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Mark Stewart vs. Primal Scream “Autonomia”Video Premiere

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Starting out as a teenager in the late 70s with the Pop Group and thru the 80’s with the Maffia up to his new solo record, Mark Stewart has led the attack on conformist reality. Mark is a constant inspiration and a true Thief of Fire. A poet of paranoia and a great laugh. What a guy.” – Primal Scream

 Approaching the release of his eagerly anticipated album The Politics of Envy (due out March 26th via Future Noise Music), Mark Stewart has joined forces with fellow subversive musical compatriot Bobby Gillespie and his band, Primal Screamto release the video for his first single ‘Autonomia.

Directed by Douglas Hart, founding member and bassist of The Jesus and Mary Chain, the video exhibits a raw, riotous & feverish vivacity infused with the artists’ trademark punk rock ethos to convey the song’s deep political message.

Written about Carlo Giuliani, an autonomist protestor killed in the 2001 G8 demonstrations in Genoa, ‘Autonomia’ features Bobby Gillespie‘s frenetic call-and-response chant with Stewart.  Stewart explains that when he started writing the song “it was kind of like a protest song … afterwards I started getting on with Bobby and I asked Adrian [Sherwood] about doing it.  It’s important that people hear about the story, it’s the message and the atmosphere as much as anything.”  ‘Autonomia’ the single will be released through Future Noise Music on February 20th.

Hart, who has been orchestrating music videos for over 30 years, has directed over 80 videos, including a number of videos for Primal Scream. Recently he directed a semi autobiographical short film entitled “Long Distance Information” which was screened at the 2011 London Film Festival.

Joining Bobby Gillespie and Primal Scream on the album is cult film-maker Kenneth Anger, original Clash/PiL guitarist Keith Levene, NYC punk innovator Richard HellLee ‘Scratch’ PerryGina Birch of the Raincoats, Slits bassist Tessa Pollitt, Jesus And Mary Chain bassist Douglas HartFactory Floor, and Daddy G of Massive Attack.