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Pat Lezizmo – At The End (Album Teaser)

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Pat Lezizmo - At The EndPat Lezizmo releases his debut album ‘At The End’ on 15th August through Conya Records. The Belgian has impressed with his EP releases and has subsequently built up a discography including music for Smooth Agent, Groovetraxx, Midi Mood RecordsNeglected Grooves and Conyagaining fans along the way including Lars Behrenroth, Robert Owens, Matt Masters, Allan Nicol and Fish Go Deep.

Conya Records

Cat-No.: CONYALP001
Format: Digital Download
Release Date: 15th of August 2013

Artist: Pat Lezizmo
Album Title: At The End

1. Equinox (with Miss Ann-P & Henri Kohn)
2. Redlights
3. Macumba Blues
4. Cafe Con Leche (Interlude)
5. Volle Maan
6. In Transit
7. Blue Skyline (Interlude)
8. Night Cycling
9. Jaki Funk (Interlude) (Miss Ann-P & Henri Kohn on da Phone)
10. Funk Me (with Miss Ann-P & Henri Kohn)
11. Get Off
12. Market Fever (Interlude)
13. Es Vedra
14. Vagabonds (with Miss Ann-P & Henri Kohn)
15. At The End

After a series of big EP’s Belgian artist Pat Lezizmo is ready to drop his first full album, called ‘At The End’, on Conya Records.

‘At The End’ contains 15 tracks which are definitely electronic and deep but also very intimate and organic. The album’s blue print was made during a recent trip through Europe that took Pat from London and Berlin to Biarritz, San Sebastian and more exotic places like Ibiza and Tarifa. The songs on the album are inspired by the places visited during Pat’s journey. A few soundscapes recorded on-site invite you to join him on his trip, from a walk in a park in Berlin to the bustling marketplace in Tarifa.

It’s also the first time Pat worked closely together with Miss Ann-P and Henri Kohn in the creation of the 3 vocal songs ‘Equinox’, ‘Funk Me’ and ‘Vagabonds’.