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Al Lindrum Presents: Ojos De Brujo Reworked(preview)

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UrbanWorld Records and Al Lindrum proudly present Ojos De Brujo Reworked, a remix compilation of the music of Grammy award-winning, Spanish flamenco-fusion group, Ojos De Brujo.

Throughout the past ten years, Ojos De Brujo have represented the freshest fusion of flamenco and urban music. By staying true to their Catalan roots, they have successfully merged past and present to create a unique sound. Al Lindrum has delved into their amazing back-catalogue to pick some of Ojos De Brujo’s best works; Ventilaor R-80 (Bari, 2002), Sultanas de Merkadillo (Techari, 2006), Todo Tiende (Techari, 2006), Una Verdad Incómoda (Aocana, 2009) and Nueva Vida (Aocana, 2009).

UrbanWorld Records and Al Lindrum have spent over a year working on this project. Al who has Danish roots, but has lived more than half of his life in the Catalan capital, is a friend of both Ojos and UrbanWorld, thus combining them on this compilation was a very natural process. Al Lindrum is a well known DJ on the global bass scene and has produced a number of projects. He features on this release as Al Lindrum with a mellow drum & bass remix that tastes exotic and spicy, but still sweet. And he also appears as LoveAvalanche, with a powerful remix ripping it up in adubstep/ragga style with a breakdown that will get dance floors jumping.

13 remixes from top producers take Ojos De Brujo from dubstep and drum & bass, over cumbia and dancehall, to house stompers and funky breaks, incorporating the unique freshness and global bass sound that has put UrbanWorld Records on the international scene. Junkyard Productions, Makala, Copia Doble Systema, Los Chicos Altos, DJ Farrapo, George Vala & Audioprophecy, Thykier & Dubpiraten, Suonho, Duboffensive, Tony Seal, and Empresarios all add their own unique slant to an already highly impressive back-catalogue.


01. Una Verdad Incomoda (Junkyard Productions Remix)
02. Ventilator R-80 (Makala Remix)
03. Nueva Vida (Al Lindrum Remix)
04. Ventilator R-80 (Copia Doble Systema Cumbiaton Remix)
05. Todo Tiendo (Los Chicos Altos Remix)
06. Sultanas De Merkadillo (DJ Farrapo Remix)
07. Todo Tiendo (George Vala & Audioprophecy Remix)
08. Una Verdad Incomoda (LoveAvalanche Remix)
09. Sultanas De Merkadillo (Thykier & Dubpirate Remix)
10. Ventilator R-80 (Suonho Broken Rhumba Remix)
11. Una Verdad Incomoda (Duboffensive Remix)
12. Nueva Vida (Tony Seal Remix)
13. Ventilator R-80 (Empresarios Remix)