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Benin City ‘Faithless’ (Audio Doughnuts)Video + Zed Bias remix

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Benin_City_Faithless_ArtworkFollowing huge acclaim for their recent free single ‘My Love’ earlier this year, Benin City are set to set to release their debut albumFires in the Park in 2013, preceded by immersive singleFaithless: a dark carnivalesque ride produced by Marc Pell (Micachu and the Shapes) and a stunning video directed by Clouded Vision, who worked on Benin City’s first video ‘Baby’.

Faithless is a kwaito-baiting jaunt, combining Benin City’s energetic tendencies with their knack for dark, surreal narrative .Festival-tinged drum patterns, traditional horn stabs and catchy synth melodies act as a counterpoint to the macabre tale of a protagonist’s decent into into insanity. ‘A man and his madness go toe to toe/he’s on the losing side of the battle and I swear he knows.’  Faithless is a rousing, demented and lively specimen from one of 2013’s most unpredictable bands.

Named after the Nigerian capital, Benin City is a fused genre band fronted by Joshua Idehen (vocals), who has previously collaborated with Hyperdub’s LVTheo Buckingham (drums) and Tom Leaper (tenor saxophone/synths/samples).

Benin City – Faithless (Zed Bias remix)