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Joe Brunning – Soul Matters

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joe brunning soul mattersJoe Brunning is no stranger to success. Having written what will surely be remembered as one of the biggest dance music anthems of all times – Joe Brunning’s ‘Let Me See You Work’ established Joe as a major contender in the electronic music scene and allowed for the creation of what can only be described as a modern day musical masterpiece.

Soul Matters is a true artist album that reconciles the works that Joe has meticulously penned over the years into something beautiful and real. With 18 original works on the album, the breadth of the music encompassed is verging on perfection. Soul Matters will take you on a journey and, like a seasoned storyteller, Joe effortlessly weaves his musical tales without regard for radio-friendly edits or contritely-timed drops. Hearing Soul Matters in its entirety is a powerful reminder of what music can do for and to us. How often do we find an album that can be heard time and again and never lose its bewitching and seductive qualities?

When the music is good, the fans will find it and this is an album that begs to be adored. It’s alive and full of rampant emotions that glean the soul like a lovers embrace. Passion, playfulness, sadness and elation are all welcome visitors on Soul Matters, all of whom come together to deliver something truly magical for the wanton listener.

Carl Cox has publicly extolled Joe Brunning an amazing producer, DJ and songwriter and now he takes his commendations one step further by way of signing Soul Matters to his famed imprint, Intec Digital.

I just loved this album from start to finish and I knew when I heard it I had to put it out on Intec. It’s one of the few albums that I can find new things in each time I listen and I just think it is incredibly special in that way. Musically, it blows me away- so many things to love right here!” Carl Cox

1. A Sydney Storm
2. Dream A Little Dream
3. Blue
4. Smokey Blues
5. If Strings Could Sing
6. Underground E Motion
7. My Shadows Chant
8. Reversing Forward
9. Life Force
10. Clock Work Memory
11. Light In The Dark
12. Deepest Reverence
13. The Sweetest Sound
14. Extasis Feat Johnny McGough
15. Positive Vibes
16. El Ritmo
17. The Reasons We Do This
18. Soul Matters

*Great album,Pure soul, Must have album

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CASSARA “La Vela EP”(Preview)

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CASSARA La Vela EPGet ready for Cassara, the man who delivers the hottest funky French House of the season! After two vinyl only releases, this Hamburg-based Italian-sound wizard now delivers his first EP that’s guaranteed to make you move it. Cris Cassara has been around for a decade in the music business, sharing studios with fellows like Digitalism, writing serious pop songs and primarily being a great vocalist.

He grew up with the disco and funk music of the 70s, but his love for Daft Punk and the French House scene of the late 90’s with Fred Falke, Cassius and Superfunk brought him to nightly sessions in the studio, trying to decode the DNA of that legendary sound.

The result can be enjoyed on the „La Vela EP“ and is packed with peak-time filler funky bombs, the baddest bass sound around and some serious grooves. Early supporters include Aeroplane and Satin Jackets who consistently include “Lady Leopard“, “The Forest“ and “La Vela“ in their sets.

The Avener – Fade Out Lines (Official Music Video)

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Bondax & Friends: The Mix Album – Tracklist Revealed

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Bondax & Friends The Mix Album - Tracklist Revealed

Having teased fans with their latest single ‘All I See’, Bondax’s first Long Player comes in the form of ‘Bondax & Friends: The Mix Album’ released 24th November via Relentless.

Saturated in soul and party vibes, ‘Bondax & Friends: The Mix Album’ encapsulates exactly what Lancaster’s finest friends Adam Kaye and George Townsend have to offer. Featuring their sensational singles such as‘Giving It All’ and ‘All I See’ plus brand new edits and tracks alongside collaborations with Bo Saris, Speelburg, Karma Kid and Ayah Marar, the album distinguishes itself from just any mix with a quality benchmark that Bondax always set to sky-high.


Bondax: Intro
Bondax: Let Me Be (ft Bo Saris)
Stwo: Quiet Life
Karma Kid: Who Knows
Shagabond: Coral Soup
DJ Cam Quartet: Rebirth Of Cool
Olsen: Together
Alina Baraz: Art Of Persuasion (esta remix)
Bo Saris: Little Bit More (Bodhi Remix)
Bondax: Something Good
Reva Devito: Kisses
iamnobodi: Monarch
Bondax: All I see
Kartell: Lights
Darius: Hot Hands
Ali Jameson: Four Thirty (5eya Remix)
Bondax: Giving It All (Chill VIP)
Kahwe: Sit Back
Karma Kid: Bird Of Prey
Düererstuben: Gscheids Planet
Jerome LOL: Always (Bondax remix)
Bondax: Dusk Funk
Camo & Krooked: Lovin U (Bondax Edit) – Recorded
French Kiwi Juice: Carelessness
Duke Dumont: I Got U (Bondax Remix)



‘Get Lost VII mixed by Craig Richards’ (Crosstown Rebels)

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CRMCD_027There aren’t many DJs you would choose to Get Lost with… However Craig Richards is certainly one. Following on from timeless Get Lost episodes from Acid Pauli and Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs, Craig Richards is renowned for his role as resident and musical director at London’s fabric over the last 15 years. This is a rare insight into the aficionado and musical maverick’s all time favourite records from his 40 year old collection. The result is an extraordinary adventure named ‘Get Lost VII’ and a contender for mix of the year.

This is Craig’s eighth DJ Mix album, but this is his most personal to date, spanning the sonic landscape from the late 1980’s to the present day. The two discs pack as much as you would expect and more, with forward­thinking choices that are instantly gratifying but largely unrecognisable. Disc one is one for the serious music lovers and puts Mr Richard’s wealth of experience and vast influences into the spotlight, whilst disc two takes a darker ride through the late night abyss. The collection heeds hard to find rare gems such as Backroom Productions, Black Rascals, 2House and Kenny Larkin, as well as modern vinyl only treats by Mike Ozone, Ruf Dug, STL and Velvet Season & The Hearts of Gold. It also features tracks from Craig’s own ground­breaking label: The Nothing Special, with tracks from Trevino, Calibre, dBridge, Keith Tenniswood, Billy Nasty and Craig himself.

Label: Crosstown Rebels
Cat no: CRMCD027
Distribution: !K7 / Above Board
Released: Monday September 22nd, 2014

01 JTC – Through The Looking Glass
02 Black Rascals – Blaze Theme Track
03 Trans Mania Boing,Boom, Jack (Alexander Robotnick Remix)
04 Untitled – Untitled (Thorny Hill Edit)
05 Raiders Of The Lost ARP On And On (Patrice Scott Sistrum Remix)
06 Zsou Vs Velvet Season & The Hearts Of Gold – Fantasy Princess
07 Calibre – Getter Go
08 2 House Go Techno (Tony Humphries Dub Mix)
09 Trevino – Revolve
10 Steve Bug – Big Cheese From Wisconsin
11 The Model Dungeon Man
12 Lerosa – Blinkerskate (Her Mix)
13 Backroom Productions Definition Of A Track
14 dBRm – Darnley
15 Mark A Brook – Sound Barrier
16 Kenny Larkin Groove
17 Ruf Dug – 1 4 Ron
18 Michael Ozone – Perfect Systems (Steve Summers Remix)
19 This Side Up Love Starts With An L

01 Spesimen Calibus
02 Pametex Reflectie
03 ERP Lodestone (Ideograma Bsas Mix)
04 Klorex 55 Mystisk
05 Amfibian PaRelax (Jark & Prongo Remix)
06 Craig Richards – Sleeping Rough
07 DMX Krew – Undesirable Element
08 Neil Landstrumm – Keep Up
09 Arpanet – Wireframe Images
10 STL – Something Is Raw
11 Unknown – Untitled (Jonny Rock Edit)
12 The Parallax Corporation Anti Social Tendencies
13 Redshape – Finizh
14 Joey Anderson Musical Tentacles
15 Samuel L. Session – Givin You Part 3
16 Brooks Mosher – Encroachment
17 Radio Nasty – Radio 1
18 Bangkok Impact – Junge Dame Mit Freundliche Telefonstimme

Alpines- ‘Zero'(Video)

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alpines zeroWatch Alpines’ video for ‘Zero’
Released 1st September on Untrue Records

With their debut album ‘Oasis’ picking up plaudits from an international selection of media and fans alike, Alpines are enjoying a fruitful 2014 to date. Next up is the release of ‘Zero’, the next single to be taken from ‘Oasis’…

‘Zero’ showcases the duo’s ability to craft crisp pop tracks, with vocalist Catherine Pockson adding further emotional character to textured production provided by Bob Matthews. Make sure you keep an eye out for B-sides ‘Chasing’ which features floating melodies drifting in and around the lush pads, and ‘Feel The Same’ which showcases Pockson’s charismatic tone echoing the likes of Sinead O’Connor.

Cyril Hahn & Javeon – Open(Stream)

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Cyril Hahn & Javeon - BreakingCyril has revealed the third track which completes his stellar second EP ‘Voices’

OPEN was debuted on Radio 1 last night featuring talent to watch Ryan Ashley, who recently lent his vocals to ‘Foolish’ by Blonde.

The rest of the EP comprises of SLOW with Canada’s Rochelle Jordan – its R&B infused, dreamy dance music at its best.

Finally, BREAKING with label mate Javeon, the track marries Cyril’s now staple club-ready hooks with Javeon’s soulful tones. ‘Breaking’ is an original Javeon track that he and Cyril have collaborated on for this special version, initially surfacing online a few months ago Cyril loved it so much he put it on this EP.


Synapson – Djon Maya Maï Feat. Victor Démé (Official Music Video)

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TOP 50 House Promo Chart – August 2014

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audenSome of the best tracks from albums,ep’s,compilations…arrived at our mailbox extramusicnew(at)
If you want your music at our promo charts-send your music!
Use Search for more info:stream,free downloads,tour…

TOP 50 House Promo Chart –August 2014

1. Auden – Tension (9:10)
2. Robert Babicz – Shifting Reality (9:09)
3. mikkelrev – Where I’m At / Bud (7:45)
4. Himbrecht – Consuming Thoughts (Original Mix) (7:25)
5. Bambook – Galopp (6:08)
6. SoKool – Himmy Jendrix (Talul Remix) (7:20)
7. All Is Well – Vabene (6:31)
8. Sabb – Feelings (Original Mix) (7:01)
9. Awale – Seddik (Pete Dafeet’s Errbody Do The Robot Mix) (4:25)
10. Le Vinyl – Elixir (7:34)
11. Electron Farm – Part Of The Plan 2014 Mix (5:15)
12. HOME INVASION 04- Balance (6:32)
13. Jan Blomqvist – Time Again (Peer Kusiv Remix) (6:10)
14. Kerem Akdag – Life of a Party (Kaan Duzarat Remix) (6:36)
15. Metrophonique – Brotherhood (Original Mix) (7:40)
16. Pete Moss – Tried To Tell You (Karizma Told Ya Remix) (7:37)
17. Ride (Antenna Happy Remix) (7:08)
18. Brett Johnson – Amnesia (5:53)
19. Disciples – Mercy Me (Disciples Bootleg) (5:06)
20. Bes & Meret – My Cocoon Deep Mix (6:20)
21. 4Play & Pat Lezizmo – Running (6:17)
22. Ans – Whirrtual (5:44)
23. Billy Kenny – Work (5:32)
24. Gamma Feat. Chelsea – Love Again (Gamma Original Mix (8:03)
25. Kids Electronics – Silentstorm (Original Mix) (6:56)
26. Sabb – Earth ft Pedro M (Original mix) (7:01)
27. Max Martinez – Acid Rift (Original Mix) (6:13)
28. Darin Epsilon & DeeProgressV – The Conclusion (Marcelo Vasami Remix) (8:00)
29. Carlos Capslock – Mystery Nights (DaDa Attack Remix) (5:44)
30. Joe T Vannelli – Voice Of Tears- SABB REMIX (6:48)
31. Clark Davis – Cindy & Jack (Pablo Bolivar Remake) (7:13)
32. DeMarzo – Holster (7:50)
33. Bryan Kessler – New York, Baby (6:51)
34. Michael Lovatt – Top Down ep (deep55 Remix) (6:50)
35. Alexander Technique & Michael Moog ft. Inaya Day – Stand Up (Original) (7:15)
36. Ugur Project – Midnight Sequence (Original Mix) (7:55)
37. El Gato #9 – BOO006v1 A1 El Gato #9 – Ancient Pond (DJ Spun Remix) (7:31)
38. Carl Canni – No Worries (0rfeo Remix) (8:20)
39. 2 Sharam Jey & Night Talk – Gonna Get You ( Sirus Hood Remix ) ZCM (6:40)
40. Cassy & D’Julz – Not What U Thought (7:20)
41. Agent Orange – Feel This Way (Original Mix) (6:52)
42. Darlyn Vlys feat. Thomas Gandey – Hero (Yousef Circus rework) (6:48)
43. Ruben Brundell – Slow Down / Like You (6:14)
44. Klaina – It’s Not Over (Original Mix) (7:08)
45. The Melodymann – The Begining (Original Mix) (9:14)
46. Jay Tripwire – 5. Molecules – Jay Tripwire meets Pig&Dan (7:37)
47. Opolopo – Feel It (Original Mix) (5:59)
48. Wooden Shape (Original) – Wooden Shape (Original) (6:30)
49. Paolo Madzone Zampetti – Changes (Original Mix) (6:44)
50. Nu Era – Right here (5:07)

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Global Underground Solomun – ‘#GU40 Hamburg’ (Global Underground)

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GU-Solomun Hamburg Extra Music new
Global Underground proudly present their celebratory eighteenth year and landmark #GU40 City Series release with none other than Solomun at the helm devoting the episode to his hometown, Hamburg.

Crowned ‘DJ of the Year’ by Mixmag, and ‘Best Producer’ at the DJ Awards Ibiza in 2012, responsible for not one, but two of the largest events during the Ibiza summer season of recent years and running the seminal DIYnamic record label imprint, Solomun has become one of the most infamous DJs in the world of late.

Solomun’s GU mix is very much a game of two halves. The two disc compendium features the likes of the soulful new glitch­house burner from Christian Loffler, through to cuts from Oliver Huntemann, Karl Friedrich, Fango, Alter Ego, a timeless classic from Ada, Boris Werner, Audiojack, Broken Bells, Sevensol & Bender, Avatism, Mooryc, and The Rice Twins. CD1 is a mix that takes its cues from the epic electronic output of forward­facing labels like Kompakt and Krakatau while CD 2 takes things towards a more peak­time vibe but crucially, the emotional resonance remains.

The album launch party coincided with the closing of Solomun’s infamous club in Hamburg, Ego, so the mix also closed a chapter of his life. Like fellow Hamburg house hero Tensnake, Mladen has been very loyal to the German city where the Beatles cut their live chops and where clubs like Front gave the city its beating house music heart in the early 1990s.

I grew up in Hamburg and until recently, lived there all my life. There are 2 million people in the city but where I lived it was like a village, you know where to hang out and where to grab a coffee. My sister and my mother and my best friends all live there… Hamburg will be always home.Solomun

Label: Global Underground
Cat no: GU040CD
Released: Monday September 1st, 2014


1 Christian Loffler – Blind (KI Records)
2 Mooryc – Simply (Mo´s Ferry Productions)
3 Sevensol & Bender – Captain Trollig (Kann Records)
4 Avatism – Different Spaces (Vakant)
5 Lake People – Point in Time (Krakatau Records)6 Pional – It´s All Over (Hivem Discs)
7 Jonas Mantey – Sie Ist Schoen (Stil Vor Talent)
8 Bonobo – Cirrus (Ninja Tune)
9 DJ Phono – New Year Eve (Diynamic)
10 Animal Trainer – Dragon Games (Katermukke)
11 Superpitcher – Heroin (Kompakt)
12 Broken Bells – Holding On For Life – Solomun Remix (Sony UK)
13 PLANNINGTOROCK – Let´s Talk About Gender (PlanningToRock)
14 Jai Paul – Jasmine
15 SOHN – The Wheel


1 Margot – Voice Chord (Kill The DJ)
2 Oliver Huntemann – Schatten (Ideal Audio)
3 Solomun – Medea (Diynamic)
4 Sossa – Moog (Chronovision Ibiza)
5 Manuelle Musik & Steffen Sonnenschein – Adonis (Miteinander Musik)
6 Daniel Avery – Naive Response (Because Music)
7 Oliver Giacomotto – Lovin Berlin (Definitive Recordings)
8 Karl Friedrich – Claps (Hommage)
9 Audiojack – Machine Code (Gruuv)
10 Fango – Wek (Despejado Mix) Degustibus
11 Radio Slave – My Bleep (Roman Fluegel Mix) (Rekids)
12 Voiski – Ad Infinitum (Construct Reform Records)
13 The Rice Twins – For Penny & Alexis (Kompakt)
14 Alter Ego – Gary (Boys Club Mix) (Alter Ego)
15 Ada – BUM BUM