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J. Baracuz – A Contemporary Witness(Equinox Records)+Stream

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Within the big bunch of electronic releases in the field of the world wide spreading new beat maker scene, “A Contemporary Witness” by J. Baracuz could be one of the highlights this year. Baracuz is, which sets him apart from many of his peers, able to combine his sound design skills on controller and mpc with delicate arrangements and a good sense for song structures.
The opening track of the EP, “The Overture”, juggles with string and piano samples while it is underlined by percussive and driving beats. The tune is as much “on point” as the impulsive second track “One Way Ticket”. Regardless of the moderate tempo, the song is straight forward, includes vocal shreds and synth sounds und even manages to switch over to a Sci Fi Dub part in the middle. Next up, “Jazzy Conqueror”, clocking in at 6 minutes, is the longest piece on the EP. In this track, J. Baracuz proves one more time his talent for structure and arrangement. It is primarily based on organic samples, while being equipped with some glitches here and there. The last song, “Everyone’s the Same” concludes the EP in an enjoyable way with its expressive Soul Folk Electronica vibe.
After a creative break Baracuz has spent with studying, travelling and digging for records, “A Contemporary Witness” is a big step forward for him. The whole EP impresses with detailed and meticulous production, while it still seems to be done with the greatest of ease. Being the 5th EP on Equinox.Digital, the sublabel of the Berlin based Electronica label Equinox Records, it successfully follows the previously released works by Deckard, David Vangel and 2econd Class Citizen.

Artist: J. Baracuz
Title: A Contemporary Witness
Label: Equinox.Digital
Cat.Nr.: eqxdgtl-005
Format: Digital EP
Release Date: October 28, 2011

(01) The Overture
(02) One Way Ticket (Stream Below)
(03) Jazzy Conqueror
(04) Everyone´s The Same

About J. Baracuz:
J. Baracuz is an electronic music producer/beatmaker from Berlin. His debut album “Lasergun Romances”, released in late 2006, has already given proof of his talents and his sense for complex sample-based compositions somewhere between instrumental hip-hop and electronica.
“Lasergun Romances” also was the reason Equinox Records got in touch with him and licensed a couple of his tracks to be released on the “One Year & A Day” series alongside artists such as Free The Robots, Deckard or Emynd. J. Baracuz’ music can be described best as a progressive, interesting blend of shredded obscure samples, heavy mpc-soaked drums and modern synthetic sounds refined with some glitches here and there. The sampling approach behind all of his tracks is based on the idea of giving rise to not just beats but entire songs out of a “pile of broken dreams”.


GESTE :Android Porn Remix Free Exclusive download with courtesy of Kraddy (Glitchmob – US) & Equinox Records – Berlin

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It’s time for celebration ! Just few weeks after the official release of the  «  Android Porn Remixes EP  » , Equinox Records and Kraddy are proud to share today and for free, one of the 5 exclusive mind blowing tracks taken from the 12”inches vinyl. 
 Geste from Paris remixes the Glitch Hop anthem with even more rough bass and synth weirdness, in his unique and distinctive style he already offered us on his Jaw Breaker 12 inches. 

Free Exclusive download  :    Kraddy – Android Porn (Geste remix)  (probably you remember or post emn pres.Geste,if not check again HERE ,where you can find much more, extra Jaw Breaker EP)

Without a doubt, “Android Porn” by Kraddy (founding member of The Glitch Mob) is one of the true anthems. Released by Equinox Records, the Android Porn Remixes is a collection of 5 different directions standing on their own. Mochipet, Fulgeance, Playpad Circus, Si-Begg, and Geste. Names to dig for sure.

Tracklist Digital:

(01) Android Porn (Mochipet Godzillaporn Remix)
(02) Android Porn (Fulgeance Remix)
(03) Android Porn (Playpad Circus Remix)
(04) Android Porn (Si Begg Remix)
(05) Android Porn (Geste Remix)

Shop links digital release:
Juno Download

Tracklist Vinyl 12″:

(01) Android Porn (Mochipet Godzillaporn Remix)
(02) Android Porn (Fulgeance Remix)

(03) Android Porn (Original Version)
(04) Android Porn (Playpad Circus Remix)

About Kraddy:
After deciding to part ways with the Glitch Mob, Kraddy continues to trail-blaze as a composer and a DJ in the US and abroad. A dancefloor messiah to both booty shakers and trainspotters, Kraddy is known worldwide for his distinctive style. His sets are a futuristic fusion of dubstep, hip hop, and dancehall – all laced with Kraddy’s signature style of edits and remixes that make his sound so unique. Like the skaters and surfers from his home in Venice Beach, Kraddy will unapologetically blow your mind with his skill, style and his no prisoners attitude.

About GESTE check here
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