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Filterwolf – Viva La Rave

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With his constantly evolving sonic identity and ever increasing output quality, it is no wonder that Filterwolf‘s new album has been eagerly anticipated by club-goers, home-listeners and aficionados thirsty for unique and original sound in their headphones.

His third album derives its name from political revolutions engulfing entire world, as well as musical direction with which the personal creative revolution of Filterwolf had started. “Viva la Rave” is surely his most immediate and sensual record to date. Filterwolf wanders across outer edges of house and techno realm on this album, scoping out where boundaries have been erected and looking beyond them to aural vistas previously uncharted.

Across the twelve tracks of “Viva La Rave“, he takes us on an intense, supreme journey. His magnificent production finesse displays in a smashing tour de force, showing off his natural understanding of the dance floor. This raw sound energy will inevitably keep crowds moving in the coming months and years. Tracks like “No Gravity” or “Pon De Leo” sway in persistent and deeply rhythmical motion, conveying beautiful imagery painted with Filterwolf‘s hypnotic brush strokes. Others tracks, such as “Iguana“, “Olympia” and “Zeros And Ones” draw us into awesome acoustic tapestries with gorgeous melodies and sprawling, synth- and sample-heavy effervescence of sound.

Sonic hallmarks of Filterwolf‘s style are edgy and euphoric resonances, which make this longplayer sound full of lust for life and bursting with verve. “Viva La Rave” sets out to further extend the limits of house and techno genre and situates itself where electronic music deviates from expectations. The result is deep, vivacious and ultimately, something new.


Filterwolf feat. Jimmy Edgar & Altered Natives Remixes – Brooklyn Via Montmartre

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Filterwolf releases the first single from his upcoming third album ‘Viva La Rave’, entitled ‘Brooklyn Via Montmartre‘. This single is intervowen with three state-of-the-art remixes from Jimmy Edgar (Warp, Hotflush), Altered Natives (Hyperdub, 3024) and Eduardo D’Alirio (International DJ Gigolos,Filigran).

The original track is nothing short of future house anthem with an elegant and catchy piano melody reminiscent of Detroit hit ‘Strings Of Life’, finest jazz percussions and vocoder action, which all serve to catapult this track into the new sonic spheres.
Jimmy Edgar, a wayward star producer from Detroit, now residing in Berlin, brings his new found club-oriented futuristic sleaze into his rework of the track, making it a giant dancefloor burner guaranteed to clock in over 10 minutes.
Altered Natives, a celebrated producer from London, whose last album was on many top ten lists of 2011, makes a rough and tumble remix, with grimy sub basses and incredible intensity in his original interpratation of the UK Funky style.
And finally, Eduardo D’Alirio adds new sophisticated layers and playful details layered on top of the original track, making it a perfect summer manifesto.

Filterwolf new album ‘Night Patterns’

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Filterwolf is an acclaimed producer, DJ and live act from Munich, whose infectious production talents, electric live shows and groundbreaking debut album on London based Process Recordings released in 2010 have all led to the creation of his stunning new masterpiece: ‘Night Patterns‘. His work was remixed by some of the finest artists around the globe such as Portable, Tigerskin, Niederflur and Hrdvsion. The consistency of the quality of his musical output was compared by journalists with no less a figure than Carl Craig.
His productions have constantly earned praise and gained many fans for their driving beats, elegant, warm and cheerful synths and blossoming, journey-like arrangements. Filterwolf received strong support from Zombie Nation, John Acquaviva, Spektre, Ivan Smagghe, Groove Armada, Slam, Dirt Crew and Coldcut. He was featured on Tsugi Compilation Volume 18 along with Gui Boratto, Tiga and Juan Mclean and on Huw Stephens’ ‘Best New Music’ evening show on BBC Radio 1.
Across his new album, he explores the exciting, timeless space between house, techno, electro and beyond. Throughout, he constantly maintains a melodic and emotive core, creating a mesmerizing body of work structured and presented in a highly creative way. The album was mastered by Eelke Kleijn, prolific producer (Manual Music, Global Underground) and mastering engineer from Rotterdam, who among others has mastered the works of Dubfire and Applescal.
Deep, swinging, handclapping grooves and furious saxophone lines of the opening track ‘Color Of Spring‘, with their subtle, uplifting, intelligent beauty, signal that this is a master artist at work. As the mood moves towards the deep, pounding intensity of ‘Deep Data‘, it’s easy to become lost in the swirling music as Filterwolf plays with emotion buttons, exploring the depths and whole spectrum of the dance and electronica, researching possibilities, forging ahead into the future. Album’s first single, ‘Klezmer’s Revenge‘, is destined to be an instant hit with its catchy clarinet melody and overwhelming choir corresponding with the pumping tech house rhythm and swinging percussions. This is a guaranteed dance floor burner, which is already being played on the finest electronic music radio shows around the world. ‘Never Ever‘ is a hyper audio trip: Sort of the most housey Depeche Mode track that they never wrote. ‘Parlami D’Amore‘ is an Italo disco tech adventure of the high class, while the next track, ‘Oxygen‘, with its string section, gorgeus female voice, furious beats and percussions has a marvellous emotional impact. ‘Ghost Ghetto‘ is the only track on the record which touches post-dubstep and soundtrack music architecture, a dreamlike, late night composition. ‘What Time Is Love‘ is a pure revelation: Infectious synth lead line crowns a hypnotic Robert Owen-like vocalist in the ecstasy of a tight house beat. ‘Voyageur‘ is an incredible, frenetic electro-techno throwdown, working its magic on purely listening terms without any lessening of its potential as a body-mover. One of the most powerful club bangers is presented with the ‘Babel‘, a work which sounds like an hybrid jam of Mannheim new school of house and futuristic melody fragments of Detroit. If Jean Michel Jarre had ever tried to make techno, he would have surely made a track similar to the next album’s brilliant offering: ‘Glass Bead Game‘, with its magic synth arpeggios and ingenious arrangement. And finally, ‘Burana Channel‘ possesses a jacking pulse that is nicely enhanced by a mighty bass line and vocal touches, making it a perfect bombastic tech house conclusion of the record.

Filterwolf – Klezmer’s Revenge

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At the beginning there was a concept to let Filterwolf‘s favorite or befriended artists interpret their version of the original track ‘Klezmer’s Revenge‘.
An the result of this global project is breathtaking: We have 11 sophisticated hymns here, coming among others from Buenos Aires via Paris to Berlin, making the original track shine in various rich garments.
The original track ‘Klezmer’s Revenge‘ is predestined to be an instant hit with its catchy clarinet melody and overwhelming chor corresponding with the pumping tech house rhythm und swinging percussions. Guaranteed dancefloor burner, which is already being played on the finest electronic music radio shows around the world.
Niederflur released their first longplayer and diverse singles and eps on Richie Hawtin’s Minus and started their own label last year, on which they released an incredible second album. Niederflur‘s interpretation of ‘Klezmer’s Revenge‘ is in their own words a ‘Sonnenaufgangstechno’, a track which they recommend to be played at the sunrise in the clubs. It is wild, intense, full of sweat energy and otherwordly in its hypnotic atmosphere.
Pablo Placeres is a producer from Lanzarote and has had several releases on Music Taste Records and High Seven Records. This talented artist makes ‘Klezmer’s Revenge‘ as deep as the sea and punctuates this deepness with very emotional arrangement of the sound.
Egon Orange, Berlin based artist, who released various eps on Dilo’s prestigious Igloo label, interprets the track in his freestyle minimal trademark sound, floating around with the beats and samples, airy, elegantly and always majestically.
Lemy Leopard, a new producer and remixer from Paris, is giving ‘Klezmer’s Revenge‘ completely new treatment and transforms it into a pompous and enchantig deep house adventure.
Kntu is a radio dj and producer from Mexico and has already released an EP on Filigran. His take on the original track is a pure dancefloor bomb, state of the art tech house with a mesmerizing bass line.
Leonel Vivanco is one of the first artist releasing on Filigran and has been compared to Deadmau5 in various electronic music magazines. His interpretation is a juicy ride into the world of hypermodern house.
Xtramol is a Buenos Aires based sound and mastering engineer, who has released his music on Italo Business, Plastik.FM and Shufflemood. Xtramol plays with all the of the registers of techno and house and changes the melody direction completely from the middle of the track, as if he wants us to come deeper to an unforgettable sonic journey with him.
Mateo & Spirit are the new hit remix producers from Budapest, which had a big track ‘India’ last year on Tracer Records with over 371000 views on youtube, reaching the beatport top ten and getting charted by the biggest names all over the globe. Mateo & Spirit give ‘Klezmer’s Revenge‘ their superminimal boost injection transforming the track into a stunning and non-recurring techno experience.
Tenderheart, who releases his tracks on Resopal Schallware, is giving the track glitzy feelings and puts it on a very sophisticated level with its unorthodox arrangements and profound, almost cinematic sound brilliance.
Doctor Jok released his first album last year on Dirty Stuff Records to a critical acclaim. His minimal techno interpretation is a hot, beefy and effective jewel for the peaktime on the dancefloor.
Julio Portillo is one of the Filigran artists on this release and remixes the original track into a hybrid future house jazz, making it sound like as if we had 2111 and not 2011. This is Portillo’s definition of the next level of hybrid house, making it a marvellous conclusion of this fine Filigran release.
The original track is the first single of Filterwolf‘s new album ‘Night Patterns’ which is going to be released in may.

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