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Versa – Blues EP (preview)

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Versa - Blues EP
NR.1 Techno Promo Chart July HERE
Versa has a special something residing within his productions. A hyper-polished careful attention to detail. His tracks seem to effortlessly bring together elements of dub, techno, downtempo, electronica and ambient, to form his unique brand of deepness.

Having worked with artists like Synkro, Indigo, Hatti Vatti, Biome and Rowl in the past, his production takes clear influence from Manchester’s rising stars while sitting firmly in a league of it’s own.

Sit back and relax, while Versa takes the controls.

01 Versa – System Blues
02 Versa – Sunrise In Una
03 Versa – Atlantic Blues
04 Versa – Yard Blues


TOP 50 Electronic+,…, Promo Chart – May 2014

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Symbols Of The West
Some of the best tracks from albums,ep’s,compilations…arrived at our mailbox extramusicnew(at)
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TOP 50 VA Promo Chart – May 2014
Dream POP,Future Garage,Downtempo,Beats,Lounge,Jazz,Hip Hop,Drum n Bass,Glitch,Disco,Funk,Ska,World,Reggae,DUB,Bass,…,

1. Symbols Of The West – Radio Tower (Jamie Way Remix) (4:55) INFO
2. Douglas Greed – Long Distance Swimmer (3:27) INFO
3. Worthy – Burned (4:27)INFO
4. Illum Sphere-Embryonic-Legowelt remix (Ninja Tune) (6:21) INFO
5. The Irrepressibles – New World (iamamiwhoami Remix) (5:26) INFO
6. Third Coast Kings – Birds and Bees (4:20) INFO
7. Amor Planeta – Las Bellezas (5:08) INFO
8. Dave Aju – When We Drift (5:27) INFO
9. olkaa – iiopii (9:04) INFO
10. Mark Barrott – Baby Come Home (4:22) INFO
11. Jesse Futerman – Lonely Soul (feat. Deebs) (2:50)
12. Rework – Rise And Fall (6:02)
13. FM Belfast -Brighter Days (3:51)
14. Fingalick – Entrance Theme (2:42)
15. Scuba – Time Relentless Time (3:14)
16. ill.Gates, Fine Cut Bodies – Extraordinary Rendition (Fine Cut Bodies Remix) (5:28)
17. Sorceress – Teacups (3:26)
18. Shinedoe FT. Karin Dreijer – Discourse My New Romance (6:14)
19. Mr Scruff-We Are Coming (6:00)
20. Christos DC – Living in the Past (4:01)
21. El Txef A – Somewhere In A Small Town (El Txef A Band Live Recorded At Sala BBK) (3:56)
22. Samples, Knight Riderz – The Storm (Knight Riderz RMX) (3:08)
23. The Last Hero – Earth Realm (Original Mix) (5:07)
24. Erotic Market – It’s a breaking (remix by Everyday) (3:01)
25. Sizzla, Vida Sunshyne – The Formula featuring Vida Sunshyne (4:26)
26. Frederic Robinson – His Inner Strength (Live) (6:07)
27. Matthewdavid -In My World (Brainfeeder) (3:31)
28. Katy B – Still (3:29)
29. Kate Tempest – Lonely Daze (4:06)
30. Know V.A. – Flew (4:58)
31. Resistor – Keep it to Yourself (3:21)
32. Stewart Walker – Accidental Still Life (7:12)
33. Vytis Gruzdys – Stay Gold (Original Mix) (2:36)
34. Baka Beyond – Sylkie (5:00)
35. Eccodek – 04 My primitive heart (5:44)
36. Dyl – City Limits (Original Mix) (5:20)
37. Wreckless – Hard Light (Deficit Remix) (6:17)
38. Aversive – Dreams (4:04)
39. Da Cruz – Din Din (Da Cruz Remix) (4:14)
40. Josephine & The Artizans – Dies Irae (2:59)
41. 01 h2so4 – Welcome to My Planet (king of Kings Mix) (3:15)
42. Rahmanee – The Stopper (4:50)
43. Deficit & Wreckless – Alchemy (Original Mix) (7:32)
44. Digital – INGREDIENTSUK041 AA – Archive – Ten Eight Seven Mastered (5:59)
45. Mako, DLR & Fields – Old Soul (UM015A) (5:54)
46. Hyroglifics – Torus (Original Mix) (6:01)
47. After Empire – JCVD (4:56)
48. Deleted Soul – Africanz (4:09)
49. Mzungu Kichaa – Together As One ft. Karen Mukupa and Juma Nature (4:29)
50. Jef Gilson & Malagasy – Chant Inca (4:12)

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Thomas Blondet – FutureWorld +New Video Premiere

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thomas blondet

FutureWorld, the debut album from acclaimed Washington, DC DJ/producer,Thomas Blondet, is out now on Rhythm & Culture Music.

FutureWorld is genre bending, multicultural, and forward thinking aural journey that defines the Rhythm & Culture sound. Furthermore, Blondet’s project highlights his production sensibilities and widespread vision garnered by the multitude of influences living in the nation’s capital. His impeccable ability to mesh melody with infectious rhythms makes this a dance release as well as an insurmountable task in itself.

FutureWorld blends together Jamaican toasters with Indian musical traditions, fusing harmoniously within a landscape of swirling synthesizer lines over a terrain of modern dance rhythms (Chan Ve). Gentle Spanish vocals float alongside cinematic Middle-Eastern melodies (Un Amor) evoking images of streaming water flowing from a fountain in an ornate Andalusian palace.

Blondet, playing the roles of artist, producer, and curator achieves this hybrid by carefully selecting a host of vocal collaborators including reggae legend Monsoon, Carol C (of SiSe), Tina M, and French vocalist Leyla Chatti. Blondet’s creative collaborators also include Kiran Gandhi (of M.I.A.) who played percussion on Curry Flava and Croatian musician, Fillip Novosel, with whom he teams up on Savo Vodo, resulting in powerful Baltic vocals and virtuosic musicianship. Combined with Blondet’s DJ-friendly beats, the result is a statement of how small the world has truly become.

Comprised of 13 compositions, FutureWorld carries the dialogue of a modern global community as it creates the future of a world together.

1. Chan Ve
2. Un Amor
3. Check One
4. Dil Da Jani
5. Beyond the Balkans
6. Tu Va Partir
7. Curry Flava
8. Savo Vodo
9. In This World
10. Dil Da Jani Reprise
11. Supreme Dub
12. Son of Fakir
13. In This World Dub

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Courtney John – Born To Fly / Born To Dub [LNDB45004V] Liondub International

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A Band Of Crickets – Ask What It Is!(Preview)

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Two boys and girls on the spur of the moment. They are wearing masks to hide their faces. No one should know who they are. All members are old hands at different music scenes. Now the world has to face a new artist called “a band of crickets”! It’s the first release (vinyl, cd and digital) of a new label “behind the black curtain rec”.
Label. Behind The Black Curtain
Artists. A Band Of Crickets
Title. Ask What It Is!
Format. Digital & Vinyl
Cat.Number. BTBC001
Release Date. November 21st (Digital & Vinyl) , 2013

01. Humming One
02. Ask What It Is
03. Black Cat
04. Hot Slugs On Acid


Submotion Orchestra -Damn Hot (Stream)

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With two incredibly successful albums under their belt Submotion Orchestra bring their latest five track EP to UK independent Circus Records. The seven-piece group that formed in 2009 have forged a large loyal fan base with their blend of Electronica, Jazz, Dub and Soul, music that has been described as ‘stunning’ by The Guardian and ‘seductive’ by The Times.
Following a chance meeting in London with Circus co-founder Flux Pavilion who declared his love for the band, SubMo promptly signed to the label reaffirming the notion that Circus have always sought to release only the highest quality music, regardless of genre. Flux Pavilion says“to release Submo on Circus is amazing, I’ve always been a big fan of their music.”
The new EP 1968 is a masterclass in ethereal, soulful vocals that sit astride shuffling drums as on ‘Broken World’ or ‘Breathe It In’. Lead singer Ruby’s voice echoes early pop Janet Jackson on ‘Damn Hot’ whilst title track ‘1968’ is smooth and subtle: echoing piano keys gliding beneath intricate layers of sound. Stream the first single, ‘1968 HERE.

onlyjoe – Wicked Land (Previews)

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onlyjoe - Wicked Land (Previews)London based reggae outfit onyljoe are releasing their highly anticipated third EP, Wicked Land.

Their last single, Revolution, garnered support from some of the scenes most prestigious names, and Wicked Land promises to me no different, with remixes from Polish Dubstep titan Radikal Guru, as well as one of the UK’s most respected dub producers, Russ Disciples, and rising star Sleepy Time Ghost all adding to the incredible original to make up an undeniable release in the build up to the bands highly anticipated debut album.


Nascente pres. ‘Bass Culture’ box set

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Coming in the same year as the fiftieth anniversary of Jamaican Independence, Nascente proudly present ‘Bass Culture’, a booming new reggae series. From the ska explosion of the early 1960s through rocksteady, 1970s roots reggae and on to 1980s dancehall, the first four volumes of ‘Bass Culture’ delve deep into some of the most fertile periods in not just Jamaican but international music.

Each volume features a mix of tracks considered pivotal to each genre, along with less obvious material and tracks that haven’t appeared on many compilations, including underground club/sound system hits, rarities and tracks that are becoming increasingly difficult and/or expensive to find on CD. The series also features several tracks that are being made available on CD for the first time ever. Each volume contains a 10,000 word essay from Lloyd Bradley, the author of ‘Bass Culture: when reggae was king’, widely seen as the definitive history of contemporary Jamaican popular music.


Volume one takes the Jamaican recording industry back approximately half a century, to ska, its nationalistic roots and the first internationally acknowledged music to spring from the island. Inspired by the idea of independence, the style became a handy metaphor for the country as it stood on its own feet and announced itself to the world. Later, as it evolved into rocksteady and then reggae, the music reflected a Jamaica that was growing in confidence and creativity.

Three names dominate the ska recordings on this collection: Clement “Coxsone” Dodd, Duke Reid and Prince Buster. It is this Kingston trio who really pushed Jamaican music forward to create ska and rocksteady, moving Jamaican music away from an imitation of 1950s American R&B. As sound system operators, the trio also had a wider effect on Jamaican society as a whole, as Prince Buster vividly remembers: “The sound system fed a lot of people. The dance was the thing that kept it together down there; it was the only thing that bring money in. So for a long period of time the ghetto was balanced by the sound systems.”

CD1 features ska gems such as Bob Marley & The Wailers ‘One Love’, The Skatalites ‘Dr Kildare’ and Derrick Morgan’s ‘Miss Lulu’. By the mid 1960s Jamaica was ready for a break from ska’s relentless beat and CD2 shows how ska morphed into rocksteady, a slower groove that was more conducive to slow couples’ dancing, with tunes such as Prince Buster’s ‘Too Hot’ and The Paragons ‘Riding On A High & Windy Day’ dominating Jamaican music for much of the second half of the decade.

‘EARLY REGGAE 1968-1972’
The transition from rocksteady to reggae started becoming noticeable a few months into 1968, when dancehall crowds began to react enthusiastically to a faster, jerkier beat and so reggae came into existence as a dance style to go with the new choppier rhythms.

Volume two features all of the big Jamaican names of the period, such as Ken Boothe, Toots & The Maytals and Max Romeo, but with a strong emphasis on less obvious tracks. The selection of tunes here also shows the diversity of reggae from this period: ‘Each Time’ by The Ebony Sisters is sweet lovers’ rock, several years before the term was coined; Derrick Morgan’s ‘River To The Bank’, a big sound system hit in the UK, is a far more crisp, high-stepping rhythm; while there’s a country pop feel to ‘Foey Man’ by George Dekker as it bounces along; and Pat Kelly is backed by music with enough depth and complexity to do justice to the man they called Jamaica’s Sam Cooke. All of these records were reggae circa late 60s/early 70s. Volume Two features a generous helping of rarities from up-and-coming producers of the day such as Lloyd “Matador” Daley, the man behind Little Roy’s ‘Bongo Nyah’, a tune that hinted at the roots reggae style that would soon come.

Ten years on from the lowering of the union flag all was not well in West Kingston, as Volume three musically narrates. While income from foreign investment had provided a mini economic boom right after Independence, by the end of the 1960s the realities were starting to bite. Inevitably reggae, which by then had established itself as the people’s music, was going to comment on such a situation.

As the 1970s progressed, what would come to be known as roots reggae became the dominant sound of Jamaica. The basic reggae template could be applied to so many styles – dub, deejay, lovers, harmony singing, pop, jazz, rockers and so on – that the music could be diverse and progressive, yet the framework was always so clearly defined, they’d all genuinely be reggae.

Volume three emphasises the diversity of 1970s reggae in all it’s glory: from the reggae funk of Bob Marley & The Wailers ‘Caution’, to the high-stepping brass sound of Tommy McCook’s ‘Jaro’ and the militant dread of Niney The Observer’s ‘Mutiny’. We’re also blessed with a journey through rare reggae sounds such as Big Youth ‘Love We A Deal With’, I Roy ‘Fire In A Wire’, Roy Shirley ‘Israelites Leave Babylon’ and Freddie McKay ‘I’m A Free Man’ – a true education in the initiation of reggae to the masses.

As the 1970s rolled into the 1980s dancehall reggae is the truly seismic movement that took place in Jamaican music, deliberately returning reggae music to its sound system origins and this set, ‘Mash You Down’, deals with dancehall’s early days.

At the stage Volume four deals with, much of the subject matter still concerned itself with cultural or social matters. Here, songs such as ‘Gun Shot’ by Anthony Johnson, Barrington Levy’s ‘Jah Black’, John Holt’s ‘Fat She Fat, ‘Ababa John I’ by Don Carlos and Sugar Minott’s ‘Move Up’, are vibrant examples of that often neglected late-1970s/early-1980s sub-genre, dancehall roots.

As it progressed, dancehall deejays earned a reputation for sex talk, or slackness, yet ‘Mash You Down’, shows how in the early days there was a more romantic lover’s rock side to dancehall as shown by Nitty Gritty’s ‘Run Down The World’ and Wayne Smith’s ‘Time Is A Moment In Space’, the latter a production of amazing subtlety that offsets the hard edged rhythm with a beautiful, multi-layered tunefulness. From elsewhere, Pad Anthony’s ‘See Them A Come’ is a glorious mix up of gunshot snares and digital percussion smoothed out by the vocals, while Cocoa Tea puts his plaintive style to good use on ‘Rocking Dolly’. Over two CDs, Volume four illustrates how early dancehall took reggae on an exciting musical journey from the roots & culture late 70s to the digital mid 80s.


Release date: Jul 30, 2012

Al Lindrum Presents: Ojos De Brujo Reworked(preview)

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UrbanWorld Records and Al Lindrum proudly present Ojos De Brujo Reworked, a remix compilation of the music of Grammy award-winning, Spanish flamenco-fusion group, Ojos De Brujo.

Throughout the past ten years, Ojos De Brujo have represented the freshest fusion of flamenco and urban music. By staying true to their Catalan roots, they have successfully merged past and present to create a unique sound. Al Lindrum has delved into their amazing back-catalogue to pick some of Ojos De Brujo’s best works; Ventilaor R-80 (Bari, 2002), Sultanas de Merkadillo (Techari, 2006), Todo Tiende (Techari, 2006), Una Verdad Incómoda (Aocana, 2009) and Nueva Vida (Aocana, 2009).

UrbanWorld Records and Al Lindrum have spent over a year working on this project. Al who has Danish roots, but has lived more than half of his life in the Catalan capital, is a friend of both Ojos and UrbanWorld, thus combining them on this compilation was a very natural process. Al Lindrum is a well known DJ on the global bass scene and has produced a number of projects. He features on this release as Al Lindrum with a mellow drum & bass remix that tastes exotic and spicy, but still sweet. And he also appears as LoveAvalanche, with a powerful remix ripping it up in adubstep/ragga style with a breakdown that will get dance floors jumping.

13 remixes from top producers take Ojos De Brujo from dubstep and drum & bass, over cumbia and dancehall, to house stompers and funky breaks, incorporating the unique freshness and global bass sound that has put UrbanWorld Records on the international scene. Junkyard Productions, Makala, Copia Doble Systema, Los Chicos Altos, DJ Farrapo, George Vala & Audioprophecy, Thykier & Dubpiraten, Suonho, Duboffensive, Tony Seal, and Empresarios all add their own unique slant to an already highly impressive back-catalogue.


01. Una Verdad Incomoda (Junkyard Productions Remix)
02. Ventilator R-80 (Makala Remix)
03. Nueva Vida (Al Lindrum Remix)
04. Ventilator R-80 (Copia Doble Systema Cumbiaton Remix)
05. Todo Tiendo (Los Chicos Altos Remix)
06. Sultanas De Merkadillo (DJ Farrapo Remix)
07. Todo Tiendo (George Vala & Audioprophecy Remix)
08. Una Verdad Incomoda (LoveAvalanche Remix)
09. Sultanas De Merkadillo (Thykier & Dubpirate Remix)
10. Ventilator R-80 (Suonho Broken Rhumba Remix)
11. Una Verdad Incomoda (Duboffensive Remix)
12. Nueva Vida (Tony Seal Remix)
13. Ventilator R-80 (Empresarios Remix)

Vibration Lab ft. Linval Thompson – Tribulation Time E.P(Stream)

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Vibration Lab featuring Linval Thompson – Tribulation Time (with remixes by: RSD,
Radikal Guru, Riddim Tuffa and Adam Prescott)

Vibration Lab are proud to present their latest Future Reggae creation, a new and original song by living legend Linval Thompson, one of the most important figures in Reggae music ! With his contributions as a singer, producer and label owner his importance can not be overstated.
This release is Bass Music on a higher level of consciousness! Modern Roots and Subsonic Dub sounds merge with Linval’s sweet emotional vocals that are so relevant in these times. Traditonal production techniques coexisting with today’s musical technology.
This package also contains unique and amazing remixes from the very best producers of Rootstep, Digi-Dub, Reggae influced Dubstep and Future Bass. Pioneers like: RSD and Radikal Guru. Plus the next generation of Dub stars: Riddim Tuffa and Adam Prescott.
The song was voiced at the famous Stingray Studios in London and all mixes were mastered with superior analog equipment at Stardelta Labs, where they have perfected the art of giving digital music warmth and depth.
The combination of future dubsters Vibration Lab and reggae legend Linval Thompson brings a special mixture of organic vintage Roots with innovative Dubscapes. A modern classic sound!
1. Vibration Lab (Original)
2. RSD Remix
3. Radikal Guru Remix
4. Riddim Tuffa Remix
5. Vibration Lab (Dub)
6. RSD Dub
7. Adam Prescott Remix
8 Riddim Tuffa Dub