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Andrenachrome – ‘Science & nature’ EP(Stream)

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Andrenachrome - ‘Science & nature’ EPDescribed as a cross between Beck, Bowie and Ian Brown. This is the debut EP from Lincolnshire’s solo artist producer Steve Eyre under the guise of Andrenachrome, who chooses retrofitted electronics and Tremolo guitar to accompany satire and modern problems.

The EP is available only via Bandcamp using the ‘pay what you like or nothing’ model.

Submotion Orchestra -Damn Hot (Stream)

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With two incredibly successful albums under their belt Submotion Orchestra bring their latest five track EP to UK independent Circus Records. The seven-piece group that formed in 2009 have forged a large loyal fan base with their blend of Electronica, Jazz, Dub and Soul, music that has been described as ‘stunning’ by The Guardian and ‘seductive’ by The Times.
Following a chance meeting in London with Circus co-founder Flux Pavilion who declared his love for the band, SubMo promptly signed to the label reaffirming the notion that Circus have always sought to release only the highest quality music, regardless of genre. Flux Pavilion says“to release Submo on Circus is amazing, I’ve always been a big fan of their music.”
The new EP 1968 is a masterclass in ethereal, soulful vocals that sit astride shuffling drums as on ‘Broken World’ or ‘Breathe It In’. Lead singer Ruby’s voice echoes early pop Janet Jackson on ‘Damn Hot’ whilst title track ‘1968’ is smooth and subtle: echoing piano keys gliding beneath intricate layers of sound. Stream the first single, ‘1968 HERE.

Clinic new album Free Reign, on November 13 (Listen Now)

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Clinic are set to release their seventh album, Free Reign, on November 13 in North America/November 12 in the rest of the worldProduced by the band themselves in their hometown of Liverpool and mixed with the assistance of Daniel Lopatin (Oneohtrix Point Never), Free Reign is an extremely apt title for a particularly bold and assured new transmission from planetClinic.

In the fifteen years since the release of the irrepressible band’s debut EP, Ade Blackburn and co. have essentially delivered an exquisite masterclass in fearless singularity. The junkshop-trawling analogue fetishism of the warm, smoky instrumentation that gives their songs such a vividly placeable sense of mood and atmosphere; the surrealist bent of Blackburn’s lyrics – so steeped in their own personal mythology – and the band’s over-riding commitment to never straying into the realm of the obvious or complacent are all long-standing elements of Clinic‘s work that are furthered, perfected even, on Free Reign.

Free Reign neither turns its back on the direction of its predecessor, Bubblegum, nor seeks to revisit it verbatim, instead incorporating the simple, childlike melodies and spacious nature of the former whilst being at the same time as powerful, visceral and rhythmically charged as anything the band have ever recorded.

The tracklisting for Free Reign :  
See Saw 
Seamless Boogie Woogie BBC2 10pm (rpt)   
Cosmic Radiation  
Miss You
For the Season
King Kong
Sun and the Moon  

Free Reign will not only be available on the usual formats – CD, LP and digital download – but also on limited edition UFO format, in the form of an exclusive, glow-in-the-dark, cosmic flying disc which comes with the album download code (ie, a pretty nifty Frisbee). To pre-order the album click HERE.

Plant Plants ‘EP2’

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London-based electronic duo Stuart Francis and Howard Whatley, aka Plant Plants, will be releasing their eagerly awaited follow up to their debut EP through This Is Music on 18th June. The label is home to the likes of Charli XCX, Mujava, Helium Robots and Theophilus London.

Described by The Fader as “life affirming”, Plant Plants EP, entitled ‘EP2’, once again boasts the production credentials of Simian Mobile Disco’s Jas Shaw, and will be available on 12” vinyl and digital download.

Through the use of hands-on hardware samplers, with guitar effects and parallel vocals, you will not see a laptop in sight; all samples and effects are played live as instruments in both their recorded music and live show, making them a cut above the rest.

Track listing as follows:

1. Embrace The Real
2. One To Adore
3. Repeaters
4. Stupid Boy

Plant Plants play The Queen of Hoxton (EP launch) on 14th June, and The Nest in Stoke Newington on 15th June alongside The Juan Maclean, Shit Robot, Factory Floor and Rory Phillips.

Download:Mancini and the Creepers -The Calling EP

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Mancini & The Creepers, a Bristol and London based trio, continues to blur the lines between Hip Hop, Soul, Indie, Electronica and Jazz, fusing sounds and styles with an impeccably British twist. Vocalist Mancini combines rolling raps and melodies in a uniquely soulful style, breezing through stories of life in modern day Britain. Production is handled by Tommy Tempa and Frank Laws, who together hold down The Creepers organic sound.

Their previous releases have been played by Gilles Peterson among others and received raving feedback from DJs such as DJ Vadim and Laurant Garnier.

Takes from the forthcoming album, to be released by Jakarta Records ( very soon.

“The Best thing I’ve heard for a long time!” DJ Vadim

“Glad to still hear musicians and lyricists lie this still alive” Fulgeance

“Properly feeling this! I flipping love these guys!” Kid Kanevil

“Really fresh and different, keep em coming!”” 4-Hero

“Brilliant Stuff! Will definitely playlist” Laurent Garnier

“Great lyrics, great production…Great!” Rob Birch (Stereo MC’s)
“Brilliant! I hope it catches some peoples ears” Domu

Monkey Kids – Wild Attraction! (Umalu Recordings, ULR007) (Preview Clips)

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Self-assured, ambitious, and often ingenious, the Monkey Kids’ debut EP ‘Wild Attraction!’ on the eclectic Umalu Recordings is a densely layered, proudly psychedelic delight. All four tracks are loaded with alluring hooks and lyrical snippets to grab your attention, making them strong enough to stand up to the bold (mostly synthesized) aural choices made by producers Ariel Lanfrit and Luciano Siclari, of Ciudad Feliz fame.

The EP is packed with ’80s-style dance electronics sounds, showcasing the Monkey Kids’ skillful touch, spot-on sequencing and their own distinctive sparkle. Their colorful debut is a dazzling trip through 40 years of psychedelic-pop – with a deadpan delivery that can only be described as 21st century. One for the fans of Cut Copy, MGMT, Metronomy, Alex Metric.

Artist: Monkey Kids
Title: Wild Attraction!
Label: Umalu Recordings
Release date: 18-11-11

1: Feel Fine Feel Good
2: Feel Right Now
3: Free Up The People
4: Take Me As I Am

As members of the South American based Ciudad Feliz, Ariel Lanfrit and Luciano Siclar have been DJ’d and musicians since 1998 before really being discovered during the 2000 Winter Music Conference in Miami. The pair have released tracks on labels such as 3am Recordings, Silver Network, Soundplant and more.

Umalu Recordings previous releases have included tracks from the likes of Jazzy Eyewear, Autodeep, Les Loups, Toomy Disoc, South West Seven and more.

Bill Laswell’s Method Of Defiance returns with “Dub Arcanium Arcandrum”

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Method Of Defiance returns with
“Dub Arcanium Arcandrum”

Remix and dub style versions of tracks culled from the Method Of Defiance albums “Jahbulon” & “Incunabula” featuring remixes from Scientist, Prefuse 73, Mad Professor, SubCode, Dr. Israel, MRC Riddims (the production/DJ team of Oktopus (dalek) & MRC (from Ifwhen & All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors), Perdurabo 6 and Bill Laswell
Method Of Defiance
“Dub Arcanium Arcandrum”

October 11, 2011
MOD Technologies
File under: Rock, Dub, Roots, Reggae,
Dancehall, Drum and Bass, Electronica
MOD Technologies

On October 11, Bill Laswell’s MOD Technologies presents the brand new Method Of Defiance release, “Dub Arcanium Arcandrum.” This new album offers remix and dub style versions of tracks that originally appeared on the 2010 Method Of Defiance albums “Jahbulon” & “Incunabula” and features remixes from Scientist, Prefuse 73, Mad Professor, SubCode, Dr. Israel, MRC Riddims (the production/DJ team of Oktopus (dalek) & MRC (from Ifwhen & All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors), Perdurabo 6 and Bill Laswell.

In October 2010, Bill Laswell launched his brand new M.O.D. Technologies label with “Jahbulon” the first in a series of three releases from the group Methods Of Defiance – the collaborative project featuring vocalists Dr. Israel and Hawkman, legendary bassist/producer, Bill Laswell, keyboardist / Funkadelic – icon, Bernie Worrell, post-modern / futurist drummer Guy Licata, Toshinori Kondo and DJ Krush. The music is a blend of Rock, Dub, Roots, Reggae, Dancehall, Drum and Bass, Electronica and reflects the eclectic words from which each Methods Of Defiance artist floats in.

The second of three releases came in the way of “Incunabula” (instrumental versions of “Jahbulon”) while the series closes out with radical new interpretations of the tracks on “Dub Arcanium Arcandrum.” Scientist starts it off with a retouching of the single “One World” and later reenters with a ganja smoked up “Herb is Burnin”(dub style, of course), & he tosses a disordered ordered mix at the end to make it all fair. Prefuse 73 pushes his space-age hip hop way in, via the future, with his take on a piece from “Incunabula” (and you thought the original was out). Mad professor stumbles in dubbin’ his ass off. SubCode, a Moroccan remixer we have been chasing for a while, remixes as if his life depended on it, the Hawk track “Do or Die”.

Dr Israel remixes two tracks, one of his and one of Hawk’s and this is something we wish he would do more of, the man can remix, damn it. MRC Riddims, the production/DJ team of Oktopus (dalek) & MRC (from Ifwhen & All Natural Lemon & Lime Flavors) join in with a reshaping of “Elijah’s Lament” done all Krooklyn style. Bill Laswell not to be upstaged, contributes two mixes from Incunabula, a dub out and an ambient version of “Quantum Echo”. Perdurabo 6, via the Basque speaking part of Spain, gives his almost 6 minute take on “One World” quite pleasant, really.


01 One World Dub – Scientist
02 Encode Armour Feed Version 1 – Prefuse 73
03 Elijah’s Lament Mad Professor Mix – Mad Professor
04 Do or Die Remix – SubCode
05 Elijah’s Lament Remix – MRC Riddims
06 Taykeovah Version – Dr Israel
07 Herb 4 – Scientist
08 Quantum Echo Apparition – Bill Laswell
09 No Salvation Version – Dr Israel
10 Quantum Echo Entombment Dub – Bill Laswell
11 One World First Claim Version – Perdurabo 6
12 One World Disorder Dub – Scientist