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Loungery Day ‘When It Breaks’ ft. Artifact & Latcha remixes

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Loungery_Day_When_It_Breaks_EP_artwork_web_smPointé Records present Loungery Day’s ‘When It Breaks’ EP, his second release for the label. Counting the likes of Artful Dodger,MJ ColeSBTRKTDark Sky and T.Williams as his influences, theMontreal based producer’s signing came about via meetings with the Pointé Records crew at DJ sets around Montreal and the famous Blizzarts venue.

‘Peace of Mind’ kicks off with swirling pads that soon make room for a shuffling garage rhythm, vocal stabs and an ever-present bassline. ‘Keep It Simple’ is an upfront track led by a recognisable vocal hook, over a grounded 4×4 rhythm.

Rising UK producer Artifact adds his distinct stylings to the remix of ‘Keep It Simple’, mangling the clean vocal lines under his hard hitting beats. Latcha takes things up a notch while French newcomer D.L:T.A. strips back the elements to make a clean, funky take on the original. Canadian producer KwikFikscompletes the package with his take on ‘Peace of Mind’, subduing the floating nature of the original and moving it into darker territory.

Music is always evolving and it’s interesting to capture the moment where you are allow to incorporate new styles. I remember when dubstep was a huge thing in Montreal, lots of producers and DJs were getting sick of it and so they tried new things. For some it fails because they were too iconic to the scene and fans felt betrayed, but for others it was a success. That’s how you recognize great artists, because they can adapt to their time.”Loungery Day

Release date: 17th June 2013
Format: 12” / Digital

01. Peace Of Mind (Original Mix)
02. Peace Of Mind (KwikFiks Remix)
03. Keep It Simple (Original Mix)
04. Keep It Simple (Artifact Remix)
05. Keep It Simple (Latcha Remix)
06. Keep It Simple (D.L:T.A Remix)


Dark Sky “Shutter Speed” (50WEAPONS024) Out DEC 07(Preview)

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Lone “Galaxy Garden” on R&S Records,May 7th

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Over the past couple of years, Manchester-based producer Lone (a.k.a. Matt Cutler) has become a fully fledged reinvention of his former self. Leaving behind the hip-hop seasoned abstraction and hazy beatscapes of his notable Ecstasy & Friends and Lemurian albums for a quicker-paced sound that draws on a much heavier Chicago house / Detroit Techno and early 90’s London rave/hardcore sound. With his last album proper Emerald Fantasy Tracks & last year’s R&S debut Coreshine Voodoo, we saw a honing of these styles. Continuing his ethereal journey through space and time where these previous two outings left off, new album Galaxy Garden – that you will hopefully have in your ears right now – is without doubt his most complete body of work to date.

Artist: Lone
Title: Galaxy Garden
Label: R&S Records
Release: 07.05.2012

01 New Colour
02 The Animal Pattern
03 As A Child (With Machinedrum)
04 Lying In The Reeds
05 Dragon Blue Eyes
06 Crystal Caverns 1991
07 Raindance
08 Dream Girl / Sky Surfer
09 Earth’s Lungs
10 Cthulhu (With Machinedrum)
11 Stands Tidal Waves
12 Spirals (With Anneka)

The varied excursions on display unearth new corners to the wunderkind, whilst maintaining his signature sound and cinematic overtones. Opener New Colour lays down the album’s mandate with layers of symbiotic sound-scapes. On into The Animal Pattern, a rolling 8-bit bastardisation where visions of Out Run’s Splash Wave come flooding back again. Nomrex label head machine drum makes an appearance on two tracks adding his hazy vocals to As A Child & Cthulhu. The latter evolving into a mid tempo broken roller with key stabs which wouldn’t sound out of place on a Japan record.

Thing of beauty, Lying in the Reeds finds Cutler in one of his more melodic, melancholic and reflective moods. This gives way to the ambient drone of Dragon Blue Eyes and through to Crystal Caverns 91; revival stabs, hardcore remnants, a frenetic cadence and we’re already half way through the album. Two uptempo, blissed out stuttered motion bangers – proceed in the form of Raindance & Dream & Girl/Sky Surfer. It’s Raindance and the incredible Earth’s Lungs where he wears his love of Aphex Twin and Warp most prominently, all the time maintaining a very Lone take on it. The album closes this Lone chapter with vocalist Anneka – who’s worked with the likes of Falty DL, Starkey, Ital Tek, Vex’d – and the track Spirals, which is the closest you’ll get to Cutler writing a pop song.

A rollercoaster ride of playful nods to a plethora of scenes and influences past, present and future, a residency at Manchester hot-spot Hoya:Hoya, upcoming shows all over the place, support for his tracks from the likes of Caribou, Diplo, Kode 9, Dark Sky, Rustie, James Holden, Martyn, Joy Orbison – to name just a few – remixes for Radiohead, Tensnake & Underworld already under his belt; it’s going to be quite a year for Lone. Cutler ended 2010 with his tracks Pineapple Crush and Once In A While featured in every respectable ‘Best of 2010’ roundup (Resident Advisor, Phonica, Juno & Fact Magazine). This an album to be treasured and one that will no doubt, end up in even more polls come the end of twenty twelve.

Dark Sky -Black Rainbows

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The Dark Sky story started here on Black Acre back in the mists of 2010 with an explosive 12” that garnered fevered from press to dancefloor. Now the prodigal sons return with a batch of advanced lazer-tech dancefloor smashers with a noir edge.

The EP kicks of with F-Technology a heavy dissertation in Low-End Theory, with gravity changing kicks, neck snap snares and a scattergun percussive workout while goose bump inducing chord dance along your spine. Tremor lives up to its namesake weighing in with abyssal tons of sub-tropic bassweight punctuated by skeletal yet booming drums. Zoom takes proceedings back into the seemingly familiar realms of future garage while sound tracking a midnight commute on the lost highway. Totem is the perfect post-rave salve, an optimistic close, like sunrise during the calm of a dawn break return home.

Artist: Dark Sky
Title: Black Rainbows
Cat: Acre033
Format: 12” Vinyl, Digital
Label: Black Acre
Release: 26 March 2012

A. F-Technology
B. Tremor
C. Zoom
D. Tote

Support: Untold, Jackmaster, Fantastic Mr Fox, Jamie XX

Artifact ‘Archaic Line’ (Deadplate)(preview)

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Artifact ‘Archaic Line’ (Deadplate)
Release date: 16th January 2012

Format: 12” / Digital

Rising new label Deadplate Records drop their second release: the first vinyl offering by Artifact, with a remix by Graphics.

Artifact is the main moniker of Bristol’s Ryan Bonfield; an exciting new producer that merges the hard hitting sounds of dubstep with the swung rhythms of 2-step. With tunes signed to the likes of Pollen, Fortified Audio, Hyperboloid and Car Crash Set, those familiar with Bristol’s offerings to the UK dance scene will already be familiar with Artifact’s music. If you’ve ever heard one of his dubs on a dance floor, you will have known – it’s hard not to take notice when they drop. The original tracks here are perfectly complimented by a remix of ‘Archaic Line’ by Oxford/London DJ and producer Graphics.

Deadplate Records is a hotly tipped new label coming out of the London underground dance scene, releasing a hard hitting, percussive sound that sits somewhere in between house, UK funky, UK garage and dubstep. With releases lined up featuring works from Hackman, James Fox, Hodge and the first release featuring Lung, Maxx Roach and Randomer Deadplate Records is gaining strong recognition as a future stalwart. With support coming from DJs such as Blawan, Dark Sky, xxxy and Raffertie, it’s fair to say that Deadplate have started very strong and look set to go on to becoming a household name in the UK underground dance scene.

Artifact – Archaic Line (Graphics Remix) [Mary Anne Hobbs radio rip]

Download- Podcast 207: Dark Sky

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Download- Podcast 207: Dark Sky
01 Jazzanova “Cyclic” (Sonar Kollectiv)
02 Burial “Street Halo” (Hyperdub)
03 Pepe Bradock “Deep Burnt” (Kif)
04 Martyn “Masks” (Brainfeeder)
05 Boddika & Joy O “Swims”
06 Cosmin TRG “Purple Lights” (Tempa)
07 Boddika “Underground” (Swamp81)
08 Pearson Sound “Side AA” (Night Slugs white)
09 Dark Sky “Armour” (Blunted Robots)
10 Dark Sky “Neon” (50Weapons)
11 Dark Sky “High Rise” (Blunted Robots)
12 Dark Sky “The Lick” (50Weapons)
13 DJ Slugo “Wouldn’t You Like To Be A Hoe Too” (Dance Mania Inc.)
14 Peverelist “Dance Til The Police Come” (Hessle Audio)
15 Addison Groove “This Is It” (Tectonic)
16 MJ Cole “Hawaii” (Prolific)
17 Dark Sky “Be Myself” (50Weapons)
18 Dark Sky “Totum”
19 Holy Other “Know Where” (Tri Angle)

Stateless – ‘Ariel’ (Official Video) +free download Dark Sky Remix

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With their latest single ‘Ariel’ and first for Ninja Tune, Stateless explore the eternal struggle within all of us, the battle between good and bad, imagined here as a fight between the protagonist, the titular Ariel, and the Devil.

For the video, design studio FIELD recorded an improvised dance interpretation of Ariel’s battle using motion capture technology, and digitally animated a stunning visual accompaniment to the original track’s futuristic electronic soundscape.

‘Ariel’ is released on 22nd November as an MP3/WAV download, and also features a stunning ‘resmak’ from Scottish producer Rustie. Available to pre-order now from the Ninjashop: Get a free download of ‘Ariel’ (Dark Sky Remix) at

‘Ariel’ is taken from the second Stateless album ‘Matilda’ which is released on Ninja Tune in February 2011.

Video produced by FIELD:
Motion Capture by Audiomotion Studios

Stateles – Ariel (Rustie remake)