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SOS “Youth In Decline”+Free Download

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Youth In Decline SOSSOS is comprised of singer Randa Leigh, and producer/multi-instrumentalist Brian Vincent. SOS is a portrait of youth that explores the emotional impulses that control us through our twenties in a visceral and immediate way. From personal insecurities to moments of reckless action and adventure, the story is told in cinematic fashion through Vincent’s atmospheric production, with Leigh’s vocals moving in and out of the frame.

1. Light
2. Youth In Decline
3. Gorgeous
4. Dead or Alive
5. sheWants
6. Secrets
7. iLikethatURnice
8. withYou
9. Bleeding Heart

Fakepakt X Atilla feat. Daví – Clear (Video Premiere)

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Fakepakt X Atilla feat. Daví - Clear
First single from the new Fakepakt album “People I Knew” to be released in June
Official video premiere, June 17th.
The song is a collaboration between “one the most visionary artists of our time,” Daví, Radio Adidas DJ/Beatmaker, FAKEPAKT (Turkey) and Turkish-born/Brooklyn based trap music producer, Atilla.

The video and single were done in both Istanbul (Turkey) and NYC (USA); Daví and FAKEPAKT have never met physically. FAKEPAKT discovered Daví on Soundcloud and after a few messages back and forth, the collaboration was soon set underway. As Daví and Atilla have been longtime collaborators, Daví reached out to Atilla to tell him about the collaboration with FAKEPAKT and it just so happened that Atilla knew FAKEPAKT through a childhood friend; the project soon after became a trio. The serendipitous and powerful combination of these three wild talents is heard like crystal in Clear.

King avriel Unveils “Judgment Day // Valley Idols” MP3, Debut Full-Length Project Out This Spring!

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kingKing avriel (purposefully spelled with a capital “K” & lowercase “a”) is a Los Angeles-based writer, composer & singer. Having released just a handful of songs to date via her SoundCloud , she’s already generated critical & fan acclaim for her unique brand of cerebral alternative R&B containing underlying poignant social commentary. King avriel will release her debut full-length projectthesisthis spring!

Following previously unveiled thesis cut “Caricatures,” King avriel is back to give fans another taste of the upcoming project with “Judgment Day // Valley Idols” (produced by King avrielHasan Insane & Napo). On the song’s message, she elaborates: “The idea for the song came to me during a prisoner’s dilemma simulation in one of my classes. It reminded me of how, when I was younger, I tended to look out for others at my own expense in those kinds of situations. On surface level, it’s about me taking the blame for an imaginary crime I committed with a partner. However, it is ultimately a metaphor for a more personal lived experience, how I covered up my uncertainty with a false sense of righteousness when making a tough decision, and the faith I drew on to help me find solace.” Check out the “Judgment Day // Valley Idols” MP3 

king avriel
King avriel began performing at the age of two, and playing the piano & violin by age nine. A nationally recognized short story author before kindergarten, she soon began to write songs & went on to become a published poet. At five years old, King avriel landed her first feature role as the voice of Timerly on Nickelodeon’s Hey Arnold. After releasing several small projects, being featured on mixtapes with artists like Miguel, and captivating thousands of online fans, King avriel became disillusioned with industry politics & decided to return to school. She accepted a full academic scholarship at UCLA- but it was not long before she realized music was still her true passion & returned to it.

JMSN – Thing U Miss(Video)

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BOK BOK featuring Kelela – Melba’s Call(Video)

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Joel Compass – Forgive Me(Video)

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Listen to AVAN LAVA “So F*kt Up” Remix & Mark Ronson Cover

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Listen to AVAN LAVA So F kt Up Remix & Mark Ronson CoverNew York’s AVAN LAVA just released their single, “So F*kt Up”, an R&B burner about the anguish of potential love after a one-night stand. In celebration of the release, they are sharing Young Diamond’s skittering remix


Somebody To Love Me (Mark Ronson Cover)