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Jeff Keenan Sweet EP

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Artist: Jeff Keenan
Title: Sweet EP
Remixers: Tamer Malki & Sergio Santos, Derek Marin, Dan Warby, Android Cartel
Label: Headtunes Recordings

Headtunes Recordings looks no further then its back yard with local Boston producer Jeff Keenan’s ‘Sweet EP’.  Remixes come from fellow Boston-based Tamer Malki & Sergio Santos, as well as Derek Marin, Dan Warby, and Android Cartel.  The result is six tracks of delicious deep and tech house grooves for use early to late in a set.


Extra Free Download -Thoughtless Era One Mix(50 releases) by Noah Pred

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ERA ONE was mixed in Ableton by Thoughtless head Noah Pred and is divided in to chapters, each comprised of numerous tracks from the label’s 50 releases to date all being woven together. There are segments of 50 tracks in all, making it a pretty choice freebie.

Free Download –Thoughtless Era One Mix(50 releases) by Noah Pred
Index 1
01. Roberto Bardini – My Feelings
02. Meesha – Daat (Animaltek remix)
03. Eric Downer – Ottomatic
04. KiloWatts – Snakewinds (Alland Byallo Slither Mix)
05. Animaltek – Computers and Girls (Live Dub Mix)
06. Rift – Indigo Pt. 2
07. Signal Deluxe – Pleasure
Capsule (Jay Tripwire Remix)
Index 2
08. Signal Deluxe – Replicants (Marc Cotterell Remix)
09. Mild Bang – Deeper
10. Talal & Zoi – Empty Roads (Marc Cotterell Remix)
11. Kindimmer – Apeople
12. Ludwig Coenen – Red Paper
13. Billy Dalessandro – Zoe
Index 3
14. Jamie Kidd – Triptych (Jonny White Remix)
15. Rodux – Iron Fan
16. Evan Marc – Alpha Phase (Kate Simko High Tide Remix)
17. Haze – Turn It Black
Index 4
18. Co-Op – Peace By Piece
19. Noah Pred – Far From Lost
20. DJ Maus – My So Called Friends
21. Rift – Bottom Breathing
22. Arthur Oskan – Tongue Tied
Index 5
23. Repair – The Model B Chassis (Falko Brocksieper Remix)
24. KiloWatts – Hyperion Hustle (In Retrograde)
25. Noah Pred – Unsung
26. Ludwig Coenen – Frontline
27. Arthur Oskan – Eggshells
28. Evan Marc – Sapphire
Index 6
29. KiloWatts – The Ringing Spheres
30. DJ Maus – La Surprise
31. Tonepushers – Praxic
32. Pete Grove – No Relief (Rennie Foster Drifting Dub)
33. Limaçon – Sans Rip
Index 7
34. Arthur Oskan – Fat Mobile
35. Jamie Kidd – Strapped
36. Meesha – Daat (Talal & Zoi Remix)
37. Caspian Rabone – Moiree
38. Adam Jay & Angel Alanis – Steam (Philip Arruda Remix)
39. Crazy Ghost – Queen West
Index 8
40. Jeff Bennett – Quantum Perspective
41. KiloWatts – Fur Flotation
42. Pete Grove – Faded Principle
43. Evan Marc – Never Let Me Go
Index 9
44. Zero to Zero – Hungertruck
45. Limaçon – Rundown
46. Limaçon – Rubber Bump
47. Derek Marin – Cut the Line (Noah Pred Remix)
Index 10
48. Derek Marin – While She Sleeps
49. Noah Pred – No Love Is Enough
50. Sonotheque – Smell Good (Feel Good Mix)

Blaq closes out 2010 with massive Obsidian comp due December 14th feat Stewart Walker, Derek Marin, Jeff Bennett, Jubilee, more+Free Download

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Blaq proudly presents…

Various- Obsidian compilation
46 track collection feat. Stewart Walker, Jeff Bennett, Jubilee, Derek Marin, and more.

ARTIST: Various

TITLE: Obsidian

RELEASE DATE: December 14th, 2010
 Free download of Sishi Roesch’s “Slow Dance”
Sishi-Rosh Slow-Dance (BLAQ049) by extramusicnew
Obsidian is a black rock that represents Mexico, its culture, its tradition, its crafts. This rock has many stories to tell. Ours is one of music, unity, collaboration, friendship, love and support. A journey into new ways of expressing life through sound, such an abstract form of art, simply beautiful and impossible to put into words.

The Obsidian compilation has lots of amazing music from around the world, you could easily drop a nice little set with just these tracks, we have all the usual Blaq records suspects sharing their love: Itzone, Dromme, Ocelli, No2, Mild Bang, Betacaroteno, Soundspace, Lila D., and Signal Deluxe.

Blaq’s close friends and family: Big Bully, Jordan Lieb, Giovanni Verga, Sishi Rosh, Inkzvolte, Vazik, Sergio Soroa, Razz, Monopolar, Dany Dior, Modulador B, Donovan, Lui Diago, Pistol Pete, Seizemorism, Milos, Funk- Shuei.

For this compilation we also have lots of amazing artists having their debut on Blaq: Stewart Walker via Derek Marin remix, Jeff Bennett, Jubilee, Letkoben, Odnu, Noone, Dubdummies,
Tommi Bass, Gog, Nahutek, Mathias Springer & Spektakulära System

 Obsidian is a worldwide review of the sound of NOW, via Blaq Records from Juarez to Bratislava, Palermo to Argentina, New York to Russia, Cancun to Berlin, lots of Swedish love on this one too, and of course the beautiful city of Guadalajara is represented big time. There are no boundaries here only love!
Melted down and distilled in Mexico City.

01 Trankeelo (Derek Marin remix) – Stewart Walker
02 Gripping – Jeff Bennett
03 Prenzlauer Berg Shuffle – Tommi Bass & Mokujin
04 Slow Dance – Sishi Roesch
05 Jungle Love – Sishi Roesch
06 Final Answer – Yuri Levitas
07 Pacific Queen – Lila D.
08 A P i p Herra – Itzone
09 Aerospock – Pistol Pete
10 Architainment Field – Derek Marin
11 Butterheadz – Giovanni Verga
12 Despacio – Monopolar
13 Cat Skills – Big Bully & Jordan Lieb
14 Come to Me – Signal Deluxe & Donovan
15 Comes and Goes – Ocelli
16 Muchas Dimensones (Muchos Botones) – Dub Dummies
17 Estela Quimica – Signal Deluxe & Lui D
18 Expresion de Dos – Modulador B
19 Forward Rewind – Betacaroteno
20 Nautilius – Funk Shuei
21 Disco Freak – Soundspace
22 Hondo – Razz
23 Morning Deficit – Inkzvolte
24 Disco Blaw – Jubilee
25 Keyboardcowboys – Spektakulära System
26 Papuans – Letkolben
27 Kratom – Soundspace
28 Phosphor – Matthias Springer
29 Elements – Mild Bang
30 A Nervous Giggle – Gog
31 Like Tigers in the Backseat of My Car – Eric Ebleulel
32 Last Five Days by the Ocean – Milos
33 Motorcycle Club – Dromme
34 Pata de Elefante – Odnu
35 Bahamas – Pistol Pete & Sizemoreism
36 It’s Dark at Night – Sergio Soroa
37 Baby Making Music – Sizemoreism
38 Tierra Roja (Signal Deluxe remix) – Guajira
39 Trucos en la Mente – Ocelli
40 Tongue Tail – Vazik
41 Veneno – No2
42 Vimos a Saturno – Itzone
43 Where are you – Adrian Molinar aka Nahutek
44 Transparencia (Signal Deluxe remix) – Alexis Zua
45 Field of Joy – Danny Dior
46 Keep the calm – Splatter

Derek Marin – Outside In EP w/ Funk Shuei remix(free download)

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ARTIST: Derek Marin
TITLE: Outside In EP
LABEL: Dialtone
RELEASE DATE: October 27th, 2010

Free download of “Funk Shuei edit”

Derek Marin is the newest signing on Dialtone. This new EP called Outside In has 3 strong originals and an edit from Dialtone owners Funk Shuei. Derek has already had a spate of successful releases on Thoughtless, Plastic City and Subtrak. “Outside In” is a minimal house track fueled with drums. “Scratch Off Ticket” has an amazing techno-ish vibe with his particular blend all over the place. “Unbirthday Dub”, like the name says, is a deep, dubby original perfect for those early sets or after-hours. And last but not least, “Outside In (Funk Shuei Edit)” is minimal house in all its splendor with a techy groove and their cut out vocals trademark. Hope you like it as much as we do!

01 Outside In (Dub Drums Mix)
02 Outside In (Funk Shuei Edit)
03 Scratch Off Ticket
04 Unbirthday Dub

Dialtone featured this week in Ibiza Voice

Support From
Kabuto & Koji, Dubfire, Hernan Cattaneo, and

Signal Deluxe [Blaq, Trenton]
Derek Marin on Dialtone!! can’t go wrong here! We like all originals and Funk Shuei’s remix too will support this one for sure, will rock it this weekend, thanks for sending, much love!

Sean Danke [Affin]
Top EP. “Unbirthday Dub” is my favorite, luv it. FULL SUPPORT.

Jonra Babiracki [Designforms]
Cool release will give it some play for sure.

Anthony Pappa [EQ]
All of the tracks are really good. My favourite is “Scratch Off Ticket” and l will play this out.

Noah Pred [Thoughtless Music]
Big fan of Derek’s deep Brooklyn dubs!

Light [InfraDigrecords]
“Outside In dub drums” mix and “Funk Shuei edit” are for me.

Slam [Soma Recordings]
Cool trax – will play – thanx guys.

Deepchild [Trapez]
Unbirthday Dub! Yeah, dope….proper!

Alland Byallo [liebe*detail]
Dub Drums mix is quite nice! Unbirthday dub is really unique and sweet too. Nice work.

Chris Fortier [Fade]
Love Derek’s stuff .

Tyler Stadius [Proton Radio]
Deep, dubby & delightful. Nice!

Andrea Ferlin [Sleep Is Commercial]
“Scratch Off Ticket” for me.
Kev Obrien [Stanjjur NYC]
“Scratch Off Ticket” is very nice.. super tight groove, will try this one out.

Pat Fontes [Airdrop]
Thanks so much for sending me these!!! Fan of Derek’s Thoughtless Music release and feeling this one! Great tunage!

Blinky [Kiss FM]
Awesome. “Outside In (Funk Shuei Edit)”

Aaron Lee [Nightshade]
Nice! “Outside In (Funk Shuei Edit)”

Denis Alentieff [Loveparade]
Good release! Thanks.

Jordi Riera [underClubb!]
Unbirthday Dub is the one for me! Love that pretty vibe, very atmospheric with lots of feelings.

Derek Marin- ‘While She Sleeps’ w Pete Grove and Modest D remixes on Thoughtless+free download

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Thoughtless presents… TLM039: Derek Marin – While She Sleeps EP w/remixes by Pete Grove and Modest D.

TLM039: Derek Marin – While She Sleeps
with Pete Grove and Modest D remixes

Label: Thoughtless Music
Format: Digital EP
Release date: July 13, 2010

Free download While She Sleeps
It’s taken 39 releases to come full circle, but after debuting on Thoughtless with our inaugural EP, Brooklyn’s Derek Marin is finally back in the fold with “While She Sleeps” – and it was definitely worth the wait.

How deep can a track be yet still maintain undeniably wide appeal? Derek explores just that with his title track, a breathless deep house stunner sure to send shivers through even the hottest summer dance floors. A rather large bass line carries the track forward, inviting everyone into the rhythm with its subsonic bounce, as resonant chords set the tone for the iconic melody to unfurl in the break: pure magic.

Pete Grove enters the fray with not one but two solid remixes, the first employing subtle latin percussion to impel the original’s housier elements with enhanced drive and focus – while the second favors his trademark buzzing synth cuts to give it a slight electro feel.

“Rakimuse” constitutes the flip side, melding addictive low-end rhythms with swirling chords and mysterious female intonations for yet another burner.

Finally, Derek reinterprets “Rakimuse” under his own Modest D alias, highlighting dubby edges while adding a haunting Rhodes line for a somewhat muted yet no less potent affair, perfect for the end of a long night out.

If she’s sleeping through this, I hope she’s having amazing dreams – because she’s got no idea what she’s missing…


01. While She Sleeps
02. While She Sleeps – Pete Grove Rapid Eye Mix
03. While She Sleeps – Pete Grove Funk Deprivation Mix
04. Rakimuse
05. Rakimuse – Modest D Remix

“Nice deep house tunes.” – Fine Cut Bodies

“Great release!! Rapid Eye remix is amazing! Will play for sure. Thanks for sending.” – Signal Deluxe

“Original version of While She Sleeps is my favorite…” – Mateo Murphy

“Modest D on form again.” – Nick Warren

“Rakimuse! Crunk me with your blizzam-stick! Also Funk Deprived mix is far from 😉 WERD.” – Deepchild

“Support” – Richie Hawtin

“Very cool all around.” – Chris Fortier

“Hey, nice Modest D remix, will play!” – Estroe

“Great label – another cool release – good remixes – support.” – Slam

“Digging the whole thing… While She Sleeps has a groovy feel with nice electronic sound throughout. Other mixes are equally good and jamming in their own right.” – Lucas Rodenbush

“I like Rakimuse, full of deepness and groove. I will play for sure.” – Soundspace

“Excellent tracks. Difficult to pick a fav, though today I’m really feeling the remix from Modest D.” – Tyler Stadius

“Support” – 16 Bit Lolitas

“Support” – 2000 and One
Promotional stuff arrived via email (extramusicnew(at) ,
send your stuffs via e mail or soundcloud, promote yourself…!!!