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Quenum – ‘Face To Face’ (Serialism)

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Face-to-Face_Album-Quenum is an extraordinary individual. A professional breakdancer that was raised in Africa, he found love in London in the 80s through mastering the art of DJing to early electronic music and broke into the spotlight as Acess58 in the 90s before forming the Cadenza label with Luciano in 2003.

His debut album ‘Face To Face’ is deliriously deep and melancholic, rhythmically complex and gives a fragile new voice to techno. Across the eleven original tracks, Phillippe Quenum exudes a graceful temperance creating tracks that flutter and take flight (indulge in the soothing hi­hats of ‘Escales’ and synth voices of ‘Children Of The Sun’) as well as rattle the bass bins (sample the raw energy of ‘Basic Solution’ and delicate power of ‘Ritual’). Both sparse and insightful (‘My People’) as well as intricate and anthemic (Never Loose My Soul’) Quenum’s delivery is always quirky and slightly surprising and ‘Face To Face’ is a curious analysis into this honest musical soul.

Release Date: Wednesday November 13th, 2013

  1. 5AM
  2. Never Loose Your Soul
  3. My People
  4. Face To Face
  5. Escales
  6. Ritual
  7. Children Of The Sun
  8. Roots
  9. Basic Solution
  10. Introvert
  11. Father And Sun

Mendo “Avalon”

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RELEASE DATE:2013-11-04

David Mendo and his debut album “Avalon” are as ready for the Balearics as a one-way ticket to the White Isle. With endurance-testing tribal house and funk-flicking clubbing making you feel comfortable, it’s as if Mendo is towelling down the throbbing perspiration he’s causing you, putting boogie in your body with sprinklings of disco glitter (“Fever”) and driving, deep and funky house deliverance that has made his sound cross-continental – and this is before you find the title on maps from Australia to Canada, France to the United States.

Felipe Valenzuela, Pier Bucci & A Guy Called Gerald – Mas

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Felipe Valenzuela, Pier Bucci & A Guy Called Gerald - MasAndrea Appolloni’s Room 9 label is back with a fantastic new EP from Chilean producers Felipe Valenzuela and Pier Bucci, supported by the touches of former acid house producer A Guy Called Gerald.

This is Felipe Valenzuela’s second EP for Room 9. A producer with a superb reputation for producing quality house (mixed with his own, trademark South American vibes), Valenzuela’s releases and remixes have turned up on Cadenza, Melisma and Metroline Ltd.

Pier Bucci’s sound is a personal blend of lush, colorful melodies, wrapped inside elegant techno, all tied together with a Latin twist. Together, they make quite the pair. A Guy Called Gerald’s touch further increases the quality of the EP, thanks in no small part to his refined tastes, a gateway sound between house and techno that incorporates aspects of both Chicago House and Detroit Techno.

Ocurrencias”, by Pier and Felipe, is a groover of a track that’s characterised by lots of organic elements and powerful percussion that progresses into a wave of acid naughtiness.

ACGC worked with the aforementioned Chileans in order to realize the track ”Mas” – a perfect combination of the artist’s styles, with deep, acid haunting synths creating an impressive crescendo that drives the sophisticated melodies and keeps the emotions in check.

Luciano – Vagabundos

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Once more unto the breach, for Luciano and his merry band of Vagabundos: with yet another successful Ibiza season under his belt, and after taking the inimitable party on the road around Europe and the US, the Cadenza boss steps up for his first mix CD since his groundbreaking 2008 addition to the Fabric series. Much like the whole sensory idea behind the Vagabundos concept, which involves decadent dress-up, wild dancers cavorting in amongst the crowds and imaginative programming, Luciano usually thrives in a live setting where he can really work his epic fusion of peak-time organic house. On 2006’s vinyl-only ‘Sci.Fi Hi.Fi Vol.2’ he proved his mastery of minimal, which then evolved into the distinctive Cadenza sound of vocal tropical house Fabric 41, but here we see Luciano laying down a blueprint of what he’s recently been playing at his party series at Ibiza’s glitziest nightclub, Pacha. As well as the usual label stalwarts, Reboot, Robert Dietz and Michel Cleis, he has invited classic house legends such as Moodymann, Larry Heard and Pepe Bradock, whilst also using the Cadenza Lab room to showcase some of the label’s younger talent – Mayaan Nidam, Cesar Merveille and Ernesto Ferreyra. All of this is set up for repeat in 2012, with plenty of releases from the label itself, which will all be distributed on a brand new online shop due to launch in January.

The mix itself is an encapsulation of the merest flavour of one of Luciano’s usually lengthy sets, the first ten minutes dives straight onto a sweaty, dank dancefloor: a swirling blend of detuned instrumentation, dubby kick drum and insistent synthline. Just a small taste of how deadly digital mixing can be in the right hands, with four tracks layered seamlessly over each other, fellow Chileans Nicholas Jaar and Franciso Tristano (remixed by dub techno pioneer Moritz von Oswald) fusing into the deeper house sounds of Pepe Bradock, Trickski’s ‘At Les’ and the classic 100% Pure artists District One. This all zooms by wonderfully in a cacophony of discordance and perfectly timed rhythm, until the dulcet tones of James Blake creep in. His vocal refrain is transformed here from a bittersweet love paean into almost a celebration of the dancefloor, but it’s quickly mixed out, leaving one with the faintest glimmer of recognition. At points Luciano switches up hyperactively, teasing in familiar vocals then back into the harder techier house beat he’s been playing of late, but he also lets some play their full magic out, as on Dyed Soundorom’s haunting remix of Maya Jane Cole’s anthemic ‘What They Say’. He occasionally reverts to a more tropical sound but as seen through the warped glasses of the Vagabundos, as on Sasha Dive’s take on Matthew Dear, voices bubbling up from in amongst the darkness are cast aside by the warmer sounds of Moodymanc. He finishes up with productions from some of the newer additions to the Cadenza stable: there’s Greek Chicago house enthusiast Argy, one of Luciano’s very own remixes of Cesar Merveille and Guti’s little ditty to Mayaan Nidam, and an end in the deepest of arms, DJ Sprinkles’ godly ‘Grand Central Blues Pt. 1’ as dubbed out by Stuttgart wunderkind MCDE. This of course is done in the subtlest of manners, with perfect control of the EQs, mixer and digital effects, ironing out all semblance of a straight track – Luciano, as ever, makes this particular tracklist and mix his own unique creation.

Artist: Luciano
Title: Vagabundos
Label: Cadenza Lab
Format: Digital
Release: 16.01.12

01. NICOLAS JAAR – Too Many Kids Finding Rain In The Dust – PÉPÉ BRADOCK’S TRAIN FANTOME POKE |||
FRANCESCO TRISTANO – J.S. Bach: One note development Nr. 2 – MORITZ VON OSWALD RMX
02. NICOLAS JAAR – Too Many Kids Finding Rain In The Dust – PÉPÉ BRADOCK’S TRAIN FANTOME POKE |||
FRANCESCO TRISTANO – J.S. Bach: One note development Nr. 2 – MORITZ VON OSWALD RMX ||| TRICKSKI – At Les
03. TRICKSKI – At Les ||| DISTRICT ONE – Time For Grace – PETER DILDO RMX ||| FRANCESCO TRISTANO – J.S. Bach: One note development Nr. 2 – MORITZ VON OSWALD RMX
04. JAMES BLAKE – The Wilhelm Scream ||| TRICKSKI – At Les ||| DISTRICT ONE – Time For Grace – PETER DILDO RMX ||| FRANCESCO TRISTANO – J.S. Bach: One note development Nr. 2 – MORITZ VON OSWALD RMX
05. JAMES BLAKE – The Wilhelm Scream ||| DISTRICT ONE – Time For Grace – PETER DILDO REMIX ||| PETER HORREVORTST – Deepbassline ||| FRANCESCO TRISTANO – J.S. Bach: One note development Nr. 2 – MORITZ VON OSWALD RMX

06. DISTRICT ONE – Time For Grace – PETER DILDO RMX ||| PETER HORREVORTST – Deepbassline
07. PETER HORREVORTST – Deepbassline
08. PETER HORREVORTST – Deepbassline ||| ADAM MARSHALL – Grapple
09. WHIRLPOOL PRODUCTIONS – From: Disco To: Disco ||| PETER HORREVORTST – Deepbassline ||| ADAM MARSHALL – Grapple
12. KIKI – Sumore ||| MAYA JANE COLES – What They Say – DYED SOUNDOROM RMX
13. JAMIE WOON – Lady Luck ||| KIKI – Sumore
14. R.A.W. – Atamga ||| KIKI – Sumore
15. R.A.W. – Atamga
16. MATTHEW DEAR – City Black Joy – SASHA DIVE RMX ||| R.A.W. – Atamga
17. MATTHEW DEAR – City Black Joy – SASHA DIVE RMX ||| MOODYMANC – Thumbs Up
18. MOODYMANC – Thumbs Up ||| ANONYM – Midnite Groove Sun Express
19. ANONYM – Midnite Groove Sun Express ||| JACUZZI BOYS & NILS WEIMANN – Manoi
20. JACUZZI BOYS & NILS WEIMANN – Manoi ||| ANONYM – Midnite Groove Sun Express
21. ANONYM – Midnite Groove Sun Express ||| ARGY – Ethiopia’s Rise ||| CESAR MERVEILLE feat. GUTI – Maayancholy – LUCIANO RMX
22. CESAR MERVEILLE feat. GUTI – Maayancholy – LUCIANO RMX ||| ARGY – Ethiopia’s Rise
23. ARGY – Ethiopia’s Rise
24. DJ SPRINKLES – Grand Central Pt. 1 (Deep intro of the Bowel House, MCDE Bassline Dub)

new Four Tet -‘Locked’ from ‘FABRICLIV​E 59(STREAM)

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‘Locked’ is the next release on his Text label and taken from his forthcoming ‘FABRICLIVE 59‘ compilation.
12″ out September 2011.

Four Tet – FabricLive 59

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Four Tet (aka Kieran Hebden) adds something special to the FABRICLIVE series, with this the 59th compilation. The mix has a distinct narrative to it and unearths music that hasn’t previously had a great deal of exposure. This project for Kieran has become more than just the mix itself; it’s been an adventure into the past as he sought out not only classics, but searched for rarer tracks he may have missed at the time when he was immersed in the original 90s 2 step garage scene. The music is important, but the experience of finding so many forgotten records and producers became an intrinsic part of the story – meeting specialist record dealers, months of email exchanges with old friends and acquaintances, twittering, nights on discogs, dead ends and confusing leads. In the mix, forgotten gems reside next to current tracks that are dear to him and a number of his own tracks made specially for the CD – something he’s been doing for his DJ sets for many years. He’s also explored the idea of the club itself, sending his audio engineer friend Sasha Lewis to make field recordings from Fabric, which feature as a highlight and pause, breaking the mix into different parts – as if you’re moving within the clubs space to hear different DJs. In fact, the mix is somewhat topsy turvey, starting out fast and then slowing down.

The music ranges from experimental electronics, like Michel Redolfi’s ‘Immersion Partielle’ on INA-GRM that Kieran feels “isn’t the type of techno you get on a mix CD” to the wonderfully titled Crazy Bald Heads’ ‘First Born’ a great lost 2 step/ garage record. “It still sounds so fresh that if it came out next week everyone would flip out. I bought it from Sounds of the Universe in the 90s, it was sold into the shop direct from the producers. A label in London was trying to sign them at the time and got me to do a remix for a possible single. Everything fell apart though and the team of producers never did the deal and didn’t put out more records together as far as I know… so the remix never got released. Gilles Peterson had an acetate of it that he played on his radio show at the time”, and this unreleased Four Tet remix features later in the mix. Tracks like Persian’s ‘Feel the Vibe’ are preciously rare, a brilliant track that only came out on white label. “I don’t have a copy of this record and can’t find one anywhere. Persian wasn’t even able to sort me out with a vinyl rip or WAV of the track! In the end I found a guy on discogs called DaWreck who has a copy and he very generously ripped the vinyl for me so it could be used on the comp.” Classic grime came with its own set of problems, with Kieran buying up every copy he could find of Music Mob ‘Pulse X’ to find one clean enough to use for the compilation.

Favourite producers of the moment like Floating Points, Burial and Ricardo Villalobos sit next to UK funky classics like Apple’s ‘Mr Bean’, bought from a record dealer called Julien who specialises in UK garage, grime, funky, jungle… “He got me a nice mint copy of this. Apple then turned out to be really difficult to find to clear the track. We had loads of DJs and producers trying to find me contact details, the 4th email address finally worked, so thanks to Brackles and Funk Butcher for sorting it.” ‘Webers’ is an old Dan Snaith (Caribou) production, originally released under his Manitoba guise, “I remember us both being into tracks like Sticky – Triplets and So Solid Crew – Dilemma at the time and this track he did then that had a similar sound.” Making space between the music is Four Tet ‘Fabric’ “a collage of field recordings of sounds from in and around the club”. Going back to the 70s, ‘The Continuing Story Of Counterpoint, Part Nine’ is by early moog user David Borden, a man ahead of his time. C++ ‘Angie’s Fucked’ was a recommendation from “Trevor Jackson (one of my favourite DJs) at a club called Love in NYC a few years ago. Trevor released all my early records on his label, he was the first DJ I went to see play in a club and a big influence on me as a DJ.” Others like Active Minds ‘Hobson’s Choice (Tune For Da Man Dem)’ he heard on youtube and then tracked down the producer Jess Jackson, who’s now living in the USA as a successful hip-hop producer, but “I think the sound of this track is like a blueprint for so much music that’s around now… the way the bass and vocals are used.” The final tune is Four Tet’s own beautiful ‘Locked’, typical of his deep melodic sound and the perfect way to send us out into the bright morning light of EC1, or where ever you may find yourself listening.

Interestingly, the entire mix is constructed on computer, more in the way you would create a film score than a DJ mix. Yet every track is vinyl, with Kieran cutting acetates of all his own music for the mix, to ensure that the sound quality and vibe is consistent. It’s then mastered with no cleaning or leveling, to retain the hiss, pop and crackle of the wax. It’s these slightly obsessive details that highlight why we have this Four Tet mix. For Kieran, to do anything in these days of overload – especially of DJ mixes, there must be a purpose, something unique to offer, and it’s these details that are so crucial to him. We hope that you delve deep into the music and take as much pleasure from this trip as we do.

This mix is not about my DJing. It’s about London and Fabric and nights out and my take on all that. The memories and the influences. I used old and new music, I used recordings of Fabric, and I made new tracks of my own for it. I hope people play it fucking loud and lose their minds in it and remember or imagine what it’s all about.”
– Four Tet

artist: Four Tet
title: FABRICLIVE 59.
label: Fabric Records, UK.
date: 19.09.11 (18.10.11 USA)


01 Intro
02 Michel Redolfi – Immersion Partielle [INA-GRM]
03 Crazy Bald Heads – First Born [On-Tick]
04 Persian – Feel Da Vibe [Same People]
05 KH – 101112 [unreleased]
06 Youngstar (Musical Mob) – Pulse X [Inspired Sounds]
07 Crazy Bald Heads – First Born (Four Tet Remix) [unreleased]
08 Floating Points – Sais (Dub) [Eglo]
09 Apple – Mr Bean [Appsolute]
10 Manitoba (Caribou) – Webers [Leaf]
11 Big Bird – Flav (Urban Myths Remix) [Nice n Ripe]
12 Genius – Waiting [Kronik]
13 Four Tet – Fabric [unreleased]
14 David Borden – The Continuing Story Of Counterpoint, Part Nine [David Borden]
15 STL – Dark Energy [Something]
16 Percussions – Percussions One [unreleased]
17 C++ – Angie’s Fucked [Music For Freaks]
18 Burial – Street Halo [Hyperdub]
19 KMA – Cape Fear [KMA]
20 WK7 – Higher Power [Power House]
21 Ricardo Villalobos – Sieso [Cadenza]
22 Four Tet – Pyramid [Text]
23 Red Rack’em – How I Program [Bergerac]
24 Active Minds – Hobson’s Choice (Tune For Da Man Dem) [white]
25 Armando Gallop & Steve Poindexter – Blackholes [Muzique]
26 Outro
27 Four Tet – Locked [Text]

Glimpse new album ‘Runner’

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Glimpse ‘Runner’

Format: Artist Album
Label: Crosstown Rebels
Released: 24th May 2010
Distribution: Kompakt
Cat no: CRMCD010

One of the most eagerly anticipated and prolific producers of the moment, Glimpse, releases his debut album on Crosstown Rebels.

Glimpse’s album ‘Runner’ is a truly inspiring, superb album that weaves elements of jazz and soul with house and techno to create something wholly innovative and mesmerising. Already hotly tipped by DJ Mag and Mixmag, Glimpse’s album ‘Runner’ is an amazing body of work that is sure to become one of the albums of the year.

Glimpse is a DJ and producer’s favourite, a true innovator who is able to explore and master various genres in his own inimitable style. Blurring the distinctions of traditional genres, he appeals to even the most obstinate listeners through his tireless dedication to continual reinvention. His debut studio album is a beguiling, heady mix of house music drawing on the true essence of its rudimentary influences to produce an album of true magic.

‘Runner’ is the conclusion of a decade of production for Glimpse. Touching on the experimental improvisation of jazz, with the endless spiraling loops and fluid instrumental solos of ‘Feel OK’ and ‘I Know I Show It’, while flirting with the purity of world music in the ethnic outcries of ‘Alone Again’, and the marimba driven opener ‘Walk Tall’.
A new album version of the single release, ‘If I Was Your Girl’, comes decked with opulent vocal harmonies and compliments the subsequent energy-charged ‘Things To Do In Denver’, both scored with a rough and urban edge. Still rooted in the underground, ‘Runner’ concludes with the dubby electronica cuts, ‘Enjoyable Employable’, and the crackling sparks of ‘Thank You’, before the mystical terrain of ‘Train In Austria’ proclaims the final curtain.

“I have always been drawn to the smokey lo-fi aesthetic of old recordings. This was something I wanted to capture on the album, warm and rhythmical but never abrasive or intrusive and hopefully something that you will want to come back to,” explained Glimpse on retrospection of the project, “As an artist it’s very important to me to be as honest as possible when I produce and I wanted to show people my influences and portray exactly the way I feel about music on the album, aiming to narrow the gulf between thought and expression.” Burning with fire in its soul, ‘Runner’ intends to restructure the essence of house music.

Christopher Spero (AKA Glimpse) has been bubbling gently amidst the waves of the underground dance scene for the past few years, with records released on Carl Craig’s Planet E, Cadenza, Kindisch and Buzzin Fly last year alone. Preferring more traditional production techniques, he uses only analogue equipment and records most of his tracks live, editing only afterwards, thus giving his music a more improvised quality. “The process in which I work in the studio has always been paramount to the end product. When I started the album I was experimenting with sampling again and I decided to sample in a more traditional sense, leaving the tails and imperfections in.”
His sound is hugely influenced by his early obsessions with blues and jazz music, represented by the classic soulful spirit captured in his music. Concocted during his move from London to Berlin and back again, Glimpse’s debut studio album, ‘Runner’, also bookended the start of his own family. “Many of the background sounds on the album are field recordings made while on tour or from Berlin or Ladbroke Grove where I now live. It became very important to stamp my environment and current situation on tracks. With ‘Runner’ I want people listening to feel in some way the music or situation that inspired me, whether that be a train journey, lo-fi electronica, jazz, pop, dub, techno or a Single Malt whiskey.”
Christopher studied sculpture at Central Saint Martin’s art college until 2000, but with music in his heart, he made it his focus and has spent subsequent years fine-tuning his skills, experimenting under different aliases (Attic, Olek, and Spero), and creating his own Glimpse Recordings, with a policy to release solely his own output. He gained a loyal following in Japan early on, where they picked up on his intricate abilities, and Europe and America have begun to follow suit over the past few years. ‘Runner’ marks the point where the world will, quite rightly, direct Glimpse some major attention.
Glimpse – ‘Runner’

Walk Tall
If I Was Your Girl
Things To Do In Denver
Alone Again
New Beginnings
Feel OK
I Know I Show It
Enjoyable Employable
Train In Austria


5th Feb – Brighton – England
6th Feb – London – England
13th Feb – Brussels – Belgium
19th Feb – Florence – Italy
20th Feb – Sheffield – England
26th Feb – Madrid – Spain
27th Feb – Fabric – London
5th March – Rome – Italy
6th March – Newcastle
12th March – Tokyo – Japan
13th March – Osaka – Japan
20th March – Belfast – Ireland
23rd March – Air London Show – Miami – USA
24th March – DJ Mag Party – Miami – USA
27th March – Crosstown Party – Miami – USA
27th March – Boat Showcase – Miami – USA
1st April – Lisbon – Portugal
3rd April – York – England
18th April – Aberdeen – Scotland
24th April – Esenada – Mexico
27th April – Monteal – Canada
30th April – Chicago – USA
1st May – Juarez – Mexico
7th May – Berlin – Germany (Watergate)
14th May – Vienna – Austria
30th May – Space Opening (Ibiza)
5th June – Paris – France
17 June – Nagoya (Japan)
26th June – Gdanask – Poland
28th June – Space (Ibiza)
3rd July – Air London – England
11th August – Space (Ibiza)
18th August – Space (Ibiza)
25th August – Space (Ibiza)
29th September – Space (Ibiza)


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