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Dub Police “Past Present Future”

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Dub-Police-Past-Present-Future-PackshotDUB POLICE – PAST, PRESENT, FUTURE
CD – DPCD008
Release date: 18.11.13

Established in 2004 by Caspa and a few like-minded friends, Dub Police has proved a vital outlet for producers to showcase the finest elements of dubstep, whether that be heavy, deeper, darker or more innovative cuts. Since it’s inception, the label has presided over 80-plus releases from a roster of more than 30 artists and set the benchmark for aspiring imprints to follow, solidifying itself as a truly global imprint in the process; Japan, Australia and even Mumbai have all been played by Dub Police artists. As the first dubstep label to tour the USA in 2010, host label nights in Ibiza and hold down a bi-monthly residency at Fabric that’s now entering into it’s fifth year, allowing the label to showcase the ‘who’s who’ of Dubstep in their hometown of London. Dub Police continue to redefine expectations at a considerable rate of knots.

As an iconic home to emerging dubstep talent for almost a decade, Dub Police have also played a pivotal role in the genre’s sonic evolution. As key whistleblowers if you like, they were first to champion the sounds of genre-defining artists like Rusko, Emalkay and Trolley Snatcha and have continued to build on that legacy with label boss Caspa leading the imprint firmly into the future. To celebrate just how far they’ve come, Dub Police are proud to present ‘Past, Present & Future’, a 45-track compilation album that showcases the evolution of their sound, by those who helped make it happen. It will be available across three formats; digital, CD and as part of a specially-curated vinyl package that will see two tracks taken from each section and pressed to 12” wax. Tracks include those never before released on vinyl alongside a number that have completely sold out, including L Wiz’s ‘Girl From Codeine City’, a track out of circulation for near on six years, and The Others & Emalkay’s coveted banger ‘Fallout’.

The ‘Past’ will be of particular intrigue to the label’s early enthusiasts, with a swathe of highly-sought after classics making up the majority of the track-listing. From Emalkay’s seminal breakthrough heater ‘When I Look At You’ to the sullen majesty of Caspa’s glorious ‘Cockney Violin’, there is plenty of sure-fire gold on offer here. Of course, the contrast between then and now is also an interesting one, with tracks like The Others’ ‘Africa V.I.P’ serving as poignant reminders of the label’s beginnings; for many, these were the tunes that first introduced them to the genre.

‘Present’ looks more to the sound that has made considerable waves across the pond and beyond, with music from established Dub Police names like Subscape and The Others sitting proudly alongside more contemporary upstarts Variations and Mydas. These are the tracks you could expect to grace raves across the world right now, permeating the sets of the label’s artists and contemporaries alike. Caspa’s recent ‘Techno Terry’ single, featuring hotly-tipped protege Dismantle, is a standout feature, alongside Trolley Snatcha’s club banger ‘Make My Whole World’.

Naturally, looking forward would not be possible without the past or the present, but the section that looks to the genre’s future is arguably the compilation’s most important. A whole host of label talent give us their insight into the sound’s future composition, alongside intriguing features for J:Kenzo & Matty G and next-generation producers Ethic, Oiki and Badklaat, all of whom point to a bright and intriguing future for the sound.

Bold, expansive and a fitting testament to their continuing legacy, this is the story of Dub Police, and furthermore, dubstep, through the eyes of some of it’s finest purveyors.


Past 1. L-Wiz – Girl From Codeine City
2. Caspa – Cockney Violin
3. Emalkay – When I Look At You
4. Caspa – For The Kids
5. Mungos Hi Fi feat. Earl 16 – International Roots (LD Remix)
6. The Others – Africa VIP
7. Subscape – Nothings Wrong
8. N-Type – Way Of The Dub (Caspa Remix)
9. Rusko – Acton Dread
10. Trolley Snatcha – The Future
11. Conquest – Forever
12. The Others – Gravity
13. Rusko – Cockney Thug (Caspa Remix)
14. Emalkay – Fabrication
15. Matty G – Turf W*rz

Present 1. Subscape – I Need You
2. Oiki – Get It Now
3. Caspa feat. DIsmantle – Techno Terry
4. The Others & Emalkay – Fallout
5. Subscape – When I See You
6. Dirty Dog – Selecta
7. Trolley Snatcha – Make My Whole World
8. Filth Collins – Fatboy Riddim
9. Caspa – Sexy Beast
10. Mydas – Squared
11. Dirty Dog – Barkin Mad
12. Variations – Subbington
13. Ethic – Temple Run
14. The Others – One Man Show feat. Lonette Charles (J:Kenzo Remix)
15. Mydas – Beneath The Fold

Future 1. The Others – Joy
2. Oiki – Are You Scared
3. Trolley Snatcha – Ganja Talk
4. Caspa – London Zoo
5. Caspa – Mad Man feat. Riko
6. Matty G & J:Kenzo – SC Connection
7. Variations – Fighting For Air
8. KGB – Hardstyle
9. Subscape – Get You Down
10. Dirty Dog – Sucker Punch
11. Mydas – The Wait
12. Subscape – I Would Have Loved You
13. The Others – Amazonia
14. BadKlaat – Get Twisted
15. Trolley Snatcha & Subscape – Give And Take


Vinyl One 1. Caspa – Sexy Beast
2. Variations – Subbington

Vinyl Two 3. The Others & Emalkay – Fallout
4. L-Wiz – Girl From Codeine City

Vinyl Three 5. J:Kenzo & Matty G – SC Connection
6. Mydas – Squared


First Listen: The Others ‘Red Planet’ album sampler (Out 21st Dec on Dub Police)

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The Others
‘Red Planet’
(Dub Police)
 Release Date: 21st Dec 2012
The Others - Red Planet
Since debuting on Boka records back in 2007, The Others, AKA Alex Crawford, has come a long way. In the five years since his first release on Dub Police – the acclaimed ‘Africa’ EP in the same year – his prolific work rate and consistently high quality output has made him the most released artist on label and an integral part of its core, as well as a lynchpin in an ever-evolving dubstep scene. A series of impressive original productions, not to mention a number of standout high-profile remixes over the last few years are now set to culminate in his debut artist album for the label, ‘Red Planet’.
Over twelve tracks, ‘Red Planet’ gives The Others the canvas to showcase the full breadth of his talents like never before. Amalgamating the many influences that inform his productions, the album’s dubstep backbone is bolstered by glimpses of breakbeat, jungle, techno and progressive house, resulting in a brilliantly crafted and coherent artistic statement. Filled with light and shade, impact and intricacy, ‘Red Planet’ is much more than a collection of club tracks; this is an album in the truest sense of the word.
‘Go’ provides an apt introduction to the album setting a sweeping futuristic backdrop to the album as Crawford carefully layers new elements to craft a constantly evolving technoid powerhouse. This swiftly morphs into last year’s huge single ‘First Flight’, a fiery rave mutation for the bass generation that plays its ecstatic synth lines off against a snarling beast of a bassline. Latest single ‘Freeze The Frame’ featuring Geoff Smith on vocals further explores these rave-influenced sounds as soaring synth lines collide with sharp drums and tough bass flourishes in fine style.
Joined by Joker on production duties, ‘Spaceman’ journeys further into outer space with its combination of playful synths and funk-fuelled rhythm before ‘Showdown / Polaris’ brings things crashing back down to earth with its techy synths and menacing bass swipes, asserting The Others’ underground legacy with supreme conviction. Teaming up with label mate Emalkay on ‘Fallout’, The Others continues to push this signature style into new and unchartered territory, delivering a dark and deadly tearout cut that has already been getting Radio1 support from Skream & BengaMistaJam and Eddy Temple Morris. Built on a rigid, incisive rhythm, the industrial bassline slashes through the track viciously against a backdrop of undulating subs.
Moving into the second half of the album, ‘Antithesis’ featuring Stamina takes things deeper driven by rattling jungle breaks and clean subs before ‘Stargate’’s powerful rhythm unwinds into a twisting mixture of trippy synths and snarling bass notes. Opening things out once again, ‘The Way You Make Me’ draws on elements of progressive house and classic rave to bring a sense of anthemic euphoria to his powerful soundsystem shaking productions and has been winning strong support from scene tastemakers Skream & Benga. Utilising bright synths, twinkling keys and an emotive vocal hook to offset the stark drums and warping bassline, it is as evocative as it is ferocious giving The Others a chance to showcase his melodic prowess and songwriting abilities.
Moving into the final quarter, ‘Feel It’ featuring Breakage keeps the energy levels high using driving breakbeat rhythms and diva vocals as its motor before ‘One Man Show’ takes things down, allowing Crawford to bring to light a different side to his capabilities. Built around Lonette Charles’ effortlessly soulful vocals it articulates a more poignant streak to the album with its shuffling rhythm, warm piano melody and loose jazz inflections. Fittingly that leaves the title-track to play out the album, doing so in epic style as it explodes in a flurry of electric synths backed by its deep bass tones.
Having proved his worth as amongst the most versatile and exciting producers around, ‘Red Planet’ is set to propel him to the upper echelons of dance music.
1.  Go
2.  First Flight
3.  Freeze The Frame ft. Geoff Smith
4.  Spaceman ft. Joker
5.  Showdown / Polaris
6.  Fallout ft. Emalkay
7.  Antithesis ft. Stamina
8.  Stargate
9.  The Way You Make Me
10.Feel It ft. Breakage
11.One Man Show ft. Lonette Charles
12.Red Planet

DKS – Can’t Get Enough EP(+preview)

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DKS - Can't Get EnoughDKS – Can’t Get Enough EP 
(Firepower Records)
1. DKS – Can’t Get Enough
2. DKS – I Know
3. DKS – String Theory
4. DKS – Monster
Release date: 11th December 2012
With support from some of the biggest names in bass music, including Datsik, Skream & Benga, Rusko, Mistajam, Plastician and Emalkay, as well as tens of thousands of YouTube and SoundCloud plays, its time for 19-year-old producer/DJ DKS aka Max Clarke to take centre stage. Age is not a factor when it comes to admiration and musical knowledge and this young, aspiring musician has talent and experience way beyond his years. DKS1
‘Can’t get enough’ kicks off the EP with a warm shimmering intro and shuddering bass. The brushing of a high hat is fused with a clipped vocal sample and a skull-shattering drop that sends the blood rushing. Up next, the bass-driven track ‘I Know’ is a bold mix of uplifting and unpretentious soundscapes, which touch upon the deeper and darker side of dubstep. DKS draws on an array of influences on ‘I Know’ with his clever use of vocal samples, and crashing snares. Continuing the flare, ‘String Theory’ immerses itself in a grimier province with its murky breakdowns and chainsaw swings. The loaded LFOs and manic hi-hats are layered perfectly and tear through one another with booming force.
DKS builds you up during the EP’s seamless flow of musical moments and closes with the larger-than-life record ‘Monster’. ‘Monster’’s dynamic foray is cleverly calculated and the crescendo will knock you senseless. The thrilling female sample and frenzied synths rip each other apart in a brilliantly cultivated manner.
DKS has been championed by BBC Radio 1 and 1xtra, as well as getting his tracks heard across the Rinse FM airwaves. Clarke has become known for his interesting melodies and arrangements over the past year and has bought a breath of fresh air to the scene. This is a truly unmissable release from Firepower that once again encapsulates their forward-thinking presence at the forefront of electronic music.
Pre order the EP HERE
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Caspa returns with Fulham 2 Waterloo, August 1st ,Dub Police 50(Preview)+Tour Dates

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Having passed the landmark half century in releases for Dub Police it’s time to celebrate and what better way to do so then to hand the reigns over to label head Caspa for the big 50!

Following the release of the anthemic ‘Back For The First Time’ last summer on Sub Soldiers – which was vocalled by Mr Hudson as ‘Love Never Dies’ and the brutal ‘Neck Snappah’ earlier this year, Caspa returns with the huge ‘Fulham 2 Waterloo’.

Driven by a hard 4×4 kick and galloping snares, the rhythm is overlaid with the snap of the half step snare providing an impactful percussive counterpoint that flips between house and dubstep. With the tough dancefloor foundations laid, it is the sharp, rave-inflected lead hook that provides an addictive rallying cry for club audiences everywhere.

Having first been aired by Annie Mac on Radio 1 back in February, it has been getting heavy club support from Atrak, Breakage, Mista Jam, Annie Mac, Zinc and Emalkay to name a few and with forthcoming rubdowns from Roska and Emalkay Fulham 2 Waterloo is set to storm the summer soundsystem airwaves.

As the man behind Dub Police and affiliated labels Storming Productions and Sub Soldiers, and an irrefutably top class producer in his own right, Caspa’s influence on the scene is profound. His continuing musical evolution and willingness to champion new talent has marked him out as an international

Fulham 2 Waterloo

Bang Bang

ambassador for dubstep as he continues to spread some of the most exciting sounds to come out of the UK in years.

Fresh back from Coachella Caspa now hits the road with an epic list of heavyweight forthcoming tour dates including Glastonbury where he will provide another outing of his’ Dubs, Decks and Visual FX’ multi sensory assault, followed onwards by Global Gathering and Creamfields amongst a massive run of forthcoming festivals and worldwide shows that take him to every corner of the globe, not to mention a 14 date tour throughout the USA in August which will be hitting some major venues alongside Digitalism.

Touring is just the tip of the Iceberg, Caspa still finds time to host a bi-monthly night at the world famous Fabric and not content with running 3 labels, producing dancefloor bomb after dancefloor bomb and the acclaimed album ‘Everybody’s Talking, Nobody’s Listening’, his remix skills are in higher demand than ever, remixing for the likes of Katy B, Buraka Som Sistema, Deadmau5, Miike Snow, Swedish House Mafia, Depeche Mode, Kid Sister to name just a few.

Caspa is working with a host of exciting guest vocalists and collaborators on his forthcoming artist album with full details to be revealed in the not too distant future- stay up-to-date with everything Caspa related with the new official Caspa iPhone application featuring news, music, videos, gig details, photos and much, much more! HERE


3rd June: Stylus – Leeds
3rd June: Fabric – London
4th June: Stadsblokken – Arnhem – Netherlands
11th June: Escape in the park – Swansea
11th June: Parklife Weekender – Manchester
12th June: Summer Break – Newquay
18th June: UAF Festival – Vienna
26th June: Glastonbury – Pilton
30th June: Fez Club – Cambridge
1st July: B’estfest – Bucharest – Romania
2nd July: Aquarius – Zrce Beach – Croatia
8th July: Rehab – Chelmsford
9th July: Wakestock – Wales
15th July: Space – Ibiza
16th July: Dour Festival – Hainaut – Belgium
22nd July: Tomorrowland- Boom – Belgium
23rd July: Monegros Desert Festival – Huesca – Spain
29th July: Kendal Calling – Lake District
30th July: Global Gathering – Stratford-Upon-Avon


Emalkay ‘Eclipse’ Album preview Dub Police [DP055]

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This clip showcases tracks taken from the Vinyl format. Pressed on 3×12” Vinyl in a gatefold sleeve with the full 11 track CD inside.

Birmingham-based producer Emalkay, who is set to release his hotly anticipated debut LP ‘Eclipse’ First making a name for himself with early releases on his own Morphic Sounds imprint, Emalkay has continued to push the boundaries of underground bass music ever since, delivering a slew of huge releases on the way. Having been an integral part of the Dub Police stable ever since his ‘Explicit / Heroics’ 12” for the label in 2009, Emalkay has gone from strength to strength with a series of heavyweight tracks that includes the phenomenal ‘When I Look At You’ and recent smash ‘Crusader’.
Comprised of 11 tracks, ‘Eclipse’ is a bold and powerful album encapsulating perfectly everything that makes Emalkay such a prodigious talent, effortlessly showcasing the depth and diversity of his sound while always remaining true to his inimitable style. As addictive as it is hard-hitting, the album doesn’t just provide a collection of dancefloor tracks, but a confident and coherent artistic statement.
A brilliantly confident and varied debut album, ‘Eclipse’ is set to cement Emalkay’s place as one of the biggest and most exciting producers working in bass music today.


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Brand new smasher from Emalkay on the infamous Dub Police Records label.

Originally released on a limited white label 12″ promo, finished copies are due to drop on the 20th December via ST Holdings.

Ibiza Rocks pres.Reclaim The Dancefloor 2010 Line Up+CD Tracklist Mixed By Doorly

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 As the sun shines over Ibiza, Ibiza Rocks’ club-night, Reclaim The Dancefloor, announces more exciting artists to its already incredible line up. Taking place every Wednesday at Eden Nightclub, San Antonio, Reclaim The Dancefloor is already shaping up to be the highlight of this summer’s season in Ibiza.

Joining the schedule for 2010 and needing now introduction will be Germany’s foremost techno-electro producers, Boys Noize as well as a visit from label mates, Djedjtronic.

Holy Ghost from James Murphy’s DFA label brings the sound of New York to the island. Meanwhile, Switch, Herve and Boy 8-bit further represent the UK. The 2010 touring alter ego of Mehdi & Riton, ‘Carte Blanche’, will be passing through on 28th July. They will be joined by Riva Starr, People Get Real and the fast-rising techno star and Planet Turbo resident, Matt Walsh.

 Other confirmed guests include the exceptionally talented Beardyman and the grimey hyper-bass of L-Vis1990.  Drum & bass continues to play a dominant role in the Reclaim sound with the confirmed booking of Breakage, whilst the dedication to up-and-coming talent is marked by the Ibiza arrival of Starsmith, Ado and Bowski.

 30th June’s Reclaim the Dancefloor, with Annie Mac, Skream, Rusko, Jack Beats, Doorly and Mak has been confirmed as the official launch party for the Ibiza Rocks Presents Reclaim The Dancefloor compilation album, which is released June 28th on Ministry of Sound.

 Compiled and mixed by Reclaim resident, Doorly, Ibiza Rocks Presents Reclaim The Dancefloor is a true reflection of the event with an innovative crossover of styles that blurs boundaries – genre switching and musical bed hopping.

 Reclaim The Dancefloor prides itself on innovation, consistently delivering cutting edge sounds and events that help shape the face of a new Ibiza. Fusing the best in new electronic music together is what makes the event a success and wholly unique – putting on a show like no other, with it’s strength in uncompromised quality, versatility and, with tickets from as little as €20, affordability!


 Weds 30th June

‘Ibiza Rocks presents Reclaim The Dancefloor’ Album Launch Party

Room 1 – Annie Mac, Skream, Rusko, Jack Beats, Doorly, Mak

 Weds 7th July

Room 1 – Planet Turbo: Tiga, Brodinski, Aeroplane, Milano Live, Thomas von Party

Room 2 – Stanton Warriors, DJ Hype, Doorly, Mak

 Weds 14th July

Room 1 – Boys Noize, DJEdjtronic, Holy Ghost, Matt Walsh, Eskimo Twins

Room 2 – Dub Police: Caspa, Doorly, Emalkay, The Others, D1, Rod Azlan, Crazy D

 Weds 21st July

Room 1 – Annie Mac, High Contrast, Jack Beats, Doorly, Ado

Room 2 – Nero, Friction, Mak


Weds 28th July

Room 1 – Fake Blood, Cart Blanche (Mehdi & Riton), Riva Starr, People Get Real

Room 2 – Plump DJs, Krafty Kuts, Oli P


Weds 4th August

Room 1 – Pendulum (DJ set), Kissy Sellout, Sinden, Doorly, Mark Roberts

Room 2 – Joker, Rattus Rattus & Klose 1


Weds 11th August

Room 1 – Beatdown: Scratch Perverts, Sub Focus, Caspa, Beardyman, Doorly

Room 2 – Beatdown: Toddla T, Breakage, Mak


Weds 18th August

Room 1 – Switch, Herve, Boy 8 Bit, Eskimo Twins, Bowski

Room 2 – Buraka Som Sistema DJs, Drop the Lime, Doorly 


Weds 25th August

Room 1 – Planet Turbo: Tiga, Switch, Brodinski, Thomas von Party

Room 2 – Digital Soundboy: Shy FX, Redlight, Jackbeats, Mak


Weds 1st September

Room 1 – Major Lazer Live, Annie Mac, Fake Blood, Doorly, Eskimo Twins

Room 2 – Toddla T, L VIS 1990, Doorly


Weds 8th September

Room 1 – Chase & Status (DJ set), Sub Focus, Jack Beats, Doorly

Room 2 – Starsmith, Dekker, Bowski


Weds 15th September- Closing Party

Room 1- TBC

Room 2- TBC



CD 1 – Reclaim The Dancefloor – Mixed By Doorly
1 C.R.S.T – Jam For You
2 Kidkut – I Love 04
3 Doorly – UK Gee
4 Man Like Me – Lovestruck (Kill Light Remix)
5 Surkin – Fan Out
6 Eigo – Bring It
7 DJ PP – Miami Vice
8 Disco Of Doom – Butterfingers
9 Tom Staar – It Excites Me
10 Is Kill – Snarl
11 Dustin Zahn – Stranger (To Stability) (Len Faki Podium Remix)
12 Doorly & Felix Yeah! – Ice Machine
13 Doorly – Sausage Party
14 Doorly Feat. Lady Chann – The One
15 AC Slater Feat. Ninjasonik – Take You (Doorly Remix)
16 Hervé – Together (Doorly Remix)
17 Roots Manuva – Witness (Walworth Road Rockers Dub)
18 Breakage – Posers
19 DJ Marky & S.P.Y – Riff Raff
20 Poirier – Wha-La-La-Leng
21 Doorly & Rory Lyons – Storm Chord
22 The Swiss – Bubble Bath
23 Siriusmo – High Together

CD 2 – Ibiza Rocks 5th Birthday Classics Bonus CD – Mixed By Doorly
1 Soulwax – Krack
2 Kasabian – Vlad The Impaler
3 Bloc Party – Banquet Boys Noize Remix
4 Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll (A-Trak Web Remix)
5 Dizzee Rascal – Holiday (Laidback Luke Remix)
6 Groove Armada Feat. Fenech-Soler – Paper Romance (Doorly Remix)
7 MGMT – Kids (Soulwax Mix)
8 Fenech-Soler – Lies
9 Editors – The Racing Rats
10 Florence + The Machine – Dog Days Are Over (Breakage Remix)
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