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Free MRK1 Download – Future Dubstep:04

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MRK1 launches his hotly anticipated new DJ mixed compilation “Future Dubstep 04” featuring monster dubstep anthems from the likes of Kiss FM’s DJ Hatcha, Crazy D, Cotti, Rebel Sonix, Chimpo and Kissy Sell Out favourites Jeuce, with underground rising stars like iBenji (supported by Rusko), Eshone and Sashaslay. RMS ft Soho – Cold (Hatcha & Lost Remix) even picked up a prime time spin on BBC Radio 1 from Mistajam!

Following on from the ferocious success of Future:Dubstep:03 – our biggest selling album of the year 2010 – MRK1 returns with another slammin selection of the finest Dubstep cuts from some of the scene’s strongest production talents.



1. MRK1 – Home
2. EshOne – First
3. Stenchman – Purple Cow
4. Distinction – Bionic Bug
5. Magic Mash – Beat Bass
6. Ellenyi – Life Turned Up Loud (Hatcha & Lost Remix)
7. MRK1 – Thriller
8. The Str8jackets feat MC Chickaboo – Move and Rock (Vibeizm Dub)
9. MC Flipside – Candy Coated (Vibeizm Dub)
10. Fonzerelli ft Ellenyi – Moonlight Party (Super Hoo Men Remix)
11. Tim Ismag – Body
12. MRK1 – Cardiac Arrest
13. Trowa – Black Pyramid
14. R.I.O. – What If (MRK1 Remix)
15. Sluggo – I Get Violent (Itchy Robot Remix)
16. MRK1 – Sizzler
17. MRK1 – Move Your Soul
18. Ellenyi – I Don’t Know Your Name (Vibeizm Dub)
19. RMS – Cold (Hatcha & Lost Remix)
20. Jeuce – Play (MRK1 Remix)
21. Rebel Sonix – Turkish Delight
22. Ellenyi – Life Turned Up Loud (Vibeizm Dub)
23. Cotti vs Crazy D – Believe Me Not
24. Sashaslay – Anthem Dogs
25. Cut and Splice – Spend the Night (Vibeizm Remix)
26. iBenji – Broken Box
27. Grimejah – Keep Strong
28. Chimpo – Fling Out Ya Limbs
29. Hypes – Onit (Requake Remix)

Cotti Presents “Sum Ting New” Dubstep Compilation+free promotional mix

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Cotti presents the debut Dubstep Compilation album, featuring special guest vocal Performances from Skepta(BBK), Badness, PMoney, Jammer, Goldielocks, Big NArstie, Lil narsty & Doctor. Featuring tracks and performances from (SUMTING NEW members) Cotti, Coki, CrazyD, Killa P, MR Party, iRah, Euby, Raggs, Enme, Breezy, 2Nice, Lady Destiny, Mega.M, Bowsie, Ashman, Standard Procedure & DP.

After spending over a year in the studio workin with various UK artists and producers, Acclaimed DUBSTEP producer, Cotti (“I Don’t Give a Dub” “Calm Down” & “Rise da Temperature”) brings the first Album Compilation from his collective -SUM TING NEW- A scene shifting selection of largely vocal based, Reggae/grime influenced urban electronic sounds with various tracks featuring live electric guitar played by his dad Bowsie who is also part of the collective.
Including tracks supported by Skream, Mistajam (Radio1), Caspa, Rusko, Joker, Ras Kwame (1xtra), Mary Anne Hobbs (Radio1), Hatcha (Kiss100), Jez Welham (Kiss100) & Logan Sama (Kiss100).

01 Nitemare [coki v cotti] Ft. Skepta badness, lil narsty, 2nice & Mr Party
02 Eva sax dub [cotti] Ft. Raggs
03 Groove on [coki v cotti] Ft. Mr Party
04 Calm Down remix [cotti] Ft. Doctor, Jammer, P Money, Mr Party, Cotti
05 Back room [cotti] Ft. lady destiny, Irah
06 Guns get u knowhere [cotti] Ft. Irah, Killa P
07 You guys [cotti] Ft. Mr Party, DP, Mega.m, Breezy, Cotti
08 Dem Bwoy [cotti v crazyd v enme] Ft. Cotti, Killa P, Mr Party & Breezy
09 Stand mi ground [cotti] ft Cotti, Badness & Bowsie
10 Around da world [cotti v irah] Ft. irah, Crazy D
11 My Lady [cotti] Ft. 2nice, Cotti & Bowsie
12 Mash a Set [euby] Ft. Cotti, Mr Party, irah , Crazy D
13 The Show [cotti] Ft. Goldielocks, Big Narstie, Breezy, Ashman, mega.m, Cotti
14 Skankers [standard procedure] Ft. Cotti, Crazy D
15 Too many guns REMIX [coki v cotti] Ft. iRah & Bowsie

Forthcoming CD & Digital on SUMTING NEW Records – Release Date TBC

Free Promotional mix HERE ,featuring a few tracks from the cd Mixed by Cotti & hosted by Crazy D & iRah.


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