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Ready Mix Records celebrates 10 yrs w launch of exclusive “ALREADY MIXED” series, Vol. 1 mixed by Steven Caicedo+free download

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Ready Mix Records proudly presents…
Various Artists – Already Mixed Vol . 1
Compiled and mixed by Steven Caicedo

Ready Mix Records celebrates 10 years in the making with the launch of the exclusive “ALREADY MIXED”
compilation series with none other than native New Yorker/ Montreal transplant; Steven Caicedo taking control of Vol.1.

This world traveller started his artistic career almost by chance; after co-workers in the music biz pushed, prodded, poked and finally convinced the then 19 year-old to open for the likes of Basement Jaxx, Fatboy Slim, Moby and even Lenny Kravitz in his native NYC. Soon after, he hooked up with the creators of and was instrumental in launching the site. Bringing the little known internet-based radio concept to the gatekeepers of the scene, now Proton has evolved to be the gold-standard of artist and label development on the web, with many accolades and a core fan-base of over 250,000 subscribers from all around the world!
After a chance meeting, Steven hooked up with Montreal’s BiG AL and together, they launched the Proton Sessions concept at the world-renowned Stereo Nightclub in 2001, subsequently falling in love with Montreal’s rich culture and vibrant nightlife scene. As Steven puts it, “Montreal is the NEW – New York”!

Caicedo takes us on a very personal sonic journey, gliding between the deep, tech with accents of progressive house sounds; handpicking his favorite tunes from the decade-long Ready Mix catalog that continue to resonate in his heart. From his edit of Stan Kolev’s ‘Routts’, Daniel Kyo’s Remix of ‘Get There’ and Kruse & Nuernberg’s remix of Evren Ulusoy’s – ‘Bachelor Party’ to Lemon Popsicle’s wicked remix of label boss BiG AL’s Soul Collective project, in addition to his new role as producer and remixer alongside fellow collaborator Ellroy; paying homage to the classic Yvel & Tristan feat Chriss of the Quasar’s ‘A Miracle Man’, he effortlessly weaves a tapestry of rhythm and sound like only he can!

So sit back, relax and enjoy our decade-long journey into the ever evolving Ready Mix sound!

Download The Quasar & The Pressure – Take Me Over (Gorge Mix)

ARTIST: Various Artists
TITLE: Already Mixed Vol. 1 (Compile and mixed by Steven Caicedo)
LABEL: Ready Mix Records
RELEASE DATE: February 12, 2012

01 Stan Kolev – Routts (Original Mix – Steven Caicedo Edit)
02 Yvel & Tristan Feat. The Quasar – A Miracle Man (Ellroy & Steven Caicedo Remix)
03 The Quasar Feat. Yvel & Tristan – Funkytown (Seva K Remix)
04 Darren Duvall – My Control (Murat Ozer No Key Mix)
05 MidiDropMusic – Bubalicious (Original Mix)
06 The Quasar & The Pressure – Take Me Over (Gorge Remix)
07 Stan Kolev – Get There (Daniel Kyo Remix)
08 Soul Collective Feat. Dania – Shy (Vas Floyd Dub)
09 Disco Deciders – Cinnamon (BiG AL Remix)
10 Evren Ulusoy – Bachelor Party (Kruse & Nuernberg Remix)
11 Soul Collective Feat Dania. – Shy (Lemon Popsicle Remix)
12 Sebastian Davidson, Edwin & Ferdy – The Zound Of Muzik (Original Mix)

Steven Caicedo is not your everyday beat crusader. He’s a well-rounded maestro with impeccable taste in music and the knowledge of a connoisseur. From being the first DJ to host a show on Proton Radio to landing a job within Fatboy Slim’s inner circles, or even advocating and pushing brilliant productions from Ready Mix Records, Steven’s biography is as impressive and diverse as they come in elect…ronic music.

For the past 11 years, Steven has worked and spearheaded many projects in the music industry: from music buyer at Borders, to managing street teams at Astralwerks and Virgin Records and handling label priorities at Intergroove Distribution. Steven Caicedo is the pioneer dj and longest contributor on Proton Radio ( He’s also played alongside heavyweights like Moby, Lady Miss Kier, to Lenny Kravitz, Oliver Lieb,Norah Jones, Satoshie Tomie, Big Al, Moshic. His residencies include legendary venues such as Tunnel and Limelight in his hometown of New York City; in addition to founding the PROTON SESSIONS concept in 2002 @ STEREO & helped launch the now integral PROTON WMC parties in Miami since 2003.

Handling many projects as a tastemaker, facilitator, markerter, promoter, advocate and consultant for record shops, labels, distributors, venues, hair salons, restaurants, spas, and even hotels, (as music programmer) only add to his lengthy acumen.

Never stopping, never settling down, he’s also done his fair share of globe-trotting, from Puerto Rico to the mountains of Peru, from the canals of Holland to South Beach to the streets of San Francisco, from Miami at the Winter Music Conference to the State of New York’s biggest cities, most notably at some of the Big Apple’s most reputable clubs, from Boston for Moby’s Campus tour to San Fran, finally landing in Montreal, Canada. Steven spent the past 7 years in his home-away-from home Montreal. Now, Steven sets his in Europe, with gigs confirmed in Germany and Spain throughout the new year.

With a sound that’s instantaneously recognizable, he’s a nightlife mainstay, getting ready for a new gig or residency right around the corner. Directing events from a musical, acoustic or programming standpoint is no enigma to Steven either. From deep house to techno to progressive or to the customary classics we all love, and everything in between. Steven has no qualms switching genres as he blends them all in effortlessly, engrossing the listener, elevating the dancer to new heights and aural bliss. His music speaks to your soul and set after set, that rare but familiar transcendental phenomenon occurs where crowd and dj suddenly morph into one

Perhaps the best testament to Steven’s success over the years would be the countless eyebrows he’s raised, or the various positive reactions stemming from dancefloors, or the heads he’s turned locally and internationally. As he unselfishly spreads his knowledge, the listener goes through a wide range of emotions. One emotion however seems to always stand out, experienced time and time again: that ineffable feeling of love. Love given, received, felt, lived. And like love, Steven knows no boundaries and conquers all.