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Guy J -Heliscope EP (Bed95)(preview)

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Heliscope EP
1. Heliscope
2. Easy As Can Be
(Bedrock) Bed95
12” & Beatport Exclusive 22/11/10

After setting the scene alight with numerous killer singles, Israeli producer Guy J released his hotly anticipated full-length artist album ‘Esperanza’ on Bedrock Records in last quarter of 2008, to universal critical acclaim, and has been touring ever since around the globe. In 2009 he returned to Bedrock with yet another killer single, ‘Lamur’, complete with a stunning remix from one of Spain’s upcoming stars, Henry Saiz. This was followed by another stunning production, ‘Ballroom’, later in that year.

The mighty ‘Esperanza’ was a highlight once again this summer when it was remixed twice, by Umbral Aguir and Sistema, for John Digweed’s Structures mix album. Now Guy J returns with a highly anticipated, brand new new double-header for Bedrock. Whether you go for the energetic genius of ‘Heliscope’ or the lush, laid-back beauty of ‘Easy As Can Be’, there can be no denying that Guy J is one of the stand-out electronic artists in the world today.

Guy J has emerged over the course of the last few years to represent an intrinsic part of the Israeli dance music juggernaut that has been steadily powering through clubland in recent times. Along with fellow countrymen Guy Gerber, Sholmi Aber, Chaim and Gel Abril, Guy has been at the forefront of a movement back towards the melody rich sounds on which House music is based. Guy’s productions, with their driving beats, shimmering synths and journey-like qualities, embody characteristics from all sub-genres of House music. Guy J creates music that is brimming with soul and the Heliscope EP is testament to that.

 Guy J – Heliscope by Bedrock records

Guy J – Easy as can be by Bedrock records

Guy J is really Back!Great EP,Welcome Back!

Ben Klock mixes Berghain 04(incl.Martyn’s exclusive Miniluv)

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Berghain resident Ben Klock will compile the fourth instalment of the famed Berlin nightclub’s mix series, which will feature new and exclusive material from Martyn, Rolando and Klock himself.

Klock follows on from André Galluzzi, Marcel Dettmann and Len Faki in mixing a Berghain compilation, which will be released on the club’s in house label Ostgut Ton on June 28. His distinct sound – which combines relentless, industrial beats with a melodic sensibility cultivated in his upbringing as a classically trained musician – has become synonymous with the rise of Berghain to the world’s clubbing Mecca for anyone with a penchant for techno

Those who live within an Easyjet flight of the techno capital should also pencil June 12 into the diary, with Klock set to host the mix launch party on home turf.

The press release, written by German journo/DJ/label boss Gerd Janson, states: “When it comes to Berlin’s Berghain and its myth, we all know the deal by now: techno, concrete, marathon dances. Fact or fiction, Berghain 04 comes in the nick of time. It is impossible to reduce Ben Klock’s musical vision and especially his work as a DJ. Stereotypes and close-minded genre definitions have never been wished-for by the protagonists (Berghain and Klock) anyway and they won’t help you here.

“Klock turns all these ingredients into one long and harmonic blend. Without any sign of hectic or nervous breaks, but not without thrilling moments, peaks or valleys, turning points, Berghain 04 primes its listener for the climax of a long night out: the disappearance of space, time and the outside world. Akin to his album “One”, Ben Klock combines his classic appreciation of music, melody and hidden hook lines with the anonymity of solid machine sounds.

“These comparisons might be drawn with a worn-out pen, just like all the insufficient adjectives used to describe Berghain’s magic, but that is exactly what is achieved here. Ben Klock gets effortlessly and truthfully to the heart of a sound, a feeling and most of all an aesthetic. Berghain techno soul.”


1. 154 – Apricot
2. DVS1 – Pressure (previously unreleased)
3. Junior Boys – Work (Marcel Dettmann Remix) (previously unreleased)
4. Martyn – Miniluv (exclusive)
5. STL – Loop 04
6. Levon Vincent – The Long Life
7. Jonas Kopp – Michigan Lake (exclusive)
8. ACT – RoHd (previously unreleased)
9. Mikhail Breen – Veracity (previously unreleased)
10. DVS1 – Confused (previously unreleased)
11. Rolando – De Cago (previously unreleased)
12. Kevin Gorman – 7am Stepper (exclusive)
13. Ben Klock – Compression Session 1
14. Roman Lindau – Keppra (exclusive)
15. Tyree – Nuthin Wrong
16. The Echologist – Dirt (Ben Klock Edit) (exclusive)
17. James Ruskin – Graphic (exclusive)
18. Ben Klock feat. Elif Biçer – Elfin Flight (previously unreleased)
19. Rolando – Junie (previously unreleased)


Exclusive new Young Punx album “Mashpop and Punkstep”preview +Free Downloads

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The Young Punx return for their second studio album, a startling and inventive exploration of the deliberate destruction of genre boundaries in electronic music. Probably the first album in history to have toyed with drum and bass, heavy metal, electropop and cuban timba within the first 5 minutes (!) “Mashpop and Punkstep” is a vibrant manifesto for the next generation of mashup music. Featuring the epic collaboration with Memphis hip hop Don ‘Count Bass D’ – “Ready For the Fight” (already heard as the theme music for EA Games “Fight Night 4″ and as official entry music for world middleweight champion Arthur Abraham), the J-pop electro disco of SugarCandySuperNova and the Ragga House of “Juice and Gin” the album spans Puccini Opera, Punk rock, hip hop, synth pop, Japanese rock and much more…

“[The Young Punx are…] jubilantly shredding genre boundaries, swooping like crack crazed Magpies to grab their favourite shiny bits with maniacal gusto” – Clash Magazine

Finally Album from the Young Punx!
The Young Punx has been around for a while now,here and everywhere,their best work ‘Mashpop and Punkstep’ sees the day march 22.
The are No Boundaries at ‘Mashpop and Punkstep’, just like we expect from Young Punx, all kinds of music styles in one album,from Electro to Hip Hop,from Punk to Opera,from Funk to Nu Disco,…,
Already our headphones got burnin listening track BurnBurnBurn!
Funk will Never Die (track nr 4) thanks to The Young Punx,we hope soon part 2!
New Wave music lovers,this is your -Final Destination!
There is just one’Mashpop and Punkstep’album,so far, one of the Best Indie Party Albums this year