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Clap! Clap! Returns to Black Acre to Deliver His Debut LP, Stream a Track Now

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Clap! Clap!After storming the gates with his warmly received Tambacounda EP, Clap! Clap! returns to Black Acre to deliver is debut long player.

Tayi Bebba is a highly conceptual work that manages to balance a highly cerebral concept with making some good old fashioned bangers. Tayi Bebba is an album tour of an imagined island each song representing a location, event or ritual. Sonically it’s a fast moving charge across the soundscape fusing field recordings and found sound with incredibly surgical drum programming. Flavours of house, Footwork and Hip Hop punctuate your migration with a very specific sound palate giving this amazing work a cohesive feel.

Artist Clap! Clap!
Title Tayi Bebba
Label Black Acre
Release Date 08-Sept-2014
Format Vinyl, CD & Digital

1. The Holy Cave
2. Ashiko
3. The Rainstick Fable
4. Kwasi The Sorcerer
5. Black Smokes, Bad Signs
6. Conqueror (action / assault / conquest)
7. Conqueror (consequences / memories)
8. Conqueror (remorse / withdrawn)
9. Burbuka
10. Sahkii (Xirhuu)
11. Sahkii’s Elevation feat. DJ Khalab
12. Kwasi’s Storm (kyanumj) (tape dub)
13. Universal Modulator (kujhmak)
14. Sahkii’s Knowledge
15. Universal Modulator (ujmubuam)
16. Sailing In The Seas of Wood
17. Kuj Yato

The LP comes with full island map and in depth story behind each track.

Sarantis ‘Electric City’ LP(Preview)

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Sarantis 'Electric City' LPElectric City is the new album from Sarantis OUT NOW via Senseless Records. It takes it’s name from an imagined urban landscape caught somewhere between London and the dystopian sprawl imagined by John Carpenter, Warriors and other classic 80s sci-fi. The music takes audible cues from the soundtracks to those films; bold, raw synths and big drums reverberate but also a melting pot of musical styles ranging from motor city techno and electro funk through to cutting edge grime, bashment and footwork.

Vocal tracks come from Parly B (Mungo’s Hifi), South London’s rising grime star M.I.K. & Dialect, a renowned freestyle MC and regular guest on Westwood and 1Xtra.

Building on previous releases for Senseless, Black Acre and Chrissy Murderbot’s Loose Squares, on this LP Sarantis expands his sonic palette and allows all the inspiration and influence collected in the past half decade to breathe and expand. Starting out from his soundsystem roots in Leeds, UK, Sarantis has worked his way in to the record boxes of people like Skream, Brenmar, DMZ & Mary Anne Hobbs with a catalogue spanning six years and work with vocalists like Warrior Queen and Iration Steppas.

Fantastic Mr Fox – San‘en EP on Black Acre

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Here it is! It’s been around 12 month since his last outing proper, the long awaited return of Black Acre’s big gun is here and this time he’s enlisted the assistance of young blood Alby Daniels. As usual FMF displays his polygenre beatmaking abilities yet manages to deliver a sound so distinctively his, it’s instantly recognizable.

Pascal’s Chorus opens the door with a strong dose of melancholic house, the pulsing 4×4 and scattershot percussion giving way to open atmospherics, and the bittersweet soul of Alby Daniels. Never one to stay in one place “Speak Nuh” delivers a grime inflected riddim selection acting as the engine room to carry esoteric chords, vocal snippets and ghostly voices. “San’en” another FMF and Alby D combo going for gold, a stripped and brave vocal loiters about woozy drag house groove with skewed pop sensibilities. Finally Yesterday’s fall caps off the EP with a step into FM Fox’s dreamscape, soothing melodies wash over the pumping junkyard drummer with Alby in rude form.

Artist: Fantastic Mr Fox
Title: San‘en EP
Cat: Acre025
Format: 12” & Digital
Label: Black Acre
Release: 4 June 2012

A. Pascal’s Chorus feat Alby Daniels
B. Speak Nuh
C. San’en feat Alby Daniels
D. Yesterdays Fall feat Alby Daniels

1000names – Machine City EP (preview)

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FORMAT: Vinyl/Download
RELEASE DATE: November 14th 2011 (Vinyl) November 28th 2011 (Download)
LABEL: Svetlana Industries
BARCODE: 5055300329905
GENRE: Hip Hop/Beats/Electroboogie

1. La Boheme – 93 BPM
2. Zelda – 90 BPM
3. Planet Video – 100 BPM
1. Machine City – 94 BPM
2. First Postcard From Tokyo – 90 BPM

Svetlana Industries’ connection with Bulgarian duo 1000names goes back to maybe 2006, and they are one of the reasons we set the label up in the first place. So we’re delighted to finally drop their first full official release with us, and we can say that it’s been worth the wait. Following on from their
acclaimed Illuminated Man album on Black Acre, Machine City is in our opinion easily their best work to date.
The five track EP is Svetlana’s format of choice: a concise but unified statement of where the artist is at a moment in time. 1000names have used to Machine City to showcase a new direction, retaining their signature touches – blissful synth melodies, abstract vocal samples – but moving away from the
LA style beats sound towards a sound that Sonic Router described as a “slowed up house sound that’s firmly rooted in hip hop production”.
To us there’s a strong hint of Moroder and late 70s/early 80s new wave in there as well. This is the territory between disco, house, electropop, and hip hop, also being explored by artists like Dam Funk,Funkineven, and Om Unit – danceable but different.
Conceptually the record is a vision of the future. Equal parts Fritz Lang, Steve Jobs and Philip K Dick,it’s neither utopian or dystopian, it is simply machine – but a machine absolutely saturated with emotion. Propulsive, unstoppable, the humanity hidden in snatches of masked speech, occasional glitches in the sound. La Boheme is a miniature disco anthem. Zelda a cloud of Technicolor fog. Planet Video the delirious joy of the mechanised workplace. Machine City is the threat, surveillance, control.
The very Teebs like First Postcard from Tokyo is a euphoric ascent through the clouds to a holiday destination in the sky. 1000names – The Machine City EP teaser by Svetlana Industries

SVET009: BREY 4 track EP


Von D feat. Phephe – The Sunlight/Chacha’s Leggings (LISHS002 – Subbalicious 12″ Vinyl)(Preview)

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Subbalicious Recordings is more about sexy sounds between all the loud and noisy ones. That is why the Subbalicious team hooked up with producer Von D and singer Phephe, who you both might know from earlier works like “Show Me” of which Skream did a remix for on Chef’s label Sub Freq. Argon has also done quite a few releases from these rising stars and planned a whole album with music from both these artists early 2011. In previous years he has released tracks with Riscotheque en Kito on Skream’s label Disfigured Dubs, as well as on Boka Records and Black Acre.
Subbalicious has been going about for quite some time now and honestly: it has been a very long time since our first release. Looking at where the music industry is going with vinyl vs. mp3 we followed our heart and express our love for great sound by continuing to release on vinyl. Sunlight is a track that will warm you up during these cold winter and spring months and is a tune that will continue to be played in the coming summers; timeless is what it is. And sexy of course. ChaCha’s Leggings is a more instrumental and bassy version of Von D sexiness. Follow the leggings everywhere, left to right, up and down. These tracks are currently being played by: Chef, LD, Madd, Gemmy, Heny G, Riscotheque and many others.

Listen Clips
a Von D feat. Phephe – The Sunlight
b Von D – Chacha’s Leggings

Download Von D Guest Mix for Thursday Rollout on UPFM

Download:Von D – Media Contender Podcast Mix