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Terrence Parker – ‘Life On the Back 9′ album [Planet E]

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Terrence Parker - Life On The Back 9 [Planet E]

Terrence Parker ‘Life On The Back 9′ 
Planet E
Released: January 28th

Terrence Parker, a native of Detroit and a man who lives and breathes Detroit House Music, releases his third artist album on Planet E – ‘Life On The Back 9′.

“This album is about moving forward through hard times in life to see something beautiful on the other side of difficulties.” – Terrence Parker

Detroit has been credited as one of the Soul Music capitals of the world, spawning legendary artists like The Four Tops, Marvin Gaye and Diana Ross. In the mid 1980s, Detroit’s Underground Music Movement brought rise to artists such as Derrick May, Juan Atkins, Carl Craig, Kevin Saunderson, Blake Baxter, Eddie ‘Flashin’ Fowlkes, UR, Jeff Mills, and a host of others. But unlike the aforementioned, Terrence Parker has established himself as a producer, remixer and DJ of the classic sound of Detroit House Music, and is known as the pioneer of the music genre known as ‘Inspirational House Music’.

As a DJ, Terrence Parker (known to many as ‘TP’) has become legendary for his quite uncommon yet skillful turntablism style of playing House Music. TP has also become widely admired because he uses an actual telephone handset as headphones; causing some to give him the nick-name, “Telephone Man”.

Since 1988, Parker has released more than 100 recordings on labels including Studio!K7 and Systematic and has had top 20 hits with his songs ‘Love’s Got Me High’, ‘The Question’ and albums like ‘Detroit After Dark’. A well-respected remixer, his remixes include releases on underground imprints Saved, D-Edge and artists including Kenny Dixon Jr., Wyclef feat Akon, Beyonce & Shakira, Kanye West, Christina Aguilera, Shaun Escoffery and more.

Direct from Detroit, ‘Life On The Back 9′ is inspirational house music down to its soul. From the energetic yet soulful opening track ‘Finally’ (Baby Be Mine), released on Planet-E in 2013, to the melodious, groovy basslines, piano riffs and high synths of ‘Night Light’, to the forward pushing, make you dance ‘Saved Forever’, to the bumpin’ ‘God He Is’, to the funky tech instrumental ‘Spiritual Warfare’, to the grooved out melodic ‘The Friend I Lost’ to ‘Hiding In Your Love’ – all about getting lost in dancing to the music (dancing is a form of worship), to the pause and reflect ‘Selah Interlude’ to ‘My Virtuous Woman’ – inspired by a very special lady in Terrence’s life, to the pumping ‘Open Up Your Spirit’ to the intensity of ‘Pentecost’ and finally the uplifting ‘The Back 9′ a song dedicated to Parker’s father, who gave him inspiration when he needed it the most.

“The title of the album “Life On The Back 9″ was inspired by something my father said to encourage me while I was down going through an extremely difficult period in my life. my father told about one of his golf games where the first 9 holes (also known as the “front 9″) seemed to be the worst he had ever played. It was so bad he felt like packing his clubs and leaving the course. However my father paused, prayed, and decided to finish the game. As he began playing the last 9 holes of the course (also known as the “back 9″), he could see gradual improvement in his game as he advanced each hole. By the end of the game my father had done so well he won the entire match. My father then said to me, “Terrence if you think of your life as a game of golf, perhaps the front 9 did not go as you had liked. But don’t give up because you still have the back 9.” - Terrence Parker


1. “Finally (Baby Be Mine)”
2. “Night Light”
3. “Saved Forever”
4. “GOD HE Is”
5. “Spiritual Warfare”
6. “The Friend I Lost”
7. “Hiding In Your Love”
8. “Selah Interlude”
9. “My Virtuous Woman”
10. “Open Up Your Spirit”
11. “Pentecost”
12. “The Back 9″

Claude VonStroke Announces Album ‘Urban Animal’ – preview first single

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Claude VonStroke Announces Album 'Urban Animal'Claude VonStroke Un-cages His
‘Urban Animal’

Third Full Length Album To Drop on dirtybird Records
September 17, 2013

First Single ‘Can’t Wait’ Released August 6

Stuck in the 9-5 grind, stifled by the impersonality of constant social media and mobile interaction, contemporary urban life can be suffocating. For a certain breed, release cannot be found in the vast, unpopulated great outdoors. Urban Animals congregate in heaving warehouses, seeking solace in the liberating beats of the kick drum. They are bound not by association, but through a shared experience of primal relief felt in those shadowy, dance floor corners swelling with the sounds of low end frequencies and brazenly sculpted grooves. This is the Urban Animal’s jungle.

Claude VonStroke’s third original album is indebted to this bold and bestial inner-city lifestyle, but it’s also a very personal product of its creator; an electronic musician who left Detroit to find his home in San Francisco.

Just as “Urban Animal’s” artwork reconstructs photography of derelict city architecture from Detroit and the Midwest into three compelling animal portraits, Claude VonStroke has sampled sounds and snippets of his busy and sometimes frantic work and family life to create his album. Think of VonStroke as a modern day, West Coast Frankenstein, his creature a rugged arrangement of the most discordant, unlikely parts, somehow brimming with beauty and human appeal.

Released on dirtybird Records, the label Claude VonStroke founded in 2005, “Urban Animal” is emblematic of the qualities VonStroke has built his and label’s reputation around; at times playful, at others tough and stoic, yet always underpinned by an attitude that is one of dance music’s most singular.

From the booming organ and cow bells of ‘The Clapping Track, the deeper house rumblings of ‘Can’t Wait’, the d’n’b of ‘Oakland Rope’, to the dirtybird booty bass of ‘Dood’, “Urban Animal” is unpredictable, enticing and bewildering, just what we’ve come to love and expect from Claude VonStroke and his crew.

Track list:
1. Urban Animal
2. The Clapping Track
3. Can’t Wait
4. The Bridge
5. Dood
6. Lay It Down
7. Oakland Rope

Claude VonStroke – Can’t Wait / The Clapping Track [Preview]

Aqua Marine on Soiree Records, November 27

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Artist: Various
Label: Soiree Records International
Catalog Number: SRT154
Vinyl Release: November 27, 2012
Digital Release: December 4,2012

Illuminating late night in pure electronic genius is this brilliant portfolio of
ocean deep productions.
Leading off, Drivetrain’s (Detroit, USA) “Together” rocks the floor from the first dropped beat.
But the real surprise is the evolving melodies submerged in infectious groove.
Rubba J ‘s (Brussels, BEL) Soiree debut “Reflection” details a
meticulous syncopation dancing through relentless rhythm.
Absent for over a decade, Country Gents (London, UK) return to Soiree with “Need Me.”
Club-tested, the booming bass and powerful vocal provide a wicked sonic high.
Professor Inc (Paris, FRA) brings another earth quaking, body-shaker. “Luvin” fuses clever chord progressions, subsonic riffs and the tweaked-out vocals of Kris Magnetik.

Aqua Marine – redefining the fathomless depth of the underground.

1. Country Gents – Need Me (7:22)
2. Drivetrain – Together (6:30)
3. Professor Inc feat Kris Magnetik – Luvin (6:09)
4. Rubba J – Reflections (6:48)


Skrillex and Boys Noize Present New Year’s Eve in Detroit – “The Bang”

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Paxahau, producers of the world famous Movement Festival in Detroit, have teamed up with two of modern dance music’s brightest stars, Grammy-winner Skrillex and German electro god Boys Noize to ring in the new year with The Bang. The headliners are bringing friends from OWSLA and Boyznoize Records to the birthplace of techno for what is sure to be an unforgettable night. A Dynamic lineup featuring Skrillex, Boys Noize, Flosstradamus, Alvin Risk, D.I.M., and Destructo will be taking over the Palace of Auburn Hills in Detroit on December 31st. Tickets for the monstrous party go on sale this Friday Oct 26 at 2:00 PM EST via … VIP ticketing and hotel packages are available through CID Entertainment.

Boys Noize released his third studio album Out Of The Black earlier this month to great response with the stand out tracks “What You Want”, “XTC”, “Ich R U” and the collaboration with Snoop Dogg “Got It”.
You can hear full album HERE and buy it HERE.

Following the show, HARD is putting on an intimate after party to celebrate their 5 year anniversary with a very special guest performance. Lineup and ticketing details will be announced Wednesday Nov 7.




Time Dilation – Coming Soon on Soiree Records/Detroit!

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Artist: Various
Label: Soiree Records International
Catalog Number: SRT153
Vinyl Release: May 29,2012
Digital Release: June 5, 2012

A medley of immortally, electrifying, sonic gems assembled to manipulate time and secure a permanent space in your record box.
Drivetrain’s ‘This Toxic Tempest‘ starts the clock with a classic Detroit-Tronic wave of pads and beats accompanied by the unconscious spoken word of poet/vocalist Goddess Stephanie.
CloudMasterWeed’s ‘Love’ showcases impassioned vocal samples atop a thunderous bass with keyboard melodies sprinkled throughout in abysmal syncopation.
J Garcia’s ‘Fireside Warm-Up’ is finely tuned deepness with no compromise to the dance floor. An apprentice to the masters of authentic Detroit electronic soul, Garcia has come of age.
With their debut release, the dual Jay Ramsey and Jennifer Xerri comprise In2itive Motion. ‘Subliminal’ is a smooth expedition through the deep channels of audio seduction.
Time stands still as rumbling subs cut through rich chords.


SOIREE pres.Andy Vaz/Norm Talley/Drivetrain – Feelin’ feat. Eva Soul

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Artist: Andy Vaz featuring Eva Soul
Label: Soiree Records International
Catalog Number: SRT152
Vinyl and Digital Release Date: February 28

From the full length album, Straight Vacationing by Andy Vaz, Soiree Records is proud to present the unreleased mixes of Feelin’ featuring vocalist Eva Soul.
Drivetrain’s Reflection-a high-powered fusion bringing the feelin’ to a climatic, electrifying crescendo of deep scientific intelligence.
Andy Vaz-Original-it all begins here…the sumptuous voice of Eva Soul the collaboration of precision musicians and the absolute of machines, resulting in a feelin’ of authoritative electronic soul.
Norm Tally’s Feelin’-the late night creeper delivers another incendiary composition submerged in signature Detroit intoxication.

Track Of The Day:Professor Inc – Quindrant Dub

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Detroit+Dub Techno-Cant be better!
We have this track as exclusive stream thanx to Soiree Records
We like it a lot,dub techno is back, you can expect more dub techno tracks at our October promo chart,including Professor Inc,so stay tuned.
Till then, check for more info about Late Night Chronicles EP HERE

Late Night Chronicles on Soiree Records (Detroit)

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Artists: Various
Label: Soiree Records International
Catalog Number: SRT151
Ou Now

Late Night Chronicles
A soundtrack for the time of the day when nothing really matters but the music you love. An after-hours musical narrative, crafted in unadulterated authenticity.
Drivetrain brings on acclaimed writer/vocalist Diamondancer, dropping seductive expressions of passion and desire on Peppermint Kisses, Pads and strings provide the enchantment as the sub-bass quakes your body.
Nate Mattimore makes his Soiree debute with veteran, Todd Perrine (the P of the now defunct PH Concept) remixing CloudMasterWeed’s, Sunny.
After years of individual involvment in the scene, the 2 joined musical forces in 2007 forming a strong production and performing partnership.
The Mattimoe-Perrine remix defines pure, sterilized deepness. BlackJack’s ever-expanding repertoire of preeminent productions reaches a new level. Triaxial’s impeccable orchestration and grooving bass line effortlessly fuse this late night odyssey.
Quindrant Dub is Professor Inc’s dark and techy nocturnal poison. Pounding rhythm under mind-bending effects generate proper dance floor dope at the time when you need it most.

Late Night Chronicles – music for the bewitching hour.

Soiree Records on Juno

Stones Throw recording artist Anika North American Tour Dates this Fall

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Stones Throw recording artist Anika
embarks on long awaited
North American debut tour this Fall.

Dates include ATP, NYC, MoogFest, LA, SF, Chicago, Seattle, Austin, Detroit , Toronto
+ more

After extensive touring throughout the U.K. and Europe, the England-born, Berlin-bred Anika finally embarks on a long awaited tour of North America. Flanked by key appearances at the Portishead-curated All Tomorrows Parties in Asbury Park, NJ and MoogFest in Asheville, NC.

Fans and critics alike were captivated, if not caught off guard; disarmed by the raw emotion of Anika’s self-titled debut album (Stones Throw / Invada). Released amidst the blizzard of last December, Anika painted a stark black & white with telling covers and teeming originals. Inhabiting and subsequently haunting the words of Bob Dylan, Yoko Ono and Peggy Lee – atop a musical foundation built by Geoff Barrow (Portishead) and the members of Beak>. William Fuller (Bass) and Matthew Williams (Keys, Guitar) of Beak> join the run, alongside Andrew Sutor (Drums) and Rasha Shaheen (Backing Vox, Keys, Guitar) making up Anika’s live-band.

The New York Times called the release “Startling”. The Los Angeles Times deemed it “Striking”. With Rolling Stone (Germany) granting the debut disc a 4.5 of 5 rating. Anika’s and her fellow musicians approach is simple, but basked in subdued complexities. Anika’s debut North American tour proves to bring these elements to the stage.


27th NEW YORK, US (LIVE) – Le Poisson Rouge $15/17 – 21+
29th PRINCETON, NJ, USA (LIVE) – Princeton University

2nd NEW JERSEY, US (LIVE) – ATP, Asbury Park Convention Hall w/ Pop Group more info
10th CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, USA (LIVE) – Empty Bottle
14th PORTLAND, OREGON, USA (LIVE) – Mississippi Studios
16th SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, USA (LIVE) – The Crocodile
18th ARCATA, CALIFORNIA, USA (LIVE) – The Jambalaya
20th L.A. – TBA
26th LOUISIANA, NEW ORLEANS, USA (LIVE) – Siberia w/ Zola Jesus

Verve Records & Rockstar Games Present L.A. Noire / Remixed +Free Download

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Midnight Sun Premieres New Remix From
L.A. Noire Remixed EP, Out Now!
Buy It via iTunes HERE!

Verve Records and Rockstar Games teamed up for the new L.A. Noire Remixed EP, which serves as the soundtrack to the groundbreaking video game, L.A. Noire, both of which were released yesterday. Check Free MP3 of Midnight Sun’s remix of Lionel Hampton’s classic, “Hey-Ba-Ba-Re-Bop.” Midnight Sun is the remix/production guise of Andrew Raposo and Morgan Wiley of Midnight Magic and Jessica 6.
Download Hey-Ba-Ba-Re-Bop (Midnight Sun remix) – Lionel Hampton

The six tracks comprising the EP see classic jazz songs getting reworked by some of today’s hottest and most acclaimed DJs, producers and remixers, including David Sitek (TV on the Radio), DJ Premier (Jay-Z, 50 Cent, Kanye West), Truth & Soul (Amy Winehouse, Aloe Blacc, Adele), Ticklah (Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings), Midnight Sun (Midnight Magic) and Detroit techno/house innovator Moodymann.
 L.A. Noire Remixed EP Tracklist:

1. Stone Cold Dead In The Market (Ticklah remix) – Louis Jordan and Ella Fitzgerald
2. Hey-Ba-Ba-Re-Bop (Midnight Sun remix) – Lionel Hampton
3. Slick Chick (David Andrew Sitek remix) – Dinah Washington
4. Ain’t Nobody Here But Us Chickens (DJ Premier remix) – Louis Jordan
5. Sing Sing Sing (Truth & Soul remix) – Gene Krupa
6. That Ol’ Devil Called Love (Moodymann remix) – Billie Holiday

The latest installment in the Verve Remixed series, the EP was inspired by the timeless songs in the game. L.A. Noire is a crime thriller that follows a young detective in 1947 Los Angeles as solves cases and rises through the ranks of the LAPD in one of the most violent and corrupt years in the city’s history. L.A. Noire released on May 17 for PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system and Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system from Microsoft.


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