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Douglas Greed Album Driven(Stream)

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Douglas Greed – ‘Driven'(BPitch Records, May 15th)

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Douglas Greed - 'DrivenHow do you stay true to your own sound without repeating yourself? How do you free yourself from the burden of wild expectations? Ultimately, how do you create a “difficult second album” that bucks the trend and sounds at least as fresh and enduring as the first? Rather than searching for answers to all these questions, Douglas Greed ploughs headlong into his second BPitch Control LP Driven, leaving needless doubts for dust in his rear-view mirror. Just keep on going! Someone else can do the soul-searching, he prefers to dedicate his heart and mind to new tracks.

In any case, he was never short of passion or ideas. Douglas Greed has always been driven, and his nature rarely allows him to remain in one place on the genre map for too long. With a musical upbringing ranging from hip hop jams and drum‘n‘bass parties to the darker avenues of pop à la Joy Division, Depeche Mode or Radiohead, his recent years as a producer and live act have always involved thinking far beyond the usual framework of techno and house. The results of these thought processes, always incorporating the hours away from the dance floor, have already been laid bare on his debut album KRL (Freude am Tanzen) and singles for labels including Infiné, Acker and Gigolo.

Driven continues seamlessly in this vein with eleven tracks as rich in variety as they are in detail. The format offers plenty of room to cover a broad stylistic range, always driven by the search for new mu- sical possibilities: from the boisterous peak-time hit “Summerless” to dance floor gems like “Hush Hush” and “B12”. From the yearning pulse of “Further” to the galloping UK patterns of “Fire 5”. The featured vocals are another stand-out element of the album: “Long Distance Swimmer” is arranged around Anna Müller‘s dreamy voice, “My Mind is a Monkey” has support from Delhia, the previously released single “This Time feat. Kuss” and the title track “Driven” feature the unmistakable voice of his Eating Snow colleague Mooryc.

Throughout the album, Douglas Greed plays with changing moods and tempos, always retaining the perfect balance between track and song, playing equally to his strengths as a euphoric stage per- former and a sensitive soul. The exhilarating depth and maturity of his sound and his independent production process mean that all these elements combine on Driven to whisk the listener away on a grand journey.

This is a journey – driven by the desire for new horizons – that effortlessly opens our eyes and ears, revealing that the heart of electronic music still beats loud enough to pump endor- phins through our veins. It reveals the road ahead for anyone who, like Douglas Greed, likes to throw themselves wholeheartedly into each new venture. And those who are open to the challenge are likely to complete even mammoth tasks like the dreaded second album with great aplomb.

The Audible Suspects (Oliver Lieb & Jimmy Van M) -Collaborations on Bedrock

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Oliver Lieb & Jimmy Van M
as The Audible Suspects
(Bedrock) BEDCOLLAB01
Release: 27.02.12
CD / Limited 12″ Vinyl / Digital Download

01. Oliver Lieb – Epsilon Eridani Reprise
02. Oliver Lieb – Epsilon Eridani – Davide Cali Remix
03. Ray Kajioka – Origins – Jimmy Van M Remix
04. Thomas Muller – One Hit One Night
05. Pele & Findling – Deep Sea
06. Mono Electric Orchestra – Blunt Force Trauma – Max Cooper Remix
07. D. Diggler – Weed
08. Daso –Rolling For The Mix
09. Lanny May – Soft Light Turns On
10. SF FM – The Depths
11. Ryan Davis – Satellite
12. Phil Kieran – Rocket Science Part 2
13. Joel Mull – Constant Crescendo
14. Phil Kieran & Green Velvet – Rocket Yourself
15. Digital Mess – Open The Box
16. Sascha Walter – Glastank – Tobias Felbermayr Remix
17. Oliver Lieb – Helios

Germany’s Oliver Lieb and USA’s Jimmy Van M have come together as The Audible Suspects to launch “Collaborations”, a new creative platform for Bedrock in 2012.
This project is the culmination of a journey over many years, through Jimmy’s pursuit of Oliver’s music, resulting in their friendship and now this collaboration. Many years ago Jimmy was among the first people to bring Oliver to the USA to play and was the first to arrange a tour for him to perform live and now the time is right for The Audible Suspects to be born.
After my break from producing, I was slowly getting back to working again and one of the first steps was to care about my online presence, Facebook etc. I added Jimmy, making contact again and soon we talked about working together on some projects. and quickly had the idea of doing a compilation. Like my monthly podcasts, I wanted to gather together new, interesting music from well-known and more underground or undiscovered people and focus on the techy side of things, which actually is my main playground. So, our collaboration is based on grooves and interesting sounds, as well as melodies, that don’t just aim for big commercial success but more for some exciting trippy development of audible space.” – Oliver Lieb

Frankfurt based DJ & producer Oliver Lieb has been in the premier league of electronic producers since the early 90’s and always keeps surprising and amazing people with his extraordinary sounds and diversity of styles. He views music as an endless horizon of expressing himself and refuses to be pigeonholed in one specific genre, an attitude well suited to the Bedrock ethos. The mighty, soaring, “Parallax”, was a highlight on John Digweed’s “Structures Two” album, and the exceptional “Epsilon Eridani EP” (Bed99) followed last summer. So it is fitting that both an unreleased Reprise and Italian producer Davide Cali’s remix open and set the stage for this collaborative musical adventure.
From the outset the selected music emulates a night out at a club with a top quality underground soundtrack, digging deep and blending subtle sparseness with hypnotic drive, teasing and building anticipation and excitement with ease. Jimmy Van M exhibits his superb remix skills reworking “Origins” by German techno producer Ray Kajioka, which flows seamlessly into BPitch Control’s rising star Thomas Muller’s “One Hit One Night” and on into Get Physical’s Pele and Findling. Oliver and Jimmy continue to join the dots between the most exciting, talented, new producers and remixers as they feature the wildly creative Max Cooper, Andreas Mügge (in his D.Diggler guise), Daso Franke and the excitingly experimental Lanny May.
Flow is very important. I connected with Oliver on this right from the beginning when listening to his LSG ‘Vol. 2’ and LSG ‘Into Deep’ albums. Over the years we’ve become friends and I’ve always hoped for an opportunity to work together. So, The Audible Suspects project is very exciting for me. When getting the music together for this compilation we quickly realized where it was going and took the direction of strong yet still simple tracks. We focused considerably on the sound quality of each track and the final mix mastering which you can tell by turning it up loud!” – Jimmy Van M
Over the last decade and a half few individuals could claim the type behind-the-scenes influence on American dance culture as Jimmy Van M. His tireless efforts can be credited with having helped advance electronic dance music throughout the North America, opening avenues for artistic expression in dance-clubs that did not previously exist before him and his very unique efforts. When it comes to atmosphere, vibe and drive there are very few DJs that can stand alongside Jimmy Van M.
The mix builds in intensity with San Francisco duo SF/FM blurring the lines between the obscure and the straight forward, with their love of big room psychedelia, slipping effortlessly upwards with Traum’s Ryan Davis and Ireland’s Phil Kieran (who is later joined by Green Velvet for an encore performance). Sweden’s hugely talented techno DJ and producer Joel Mull shows off his star potential, as does the mysterious Digital Mess, before the unique sounds of Munich’s Tobias Felbermayr spiral into the mix finale of “Helios” by Oliver Lieb.
This is a mix that exhibits the best underground dancefloor attitude without sacrificing the electronic weirdness that sometimes gets lost in the pursuit of big-name tunes. There is a sense of musical maturity to the mix without it lacking in energetic charm. It’s a mix that is born out of desire to discover, excite and educate, and attitude that comes as the result of many years of waiting and searching for, that next inspirational track.
“Jimmy and Oliver have delivered a futuristic mix that locks you into a groove and won’t let go. This is cool electronic house meets spacious techno.” – John Digweed
Don’t waste any time… “Collaborations” can be ordered online now from the Bedrock store at>

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