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Download: FACT mix 190 – Kassem Mosse

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Kassem Mosse frankly blows us away with his FACT mix 190.

The German DJ/producer, real name Gunnar Wendel, has been behind some of the most curious and invigorating house and techno records of the past four years, first coming to our attention with his rugged, syrup-slow contribution to part three of Workshop’s 12″ series. His Aqueous Haze (The World Disappeared Into An) EP followed soon after, and its B-side ’578′ was given a new lease of life this year when Omar-S remixed it and released two versions on his FXHE label.

It’s testament to the Wendel’s versatility and worth as a producer that he’s in not just with the serious heads from Berlin and Detroit, but those from London as well. A Kassem Mosse remix is forthcoming on Joy Orbison’s Doldrums label, and he recently released two tracks, including the grotty beatdown stomper ‘We Speak To Those, on Nonplus Records, the imprint operated by d’n’b emigres Instra:mental and home also to releases by ASC, Skream, dBridge and Actress. Oh, and Mosse has just contributed to the star-studded Commix remix album alongside the likes of Pangaea, Burial and Holland’s 2562.

The Kassem Mosse FACT mix reflects the breadth of Wendel’s production output, but firmly anchors itself in crunchy Detroit fare from Urban Tribe, Andres, Moodymann Theo Parrish and Leron Carson. Put together with a real mastery of groove across different rhythms and tempos, it’s simply one of the most absorbing and addictive FACT mixes we’ve issued all year.

FACT mix 190 – Kassem Mosse
(Available for three weeks)


1. System 360 – Ph-optik (lowtec)
2. Theo Parrish – Dance Of The Drunken Drums
3. Appointment – B2
4. Baby Ford – Grand Central
5. Theo Parrish – Dance Of The Drunken Drums
6. Appointment – B2
7. Baby Ford – Grand Central
8. XDB – Anilem
9. Horizontal Ground – Ghosts On Acid
10. System 360 – Real Raw (Marvin Dash & Ty Frazier)
11. Nike.bordom – Substitute
12. Robert Hood – Electric Nigger pt.1
13. Andres – change my mind
14. Walt & Dave – Nupontywalt & dave – nuponty
15. ∆T – after image (the wayfarer dogs line)
16.Urban Tribe – Programm 12
17. Leron Carson – China II
18. Joy Orbison – The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow (Actress’ Neu Haus Slo-Glo Mix)
19. Moodymann – Silence In The Secret Garde
20. Saint Etienne – Heart Failed In The Back Of The Taxi (All Is Not Well For Otto and Ulli) (Bridge & Tunnel mix)



Riya – Seems Like/The Cycle ( Skream) on Autonomic (NOMIC002) (preview)

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Forthcoming on the Autonomic label.
Released by: Autonomic
Release/catalogue number: NOMIC002

A: Riya- Seems Like

AA: Riya – The Cycle

More Beautiful Vocals from Riya
ASC – The Touch (Vaccine remix feat. Riya)

RIYA [aka Laura Pacheco] – Songwriter, Vocalist, Lyricist

Autonomic::Metalheadz::Soul:r::Shogun::Exit::Digital Soundboy::CIA:: Critical Music

Ever since the age of 7, Laura Pacheco aka “Riya” has been involved in music, working as a session singer, in choirs, gospel choirs, and playing various instruments.

In 2004 she moved to London and this is where things really took off for her.
Between 2004 – 2008, Riya featured on a number of various drum and bass tracks under her real name “Laura Pacheco”, collaborating with artists such as Klute, State of Mind, Bungle, and Total Science. However, in 2009, Laura decided to change her name to Riya to reflect the change in her writing, and artistry.

Her first release under the Riya name was S.P.Y ft. Riya – “Rebirth” – Soul:r, shortly followed by the massive “Testimony” [Total Science & S.P.Y] which was supported by Bailey on BBC 1Xtra, every week, for 6 months solid!

In the past year, Riya has gone from strength to strength, being named as “the best vocalist in dnb right now” by Mixmag, and featured in their “Hi my name is” interview section.

She has released a string of well-loved songs, including “Seems Like” [produced by dBridge] which featured on the Autonomic Fabric CD and the massive “Open Page” on Metalheadz which is arguably one of Riya’s best tracks to date.

“Open Page” has had over 250,000 views on youtube, and was named “Single of the Month” in Mixmag/ IDJ, was BBC 1Xtra playlisted, and was supported by every DJ in the scene.

“Redlines”, a more soulful venture with Total Science, has also received much support from BBC radio DJs such as Annie Mac, Fabio, Bailey, and Mistajam, and has featured on Ministry of Sound CDs alongside DJ sets of many.

So what does the next 12 months hold for Riya? She is currently writing an album for the Autonomic label which will feature some of her favourite genres of music, alongside collaborating with artists in other genres, working on hiphop/soul, and learning piano and production.

Riya will also be performing more live both in the UK and abroad, and perhaps doing a few DJ sets. Riya is also a vocal coach, and any prospective students looking for lessons should message her direct.

ASC “Nothing Is Certain” LP (Nonplus Records)12th July 2010

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Forthcoming on Instra:mental’s Nonplus Records label is a debut LP from US based producer ASC, entitled “Nothing Is Certain”. It is due for release on 12th July 2010 on CD, 3×12″ Vinyl and Digital Download.

Since his first appearance on Nonplus, ASC has been hard at work on his LP and its finally here.
Starting with a 12” sampler he dives right in at the deep end with ‘Phobos’ in which electronic grooves and micro samples entwine against a backdrop of dramatic tones and industrial hits. Followed on the same side by the atmospheric hiatus ‘Oort Cloud’ you have a good inclination of the impending album by now, but are also treated to the AA-side ‘Matter Of Time’. Like a continuation of his debut Nonplus 12” track ‘Porcelain’, his crafty use of oriental sounding percussion, windlike sounds and melodies combined with an efficacious bass line make this track very hard to listen to in its entirety before you reach for the reset.

The album touches on many genres from start to finish such as the 4×4 offering of ‘Textura’, or the almost indescribable step of ‘Yatta’, but one common theme that this album holds throughout is the amalgamation of influences derived from all genres of music and ASC’s ability to combine these to create something new and unique. Collaborations with fellow Nonplus artist Vaccine and Exit Records artist Consequence add fuel to the fire, keeping it burning hot from start to finish.

Nothing Is Certain

01 Midnight
02 Absent Mind *
03 Fade Away Sessions *
04 Lost For Words *
05 The Depths *
06 Textura
07 Losing You
08 The Ubiquity Incident *
09 Yatta
10 Matter Of Time
11 Opus *
12 Conversations
13 Microsia

* – Also Featured on the 3×12″ Vinyl version.

Preceeding the LP release will be a 3 track sampler released 14th June 2010.

Nothing Is Certain LP Sampler
a) Phobos / Oort Cloud
aa) Matter Of Time