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Elyas Khan – Brawl in Paradise

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Elyas Khan - Brawl in Paradise

Release date: Sep 23, 2013 via BBE

In this album Brawl in Paradise, I am trying to make sense of the gods and devils in all of us. Like a Katak dancer unravels a story that makes no separation between mythical greatness and the bloody fleshiness of our bodies, or a Sufi who spins until his body and mind realize the ethereal matter in which is part of everything. There is an atomic vibration that allows the universe to communicate, when we organize it into music we warp the time and space of the world around us.

It is my hope that by channeling the atomic energy that flows through me into music I can somehow spread the universal connection of love and contribute in some humble way to the relief of suffering, not only of humans but of our patiently observant host, Earth. When we dance, we tumble between a heaven and earth, which can never be separated.

To write this album I quite literally shut myself in the top of the old GDR Radio Broadcasting center, in a tower overlooking Berlin, and began to filter through the questions and sounds that came to me. From my windows I could see the beautiful paradise of our world, the drama of the sky, the timeless flow of the Spree river. The beauty of our world is so moving it can be almost overwhelming, like being in a dream state. I could feel the weight of our history as humans in this garden of Paradise we have been given to inhabit. And I began to question why, given this perfection to be free in, we choose to brawl in it constantly, to fight and destroy. Maybe the weight of natural perfection, the terror of accepting it and truly connecting to the oneness of all matter and energy is too much to bear. I can’t answer this, so I look to art for the answers, this is what art gives me.

Brawl In Paradise is a collage of my observations and questioning of the world filtered through some of my favorite writers, filmmakers, painters, dancers. Some of the songs are meditations, others are incantations. I was helped immensely by Mikhail Bulgakov, George Orwell, Edward Albee, Salman Rushdie, everything and anything written by Arundhati Roy – a thinker and writer I hold in highest esteem, Akram Khan, Pina Bausch, Jean Renoir, Werner Herzog, Salvador Dali, the political pundits and corporate double speak surrounding The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill (aka BP Oil Spill) that unfolded as I began writing this album, the story of an ex-prostitute recovered drug addict friend of mine whose immense dignity had a deep impact on me, as well as the story of an African poet and his two friends who overcame being orphaned in an HIV/HepC ridden post war country to produce art that speaks to the world, and my early years singing in the school choir in London.

This album is my attempt to raise part of the shield of imagination, to embrace, to protect and to connect. And of course To Dance.


Osunlade – A Man With No Past Originating The Future (Yoruba Records)

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ysd48 osunladeA Man With No Past Originating The Future is Osunlade‘s newest offering and his most personal and diverse creation to date.

Featuring soulful electronic sounds, with songs like Vessel and Human Beings, this new album bridges a new spectrum in the musical palette. Osunlade’s 7th studio album begins with the The Realm Of Difference, an ambient soundscape of air meeting the heartbeat of thought and distance. Sour The Plan, featuring newcomer Supreme, dives into political and social opinions on the world we live today, its clear demise and lack of organic vibration. Eclipse allows a jazz influx where syncopated rhythms dance around time signatures effortlessly. The signature funk in Luna Moth and Camera Shy pay homage to the Minneapolis sound without a copy in sight. Human Beings is a vocoder dream ballad floating on water, while Goddess provides a piano, flute dance. Overall, this album is an evolution and conscious realisation that individualistic music means more than what is being offered.

A Clear focus in production and approach, A Man With No Past Originating The Future is meant to soothe the soul and heal the heart. If you’re looking for what you think you know of the music of Osunlade, you will stand corrected. A Man With No Past Originating The Future is an endeavour of passion. A Love of Self and a call for more than hope in the world. It asks you to see things for what they are and not for what they seem. It’s simply good music.

Release (digital):
Genre: Electronica/Dance
Label: Yoruba Records
Format(s): LP/LP
Cat #: YSD48

Marc Mac Presents Visioneers -Hipology

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Since the late 80s Londoner Marc Mac has been converting audiences with his sophisticated take on urban soul. A hybrid concoction of breakbeat, nu-jazz, neo soul, drum and bass, and Hip Hop, its a polished sound plugged directly into the emotional highway of 21st century city living. Working under a variety of guises, his prodigious output includes his work as one half of 4hero, Visioneers, Natures Plan and Nu Era. In the late 90‘s Marc signed to Gilles Peterson’s Talking Loud Records with 4hero. 4hero went on to produce two classic albums with Talkin Loud icluding the award winning “Two Pages” & “Creating Patterns” they then set up their own label where the critically acclaimed “Play With The Changes” was released. Somewhere in this timeline, between producing music for Jill Scott to Roy Ayers, Phonte to ! Terry Callier, Marc started another project called Visioneers releasing a set of limited 7” singles getting the attention from top eclectic DJ’s including Jazzy Jeff, Kenny Dope, Gilles Peterson & Norman Jay. Visioneers was then picked up by BBE records who released the debut album “Dirty Old Hip Hop”.

While recording this new Visioneers record, Mac began thinking how hip-hop had been a (sometimes invisible) guiding hand in his life. “The music, the fashion and culture. Although producing all kinds of music from jungle to jazz, hip-hop (or at least what is was) has always been a part of what I do in some strange and sometimes very subtle way.” Documenting this influence on, his very own digital scrapbook (that has also spawned the record of the same title), it’s easy to see the depth of Mac’s appreciation of hip-hop. HIPOLOGY; the album includes hand picked guest John Robinson, Notes To Self, TRAC & Baron alongside some featured musicians Luke Parkhouse, Ariya Astrobeat Arkestra & The Support Horns. The result is a real cool, funky eclectic mix of breaks, beats, soul/jazz and freaky squeaks a great follow up ! to the debut album.

Bara Bröst -“Elephancycle” Remixes Part 2

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“Bara Bröst” (literally “just breasts”) is the name of a cultural movement of Swedish feminists, pleading for women to be allowed topless in public. Up-and-coming Berlin based producer duo Benjamin Quint and Markus Schwarzbauer love the movement so much that they chose to endorse it by adapting the name for their production team.
The two have been friends since school and have shared an apartment in the Neukölln district in Berlin for over two years now. They converted their living room into a studio and office space. “That way, we can meet up any time we are inspired by the Muses with no effort.” This intense partnership enabled them to develop their very own vision and understanding of sound. Their music is a combination of funky House and Berlin influenced Minimal-Techno. The distinct trademark of a Bara Bröst beat is the soft but deep kick, the rolling House-Groove just around 124 bpm combined with very heavy Dub- ! Bass-Lines.
“We found our common ground in House because we appreciate and respect the high standard of present productions. We grew up with all sorts of different styles like Funk, Break-Beats, Hip Hop, Jazz and stuff that we stumbled across in our fathers’ record collections. Hence, the main criteria for our music is that it must be entertaining. It should touch you on an emotional level, no matter what tempo it is based on or how clever a sound was created. Otherwise producing tunes would become as mundane as working the assembly-line.“ Bara Bröst tracks are by no means hasty one-timers.
After the successful release of their debut-album “Elephancycle” on BBE Records in 2010 they did numerous remixes and single releases on a bunch of new labels. On special occasions Bara Bröst form an outstanding electronic live act showcase together with their singers and vocalists Conan Kowalski (Sick City) and Capey Cash (Bar25).
This summer they are back on BBE with more remixes of tracks! from th eir debut album “Elephancycle” and their second album “KOKOLORES”.!/bbemusic

Boddhi Satva -Invocation

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Released: 2012-03-19
Hailing from Central African Republic (C.A.R.), Boddhi Satva vowed early in his career to make a statement through a signature sound of his own. Ancestral Soul was born.
When music is the soundtrack of universal rituals – birth, graduation, marriage, and ancestorship, that’s Ancestral Soul; when music is simultaneously an tense argument between passionate lovers, a intense freestyle session between- or a revolutionary political speech by live instruments – kora, piano, sax, flute, congas, cello, balafon and turntables, that’s Ancestral Soul; when music takes over the night, positive energy is in the air and the mysteries of the unseen come out, that’s Ancestral Soul; when music conquers spirits, electrifies bodies and no word is needed to seduce, to serenade, to heal, to love and to share, that’s Ancestral Soul; when deep house music has modern Congolese rumba as wife, West African voices as mistresses, and urban R&B and Afro-Cuban ! rhythms as occasional girlfriends, that’s Ancestral Soul.
Boddhi Satva subsequently became a demanded remixer as “Ancestral Soul”
versions of mainstream tracks won over club audiences across the globe, in addition to recognition from connoisseurs and tastemakers. Osunlade’s Yoruba Records, Bob Sinclar’s Yellow Productions, Peter Adarkwah’s BBE Music, Tony Humphries’s Yelloworange are just a few music labels among many that released Boddhi’s productions.
In 2007 he launched Offering Records. It serves as the perfect place where he defies boundaries with innovative formulas and where promising singers and aspiring producers from different parts of the world find a launching pad.
2012 will see the worldwide release of the debut album INVOCATION on BBE Records, after it was released in Africa in 2011 by Vega Records, the label of the legendary Louie Vega. The latter hand-picked Boddhi in 2008 to be an elite! producer for Vega Records and a resident of Vega DJ tours. Invo cation confirms the solid place that Boddhi established for himself in the house music landscape. It is an ode to the ritual dimension and the spiritual power of music. It is a kaleidoscope that reflects the layers, nuances, colours, impressions and transformations that one experiences in life.
See, Boddhi Satva is dedicated to master his craft, to rejuvenate the treasures of
contemporary music, and to give himself the challenge of confronting his rich
musical heritage with whatever influences he brings back from his voyages and
performances in nightclubs in Mali, club tours in USA, open-air dancefloors in South Africa, beach parties in Spain and high-profile venues in the UK. Thus the song “Ngnari Konon” featuring international star and Mali’s most famous female singer Oumou Sangaré gives a clear idea of the destination Boddhi Satva is taking the audiences: generous and extravagant music that tells real life stories as well a! s makes people give their whole self up to limitless and code-stripped styles of dance – ritualistic, erotic, ecstatic, jubilant.
Invocation is coming!

Don’t miss the chance to see Boddhi Satva live this month in the US:

Mar 17 – Atlanta @Tambor party – US
Mar 18 – Boston @ Utopia party – US
Mar 21 – Vega Records Get Together @ Delano Hotel, Miami – US
Mar 22 – (Vega Records Dance Ritual @ The Vagabond) + Vega Records & BBE Records Present Boddhi Satva’s Invocation Private listening party (RSVP ONLY EVENT) – US
Mar 24 – Oakland @ People Party – US
Mar 25 – New York @ Funk Box – US

BBE pres.Dark Room Notes -Baby Don’t Hurt Me No More

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Released: 2012-03-05
Dark Room Notes released their Choice Music Prize nominated debut We Love You Dark Matter on Good Friday 2009. Now, 3 years on, the follow-up is ready. Titled simply Dark Room Notes, the album will be released on Easter Monday 9 April and is preceded by the first single Baby Don’t Hurt Me No More. Recorded in Dublin in Starling Studios and produced by Ciaran Bradshaw, who also manned the desk for their debut, the single features an exerpt from Haddaway’s What Is Love. Other influences on the album span poet Tom French who has allowed a recording of one of his readings to feature, disco, house music, silent films about dinosaurs and of course the broody electronica for which DRN are best known. Written during and about the economic meltdown that has overtaken Europe since its inception, Dark Room Notes sees the band take a great step forward musically and artistically. Dark Room Notes will be launched with a headline show at the Twisted Pepper in Dublin on 7 April 2012, their! first Irish show in over a year, with European dates to follow.

Download:GIT “If You Just Make Love To Me” (REMIX) ft. BEEDIE

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One of our best tracks for 2011,here it is just for you remix edition as a free download.
Download:GIT “If You Just Make Love To Me” (REMIX) ft. BEEDIE