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MAL019: Mochipet’s “Spacezill​a” +free downloads

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Mochipet, founder of seminal glitch hop label Daly City Records, has taken time from his busy schedule to churn out a blazing hot new EP for MalLabel Music!

Spacezilla is a danceable West Coast bass music masterpiece, chock full of fantastic and funky rhythm and whomp. Mister Pet presents listeners with 3 original tunes, “Spacezilla,” “Planetary Paleon Pet,” and “For When the World Ends.”

The title track is a swank and swinging stepper that enjoys 2 dynamic rerubs by veteran remix tag team Skulltrane and Fresh Young Minds and up and coming glitch designer Konekta. “For When the World Ends” enjoys a retooling by the skillful and amazing Udachi. Rising West Coast bass music hero Minnesota steps up to tackle a remix of “Planetary Paleon Pet.”

If you want to know what it would sound like if a giant purple dinosaur from California were in space designing funky original beats for you to shake your ass to, then let Mochipet show you how it’s done! Sure not to disappoint, the Spacezilla EP on MalLabel Music is on it’s way to you direct from somewhere outside Earth’s atmosphere, due to touch down and rock the world in T minus 10!

FREE DL of Spacezilla (FYM & Skulltrane RMX) Exclusively w BWomp:

Spacezilla (Fresh Young Minds & Skulltrane RMX):


Planetary Paleon Pet (Minnesota RMX):

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Samples – ‘Drop Bombs’ Remixes Featuring Mochipet, Freddy Todd, Stephan Jacobs, Psymbionic, Sugarpill and more!+Free Downloads

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Samples – ‘Drop Bombs’ Remixes
9 Hard Hitting Remixes Featuring Mochipet, Freddy Todd, Stephan Jacobs, Sugarpill, Psymbionic and More on Daly City Records

DCR-159: Samples – Drop Bombs The Remixes
File Under: Dubstep / Future Bass / Glitch-Hop
Release Date: January 28th, 2011 (Addictech Exclusive)

Since the release of Ben Sample’s chart toping “Snowstorm” album last year on Daly City Records, it was obvious that the bass grinding track “Drop Bombs” has become a staple in the glitch-hop and bass heavy communities. The natural response was that a remix album would soon follow. Re-imagined by Mochipet, Freddy Todd, Sovereign Sect, Stephan Jacobs, Psymbionic, Chris B, Sugarpill, Dan K, and Samples himself, there is a rework to fit any basshead’s taste! Ranging between 80-140 bpm, each mix contains ultra heavy bass lines and jaw dropping builds. Ready to detonate any subwoofers in it’s path, the Drop Bombs Remixes should NOT be played in the chill room! (Why don’t they do chill rooms anymore?)


1. Samples – Drop Bombs (Mochipet Remix)
2. Samples – Drop Bombs (Samples VIP Remix)
3. Samples – Drop Bombs (Freddy Todd Remix)
4. Samples – Drop Bombs (Sovereign Sect Remix)
5. Samples – Drop Bombs (Stephan Jacobs Remix)
6. Samples – Drop Bombs (Psymbionic Remix)
7. Samples – Drop Bombs (Chris B Remix)
8. Samples – Drop Bombs (Sugarpill Remix)
9. Samples – Drop Bombs (Dan K Remix)

Buy Link: Addictech Exclusive

Download Samples – Drop Bombs (Mochipet Remix) vs. Ludacris – Stand Up:

Download Samples – Drop Bombs (Konekta Remix):

Drop Bombs Promo Mix