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Acid Pauli – ‘Mst’ (Clown & Sunset (CS009))

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The first time I met Acid Pauli, I didn’t know it. I was in search of a lighter outside of the Salon Zur Wilden Renate, a bar in Berlin. It was quite late (or early, depending on how you look at it). I had been living in Germany for less than a week.

I approached a man that had been moving some equipment nearby. He didn’t smoke, he explained, but he produced a book of matches—- almost out of thin air. He had excited, Romanesque features that threatened to overwhelm his face as he spoke. He introduced himself as Martin.

I moved to Berlin after quitting my job as a journalist covering culture for an inconsequential (albeit progressive) Middle Eastern magazine. Days after I left the region, the first protests began in Tunisia.

I visited Renate that week because Nicolas Jaar recommended it when we met in London around Christmas time. When I mentioned that I might move to Germany, he brought up Acid Pauli– which is how I first found out about his Johnny Cash interpretation, “I See a Darkness,” and some of his other projects with The Notwist.

A few nights later, I returned to Renate, observing from afar as Acid gently wrangled th­e dance floor. His set activated a space that was both free flowing and eclectic– the opposite of what I had expected (however ignorantly) to find in Berlin.

I tracked Acid down after he finished playing and introduced myself properly this time. Eventually, he explained that he had just completed an album for Clown & Sunset. He called it Mst. After pleading with him to let me listen, he handed over a miniature mirror that doubled as a USB drive.

It was an appropriate medium for an album that acts reflexively. Each of the nine tracks coaxes your attention, and then plays with it like the hall of mirrors in a funhouse. Songs accelerate or breakdown without warning, before leaping right back into the rhythm or alternating into a new one. Acid Pauli’s voice never appears, and so you substitute your own internal monologue—- whether you’re waltzing to “(La voz) tan tierna” or weeping to “Eulogy to Eunice.”

I saw Acid Pauli a handful more times that spring before he began touring with Nico. And despite our conversations about the album, it was not until months later that I realized Acid isn’t trying to tell stories with his work. His aim is more holistic than that. Mst extends the atmospherics past the dance floor, refracting the idiosyncrasies of our existence back into our everyday lives. (Lola Marie-Saint,New York,December, 2011)

Label: Clown & Sunset
Cat no: CS009
Released: Monday June 18th, 2012


  1. Open
  2. A Clone Is A Clone
  3. Palomitastep
  4. Equation of Time
  5. (La Voz) tan Tierna
  6. Requiem for a Loop
  7. Mutron Melody
  8. Eulogy to Eunice
  9. Close


May 28, GER-Konstanz, Kantine

June 6th, GER, Munich, Rote Sonne

June 8th, PT, Lisbon, Lux

June 12th GER, Berlin (Kater Holzig) (with Nu)

June 15th ES, Barcelona, Moog

June 17th ES, Barcelona, tbc

June 30th I-Torino, Movement Festival

July 6th  GER, Munich, Rote Sonne

July 12th GER, Berlin, Kater Holzig

July 20th CH-Zurich, Zukunft

July 22nd GER-Berlin, Nation of Gondwana (with Nu)

July 28th NL-Amsterdam, Welcome to the future (with Nu)

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Nicolas Jaar’s label Clown & Sunset pres.-‘Inés’ out December 6th, 2010

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Nicolas Jaar’s label Clown & Sunset houses a refreshing array of leftfield musical artifacts in ‘inés’ LP, packaged on a special limited edition USB media stick. Nothing short of genius, this treasure features new faces Nikita Quasim, Soul Keita and the young prodigy Nicolas Jaar himself.

Nicolas Jaar is breaking all the rules and providing a new soundtrack to late nights and early mornings. He has quickly attained a collective wave of respect and admiration in recent times for his quirky, downtempo take on electronic music. Finding favour with everyone from the Guardian newspaper to Resident Advisor, its hard to find many who aren’t salivating for his ‘musical’ take on the genre.

‘Inés’ LP preempts Nico’s debut artist album (out January 2011 on Circus Company) as a home for some of his most eclectic and wonderful live recordings. The number of productions he has created out number ten times his 20 years and this project is a personal quest of which he holds full control, introducing some young and gifted voices in the package from far-flung corners of the globe. Sold in the rare format of a USB media stick as well as digitally, ‘Inés’ is brought to the world on his own flourishing Clown & Sunset label, which has since only released original productions from Jaar.

The LP has an organic nature with hints of mysticism within its rumbling embryonic textures – passionate and often defiant in its predisposition to awaken the senses. Ripe with sentiment, ‘Inés’ has an innate hunger to challenge the view that electronic music is void of emotion.

This collection is an accessible and pioneering take on contemporary dancefloor music, from the fizzing embers of Nico’s ‘Dubliners’ to the jagged reverberations of Nikita’s ‘Freshmen Year’ and the raw harmonies of Soul Keita’s ‘Dusties N 808s’, through to inspiring collaborations from this revolutionary collective. A fearless and intuitive voice forms through the LP, concocting new light in its approach.

Nikita Quasim started making music on the day of her mother’s 40th birthday.  She was only 11 years old. Not knowing what to give her, she recorded the sound of her laundry machine with imovie, unable to find any other program that could layer sounds. She ended up creating a dense 10 minute weaving of household chaos. Of Russian and Afghan descent came this Cagian prodigy, who is now only 19 years old and ‘Inés’ is her voyage of discovery.

Soul Keita is only 17 years old and resides in his hometown of Addis Ababa. This Ethiopian national considers Mulatu Astatke his spiritual father. He works solely with a dusty 808 and traditional Ethiopian instruments in order to create melancholic folk house.

Nicolas Jaar was born in NY but quickly relocated to Santiago de Chile in the 90s only to come back to his birth place as a teenager. Haunted by Mulatu Astatke and Erik Satie, Nico started to make organic electronic music in 2004 at the age of 14. Now 20, studying Comparative Literature at Brown University, Nico has released on Circus Company, Wolf + Lamb, Bpitch, Get Physical and on his own label, Clown and Sunset, of which he is the owner and founder.

Label: Clown & Sunset
Cat no:
Distribution: USBs from Phonica / various digital stores
Released: Monday December 6th, 2010


01. Nicolas Jaar – Tribute to My Mother
02. Nikita Quasim – Freshmen Year
03. Nicolas Jaar – Dubliners
04. Soul + Nico feat. Nicolas Jaar – Goin’ Bad 
05. Soul Keita – Dusties n 808s
06. Soul Keita – Don’t Believe the Hype
07. Nikita Quasim – Can’t Go to Cuba
08. Clown n’ Sunset Collective – Her String
09. Nicolas Jaar – Love You Gotta Lose again
10. Soul Keita – Don’t Believe the Hype

Nicolas Jaar Tour Dates
10.12.10        london, uk / camp
11.12.10        paris, fr          rex
16.12.10        tel aviv – is TBC
18.12.10        brussels, be
19.12.10        manchester, uk / spektrum
29.01.11        amsterdam, nl / trouw
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Nicolas Jaar preps Clown & Sunset compilation

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Musical prodigy Nicolas Jaar will release a 10-track compilation through his fledgling Clown & Sunset imprint later this year.
 The digital-only release, entitled Ines, will feature Jaar’s own work alongside that of two other obscenely talented young producers, namely 17 year old Soul Keita and 20 year old Quasim.

Jaar alluded to the compilation in a recent interview with Juno Plus, saying “Clown and Sunset is the way for me to be independent and put out the music that I feel should not be on either Wolf + Lamb or Circus Company”. He described Soul Keita and Quasim as “two kids who are really young like me – no one knows them – making very beautiful music”.

Despite his tender years, Jaar has already shown a great deal of maturity and diversity in his productions, and one expects this 10 track release to offer the listener plenty of musical depth.

Ines is due for release in November – check out the full tracklisting below.


1. Nicolas Jaar – Tribute to My Mother
2. Nikita Quasim – Freshmen Year
3. Nicolas Jaar – Dubliners
4. Soul + Nico feat. Nicolas Jaar – Goin’ Bad
5. Soul Keita – Dusties n 808s
6. Soul Keita – Don’t Believe the Hype
7. Nikita Quasim – Can’t Go to Cuba
8. Clown n’ Sunset Collective – Her String
9. Nicolas Jaar – Love You Gotta Lose Again
10. Soul Keita – Don’t Believe the Hype

(Juno report)