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Clap! Clap! Returns to Black Acre to Deliver His Debut LP, Stream a Track Now

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Clap! Clap!After storming the gates with his warmly received Tambacounda EP, Clap! Clap! returns to Black Acre to deliver is debut long player.

Tayi Bebba is a highly conceptual work that manages to balance a highly cerebral concept with making some good old fashioned bangers. Tayi Bebba is an album tour of an imagined island each song representing a location, event or ritual. Sonically it’s a fast moving charge across the soundscape fusing field recordings and found sound with incredibly surgical drum programming. Flavours of house, Footwork and Hip Hop punctuate your migration with a very specific sound palate giving this amazing work a cohesive feel.

Artist Clap! Clap!
Title Tayi Bebba
Label Black Acre
Release Date 08-Sept-2014
Format Vinyl, CD & Digital

1. The Holy Cave
2. Ashiko
3. The Rainstick Fable
4. Kwasi The Sorcerer
5. Black Smokes, Bad Signs
6. Conqueror (action / assault / conquest)
7. Conqueror (consequences / memories)
8. Conqueror (remorse / withdrawn)
9. Burbuka
10. Sahkii (Xirhuu)
11. Sahkii’s Elevation feat. DJ Khalab
12. Kwasi’s Storm (kyanumj) (tape dub)
13. Universal Modulator (kujhmak)
14. Sahkii’s Knowledge
15. Universal Modulator (ujmubuam)
16. Sailing In The Seas of Wood
17. Kuj Yato

The LP comes with full island map and in depth story behind each track.

Sarantis ‘Electric City’ LP(Preview)

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Sarantis 'Electric City' LPElectric City is the new album from Sarantis OUT NOW via Senseless Records. It takes it’s name from an imagined urban landscape caught somewhere between London and the dystopian sprawl imagined by John Carpenter, Warriors and other classic 80s sci-fi. The music takes audible cues from the soundtracks to those films; bold, raw synths and big drums reverberate but also a melting pot of musical styles ranging from motor city techno and electro funk through to cutting edge grime, bashment and footwork.

Vocal tracks come from Parly B (Mungo’s Hifi), South London’s rising grime star M.I.K. & Dialect, a renowned freestyle MC and regular guest on Westwood and 1Xtra.

Building on previous releases for Senseless, Black Acre and Chrissy Murderbot’s Loose Squares, on this LP Sarantis expands his sonic palette and allows all the inspiration and influence collected in the past half decade to breathe and expand. Starting out from his soundsystem roots in Leeds, UK, Sarantis has worked his way in to the record boxes of people like Skream, Brenmar, DMZ & Mary Anne Hobbs with a catalogue spanning six years and work with vocalists like Warrior Queen and Iration Steppas.

Kab Driver – Hank Bewlington [Reset Industries]

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rst002 Kab DriverThe second release on Reset Industries comes courtesy of label co-owner Kab Driver, who brings his musical dexterity and melodic flair to bear on a couple of lively, futuristic funk tracks.

The playfulness that characterised his well-received debut LP on Airflex Labs is in full effect once more on Hank Bewlington – a highly original concoction that deploys an array of analogue synth textures and infectious lead hooks over skittering footwork-style rhythms and sub bass swells. Chopped and screwed vocal samples pepper the mix, with sharp edits liberally scattered around in a pleasingly off-kilter fashion. It’s a fun and full-on affair, heavily imbued with the funk sensibilities that form the bedrock of Kab Driver’s sound.

Wesley Slipes leads off on a wistful piano and bass guitar hook, before dropping into another smart, footwork-style rhythm. Polysix arpeggios and a range of delicate synth touches combine over syncopated drum patterns, which build in intensity until the track breaks down around the halfway mark into some sweet chopped variations on the central piano riff. It’s an intricate and detailed track which hangs together beautifully – a fine demonstration of technical and musical know-how from a producer with an impressive knack for both.

On remix duty, up-and-coming garage fanatic REAL gives Hank Bewlington a jacking house makeover, foregrounding the main melody over a satisfyingly deep, sub-led groove. Atmospheric pads and ghostly female vox swirl beneath snappy percussion as the track bumps along, before a particularly well-placed breakdown chops the groove and introduces some addictive house stabs to the mix.

Chrissy Murderbot – Friendship EP (Halo Cyan)

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Chicago-based DJ/Producer Chrissy Murderbot has continually been at the forefront of the ever-evolving global Bass Music scene, writing music that bridges the gap between Chicago, England, and the Caribbean, and beyond. This last year has been a very busy one for Murderbot—an album on Planet Mu, an EP on his own Loose Squares imprint, and remixes for the likes of Machinedrum, Theophilus London, Pixelord, Mark Stewart, Star Slinger & Teki Latex, and more. He continues this hot streak with two new tracks for Halocyan, drawing on elements of Footwork, Detroit Techno, UK Bass, and ‘90s D&B to create something entirely new. Rounding out the EP are phenomenally lush remixes from up-and-comer Sumsun and the absolutely legendary Legowelt.

ARTIST: Chrissy Murderbot
TITLE: “Friendship” EP
FORMAT: 12″ + digital EP
LABEL: Halocyan Records
RELEASE DATE: July 24, 2012
1. “Bionic Penguins”
2. “Friendship”
3. “Bionic Penguins (Sumsun RMX)”
4. “Friendship (Legowelt RMX)”

Slick Shoota “8 Bit Beauty” EP on Loose Squares(STREAM)+Free Download

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ARTIST: Slick Shoota
“8 Bit Beauty” EP
digital EP
Loose Squares
March 26, 2012
1. “Love You You You”
2. “8 Bit Beauty”
3. “Hit The Flow”
4. “Eye Turn Red”
5. “Beby”


Slick Shoota is a producer from Trondheim, Norway who has developed his own unique musical style—a combination of juke, garage, booty bass, breaks, and old school jungle. He’s already been getting attention for his remix work, covering a diverse range of artists and labels: Fuzzy Logik (Safe & Sound), Dev79 (Slit Jockey), Heartbreak (Mad Decent), Mr. Mitch (Butterz), Joss Ryan (DVA Music), Falty DL (Planet Mu), and more.

His first EP for Loose Squares contains five tracks of forward-thinking, boundary-pushing juke hybrids—from booty-meets-grime party-smashers like “Eye Turn Red” and “Hit The Flow” (featuring up-and-comer5kin&bone5), to the soulful, garage-inspired “Love You You You” and “Beby”. We here at Loose Squares are really excited to present these new sounds. A must have for 2012!

Download:Slick Shoota – Blaze it

Listen EP,baby i love you!

some feedback so far…
“Perfect release!” –Crookers (Fools Gold)
“Finally!! Slick Shoota never fails!” –Munchi (Mad Decent / Enchufada)
“I love melodies and sounds like this. Hot tracks!” –DJ Gant-Man (Dance Mania / Fools Gold)
“This EP is Massive” –Mumdance (No Hats No Hoods / Mad Decent)
“This EP made my day! These tunes are HOT!!!!” –Cardopusher (Frijsfo / Tigerbeat6 / Hyperdub)

Chrissy Murderbot -Women’s Studies on Planet Mu+ Bussin Down Video Premiere!

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Chrissy Murderbot to Release

Women’s Studies on Planet Mu
(May 9th, 2011)

Debuts Video for “Bussin Down” (Below)

“If you do enough downloading, you will never, ever have to make your own dance-party mixtapes.”
 – The New Yorker

“2011 will see the young DJ/producer take centre-stage…”
– Fact Magazine

“Murderbot? You DJ’d. wearing adorable shorts. please marry me?”
– Craigslist Chicago Missed Connections

Chrissy Murderbot’s first album for Planet Mu is a collection of tracks that should come with the warning “be prepared to sweat”.

The last few years have seen Chrissy working hard on the optimum formula for getting down and having non-stop fun. Women’s Studies is an album of party starting, populist mutations with vocal contributions from the Dancehall mcees MC ZULU, Rubi Dan and Warrior Queen, plus rappers Popeye, Coool Dundee and Johnny Moog. It’s made with a brazen and unashamed love for dance music, mixing energetic tropes into a sticky tropical punch.

The influence of Ghetto House and Juke from his chosen home of Chicago hangs over the album. From the off, things get fleet-footed on “Break You Off” with it’s night-time atmosphere built from Rhodes chord progressions and sexy vocals over tight, subtle rolling footwork drums and bass; it’s like a 160bpm musical massage. Later on Bussin Down continues the footwork influence with a sped-up grooving funk sample, over which Juke/Footwork legend DJ Spinn gives the orders (and check out the delightful video, here). Elsewhere “Heavy Butt”s seesawing bassline and 8-bit melody gets the message across loud and clear, while the impressionist footwork of “Jiggle” is probably the most jiggling piece of music ever recorded.

Other tracks such as “New Juke Swing” mix crunchy drums of the kind you might find on a Teddy Riley production with a bassline of an early grime record while Rubi Dan acts as master of ceremonies… “The Vibe Is So Right“, featuring MC ZULU, pits chopped breakbeats against big basslines at funky house speed, which quickly intensify into sharp junglist patterns. On “Bump Uglies” Chrissy mixes cute girl vocals chopped up over a flat dancehall beat while MC Popeye rides the rhythm making his intentions clear, while the album’s poppiest moment “Sweet Thang” features Coool Dundee and Johnny Moog in an inspired high speed mix of jungle and electro with soul vocals and mcing.

Things get decidedly early 90’s with Warrior Queen on “Under Dress” a strange amalgam of acid and (more) New Jack Swing, with Warrior Queen dropping some filthy lyrics. The 90’s revival continues with the “U Got Me Burnin Up (Club Cirque)” which mixes high speed ravey piano and diva samples with crackin 160bpm juke and hip house vocals from Coool Dundee.

On Women’s Studies Murderbot manages to twist underground music forms into a new kind of high quality pop music that’s a joy to listen to.

Curious about the Juke/Footwork stylings of Chicago? Check out Chrissy’s video for “Bussin Down”, featuring DJ Spinn and renowned Footwork dancers AG and Lite Bulb. Directed by Jay Schroeder and Jon Sands, the video shows you the never-before released “Bussin Down™” videogame, out exclusively on the new Super Nintexboxstation 3™. It makes you wish “Bussin Down” was the real deal.

Listen full EP

Chrissy Murderbot- “Bussin’ Down” EP on Planet Mu,April 4 w/ Juke Legends Spinn & Rashad, MC ZULU …(Stream)!

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Planet Mu to Release Chrissy Murderbot Single Bussin Down

(April 4, Planet Mu)

Features Juke Legends Spinn & Rashad,

Dancehall Breakout MC ZULU

“Chrissy provides a unique perspective as one of the earliest people to connect the dots,
laying the groundwork for the explosion of interest in juke and footwork by the UK bass
community and beyond”
 Resident Advisor

“A tireless enthusiast and standard-bearer for Chicago juke music, playing an
instrumental role in bringing the music to Europe and beyond”
– FACT Magazine

“quintessentially Chicago”

Chrissy Murderbot is a Chicago resident who you might know from his playful mutant juke remixes that have popped up across the internet on Pitchfork, Fact and Stereogum. Or for his incredibly disciplined ‘My Year Of Mixtapes‘ blog, where he’s recorded a mixtape a week and put it on Mixcloud. Or perhaps his previous incarnations working in his beloved Jungle genre or with disco edits and good old house.

Bussin Down is the first single from Chrissy for Planet Mu. His style here is inspired by his chosen city of Chicago’s Juke and Footwork scenes. He playfully mixes in elements of other styles of music he loves, such as R’n’B and Dancehall, to create lively hybrids with a warm hearted mass appeal that comfortably straddles genres.  

‘Bussin Down’ features Chicago footwork supremo DJ Spinn over some tasty footwork tracks featuring Spinn’s instructional lyrics, high speed jazz funk, and cracking claps and klaviers. Next track ‘Braaain’ is a unique amalgam of footwork with the classic early digital sleng teng bassline. The blend works fantastically, as Chrissy slides the originals vocal in and out of the mix in a dub style.

On the B-side Atki2 takes album track ‘The Vibe Is So Right’ featuring vocals from MC ZULU and runs it through a lush treatment that mixes Detroit washes with tight, laidback, rolling funky house drums, to instant classic effect. On B2, Chicago footwork pioneers DJs Rashad and Spinn send the originals vocal into a whirl of complex delays and layered loops over cold drums and hard techno stabs.
Watch out for the incredible video for ‘Bussin Down’ which was made with an artist grant from the Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs.
Check out the full release

EMN:Our Ghosts on Tape Remix

This single is just a taste of whats to come on his ‘Women’s Studies’ album, due soon on Planet Mu.