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FACT BCN Pool Party Series – June 13th – June 16th 2013

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 La Carpa, Barcelona

New Names added include – Steve Lawler, Carl Craig, Benoit & Sergio, Premiesku, Hector, tINI, Martin Buttrich, Ryan Elliot, Bill Patrick, Geddes, Ryan Crosson b2b Shaun Reeves, Timo Mass, Mark Fanculli, Kabele und Liebe

13th June – Mobilee Showcase – Anja Schneider, Sebo K, Ray Okpara, Pan-Pot, And.Id (live), Re.You, Safewood, Rodriguez Jr, Ralk Kollmann

14th June – Guy Gerber & Friends – Guy Gerber, Ellen Alien, tINI, Martin Buttrich, Ryan Elliot, Bill Patrick
15th –A Day In the Pool with FACT & Friends – Joris Voorn, Steve Lawler, Ryan Crosson b2b Shaun Reeves, Timo Mass, Mark Fanculli, Kabele und Liebe + special guest

 16th – Flying Circus Barcelona – M.A.N.F.L.Y aka M.A.N.D.Y and Audiofly, Heidi, Carl Craig, Benoit & Sergio, Premiesku, Hector, Geddes

 Some huge names have been added to FACT’s Off Week pool party series taking place from June 13th – 16th.

Before we give you the lowdown you should also know there are plenty of other treats in store for anyone who attends. These include things like on site restaurants and snack bars, massages and sun beds plus much more.

News just in also confirms FACT have now teamed up with Eastender to host a stage of their at the two day, open air mini festival and are offering a combined ticket to both events for their website and other outlets. Playing Eastender are the likes of Reboot, Dufire, Cassy, Solomun, Marcel Dettmann, Laura Jones, Dinky, Subb-An, Chirs Liebing and many more, with full details at

And so to the FACT additions… First up is a party on June 13th with mobilee, the Berlin house and tech label run by Anja Schneider. The boss herself will play, as will label mates Sebo K, Ray Okpara, Pan-Pot, And.Id, Re.You, Safeword, Rodriguez Jnr and Ralk Kollmann. 

Now joining the Friday party with Ellen Alien and Supplemental Facts boss Guy Gerber will be Desolat’s first lady tINI, Loco Dice’s studio wingman Martin Buttrich, Detroit’s Ryan Elliot and DJ extraordinaire Bill Patrick.

Extra names to be joining the A Day By the Pool with Fact & Friends (formerly listed as/called 2gther) on Saturday June 15th, which already featured Joris Voorn, will now also be soundtracked by ViVA boss Steve Lawler, Visionquest dudes Ryan Crosson b2b Shaun Reeves, techno stalwart Timo Maas, Saved boss Mark Fanciulli and Dutch tech powerhouse Kabale und Liebe plus more special guests.

The final additions are to the Flying Circus party on June 16th. Joining MANFLY aka MANDY and Audio Fly and Radio 1’s Heidi will now be the heavyweight likes of Planet E boss Carl Craig, an inimitable live duo from labels like Visionquest and Ghostly in the form of Benoit & Sergio as well as a primer and exclusive live show from Desolat’sLivio, Roby & George G aka Premiesku as well as sets from mulletover’s Geddes, hot duo Blond: Ish and deep house man Hector.

Remember that each event is to be held in the backyard pool oasis of La Carpa, running from 1400 til 2245 each evening and costing €30 at the door.  Buy your tickets now and secure an intimate poolside spot under palm-treed oasis with the finest dance talents around!

Tickets can be purchased from here

13th June 2013 –

P.S.: No relation to FACT Magazine 

Quiet Village – Remixed with love by Maxxi & Zeus

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Since their highly anticipated and widely acclaimed 2008 debut album ´Silent Movie´, Quiet Village, aka Matt Edwards and Joel Martin have been exploring other music avenues under their Maxxi & Zeus moniker. Now they are back, with ´Too High To Move´ a compilation of their most inspiring and sought after remixes to date, stitched together with love.

Quiet Village are the infamous duo comprising of Matt Edwards AKA Radio Slave and Joel Martin. Their debut album on !K7 caught the attention of the likes of Q, NME and Vice magazine for its Balearic style spiked with reggae, Motown and slow funk. A strange concoction though it sounded it won them high profile performances at Sonar by Day, Barcelona, Glastonbury and the Big Chill festival in the UK and as far as Hong Kong and quickly gained wide from extreme ends of music listening tastes.

Then they disappeared and regrouped as Maxxi & Zeus, releasing obscure and highly treasured cuts on seminal label International Feel. Now it’s time for the original whimsical musical outlet to reignite and blaze on Rekids subsidiary, Pyramid Of Mars. It’s almost like a rebirth but not quite, its Quiet Village back to life, perhaps better than before.

Sounding like a soundtrack to Easy Rider or some vintage flick you develop an unhealthy obsession with, ‘Too High To Move’ takes its title from a track from the original album but is in fact a collection of their best and most sought after remixes. Its obscure and tasteful selection is one that shows revered taste only an extended period of serious record collecting could adhere to.

The movie itself takes a number of twists and turns of action and suspense until the closing moments from Black Devil Disco Club. Long infusions, gentle repetitions and subtle shifts from the jungle to the seaside linger long enough to shine light into the murky waters of the duo’s mind. Their adventures begin with a cruising speed of around 50mph taking in krautrock cult heroes Allez Allez and the spellbinding enigma, Muddbefore pushing the foot down for some raw 4/4 heroes in the form of Francois K and Mark E. Featuring cameos from Grandad Bob and Rekids’ own lovechild Toby Tobias and Bubble Club, the Quiet Village version shoots a cult classic with surround sound and HD quality experience.    

Label: Pyramid Of Mars
Cat no: POMCD001
Distribution: Above Board
Released: Monday June 25th, 2012


  1. Allez Allez – African Queen (Quiet Village Dub)
  2. Mudd – Speilplatz (Quiet Village Unreleased Instrumental Remix)
  3. Francois K – The Road Of Life (Quiet Village Unreleased Dub)
  4. Ronny & Renzo – Uniqorns (Quiet Village Remix)
  5. Luger E-Go – A Trader In Furs (Quiet Village Remix)
  6. Mark E & Dragon – Good Times (Quiet Village Remix)
  7. Toby Tobias – Dave’s Sex Bits (Quiet Village Remix)
  8. Grandad Bob – Pictures (Quiet Village Remix)
  9. Bubble Club – The Goddess (Quiet Village Remix)
  10. Black Devil Disco Club – I Regret The Flower Power (Quiet Village Remix)


Quiet Village reappear as the genreless state reemerges and begins to fill up a sea of writhing creatures melting within the current pot. As hypnotic as the rotation of a disco ball, this is pretty body-conscious stuff. Quiet Village sounds like the name of a place glimpsed in a film, or perhaps a dream largely due to the duo’s addiction to archiving. Both self-confessed record nerds that are intent upon forging a shimmering totality from their sagging shelves of vinyl.

The group consists of Joel Martin, a longtime record collector, curator, DJ and music supervisor, and Matt Edwards, best known as Radio Slave an acclaimed producer of high-octane house and techno, tapped for remixes by the likes of X-Press 2, Tiga, Kylie, Hell, Booka Shade, Moby, Trentemøller and more. The two met in the early ’90s in the town of Catford, England, southeast of London, where they bonded over a shared love of old disco, acid house and carboot sales. Their music is inspired by classic soundtracks, vintage TV adverts and long-forgotten BBC programs, triggering an emotional response so deep-seated it’s practically subliminal. They’ve since done remixes for the likes of Gorillaz, François K, and Cosmo Vitelli and ‘Too High To Move’ is a testament to their skill in the process.

Released on the new Pyramid Of Mars label, a new subsidiary of Rekids that will focus on more experimental and leftfield projects including forthcoming projects from Quiet Village, Vince Watson, The Machine v´s Joe Clausell and A&Red by Matt Edwards.

Ludowick – Groove Stalker EP (22 Digit Records, 22DIGIT026)

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Newcastle’s 22 Digit Records return for 2012 with a firm label favourite Ludowick and his ‘Groove Stalker EP’. There’s a huge seven tracks to enjoy full of crisp, pulsating tech house, tougher moods and absorbing deep house soundscapes. It’s an EP spanning the spectrum of house with Ludowick’s trademark quality.

Ludowick (Luis A. Palomo) from Barcelona draws his influences from artists as diverse as Richie Hawtin, Kevin Yost and Isolee and has been heavily involved in Barcelona Records, with releases also appearing on Filthy Groovin Records, Chibar, D-Lab, Mind Code Records and of course his previous release on 22 Digit‘Monoplastic’.

22 Digit’s previous releases have featured a who’s who of rising deep and tech house stars with Midicult, Ludowick, Tom Ellis, Michael Mclardy, Pete Weasel, Tom Davis, Shaun Warner, YokoO, Paul Hardy, Lo Tech and many more having built the labels well respected name to where it is today.


Artist: Ludowick
Title: Groove Stalker EP
Label: 22 Digit Records (UK)
Cat No: 22DIGIT026
Style: Tech/Deep House
Release Date: 12th March 2012

1: You’re Gonna
2: Congas & Bells
3: Paperclip
4: From Detroit To Berlin
5: Groove Stalker
6: Synthetic Strings
7: Human Texture

James Priestley and Giles Smith present 10th years of Secretsundaze on a double mix Cd

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On the eve of its 10th anniversary, secretsundaze are proud to present their 3rd double mix CD mixed by residents and founder members, James Priestley and Giles Smith. As an added bonus for those picking up one of the first 500 copies of the CD, there’s a chance of finding a free ticket inside for a selected number of secretsundaze parties over the summer.

The story is well documented but just to recap secretsundaze has maintained its position as bastion of underground house, techno and disco in London and for many, is considered the godfather of the UK’s daytime events. Started in 2002 by a group of school friends who tired of the lack of parties in east London combining quality electronic music with unique locations. The focus on open-air venues with natural daylight, a rarity at the time, with the forward thinking musical policy, proved to be a heady combination. In just a few years the party was catapulted to notoriety with crowds swelling from a few hundred to a few thousand, initially through word of mouth and then as it became the media’s darling.

10 years on and secretsundaze has spread worldwide with regular shows at European hotspots such as Panorama Bar, Robert Johnson, Fabric, Trouw Amsterdam, Barcelona’s La Terrrazza, infamously in Ibiza and even further afield, in Tokyo and NYC. Not forgetting their regular London events – this year’s opening party having sold out over a week before the event. Fortunately, secretsundaze isn’t just a party these days, their unique sound furthered by both it’s new booking agency, The Secret Agency which looks after almost 20 hand-picked artists and the eponymous record label which has recently begun releasing original EPs.
So having brought the unitiated up to speed, ‘10 years of secretsundaze’ is a both a retrospective and a culmination of what the founders intended the party to be – the music, the energy and its history.

James once again guides the listener from the first moments as the doors open, through the sunny (or not so sunny) afternoons and finally onto those longing closers, always exemplifying his eclectic tastes with it’s strong house sensibility. In this way he comes as close as possible in capturing those Sunday session’s spirit of reckless abandon. The mix begins patiently with recent releases from Mark E and 2010 whiz kid Space Dimension Controller, before picking up the pace, moving into steadier garagey territory, with tracks from George Levings’ (Commix) GHL moniker and Parisian Frank Roger. Being the party’s 10th anniversary celebration, it was only right to include some of James’ favourites, played mostly in the formative years of the club, but still sounding as fresh and relevant in his sets today. There’s the little-known gem ‘Taking Over Me’ by Marcus Intalex + S.T. Files, Recloose’s off kilter broken beat ‘Ain’t Changin’ and the Detroit inspired sub-heavy proto-UK bass ‘Cargo’ from Zed Bias’ alter- ego Maddslinky. Once peaked, the mix heads into more distinctive electronic territory, with contributions from Jimmy Edgar as Xdistrict and the simply stunning ‘Tan Sedan’ from DJ Harvey’s latest project. This is a massive licensing coup as, to this date, only Optimo’s Fabric mix has been granted the use of material from Locussolus. Metope and Steffi are responsible for taking things down into deeper, headier territory, before a sneaky ‘one-more’ with Voyage’s 1980 underground bomb ‘I Love You Dancer’ drawing things warmly to a heartfelt close.

Giles’ love of the sheer craft of a mix is clear to see: his podcasts for Resident Advisor, Audio Families and most recently Little White Earbuds are highly regarded as perfect illustrations of his uncompromising, slow-building style. Just like his contributions to the previous secretsundaze mixes he kicks off with exquisitely warm dubby house from Roosevelt and Charles, Chicago’s Specter and Detroit legend Dan Bell in his KB Project guise. Picking up the tempo slightly Giles weighs in with some bonafide secretsundaze classics in the shape of the Salt City Orchestra remix of ‘Mushrooms’ and Dubtribe’s remix of East West Connection. The dreamy yet insistent ‘Hideaway Lane’ on the excellent Dial subsidiary Laid then makes way for some heavier techno workouts and arguably the mix’s peak with the slamming MRSK remix of Anthony Shakir closely followed by the massive burner, Rolando’s remix of Skudge. Smoothing things out again, Giles’ own ‘Ronin’ deftly appears marking the return of his production duo Two Armadillos with long-term collaborator Martin Dawson. Triumphant Detroit flavours from Steven Tang and Tornado Wallace then permeate, signaling the end is in sight before making way for a return to some very deep and hypnotic closers from the Smallville camp, the aptly titled ‘Life Aquatic’ and ‘Insulate’, an otherworldly groove from US artists Slam Mode.

10 Years of secretsundaze’ is yet another perfect snapshot of the duo’s ability to throw together undiscovered classics with the newest, freshest sounds without ever compromising to trends. With a supporting world tour heading through Berlin, Barcelona, New York, Tokyo and Ibiza to name just a few, the label primed with a whole slew of 12” releases to come and The Secret Agency going from strength to strength, 2011 is set to be yet another blow-out year for secretsundaze’s 10th birthday.

artist: James Priestley + Giles Smith
title: 10 Years of secretsundaze
label: secretsundaze, UK.
format: CD
release: 15.07.11


James Priestley
01. DJ Ageishi & Ackin’ – Rain Parade (Mark E Remix) – Internasjonal
02. Space Dimension Controller – Transatlantic Loading Bay – R&S
03. GHL – Show Me Love – Electric Minds
04. Rootstrax – Harlequin – Deeply Rooted House
05. Marcus Intalex + S.T. Files – Taking Over Me – Hospital Records
06. Franck Roger – My Name Is – FR Production
07. Recloose – Ain’t Changin – Planet E
08. Maddslinky – Cargo – Laws of Motion
09. Ghetto Brothers – Ghetto Disco – Royal Oak
10. Xdistrict – Color Correction (Losoul Rmx) – Playhouse
11. Locussolus – Tan Sedan – International Feel Recordings
12. Metope – I’m So Ready + Cpu-Circus (Ada Remix) – Areal Records
13. Steffi feat. Elif Biçer – Kill Me (Crushed Soul Mix) – Ostgut Ton
14. Voyage – I Love you Dancer – Sirocco

Giles Smith
01. Roosevelt and Charles – Monastery – Mojuba Special Edition
02. Specter – Make Me Feel – Tetrode
03. KB Project – Feel It – Elevate
04. Marshall Jefferson vs. Noosa Heads – Mushrooms (Salt City Orchestra’s Out There mix) – Airtight
05. East West Connection featuring Maiya James – Find a Way (Dubtribe Soundsystem dub) – Chilli Funk
06. Dinky – Polvo – Ostgut Ton
07. RNDM – Hideaway Lane (dub) – Laid
08. Anthony Shakir – Travellers (MRSK remix) – Rush Hour
09. Skudge – Ontic (Rolando Understands remix) – Skudge
10. Two Armadillos – Ronin – Unreleased
11. Steven Tang – Ominous – Emphasis
12. Tornado Wallace – Always Twirling – Delusions of Grandeur
13. Smallpeople and Christopher Rau – Life Aquatic – Smallville
14. Slam Mode – Insualte – Desvio

Download: FACT mix 187 – El Guincho

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El Guincho takes the reins for a distinctly Hispanic-flavoured FACT mix 187.

Pablo Díaz-Reixa entered our lives in 2008 with the quietly dazzling Alegranza, an album that combined elements of  US psyche, dub, synth-pop and Brazilian tropicalia into what its maker described as a kind of  “space age exotica”. Looking back now, Alegranza seems like a particularly prescient work: along with Panda Bear’s Person Pitch it boldy scouted out the terrain in which so many chillwave, hypnagogia and sun-warped pop artists now comfortably reside.

Earlier this year the Barcelona-based Guinch released the first instalment in his limited edition Piratas de Sudamérica EP series. Recorded at home with deliberately low frequency response then bounced down to the tape, the EP consisted of covers and rearrangements of South American standards and lost classics. This spirit of discovery informs his totally unique FACT mix, wherein he finds incredible, often unlikely psychedelic resonances in traditional music and pop from the Spanish-speaking world, elegantly editing tracks by the likes of Javier Solis, Rolando Laserie and Gloria Lasso into a hypnotic and righteous flow. We also reckon this is the first and last time you’ll hear a Julio Iglesias track on a FACT mix.

Enjoy, and be sure to check out El Guincho’s new album, Pop Negro, out now on Young Turks.

Download: FACT mix 187 – El Guincho

(Available for three weeks)

hector lavoe – live (intro)
rolando laserie – flores negras (duet / edit)
gato pérez – cha cha cha de la locura (edit)
las colombianitas – cuerpo sin alma (edit)
javier solis – recuerdos de ipacarai (edit)
willie colón – che che colé (edit)
orquesta revé – changuï campanero (edit)
original de manzanillo con cándido fabré, paulito fg, rey nedio, el indio, usulungu – improvisación en tv (edit)
orquesta revé – changuï campanero (remix)
la lupe – si vuelves tú (edit)
las caribelles – nave sin rumbo (edit)
los chicos – enamorado (edit)
los zafiros – la luna en tu mirada (edit)
la onda vaselina – qué triste es el primer adiós (remix)
gloria lasso – cuando calienta el sol (edit)
gloria lasso – buen viaje (edit)
julio iglesias – me va me va me va (live benidorm / edit)
mecano – me colé en tu fiesta (live canal 13 / edit)
los pasteles verdes – esclavo y amo (edit)
ruben blades – decisiones (edit)
ruben blades – decisiones (remix)
los bukis – me volvi a acordar de ti (remix)
aviador dro – nuclear sí (edit)
os resentidos – songoro cosongo (remix)
programa – luz en la oscuridad (remix)
ciudad jardín – primero así y luego más

(download) Hudson Mohawke @ Numbers Barcelona. Sunday 20th June 2010

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In advance of numbers 7th Birthday at Fabric in London this Friday(Buy Tickets) here it is another present for you…

(download) Hudson Mohawke @ Numbers Barcelona. Sunday 20th June 2010

Numbers Barcelona Recordings:
Part 1 – L-Vis 1990
Part 2 – Hudson Mohawke

(download) L-Vis 1990 @ Numbers Barcelona. Sunday 20th June 2010

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First part in a series of recordings from Numbers room at the Something Very, Very Epic Party that happened at Razzmatazz in Barcelona during the Sonar weekend.

This first mix is by L-Vis 1990.  Alongside Bok Bok he runs London’s Night Slugs club and label, has recorded solo for Mad Decent and Dress 2 Sweat, plus we just released his remix of Mr Mageeka’s ‘Different Lekstrix’.

(download) L-Vis 1990 @ Numbers Barcelona. Sunday 20th June 2010

You can catch L-Vis 1990 at the London leg of Numbers Seventh Birthday Parties on Friday 9th July.  His partner in crime Bok Bok will be playing alongside Lil Silva, Feadz and Jackmaster in Glasgow this Friday – both lineups below. Look out for his ‘Forever You EP’ dropping in a fortnight on Night Slugs.