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Future Disco Vol. 6 Night Moves

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Future_Disco_06_Future Disco welcomes in the New Year and a new age with its sixth episode, ‘Night Moves’. After more than half a decade of procuring and presenting their worldwide events and music series that forecast the ultimate in dancefloor magicit has become the ultimate chaperon into aural addictions.

Pitching the talents of current virtuosos against rising stars, ‘Night Moves’trawls definitive releases from as yet unknown artists and frames music that is familiar from the first listen.

Miguel Campbell opens the collection with ‘Not That Kind Of Girl’, a fresh Daft Punk inspired cut from his recent Hot Creations albumNeedwant talent Mario Basanov follows with his remix of the Motor CitySoul synth villain, ‘Playground’ and PBR Streetgang’s Bonar Bradberry, who is a staple for the Future Disco series, pays homage to early disco with the captivating ‘Loose Grip’, a tactile record ripe with boogie flavour.

Newcomers Monte and Lazaro Casanova both step up to the task with bass-infused rhythms and sharp snares marking where the night begins to deepen in intensity. An exclusive Future Disco edit of a/jus/ted melts the mood with chiming rhythms and 90s inspired vocals before the biggest artists on the project Groove Armada slow things down with a bomb set deep in the underground, ‘Always Take Me Higher’.

‘Night Moves’ highlights the rise of the females in 2012 with cuts from Laura Jones’ Love In Me’ (remixed by perhaps the most successful artist of the year, Maceo Plex) alongside Crosstown Rebels latest talent  Francesca Lombardo and the notorious Kim Ann Foxmann’s with her huge Needwant release ‘Return It’. Each made big waves in 2012 and are set to climb higher with album projects lined up in 2013.

Crazy P’s epic anthem ‘Heartbreaker’ climbs to the pinnacle of the party and exclusive tracks from Cosmic Kids and Satin Jackets steer it to a fulfilling conclusion.

‘Night Moves’ illuminates that the Future Disco flair for handpicking talent continues to mature, as it maps out an enticing ride into a night full of desire and pursuit.

Future Disco spent the summer of 2012 in Ibiza holding a residency at the biggest event on the island, Carl Cox at Space. They regularly host events at worldwide destinations such as Amsterdam and Helsinki, and are a bona fide tastemaker in a saturated musical landscape.

Label: Needwant
Cat no: NEEDCD010
Distribution: Above Board
Released: Monday March 4th, 2013


  1. Miguel Campbell – Not That Kind Of Girl
  2. MotorCitySoul – Playground (Mario Basanov Vocal Remake)
  3. Bonar Bradberry – Loose Grip
  4. Monte – True
  5. Lazaro Casanova – Morning Confession
  6. Grey Matter – Tisno
  7. A/Just/Ted – A Brighter Light (Future Disco Edit)
  8. Groove Armada – Always Take Me Higher
  9. Laura Jones – Love In Me (Maceo Plex Remix)
  10. Kim Ann Foxman – Return It (Populette Remix)
  11. Francesca Lombardo – Sofiel
  12. Crazy P – Heartbreaker
  13. Cosmic Kids – Freight To My Soul
  14. Satin Jackets – Make Me Feel Good
  15. Marius Varied – Vallefaret
  16. Flight Facilities – Clair de Lune

 For more info on Future Disco


Future Disco Presents: Poolside Sounds(Listen Mini Mix)

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Future Disco takes a well-deserved summer holiday and invites us poolside for its side series Poolside Sounds. Future Disco’s Poolside Sounds guides you through those long hot summer days, where the parties begin early and finish late. Taking you from lounging by the pool under the clear blue sky to sundown house, perfect for any laidback occasion, this is set to be the essential summer soundtrack which features amazing artists such as Maya Jane Coles, Lovebirds, The 2 Bears, The Rapture, Yacht, Crazy P and many more.

Since it’s first release four years ago Future Disco has achieved a cult following across the world of music and fashion. Awarded iTunes album of the year 2009, Future Disco have crafted a winning formula exploring the boundaries of contemporary house and disco music over five inspired mixes. While the traditional series maps the current trends and sounds of dancefloor’s worldwide, the sixth addition to the Future Disco family is designed as the ultimate summer listen.

Poolside Sounds carefully selects the hottest artists and remixes on the planet for the mix whilst making sure each one has that unique poolside feel. Big album artists such as the 2 Bears, The Rapture and Crazy P, sit alongside huge dance acts such as Maya Jane Coles, Lovebirds and Flight Facilities and combine to create a seamless mix of the finest house and disco. The aim of the album is to capture the atmosphere of a hot day by the pool and lead the listener through sunset and into the night. The tempos rise and the party gets started, and this is the perfect mix to start or end the night with.

Thus Poolside Sounds is the perfect soundtrack to the summer and brings another dimension and fan base to the Future Disco story, which continues to go from strength to strength with another summer residency on the sunset terrace at Space in Ibiza 2012 and its ongoing monthly radio show. Outside of its Ibiza residency Future Disco throws events at some of the world’s most lauded party spots including Ministry of Sound, xxx and Croatia’s Garden Festival, performing with such heavyweights as Greg Wilson, Crazy P and xxx.

Future Disco Presents: Poolside Sounds
Various Artists

Format:2 x CD
Label:Needwant Recordings
Catalog No:NEEDCD008
Release date:12 Aug 2012 (USA)

Tracklist – Mixed
01. The White Lamp – It’s You (Ron Basejam Remix)
02. Soho808 – Get Up Disco
03. Yacht – Psychic City (Classixx Remix)
04. Poolside – Do You Believe?
05. Rampi Feat. Miss Bee– Feel It Burn (Ray Mang Remix)
06. Jeremy Glenn – New Life (Perseus Summer Of 83 Remix)
07. Bonar Bradberry – You Were Away
08. Lovebirds Feat. Stee Downes – Want You In My Soul
09. Mam – Crushed Ice
10. The Rapture – Sail Away (Cosmic Kids Remix)
11. The Mekanism – Can’t Believe
12. Flight Facilities – Foreign Language Feat. Jess (Will Saul & Tam Cooper Remix)
13. Crazy P – Changes (Mario Basanov Remix)
14. Maya Janes Coles – The High Life
15. The 2 Bears – Bearhug (Maxxi Soundsystem Remix)
16. Robag Wruhme – Donnerkuppel
17. Lula Circus – Fake Blood True Wound
18. Mario Basanov – We Are Child Of Love (The Mekanism Remix)

Tracklist – Unmixed
01. The White Lamp – It’s You (Ron Basejam Remix)
02. Poolside – Do You Believe?
03. Jeremy Glenn – New Life (Perseus Summer Of 83 Remix)
04. Lovebirds Feat. Stee Downes – Want You In My Soul
05. Mam – Crushed Ice
06. The Mekanism – Can’t Believe
07. Flight Facilities – Foreign Language Feat. Jess (Will Saul & Tam Cooper Remix)
08. Crazy P – Changes (Mario Basanov Remix)
09. The 2 Bears – Bearhug (Maxxi Soundsystem Remix)
10. Robag Wruhme – Donnerkuppel
11. Mario Basanov – We Are Child Of Love (The Mekanism Remix)

Future Disco Volume 5 Downtown Express Compiled & Mixed by Sean Brosnan

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Marking the year where disco reached the masses and bore many new offshoots and fusions, the award-winning Future Disco series celebrates with its fifth episode ‘Downtown Express’ carefully crafted by Sean Brosnan.

In 2011 disco became yet more engulfed into its musical siblings. Its intrinsic sounds were in a constant state of flux, typical of the ever-changing beast dance music. The new breed of disco brought the arrival of basslines from artists such as Maxxi Soundsystem and Maceo Plex and further merged it with contemporary house music.

‘Downtown Express’ is a celebration of this that goes the distance to champion the best releases from a sea of new talent to embrace the genre such as David August, Benoit & Sergio and Tiger & Woods, who were all equally as likely to break records on traditional disco labels as they were techno imprints such as Visionquest, Crosstown Rebels and Hot Creations in 2011. These records broke the existing rules, bringing samples and elements from disco roots with their own current interpretation, in line with the Future Disco established vision.

The Future Disco series is a barometer for new and future sounds, mapping connections and hinting at where the key artists are headed in relation to the wider musical movement. Joining the dots between the year’s biggest pop stars Metronomy, to new faces such as Mano Le Tough, and established artists alongside those are reaching fever pitch includingMaceo Plex.  

‘Downtown Express’ is a powerful 80s boogie electronic trip engulfing all on a non stop late night party vibe. As ever, Future Disco brings together key tracks and future hits such as Miguel Campbell Something Special’ (Best Track DJ Mag Best Of British Awards), alongside unheard cuts from Maxxi Soundsystem ‘There’s No Love’ and his remix of Bonar Bradberry.

The mix revisits staple artists that the series gave early recognition to and have gone on to become big talents including Crazy P and Tensnake, as well as young burgeoning talent from the Needwant family, Bonar Bradberry and Mario Basanov in his epic Metronomy remix.

Now a global brand synonymous with style and substance, the Future Disco residencies continue to grow at Space in Ibiza and Ministry Of Sound in London while their one off events are gaining momentum across Asia, America and Europe. Their monthly radio show is still perceived as a voice for breaking new records to its expanding diverse audience.

Label: Needwant
Cat no: NEEDCD007
Distribution: Above Board
Released: Tuesday February 21st, 2012


  1. Moon Boots – Off My Mind
  2. Crazy P present The Syndromes – The Hit
  3. Miguel Campbell – Something Special
  4. Tensnake – Need Your Lovin (Tiger & Woods Remix)
  5. Maxxi Soundsystem – There’s No Love
  6. Cosmic Kids – Reginalds Groove (Classixx remix)
  7. Bonar Bradberry – Lip Therapy (Maxxi Soundsystem Remix)
  8. David August – On My Mind
  9. TJ Kong & Nuno Dos Santos – Something Happened (Pitto Instrumental Remix)
  10. Metronomy – Corrine (Mario Basanov Remix)
  11. Benoit & Sergio – Principles
  12. Mano Le Tough – Those Lights Are Lives
  13. DJ T. – City Life feat. Cari Golden (Maceo Plex Remix)
  14. The Gathering – In My System (Revenge Remix)
  15. Mario Basanov – We Are Child Of Love (Mario’s ReDub)
  16. Rewards – Equal Dreams feat. Solange Knowles
  17. Joakim – Find A Way (Soul Clap Floating Mix)
  18. Penguin Prison – Multi Millionaire (Prince Language Instrumental Remix)

Future Disco is spearheaded by Sean Brosnan, who adds an element of delicacy and intricate craftsmanship to each episode, resulting in a discerning fusion that is indistinguishable in style and nods to the past while hinting at the future. Available in mixed and unmixed format, this episode is suitable for novices as much as avid collectors.

Future Disco has mapped the reemergence of the disco phenomena over its five year history. Garnering titles such as iTunes compilation of the year, it is a voice for anyone seeking knowledge, comfort and pleasure from a genre that has come to eclipse not only a style, but also a desire to dance.

Artwork to replace Martyn when Bloc comes to In:Motion

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Due to unforseen and impossible circumstances Martyn has had to cancel his appearance at Bloc as part of In:Motion on the 25th November.

However, to replace him we welcome Artwork. Along with Skream and Benga Artwork is the third member of the mighty Magnetic Man, who have been dubbed the first half step super group. He also part owned the prestigious Big Apple records in Croydon, one of London´s surburbs which saw garage mutate into dubstep.

As Magnetic Man they perform using three computers, one playing drum samples, one playing basses and the third playing leads and samples. Artwork controls the master laptop, to which the other two are synchronised via Midi. Their sets usually consist of a mix of original tracks produced together, and live remixes of Benga and Skream´s tracks. Artwork will be playing alongside Joker, Nathan Fake, James Holden, 2562 plus many more.


As the English winter dictates the end of the UK festival season, Motion’s solid structure resumes play indoors letting the spirit of the summer blossom into the winter months.

Nearing the calibre of festival status in scale, sound and energy, Motion continue their expansion into yet more areas of the huge sprawling skate park, with warrens leading to multiple separate spaces, all hosting their own unique party.  Their ever-increasing loyal fan base and extensive line-ups are being pushed even further into the double warehouse, as well as outside in the car park, which comes equipped with food court, heated seating area and photo-booth. With each turn you can get more lost in Motion’s wondrous world of entertainment and outstanding music.

November sees the Field Day team take the magic of the festival and transport it through the night to the raw and vast confines of Bristol’s Motion.  After delivering a sterling line-up this summer in London’s Victoria Park, they hand pick the best for their In:Motion date, where we can witness DJ sets from Friendly FiresErol Alkan and Glaswegian electro whizz kid Hudson Mohawke.

Over the last few years, The BLOC Weekend annual festival has become a compulsory destination for electronic music fans.  No other UK festival so vigorously and variously reaps the vanguard of underground dance music past and present quite like they do. Last year they invited down dirty bird Claude Vonstroke and Andrew Weather to fill Motion’s Tunnel, with his unique and compelling musical selection. Destined to better themselves from last year, they bring dubstep prodigy Joker, hot off the heels of releasing his album ‘The Vision’ and Border Community Nathan Fake, for a festival sized line-up in an inner city club.

Sven Vath’s Cocoon are to techno what light is to fire. They continue to touch thousands of people across every continent with their inimitable brand and unfaltering shows. With weekly parties at Amnesia during the Ibiza season, Love Family Park, Green & Blue festivals and Cocoon in the Park, Cocoon are becoming synonymous with huge scaling events with immaculate production. One of Europe’s leading labels, they bring German duo Tiefschwarz alongside Shonkyand Dyed Soundorom from the French contingent, all heading to the West Country to bring the magic of Cocoon to Bristol for one night only.

Futureboogie join up with the prestigious Red Bull Music Academy and exude a festival feel with live shows from Crazy P and Henrik Schwarz, plus a back room hosted by London’s disco mafiaHorse Meat Disco. Ramping things up on the production side are Just Jack, who for their Halloween show bring aerial artists, art installations, costume and make up stalls. Interactive character actors will be roaming and terrorising all night throughout the club, on the floor and hanging from the ceiling. The Gunpowder Plot on the 5th November brings an explosion of action with a firework display, bonfire and circus performers to add more flames to the fire.

Bristol In Motion continues to stage live music events throughout the winter months from October through to the end of December. Offering the finest in musical and performing talent from across the world to touch your heart, body and soul – eyes and ears.




Friday 18th November  ALL GONE PETE TONG: Pete Tong, Calvin Harris, Eats Everything, Retro/Grade, Deepgroove, Burns, Robert Dietz, Cesar Merveille, Waifs & Strays, Grahame Farmer Data Transmission & Farr Festival DJs.

Friday 25th November – BLOC: Subloaded, Joker, Artwork, 2562, Illum Sphere, James Holden, Nathan Fake, Fairmont Bloc: Jo Hart, Al Tourettes, Luke Vibert

Saturday 26th November  RBMA & FUTUREBOOGIE: Henrik Schwarz, Crazy P, Maya Jane-Coles, Julio Bashmore, Futureboogie DJs, Bonobo, Appleblim, Behling & Simpson, Horse Meat Disco, Lukas, Christophe

Friday 2nd December – HARDCORE HEAVEN: Darren Styles, Gamer, Evil Activities, DJ See, Call & Juice, Marc Smith, Kursk, Mark Eg, Klubfiller, Hixxy, Dougal, Mcs Storm, Whizzkid & Enemy

Saturday 3rd December – SHIT THE BEDFull Info Coming Soon

Friday 9th December – BEARDYMAN PRESENTS: Beardyman, Stanton, Warriors, Nu:Tone, Engine Earz Experiment, JFB, Captain Crunch & Stig Of The DumpTayo, Fabio, Zed Bias

Saturday 10th December – COCOON: Tiefschwarz Basti, Onur Ozer, Dinky, Guti, Gavin HerlihyDyed Soundorom, Shonky, Tom Rio & Dan WildKyle HallDave Little, Clare James, Matt Owen


The full line-ups can now be viewed on 

Crazy P announce new single, give away free download of Keep Shelley in Athens Remix

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Crazy P – Beatbox Remixes
2020 Vision Recordings
Released Dec 5th

Following the critically acclaimed success of their 5th album, When We OnCrazy P return with a new single,Beatbox, on December 5th. Released digitally and on 12” vinyl, Beatbox has now been remixed by some of the freshest producers around, PBR StreetgangBreach and Debukas.

With its titular breathy rhythms, funky bass, elegiac piano and strings and Danielle Moore’s incomparable yearning vocals Beatbox was one of the highlights of their recent long player, a modern disco classic.

Man of the moment Breach (aka Ben Westbeach) takes Beatbox deep into piano house territory, all cut up loops and jacking rhythms that suddenly explodes into a euphoric finale.

Glasgow’s Debukas has already made quite a name for himself with remixes for the likes of Spector and Wild Beasts and now cements his reputation as one to watch with a heavy Balearic remix, that turns the track into a dark leftfield pop gem.

Finally PBR Streetgang’s Bonar Bradberry and Tom Thorpe strip Beatbox right back to its rhythmic and vocal elements and deliver a late night dub that is sure to find favour on dark dancefloors the world over.



Download : Crazy P -Wecanonlybewhoweare (Keep Shelly In Athens mix)

We Love… Artist Portraits 01: Mat Playford out July 18th

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An Ibiza institution and worldwide musical family, We Love… create a new introspective album series for 2011 with their newest resident, Mat Playford at the helm for episode 1. A hybrid take on the traditional album format, ‘Artist Portrait’ spans two discs with the first housing entirely original material and the second a reflection of current musical inspirations. 

The Artist Portrait series aims to exhibit the musical innovation and diversity of We Love’s artists and provide the listener with something more considered than the average compilation mix. The first in the series comes from Mat Playford, a seasoned producer known for his old school approach to production, fervent keyboard skills and deep love of all things analogue. Mat recently constructed a custom-built keyboard and effects machine to showcase his elaborate live set for We Love… an endearing statement to his dedication and enthusiasm.

Disc one features nine original productions from Mat Playford and his alternate guise, Weirdo Police, his duo formed together with co-conspirator Tom Gray. Spanning the past six years of their time in the studio, these spacey creations include star vocalists such as Crazy P’s Danielle Moore (Can’t Reach) and Shelly Poole of Alisha’s Attic fame (Pretty Thing) as well as Mercury Music Prize winner, Talvin Singh on tabla (Kung Fu). A beguiling journey into the heart of Mat’s musical vision, these productions are dreamlike and evocative and sketch out more mature and discerning shades to his infamous previously seen live shows and known material. 

We Love… Artist Portraits 01: Mat Playford

Label: We Love Recordings
Cat no: WLR01
Distribution: Prime
Released: Monday July 18th, 2011


  1. Weirdo Police – Evidence
  2. Weirdo Police featuring Talvin Singh – Kung Fu
  3. Weirdo Police – Alfredo
  4. Weirdo Police featuring Danielle Moore – Can’t Reach
  5. Mat Playford – That Experience
  6. Mat Playford – Transmoog
  7. Weirdo Police – Luca
  8. Weirdo Police featuring Shelly Poole – Pretty Thing
  9. Weirdo Police – Barbican
  10. Weirdo Police – Missed Wish (Mat Playford’s Last Meteor Mix) (Social Problem)
  11. Ford Inc. – Delirium (Throne Of Blood)
  12. Salt City Orchestra – Downtime (Paper Recordings)
  13. Luca C Brigante and Ali love – Different Morals (Mat Playford Super Moon Rework) (Southern Fried)
  14. Joe Morris – Velocity Heights (Social Problem)
  15. Kerri Chandler & Christopher McCray – Heaven (Phil Asher’s Restless Soul Dub) (Mad House)
  16. Pariah – Prism (R&S Records)
  17. Mutiny – Deep Blue / Mason feat Roisin Murphy – Bodecia (Acapella) (Animal Language)
  18. Onionz – Chasing Death (Electric Soul)
  19. Mat Playford and Tim Deluxe – Back 2 The Rocket (Skint)
  20. Mat Playford – Analogue Tear (Intimacy music) / Salt City Orchestra – The Book (Acapella) (Paper Recordings)
  21. Tim Deluxe – Face The Music (Skint)

Mat Playford is a unique entity beholding bags of charisma and a style that shimmers with disco while incorporating the otherworldly dimensions of ambient cuts as well as sharp acidic bleeps and beats. Delivering a Balearic spirit in this project, his familiar intergalactic footprint is still etched throughout. Renowned for a superior level of production, this Artist Portrait only highlights his aptitude and old pop sensibilities while remaining true to his analogue roots.

“The early synth artists Jean Michelle Jar, Giorgio Moroder, Herbie Hancock, and Paul Hardcastle have shaped me – they have so much more feeling and harmonics. The main basis of my sound in the studio is inspired by 80s synths. I have owned over 30 in my time and I´ve had this obsession since I was around 5 years old!” explains Mat of his approach to music. “I think stuff like this runs really deep into your system. They say you don´t have a conscious mind until you’re 7 years of age and up until that point your subconscious is just a sponge sucking up information and influences around you. When I was very young two of my uncles owned crazy keyboards. Also a huge influence was my mother´s dance studio in the early 80s where I actually played the music, both vinyl and tape, in her aerobic classes.”

Mat Playford makes original and frequently obscure choices for disc two including collaborations with close friends and musical peers, Paul Woolford (as Ford Inc) and Tim Deluxe.I didn’t want it to be too obvious, I’m a musical person so I always try to make more considered choices.“ Exclusive tracks on the mix include Mat’s rework of Luca C Brigante featuring Ali Love, Mutiny and Joe Morris, soon to be released on Playford’s own Social Problem label. The result is an elegant and radiant blend, rich in musicality that will stand the test of time. “The compilation came about from Mark Broadbent’s belief in me and my sets at We Love… where I needed to constantly arm myself with new music.”

“Over the past 14 years we have had an incredible amount of talent pass through the doors of We Love… Space. We have dabbled with the now generic mix CDs and ultimately felt dissatisfied with the product due to one reason or another. When Mat Playford approached us with the collection of music that he had been working on I was immediately taken aback due to the fact that the music he now presented me with had only a slight resemblance to music that I had heard him playing on the terrace at We Love… I was sold, I love music in its many different styles and genres and this ticked a few boxes for me personally and showed us a way in which we could release an album giving proper and full support to an artist we believe in.” Mark Broadbent (Musical Director of We Love..Muzic) Summer 2011

We Love… has become Ibiza’s most iconic brand. Welcoming the biggest and most exciting musical talent through the doors of Space in over a decade on the island, it now has hold of the global dance music consciousness spreading its message at some of finest nightspots and festivals of the world. The new Artist Portrait series aims to divulge the musical ethos of the artists that are closest to its heart, reflecting both their work in the studio and persona in the club. Each body of work represents rather than defines the artist’s sound, capturing the essence of that artist’s output and creativity like a portrait at the time of composition.

30th May The loft, london
4th June Throne of blood, London 
12th June We Love.. Space
17th July We Love.. Space
14th Aug Portrait showcase (secret ibiza location)  
28th August SW4 festival (mat playford live set)
11th Sept (Weirdo Police live show)
more TBA  

Future Disco Vol 3 – City Heat (Needwant music)

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Future Disco Volume 3 ‘City Heat’

Compiled & Mixed by Sean Brosnan
 Format: Compilation
Label: Needwant
Released: 31st May 2010
Cat No: NEEDCD002
Distribution: Republic Of Music

After being named iTunes Dance Album of 2009, Future Disco returns with their third episode armed with a fresh round of modern disco bullets to fire up the day, and keep it alight well into the night.
Future Disco has become the staple choice for all music fans seeking a fresh and contemporary selection of rare and favoured tracks, indelibly mapping a new trend like no other. Volume 3 takes in hot creations from some of the freshest artists of the moment including Lindstrom & Christabelle, Greg Wilson, The Revenge, Holy Ghost and Todd Terje.
The Future Disco ethos is to bring together the very best in a burgeoning modern disco scene, no matter your musical persuasion capturing the imagination of the listener, and made for indulging in at any time. Following on from the debut ‘Future Disco – A Guide to 21st Century Disco’ and subsequent ‘The Extended Future Disco Mix’, ‘City Heat’ is a prelude to the summer, suitably timed as the current disco movement engulfs cities globally such as London, New York and Sydney. The passion and energy of ‘City Heat’ engages with an audience that have (or will soon become) smitten with the soundtrack of disco.
The entire mix is once again re-edited and carefully mixed by Sean Brosnan, who has created a completely unique excursion joining the musical dots between disco of the past, present and future.
‘Future Disco Volume 3 City Heat’ features unreleased and exclusive material such as Greg Wilson’s version of Ilija Rudman ‘Call Me Tonight’ and the Tensnake Remix of Johny Denell ‘Jam Hot’. Captivating treats appear from the notorious Crazy P in the form of the divine Hot Toddy mix of ‘Never Gonna Reach Me’, and Lindstrom & Christabelle’sinspirational ‘Baby Can’t Stop,’ ensuing their highly praised collaborative album project.
Todd Terje heats things up with his classic disco record, ‘Eurodans’ and two tracks feature from new school hero, The Revenge, recently celebrated for his versatility and wide appeal across the house, techno and the disco worlds. Disco’s newest don, Tensnake again appears as he has on each Future Disco episode so far, and new artists such as Nick Chacona, Bonar Bradberry, and Sean Brosnan himself also deliver precious gems to the mix.
The CD is available in mixed and unmixed format, and sleeve notes have been written by the stunning vocalist, Kathy Diamond, whose vocal is one of many highlights in the mix. Photography of the London disco scene is also included in the booklet courtesy of Darrell Berry (
Since the first episode in 2008, Future Disco has evolved info a radio show and a series of global events, currently holding ongoing residencies at Ministry of Sound London, with Carl Cox at Space Ibiza and 360 Dubai. Also staging regular events from Amsterdam to Singapore, the sound of Future Disco is spreading to distant shores and some of the best clubs in the world.
Future Disco has led the way as a new movement took hold of its London base. It continues to offer a candid and likeable outlook to the otherwise tedious alternatives, weaving all curious listeners through an exhilarating sonic journey.

1. Drop Out Orchestra – Macaque
2. Lindstrom & Christabelle – Baby Can’t Stop
3. Curses! – The Deep End (Holy Ghost! Day School Dub)
4. The Revenge feat Danielle Moore – Just Be Good To Me (Ron Basejam Remix)
5. Ilija Rudman – Call Me Tonight (Greg Wilson Version)
6. Crazy P – Never Gonna Reach Me  (Hot Toddy Remix)
7. Nick Chacona – The Fear feat Kathy Diamond (Beg To Differ Remix)
8. Todd Terje – Eurodans 
9. Chamboche – Feverish (The Revenge Remix)
10. Johny Denell – Jam Hot (Tensnake Remix)
11. Moscow – Throw up (Brontosaurus Remix)
12. Bonar Bradberry – Carlos The Jackal
13. Sean Brosnan – Sat Jam (Ray Mang Remix)
14. Ray Mang – Look Into My Eyes
15. Bot’Ox – Blue Steel
16. Magnus International – Mandass Morran Blus

5th June – Stereolounge – Singapore
10th June – 360 – Dubai
8th July – Garden Festival – Croatia
10th July – Ministry of Sound – London
13th July – Space – Ibiza

Look out for future tour dates this summer

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