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Aphex Twin – minipops 67 [120.2][source field mix](Stream)

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aphex_foldface2This is the first Aphex Twin dong fore 13 years between the publication of the first a formal music.
This is the stream of ‘minipops 67 [120.2]’ from Aphex Twin’s ‘Syro’, available from Bleep –

TOP 40 Electronic +…Promo Chart –August 2014

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Some of the best tracks from albums,ep’s,compilations…arrived at our mailbox extramusicnew(at)
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TOP 40 Electronic +…Promo Chart –August 2014
Glitch,Experimental,Downtempo,Beats,Etno,World,Drum N Bass,…,

1. Federico Albanese-Disclosed-John Lemke Remix (4:49) INFO
2. Matthewdavid – Singing Flats (2:33)
3. ganju – shades (3:54)
4. Antientertainers – Morning Walk (4:25)
5. Giana Factory – My Power Obey (5:18)
6. Poborsk – Soul Thing (5:13)
7. Swoon – Do You Love (4:55)
8. Tender Games – Lost (4:24)
9. Stewart Walker – Candycoated (4:59)
10. Imagine me – Siv Feat. Rebecka Reinhard – we will never whisper (5:19)
11. Whole Truth – Steppas Don’t Lie (4:23)
12. BELLA CIAO (Chief Boima Remix) (6:12)
13. Nikki W – Superman (3:02)
14. Tiger Fresh, Bedrock – Changes (Bedrock RMX) (4:11)
15. Sir Sultry Featuring Judith Hill – Love Bubbles (4:33)
16. Richie Sice (Timmy Tutone RMX) – Marijuana Pon De Corner (Timmy Tutone RMX) (3:40)
17. Moog Conspiracy – The Light (K-Ten Remix) (6:34)
18. CRIMES – Hydraulics (3:07)
19. Quentin Hiatus – Hear Me (Original Mix) (3:37)
20. El Mato a un Policia Motorizado – Mas o menos bien 2 (4:13)
21. Skelecta & Dubfreq – Give Me Everything (Original Mix) (6:09)
22. Ewok – Cry Of War (Original Mix) (6:00)
23. Art of Fact – Dis is why im hot (Art of Zef RMX) (3:36)
24. TnS & Dr Roman – Dancehall Ram (deDUBros dub version) (5:36)
25. Anonymous – BLND#10 (3:51)
26. Fade & True Renegades – Watch Out(2014 Remaster) (6:19)
27. Naomi Shelton & The Gospel Queens – 06 I Don’t Know V2 (3:47)
28. Kiril & Was A Be – Direct Tone (Original Mix) (5:06)
29. Eveson – Deluge (3:51)
30. Multiple Mono – When It Rains It Pours (4:11)
31. Soja – 02 Your Song ft. Damian Jr. Gong Marley (3:21)
32. herMajesty – Crystals (4:10)
33. Scatz – Trade My Things For Wings (5:38)
34. Alejandra Ribera – I Want (5:14)
35. Break – Duck for Cover (6:22)
36. Ennui – 06. Telepathic Beat (4:35)
37. The Shaolin Afronauts – Ojo Abameta (5:26)
38. Fields – Reel Funk (4:52)
39. Rachel Marie – New Habit (3:41)
40. Kiril & Was A Be – Direct Tone (Original Mix) (5:06)

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Spacedrome – You

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Spacedrome - YouSpacedrome is a small collective of young DJs and producers formed by chance in Rome in April 2012. Four friends; each from a different Italian city, met in the small clubs of the capital and found that they all had a common passion: the low frequencies. Combining their individual musical experiences Spacedrome was born; an evolving collective whose mission was to spread their new sound across the world. As pioneers of the dub minimal sound, the four are attempting to create a space in which to gather the followers of bass music to discover the hidden nuances of the “deep side”. As the name itself suggests; Spacedrome is a collective open to all fans of the genre and they are willing to adopt emerging talents who have no place elsewhere. A passion for music and teamwork are the two ingredients that bring forth so much talent from their members.

Olaf Stuut ft. Ryan Davis & Some Chemistry Summate (Previews)

Posted in News with tags , , , , , , on July 5, 2014 by J.D. presents their next morgen.ep 142

I. Olaf Stuut – Summate
II. Olaf Stuut – Summate (Ryan Davis remix)
III. Olaf Stuut – Sovenance
IV. Olaf Stuut – Sovenance (Some Chemistry Remix)
V. Olaf Stuut – See the 3’s for the 4est

Chris Kaz-Chris Kaz

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Chris Kaz-Chris KazThere are no barriers with Chris Kaz, nothing too personal for him to share, and no emotion he doesn’t feel comfortable expressing through his music. Whether he’s composing for himself, as his dance alter ego “Boofi”, or producing for other people.

Kaz’s self-titled debut album is made up of ten tracks that push the boundaries of typical electronic music. Chris’ album is a logical extension of everything else he has done up to this point. While he has successfully released dance music under the alias Boofi (slang for boy toy), working with Ministry of Sound amongst others, he has saved his more personal work for his own nomenclature.

Every artist has two faces. Chris Kaz, to me, is deeper than Boofi, and more how I am feeling today. Boofi is fluffy, crazy, sexy dance music. The music I am making as Chris Kaz is totally different.

Listening to artists such as Skinny, Tricky, Massive Attack, Portishead, The XX, Fink, Jai Paul, Nicolas Jaar and others has informed the direction of Kaz’s music. Emotional, relationship-based, and full of self-disclosure, Chris says the overwhelming theme of this debut release is love – being in love, yearning for love, running from love, obsessing about love.

The tracks come from a place of love. It’s very deep and sincere to me. I have waited a long time to release this album, and feel that, as an artist, I’ve been building up to it.

Kaz’s sound is part of an innovative subgenre of EDM music; unlike some of the younger EDM kids who jump around at all night shows, Kaz’s music is meant to be enjoyed with all of your senses. Composed with an intellect combining time and space, the album sounds almost like a live recording, allowing the listener to fully absorb this set of deeply personal songs.

RELEASE : Aug/Sept
LABEL: Cujo Records
CAT NO: cujo001


1. Tumbling Hobbsdon
2. Time Fails All
3. Clifford Bounce
4. The Way Formula
5. Little Dreamer
6. Marcel McCalla – Steal Me Away (Chris Kaz Remix)
7. Try Safe
8. Tempered Oxy
9. Radio Jingle Shop
10. Turbulance

Franz Kirmann “Meridians”

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Franz Kirmann – MERIDIANSFranz Kirmann – MERIDIANS
Release date: July 18th on Denovali Records

Best known as half of post-classical / electronica duo Piano Interrupted, and head of label Days Of Being Wild, London based French producer Franz Kirmann goes back to his contemplative roots with “Meridians”, his second album, due out on Denovali Records.

Strongly influenced by movies (he used to be a film editor and filmmakers Wong Kar Wai, Michelangelo Antonioni, Sergio Leone or David Lynch are happily cited alongside his musical influences), Franz Kirmann has a weakness for walls of sounds and fragile melodies, which he sees as the sonic equivalent of slow-motion sequences, travelling shots or landscapes in cinemascope.

Introducing ibeyi, new XL artist presents debut single “Oya”

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ibeyiIbeyi have premiered a video for their debut single “Oya” today. Produced by XL founder Richard Russell, “Oya” is Ibeyi’s first piece of music since signing to XL Recordings and is available to purchase digitally now. It forms part of Ibeyi’s debut AA-sided single “Oya / River” out later this summer.
Watch the Jamie-James Medina (The xx, Ratking) directed video and hear the song right now

Ibeyi are 19 year old French Cuban twins, Naomi and Lisa-Kainde Diaz. They are daughters of the late Cuban percussion Anga Diaz.
Naomi plays percussive instruments, the Cajon and the Batas, while Lisa plays piano. Together the twins have learned the songs of their father’s culture, Yoruba.
Yoruba travelled from West Africa to Cuba with slavery in the 1700s. The Yoruba people have the highest twinning rate in the World, and twins occupy an important position within Yoruba culture. Ibeyi is pronounced “ee-bey-ee” and translates as “Twins” in Yoruba.
Ibeyi sing in English and Yoruba, and have created a minimalist sound that merges elements of their heritage with their natural love of modern music as teenagers grown up in Paris, citing artists such as Fiona Apple and King Krule amongst their wide range of influences.
Ibeyi are currently recording their debut album for XL, with Richard Russell on production.
Ibeyi official website

Amatorski “from clay to figures”

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Amatorski from clay to figuresThe most promising young band out of Belgium, Amatorski are constantly going through a growth process; on the edge of knowing and not knowing, a story unfolds, abstract thoughts become concrete and a new musical landscape takes shape. As artists, they not only meticulously elaborate their songs, but are also continually remodeling their own musical identity. This can certainly be felt on their highly anticipated second album, from clay to figures, to be released on June 10th via Crammed Discs.

Dawn Golden – Still Life

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Dawn Golden - Still LifeDawn Golden, a solo electronic production and songwriting project helmed by Dexter Tortoriello of Houses, officially started in late 2010 when a series of Bandcamp demos caught Diplo’s attention with their stark emotion and forward-­‐thinking production.

Post-­‐Blow, the Los Angeles-­‐based Tortoriello started recording albums for both Dawn Golden and Houses, releasing Houses’ A Quiet Darkness in May 2013. During this period, he continued working on the songs for what would become Dawn Golden’s debut LP. Entitled Still Life, the album was recorded over the last three years at the Mad Decent studios in Los Angeles.

Led by its first single “All I Want,” Still Life gains its stark emotional perspective through some of the most unique production you’re likely to hear this year. There’s heavy exploration of sonic texture, and Tortoriello uses frozen cut-­‐ups and creative vocal editing to flip a traditionally-­‐futuristic sound into something that oozes feeling.

Track List:

1. Discoloration
2. All I Want
3. Sleight Orchestra
4. I Won’t Bend
5. Swing
6. The Beekeeper
7. Still Life
8. Chevrotain
9. Last Train
10. Brief Encounter

Download:We Are Noize(Maxim of The Prodigy) ‘Run Da Sound’ // From the ‘Meat EP’ out 16th June

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runDaSound copyWith a new track unlocking every week, the first to be taken from the EP, ‘Bad Gyal’,also available to download here

Next up is the loud and bass heavy, ‘Run Da Sound’,available to download now.

We Are Noize is a new musical project featuring Maxim of The Prodigy and a group of like minded collaborators, smashing the boundaries of their own sonic universe. A unique collective created to make music outside the norm, ‘We Are Noize’ has become the latest side project in a fresh direction for Maxim whist staying fiercely committed to his roots as Prodigy frontman.

A group of friends who all share the same passion for music. Whether it’s experimental, or a sound that just doesn’t follow trends, they realised that they all had the same vision – to write and produce good music.