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Bowly -Bleeps / Idée D’un Tropique (Berkane Sol 12″ Vinyl-BRK015)(preview)

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After leaving behind the Somalian pirates, Geiom is cruising the sunny waters of the Indian Ocean when he picks up a distress signal on his scanner. He follows the signal until he locates a tiny remote island and a guy called Bowly, who said that he was on his way from France to the New World, but got totally lost. Judging by the age of the map he was using its easy to see how. Bowly spent his time on the island hanging out with the locals who amuse themselves by creating a unique style of music on some amazing handcrafted instruments. Geiom helps Bowly get on his way again, and leaves him with a more useful map. Some months later, Bowly beams over his music as a gift from his new found homeland in Canada – the tracks are like some strange mutation of those distant tropical players and the UK-based pirate radio transmissions that Bowly has been tuning into – Geiom loves the result and decides to send them straight over to Transition in London for mastering and release on Berkane Sol. This 12” has been getting played by selectors like – Subswara crew NYC (Soul Motive), Brackles (RinseFM), Grevious Angel (Soul Jazz), Martin Kemp (Blunted Robots), Cooly G (Hyperdub), Shortstuff (Ramp), Spamchop (Wigflex), Oneman (RInseFM)…

Tracks -Listen Clips

a Bowly – Bleeps
b Bowly – Idée D’un Tropique