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Thievery Corporation – Saudade

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Thievery Corporation - SaudadeWhen they met in the mid-1990s, Thievery Corporation’s Eric Hilton and Rob Garza instantly bonded over their shared passion for bossa nova. Dedicating their 1996 debut ‘Sounds from the Thievery Hi-Fi’ to bossa nova pioneer Antonio Carlos Jobim, the Washington, D.C.-based duo have spent nearly two decades creating boundary-warping, complexly crafted electronic music partly inspired by bossa nova’s intricate rhythms and lush textures. Now, with their seventh studio album ‘Saudade,’

Thievery Corporation present their first release devoted entirely to the Brazilian-born genre that first connected them. “We always try to progress into something different and stretch our musical chops, and taking a whole album to dive into this one sound seemed like a really great way to do that,” says Hilton. Adds Garza: “It’s a bit of a departure for us, but at the same time these are our roots, this is what brought us together. It’s us coming full circle from electronic music back to something organic before we move on to our next chapter.”

Thievery Corporation – Saudade 

1. Decollage
2. Meu Nego
3. Quem Me Leva
4. Firelight
5. Sola In Citta
6. No More Disguise
7. Saudade
8. Claridad
9. Nos Dois
10. Le Coeur
11. Para Sempre
12. Bateau Rouge
13. Depth Of My Soul
Released on their own label ESL Music, ‘Saudade’ borrows its title from a Portuguese word meaning “a longing for something or someone that is lost, a contented melancholy, or, simply, the presence of absence.” “Saudade is the essence or feeling of true bossa nova,” explains Hilton, who names “those warm, soulful, melancholic vocals” as one of the elements of bossa nova that’s most alluring to him.

Drawing influence from classic Brazilian performers like Antonio Carlos Jobim, Gal Costa, and Luis Bonfá—along with Serge Gainsbourg, Ennio Morricone, and more modern artists like electro-samba pioneer Isabelle Antena—Saudade achieves its delicate yet deeply sensuous sound with the help of more than a dozen guest musicians. With each track sung by one of five female vocalists (including longtime Thievery cohort LouLou Ghelichkhani, newcomer Elin Melgarejo, Nouvelle Vague singer Karina Zeviani, Argentine chanteuse Natalia Clavier, and former Bitter:Sweet singer/songwriter Shana Halligan), the endlessly mesmerizing album also features such guests as U.N.K.L.E. drummer Michael Lowery, Argentine singer/songwriter Federico Aubele, and master Brazilian percussionist Roberto Santos.


Natalia Clavier New Album Release May 28th ‘Lumen'(Preview)

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Natalia Clavier New Album Release May 28th 'Lumen'On May 28th, Nacional Records will release the new album from Natalia Clavier (long-time vocalist of Thievery Corporation). The album was produced by Grammy-winning producer Adrian Quesada (Ocote Soul Sounds, Grupo Fantasma, Brownout).
Here is a sneak peak of Natalia Claviers’ New album ‘Lumen’.


With a sultry mix of jazz/soul-inspired vocals in both English and Spanish, electronic textures and global influences, ‘Lumen’ further develops the sound Natalia Clavier cultivated while recording and touring with both Thievery Corporation and her husband, Argentinean singer-songwriter Federico Aubele. Natalia Clavier was ESL Music’s first female artist and the touring vocalist for Thievery Corporation, giving her opportunities to tour the globe performing at the world’s largest festival stages.

The Archives-New Reggae from ESL Music (preview)+Free Download

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Out Now on ESL Music

The Debut Release From The Archives, DC’s Seminal Roots Rockers Digs Deep into Reggae’s Past to Discover the Future

Produced By Thievery Corporation’s Eric Hilton Archives Captures The Band’s Fierce Live Energy and Socially Conscious Stance


The Archives began when Thievery Corporation’s Eric Hilton began a quest to explore the roots of reggae music. He asked keyboard ace Darryl “D-Trane” Burke to put together a cover band that would introduce club goers to the rock steady hits and obscurities of the pre-reggae era. When the group began writing original material, Burke contacted players he knew that could bring a progressive vibe to the music. “Everyone in the band has recorded and toured internationally with acts like Eek-A-Mouse, Culture, Gregory Isaacs and The Abyssinians,” Burke explains. “We weave together the best of foundation roots, rock steady, early dub and dancehall influences with arrangements that use funky throwbacks such as jazz flute, melodica and organ to create a classic, yet fresh and conscious sound.”

The band landed a two-year residency at the DC club Patty Boom Boom. Nightlong sets that often saw them playing 60 tunes or more allowed them to hone their sound and win an audience of dedicated fans. “It takes time to create new flavors,” Burke explains. “Playing weekly allowed us to simmer this stew and unify our sound. Now we’re comfortable in any situation and confident that we can step up and take it to the next level.”

The Archives feature vocalists Ras Puma, the charismatic singer on Thievery Corporation’s Culture of Fear, and Lenny Kurlou (S.T.O.R.M.). Mateo Monk (Sankofa Blackstar) plays guitar, flute and melodica; Burke (Moja Nya, Eek- A-Mouse, Gregory Isaacs) is on keyboards and drummer Leslie “Black Seed” James Jr. (Culture, Eek-A-Mouse) and bass player Justin “Relentless” Parrott (Claudius Linton) round out the lineup. The songs were composed collectively and all band members contributed to the arrangements.

With Eric Hilton behind the board and Thievery Corporation’s head engineer, Chris “Stone” Garrett, adding his magic to the mix, the band laid down 13 tracks full of smoking soul and sufferation. Burke’s funky clavinet and James’s one drop drumming introduce “Ghetto Gone Uptown.” Puma and Kurlou alternate lead vocals and add smooth harmonies to the chorus of this lover’s rock jam. The vibe is mellow, but the lyrics are a serious examination of the country’s economic woes. Legendary dance hall DJ, producer and Thievery Corporation vocalist Sleepy Wonder sings lead on “Music Is My Prayer,” an ode to the healing powers ofmusic. His scat-infused vocal on this sweet, laid-back track owes a debt to the work of Black Uhuru’s Michael Rose.

Download The Archives- Ghetto Gone Uptown

Desi Hyson, singer and main songwriter of Al Anderson’s Original Wailers takes lead vocals on “Crime,” a melodic romp that calls for the legalization of ganja with a ska-like bounce in its rhythm. “More To Life” is a Black Uhuru style roots rocker with inventive drumming from James and a passionate vocal from Puma, calling for worldwide responsibility and compassion as an antidote for the planet’s anguish. Subtle dub effects set off Monk’s wicked guitar solo.

Album Track List

1. Who’s Correct? Ft Ras Puma
2. Ghetto Gone Uptown Ft Ras Puma, Lenny Kurlou
3. Crime Ft Desi Hyson
4. Nuff A Dem Claim Ft Ras Puma
5. One More Time Ft Lenny Kurlou
6. More To Life Ft Ras Puma
7. Melodica Funk
8. Boof Baff Ft Ichelle Cole
9. Message For The Messenger Ft Ras Puma
10. Music Is My Prayer Ft Sleepy Wonder
11. Sensibility Ft Ras Puma
12. Why Can’t We Live Together? Ft Lenny Kurlou
13. Blasting Through The City Ft Ras Puma
The band shows off its diversity on the song “Melodica Funk,” a rock steady instrumental that blends melodica, Monk’s Latin-flavored jazz flute and Burke’s Jackie Mittoo-style organ solos and the track “Why Can’t We Live Together,” a funky disco/reggae cover of the Timmy Thomas standard. They also shine on “Who’s Correct,” a bubbly rock steady groove featuring Parrott’s militant Augustus Pablo-style bass line and a serious message of religious tolerance and a dub heavy take on the Clash/Mikey Dread tune “One More Time.”

“Dali once said he learned to paint like the masters before embarking on his visionary quest,” Monk says. “We strive to play like the masters in our field, but we’re part of our generation. Modern sensibilities have developed since the golden era of reggae: better gear, more awareness of studio techniques, new approaches to improvisation, new paradigms for the concert experience and greater social consciousness. We are not a retro band. We’re a 21st century band with really deep roots and we want to contribute to reggae’s evolution. Same tree, new leaves.”

Download:Ancient Astronauts “Anti Pop Song” (TimeWarp Inc Remix)ESL Music

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Kabanjak and Dogu, aka Ancient Astronauts, hailing from Cologne/Germany are back with a heavy load of remixes on The Orion Nebula Remixes, out on April 10, 2012. After the release of internationally critically acclaimed album Into Bass And Time (their second album for ESL Music) they joined forces with some of their favorite producers and remixers, which resulted in a roster full of quality remixes.

The selection of fine reinterpretations starts with a funked up boom bap remix of Oblivion feat. Azeem & DJ Zeph by Chicago based producer Maker (from the group Qwel & Maker), which is full of Indian influences and features fat rocking drums.

This is followed up by Kabanjak himself doing an epic drum heavy version of Peace In The East, which leaves a lot of room for beautiful strings performed by UK string duo, Entropik.

Then comes a remix by Emch from Subatomic Sound System in New York City who will blow your speakers with its big bass. This remix is an up-tempo version of Give It To You feat. Monsoon.

And while speaking of bass we present you DC residents Second Sky & Thomas Blondet who give Calvert Street Rock a fresh new Dub outfit that puts the Melodica in the spotlight of this song. The original version is a homage to ESL Music & Thievery Corporation headquarters (located on Calvert Street in Washington DC) and to Augustus Pablo (who brought the Melodica to the attention of Reggae lovers worldwide).

Kabanjak´s more Afro and Latin dedicated project Deela (on Switchstance Recordings) comes up next with a more up-tempo broken beat remix of Anti Pop Song, bringing you a contagious bass-heavy groove for the dancefloor.

Next up is longtime friend and collaborator DJ Brace, who is one of Canada´s finest scratchers and producers who did all the cuts on the Ancient Astronauts album Into Bass And Time, on Kabanjak´s solo album Tree Of Mystery and he remixed Classic feat. The Pharcyde from AA´s debut album We Are To Answer. His remix of Still A Soldier shows of his fine skills as a producer and DJ with his trademark style of warm and tight beats combined with killer scratches. To round up this remix and give it a real organic feel Brace invited some friends to his studio to add Kora (Zal Sissokho) and Darbuka (Guillaume Fouquet). The result is full of beautiful harmonies with forward rocking beats and scratches.

Bay Area resident and eclectic beats & grooves maestro J-Boogie is the next in line. J chose to remix the song Last Night feat. Akua Naru and added some lush Latin flavor and deep bass, which give room for Akua´s lyrics to flower out through this beautiful song.

To round up this release and pay dues to all the beat-addicted Hip Hop and Funk heads in the world we added the instrumental version of the Maker Remix for Oblivion.

Download:Ancient Astronauts “Anti Pop Song” (TimeWarp Inc Remix)[Bonus Track, not available on album]


1. Oblivion feat. Azeem & DJ Zeph (Maker Remix)
2. Peace In The East ( Kabanjak Remix)
3. Give It To You feat. Monsoon (Subatomic Sound System Remix)
4. Calvert Street Rock (Second Sky & Thomas Blondet Remix)
5. Anti Pop Song (Deela Remix)
6. Still A Soldier (DJ Brace Remix)
7. Last Night feat. Akua Naru (J-Boogie Remix)
8. Oblivion (Maker Remix Instrumental)

Thievery Corporation- It Takes A Thief

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‘It Takes a Thief ‘is a retrospective compilation from Thievery Corporation celebrating 15 years of pioneering and revolutionary beats by the masters of downtempo music.

The album is a collection of tracks specially selected by Rob Garza and Eric Hilton for both long time fans and for music lovers who have heard of Thievery Corporation but may have never listened to the band. Rob Garza said “looking back and realising it’s been almost 15 years since we started, we figured maybe now is the time. These tracks are some of our favourite moments.”

Thievery Corporation have released 5 studio albums to date and sold over 1.5 million records since 1996. Thievery’s tracks have been licensed for film, TV and advertisements including True Blood, Entourage, Six Feet Under, CSI, Skyy Vodka, Jaguar, Lexus, EA Sports and many others.

Spanning right across the last 15 years of their career, the album unfolds in a kaleidoscope of sonic colour. It serves to demonstrate the versatility and diversity of their sound as it showcases classic tracks like “Warning Shots” featuring incendiary reggae toaster Sleepy Wonder, “Vampires” featuring Afrobeat heir Femi Kuti, “Shadows of Ourselves” featuring multi-lingual Persian singer Lou Lou, and of course the hit track “Lebanese Blonde” featuring the late jazz chanteuse Pam Bricker. ‘It Takes a Thief’ also features an exclusive, never before released track “The Passing Stars” also featuring Pam.
This release is, however, more than just a collection of great songs. It is also an inspirational example of a band on a small independent label who can transcend the hype machine that surrounds the modern music industry and the ‘throw away culture’ inherent in dance music to become a ‘dominant force’ as godfathers of the electronic landscape.

From the release of the duo’s first LP, its been remarkable to witness the growth of Thievery Corporation’s fan base as it has steadily grown in such a DIY, organic fashion. Hilton himself notes, “We were so inspired by the true do-it-yourself ethos of the DC punk scene that Rob and I both grew up on. A lot of great music reaches fans without the typical hype and fanfare enjoyed by bands on the majors.”

This fan base has only got stronger as the years have passed, to such an extent that Thievery Corporation have been able to sell out the famed Hollywood Bowl, London’s Shepherd’s Bush Empire and countless other legendary venues around the globe.

Their infectious live show features 15 musicians and a carousel of performers unlike any other live band playing today. In 2009, Thievery Corporation sold out 2 nights at New York’s Terminal 5, and recently finished a 13 date European tour including Morocco, Rome, Athens, Paris, Berlin and Amsterdam.

“As we are in the midst of recording our sixth studio album this year, it just seemed like the time was right to release this collection. It’s been a great journey – musically and personally – and we just wanted to have that one definitive document. It Takes a Thief is it,” explains Garza. “We feel like it’s a great look back for some; and for others, an excellent introduction to our sound.”

The band is preparing to announce a major US tour for the autumn of 2010 and is recording a new album to be released in 2011.

ESL Music’s Latest Signing – Kabajank (Ancient Astronauts) – Debuts With “Tree Of Mystery”November 2+free download

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ESL Music’s latest signing – Kabajank – debuts with Tree Of Mystery

Kabanjak is one half of the block-rockin’ German hip-hop production and DJ duo Ancient Astronauts

Tree Of Mystery
 November 2, 2010
Label: ESL Music
File Under: Electronic / Hip Hop / Reggae / Funk

Kabanjak is one half of the block-rockin’ German hip-hop production and DJ duo Ancient Astronauts, and ESL Music’s newest unique artist signing. With a deep passion for music dating back to a childhood fixated on watching faded footage of Jimi Hendrix performing guitar pyrotechnics, Kabanjak has spent decades honing his skills as a musician, producer, remixer, and DJ. Now he is ready to present his own musical vision with his debut solo album
Tree of Mystery!

Kabanjak not only tackles much of Tree of Mystery’s live instrumentation, including guitars, bass, keys, kalimba, flute, and melodica but also teams up with various other vocal and instrumental talents: Steady collaborator Ulf Stricker provides snapping live drum rhythms, Canadian DMC champion and Juno Award winner DJ Brace provides cuts and scratches, poet Azeem (who also appeared on last years debut Ancient Astronauts album We Are To Answer) drops conscious rhymes, and Sitali (from Thievery Corporation’s live show) and Rykarda Parasol provide soulful incantations.

With its broad spectrum of haunting melodies, rough riddims, and solid arrangements, spanning from downbeat to hip-hop to dub reggae, Kabanjak lets Tree of Mystery dig its roots deep into the musical underground and grow its branches right up into the sky!

Tree Of Mystery is released November 2, 2010 on ESL Music

1. Lullaby of Leaves
2. Blind Lights
3. Evaflow
4. Don’t Worry (feat.Sitali)
5. High Priest
6. Follow the Storm
7. The Man Who Spoke Flames
8. Rhythm (feat. Azeem)
9. Rubicon
10. Baby, Don’t You Know? (feat. Rykarda Parasol)
11. I Don’t Want to Work Today
12. I Am a Tree
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Ursula 1000 teams with Fred Schneider (B-52’s) and more on “Fuzz EP” on Thievery Corporation’s ESL Music +Free Download

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Ursula 1000 to release “Fuzz EP” on
Thievery Corporation’s ESL Music
Featuring the track “Hey You!” with Fred Schneider

October 5, 2010 (digital)
October 19, 2010 (physical)
Label: ESL Music

Track List
“Hey You!” (feat. Fred Schneider)
“Fuzz 1000”
“Graveyard Stomp”

***Free Download***
“Hey You! (Shake Edit)”
(“Hey You!” spliced with “Shake” by 60’s garage group The Shadows Of Knight)

New York’s Ursula 1000 sets his time machine towards primitive garage punk for his new E.P., “FUZZ!”

Drenched in snarling fuzz guitars, savage drums and spooky organs, this new collection of tracks unleashes his technicolor take on this sound. A pinch of the old and a drop of the new, creating a brand new monster! Inspired by the classics like Count Five, The Sonics and the Nuggets and Back To The Grave collections to revivalists like The Gruesomes, Gravedigger V and The Dukes of Stratosphear, Ursula 1000 takes in this obsession and flips it for a new generation.

“FUZZ” features the inimitable Fred Schneider from The B-52s on the opening song, “Hey You!” Fred and his band paved the way of mixing b-movie surf trashiness and new
wave as does Ursula with his blending vintage grooves with modern electronica, thus making the pairing a no-brainer. This is not pastiche but a re-invention!

Ursula 1000 is the alter ego of Brooklyn, New York based producer/DJ Alex Gimeno. His albums (four artists albums and two DJ mixed CDs) and live/radio mix sessions have taken on a broad scope of retro tinged spy grooves, bumping latin disco funk, hints of post punk, electro, go go and sleazy glam rock. You can hear it in his remixes for the likes of Quincy Jones, Felix Da Housecat, The Faint, Fort Knox Five to a slew of television remodels for themes to Sesame Street, The Powerpuff Girls, The Incredibles and Yo Gabba Gabba. Scenes for Sex And The City, Grey’s Anatomy and How I Met Your Mother popped even more with a helping of a little Ursula as have campaigns for AT&T, Samsung, Adidas and Grand Marnier.

You can find him traveling the world dj-ing at places like Fabric, The Big Chill Festival, Shambhala or even at his home residencies at Trophy Bar and The Commodore. For a more obscure selection of songs that make him tick, check out his radio show, Guilty Pleasures on

FUZZ is released October 5 (digital) / October 19 (physical) on ESL Music
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