnE-yArDs

Shinedoe -Illogical Directions

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ShinedoeThe queen of reinvention, Shinedoe’s third album is a culmination of everything she has achieved to date. From the mesmerizing and melodic‘Circle Of Life’, to the dark and brooding ‘Discourse’ featuring The Knife’s Karin Dreijer, ‘Illogical Directions’ is about letting go, about an artist completely liberated in her studio, making music from the heart and processing all her experiences into one impressive trip.

“I don’t want to make rational choices, it’s important that music can move in any direction, even if it doesn’t really make sense. It’s the only way to completely feel free, to avoid getting trapped in some sort of format.”  Shinedoe

The first lady of Amsterdam, Shinedoe shot into the spotlight a little over a decade ago with a string of omnipresent club hits and an imitable style of stripped back techno with a funky edge. Over sixty releases later, her identity is rooted in techno foundations and Dutch notoriety with a pinch of jazz, funk and dub. Her third album, ‘Illogical Directions’ is bold and adventurous, introducing a seductive side to her down-to-earth nature.

Label: Intacto
Cat no: INTACLP003
Released: Monday May 19th, 2014


  1. Release Yourself
  2. Essence
  3. Alto Paraiso
  4. Feat. Karin Dreijer – Discourse my new romance
  5. Panomanic
  6. Pressure Dome
  7. FT. Miss Bunty – Circle of Life
  8. Not So Far
  9. Fe-Male
  10. FT. Jayson Obispo – God’s love
  11. Get Dirty

Mar 22    ALL Night Solo at ParadiSOLO @ Paradiso    Amsterdam, Netherlands
Mar 28    Harry Klein    Munchen, Germany
Apr 04     Weetamix    Geneva, Switzerland
May 03    Bpitch Control @ Panorama Bar    Berlin, Germany
May 23    Illogical Directions Album Tour @ Cafe Gold    Zurich, Switzerland
May 25    Illogical Directions Album Tour @Break Club    Montpellier, France
Jun 07 Illogical Directions Album Tour @ Chocolote Festival     Lausanne


Scuba – Phenix 1 (PNX001)

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scuba phenixPaul Rose’s Scuba project has seen him make some of the most pertinent and exciting music of the past few years, and through his legendary Hotflush imprint he continues to push innovative, exploratory new club music in every way he sees fit. From winning a coveted DJ Mag award for ‘Best Live Act’ to the release of ‘Update’, a collection of tracks exploring his rich and diverse back catalogue, Scuba enjoyed a remarkable 2013. Now back with ‘Phenix 1’, his first new material since 2012’s acclaimed Hardbody single, expect him to enjoy an equally successful year this time around.

‘Phenix 1’ is the first in a series of three releases that represent a bold new chapter in an already diverse career. “After ‘Triangulation’ I made a conscious effort to do the opposite thing that people expected of me”, Scuba himself explains, “..which is obvious in the contrast between that album and the ‘Adrenalin’ EP, the ‘Personality’ album and then the ‘Talk Torque’ and ‘Hardbody’ singles – those two tracks especially were the furthest I could push that approach. I feel like it’s time to move on now and the Phenix series is quite a large step away from that sound and that approach to things.”

Having originally made his name as a pioneering dubstep producer in the genre’s formative period, Scuba has since gone on to develop a distinctive sound incorporating elements of house, techno and even disco. Inspired (though not defined) by a move in 2007 to Berlin and close ties to it’s revered Berghain club, he has continually set the benchmark for others to follow in the world of underground electronic music. Now intent on exhibiting a different sonic approach to that which made him a fixture in top clubs across the globe, Scuba is ready to make waves with the first installment of the Phenix series.

“There’s still a strong dance floor element to it all but with a much greater emphasis on mood and atmospherics”, Scuba himself says of the EP. “There are elements of all the different stages my production work has taken in previously too, but the result is a bit different to all of them.”

Full to the brim with ingenuity and underpinned by a firm desire to tread it’s own path, Scuba’s ‘Phenix 1’ ranks as some of the most intriguing work of his career to date.

A1. Throb
A2. Cyanide
B1. Time Relentless Time
B2. Curious Paradox

Release date: April 14th, 2014

Woodkid Remixes Pharrell’s “Happy” (MP3) + Coachella & NYC Ballet!

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woodkidWoodkid, aka Yoann Lemoine, the world-renowned French musician, director and producer behind acclaimed videos for Lana Del Rey’s Blue Jeans and Born To Die, Drake & Rihanna’sTake Care and Katy Perry‘s Teenage Dream doesn’t seem to want to slow down. After the critical success of his debut album, The Golden Age, Woodkid will be bringing his celebrated live performance to Coachella, playing both Fridays of the festival.
Woodkid will also be lending his impressive grasp of audio-visual experiences to the New York City Ballet. An eight-minute pièce d’occasion, conceived and directed by JR (2011 TED prize winner), the ballet will be set to an original score composed by the Grammy-nominatedWoodkid.

Says the singer-songwriter-keyboardist-producer of his soaring, often orchestral songs: “I want people to feel like heroes when they hear my music.”

French Musician Playing
Coachella on 4/11 & 4/18
Scores Opening Performance for the NYC Ballet’s Spring Season

Jamie xx announces official release details of “Girl / Sleep Sound” single(Stream)+Tour

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Jamie XX Sleep soundWith his band, The xx, currently in the middle of a run of 25 intimate shows (playing to just 40 people per show) at New York’s world-famous Park Avenue Armory venue, Jamie xx today announces details of a brand new AA-sided single.

The single – which will be available on 12″ vinyl and download – features two songs, “Girl” and Sleep Sound, and will be released on May 6, 2014 on Young Turks. It will be Jamie xx‘s first solo release since 2011, a year which saw him release his debut single, “Far Nearer“, as well as We’re New Here, his collaborative reinterpretation of Gil Scott-Heron’s I’m New Here album. Jamie is also renowned for his remixes of the likes of Four Tet (“Lion”), Radiohead (“Bloom”), Adele (“Rolling In The Deep”) and The xx (most recently 2013′s “Reconsider” and “Sunset” edits),

“Girl / Sleep Sound” is available to pre-order right now, with fans who pre-order the download receiving “Sleep Sound” instantly.

Pre-order the download HERE

Pre-order the 12″ vinyl HERE
jamie xx

Jamie xx is set to make DJ appearances throughout 2014,

with the following events currently announced:

March 28th            Zeitgeist @ Verboten, New York, US
May 24th               Love Saves The Day, Bristol, UK
May 25th               Life Festival, Dublin, Ireland
May 28th               Primavera Sound, Barcelona, Spain
May 30th               Primavera Sound, Barcelona, Spain
June 7th                Field Day, London, UK
June 8th               Parklife, Manchester, UK
June 12th             Unknown Festival, Rovinj, Croatia
July 5th                Astropolis, Brest, France
August 3rd            Dekmantel Festival, Amsterdam, Netherlands
August 8th            Flow Festival, Helsinki, Finland

Velour Modular ‘Esc’ – from forthcoming EP (Stream)

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Velour Modular 'Esc' - from forthcoming EP.Velour Modular is a collaboration project between the French singer Guilhem – who released her recent debut in the Master Series of Nick Warren on the Label Renaissance with “Nocturne part 1″ – and London based Spanish producer Hektagon. Hektagon’s remix credits include the likes of HFB (Alex Paterson from the Orb), Baobinga and ID amongst others, with his work picking up extensive BBC Radio One play from Mary Anne Hobbs.

On her debut EP, Capsule, the experience known as Velour Modular shares a love of Kuedo’s melodic synth motifs, summon the bubbling electronica of Seekae, the spacious, hallucinatory elements of Clams Casino, the shuffling percussion of Phon.o, and wrap it all in a Mount Kimbie haze.

A native of Cannes, and the daughter of two painters, Guilhem spent her childhood growing up in India, originally studying how to sing in the traditional Indian way. Moving from town to town, Pondicherry, Madras, Bangalore, she travelled a great deal, before returning to France and immersing herself in the creative world. Velour Modular was a project that ultimately came to existence over late night Skype calls between Guilhem and Hektagon. Guilhem explains;

We had common obsessions at the time – old futuristic movies such as Logan’s Run, Blade Runner, 2001 Space Odyssey or The Never Ending Story. All this sci-fi period, with the debut of electronics and the sounds related to it, was the soil of our creation and you can clearly hear that retro-futurist sound with the 8bit, “bips”, old connection system noise…ect.. It was really important for us to construct a real storytelling: we were focused on doing a kind of “black box” that could testify of a lost world

Deep Heads to release compilation ft. James Blake, SBTRKT, Sampha(Preview)

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Deep Heads to release compilation ft. James Blake, SBTRKT, SamphaDeep Heads, a label famed for its continual championing of the most exciting music from the dubstep genre, is proud to announce the release of ‘Deep Heads Dubstep Vol. 1‘, a 2-disc compilation to be released on 21stApril.

Deep Heads Dubstep Vol. 1’ is set to cement the label’s reputation for showcasing dubstep music of the highest quality. Featuring a mixture of unforgettable classics and exclusive, unreleased tracks, this compilation will both satisfy the hungriest of dubstep diehards as well as offer the perfect introduction to the genre to those less familiar with the thriving UK scene.

The compilation is mixed by George Harris, aka Geode, who is hailed as one of dubstep’s most important new producers. Geode spent his early teens experimenting with drum and bass production and has now developed a unique take on the genre; an eclectic fusion of deep-seated bass lines with jazzy riffs. A founding member of the Chord Marauders collective, the mix perfectly demonstrates the young artist’s talents as a DJ.

The dubstep that Deep Heads are representing with this release is one inspired by the UK Bass driven scene, pulling heavily on influences from UK Garage, drum and bass, grime, dub, reggae and jazz - setting it apart from the ‘faux-dubstep’ of the club-oriented scene.

The compilation is unique in its equal representation of upcoming talent, such as CongiAudialist and Jafualongside some of the genre’s most famous names, which include James Blake, SBTRKT, Sampha, Synkro, Submotion Orchestra, Numbernin6 and Biome.

As well as the almighty compilation, the CD will include a download card for all tracks to be downloaded individually as an extra thank you to fans.

Deep Heads Dubstep Vol. 1 – Tracklisting
CD1 Track
1 Geode Amber
2 Biome Havana VIP
3 Facta & K-Lone Voodoo
4 Jafu Dundas
5 Congi Somnium
6 Biome feat. Fox No Soul (Soulful Edit)
7 Menik & Sublok feat. Ni Foster Our Own
8 Subreachers Mental Vortex
9 Versa & Rowl Theory Of One
10 Commit Drift Away
11 Geode feat. C Tivey Ruh
12 Geode, Congi & B9 Scrumpy
13 Trashbat Ink & Pink
14 Submotion Orchestra All Night
15 Audialist Serpent
16 Geode Jade VIP
17 Numbernin6 Singularity
18 Congi Rotation
19 Audialist Dead
20 Lewis B Pinball
21 Geode Variations On A Theme
22 FybeOne Fountain
23 Biome Alternate
24 Synkro If Only
25 Synkro Back Then
26 Lou Millar Brute Heart (Matrices Remix)
27 Biome Light
28 Congi Somnium VIP

CD2 Track
1 James Blake & Airhead Pembroke
2 SBTRKT & Sampha Break Off
3 Thelem Canopy Of Concerns
4 Commit & Matrices Menehune
5 DFRNT Whup
6 Warsa Nightfall
7 Rowl Copan


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