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Portformat – Entropy (preview)

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Entropy is a measure of uncertainty leading to a lower level of information. The eighteen stories of love and life featured on Portformat’s new album aim for exactly that, asking you to listen closer to your instincts and follow your dreams.

Elegantly combining R&B, hip hop and electronics, the dream world of ‘Entropy’ takes the listener on a mysterious trip towards inner space. Fellow dream chasers on this space ride include TDR vocalists such as Alicia Renee, Amalia, Colonel Red, Dudley Perkins, Eagle Nebula, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Stan Smith and other very special guests. So buckle up and get ready to explore the entropy with us!


MED – Classic album Nov.1st+Videos+Free Downloads

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Release date: November 1, 2011
Pre-order limited edition 3/LP with instrumentals
Advance digital release available now.

A quick glance at MED’s discography shows many classic releases from years past: Madvillain’s Madvillainy, Madlib’s Shades of Blue, J Dilla’s The Shining, Lootpack’s Soundpieces, Quasimoto’s Unseen. Each appearance showcases his well-rounded knack for lyricism, ranging from vivid street imagery to nostalgia to everything. On November 1st we have MED adding a new title to that list.  

The new album, Classic, drops November 1st.  With the sophomore album, we’re treated to collabs with label mate Aloe Blacc, Talib Kweli, Hodgy Beats (OFWGKTA), Oh No, Kurupt and Pok. Madlib produced the bulk of this album – 10 tracks – along with beats by Karriem Riggins, Oh No, Georgia Anne Muldrow and The Alchemist.

MED speaks on the meaning of the new album’s title, “I called the LP Classic because that’s the approach I took: create music that has the potential to be played by every generation. This album deals with current issues, personal and within the community. Good-feeling music will always last and allow hip-hop to grow. Even though I recorded well LP was to do the music that I love to do but at the same time show growth.”

A limited edition 3/LP version of the vinyl containing the album+instrumentals is available for pre-order. Cover by Eric Coleman/Jeff Jank.

MED feat. Hodgy Beats – Outta Control
MP3 Download – MED “Where I’m From” feat. Aloe Blacc MP3 128kbps

MED – Classic feat Talib Kweli (Official Video HD)

MED feat. Aloe Blacc – Where I’m From (Official Video HD)

Tokyo Dawn Records pres.The Boogie

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Release date January 21st 2010
Label code TDR11-001
Distribution Digital / CD worldwide
Release page
Production AD Bourke, Addiquit, Amalia, Atjazz, Aybee, B. Bravo, Blaktroniks, Chacho Brodas, Dudley Perkins, Eagle Nebula, Favorite Flava, Georgia Anne Muldrow, John Robinson, Machinedrum, Opolopo, Omega, Portformat, Reeno, Replife, Sasac, Saturn Never Sleeps (King Britt & Rucyl), Soulparlor, Spinnerty, Stray, Swede:art, The Rah Band, Tokimonsta, Vindahl.
Additional prod. Compiled by Marc Wallowy

Genres Electro, House, R&B, Miami Bass, Future Funk

Based on groove fundamentals such as 80’s and 90’s R&B, Minneapolis funk and early electro, this compilation holds 18 modern approaches to what we like to call boogie music.

Combining neon synths and soul chords with a decent portion of future funk, we’re invited to ride an exciting new wave of artists combining latest production techniques with classic grooves deeply rooted in 80’s boogie wonderland.

Finely collected by TDR conductor Marc Wallowy, this amazing compilation features 74 minutes of dirty g-funk bangers, sweaty robot grooves, cosmic p-funk bombs and anthems of intergalatic existentialism. ‘The Boogie’ also features appetizers from forthcoming albums by Amalia, Blaktroniks, Replife, Soulparlor, Vindahl and others dropping 2011 via TDR. Connecting the dots between electro, rap, house and R&B, this exclusive outlook is equally recommended for fans of funk past, present and future!

01. Opolopo & Amalia – Life’s A Dance (Nu Opo Swing Mix) 6:06
02. Chacho Brodas – Siente Mi Funk 4:47
03. Spinnerty – Just Listen feat. John Robinson (B. Bravo Remix) 3:57
04. Stray – If Lovin’ U 3:26
05. Saturn Never Sleeps – The Magic Hour 3:32
06. Aybee – In Every Way feat. Omega 5:32
07. Soulparlor – Planet Sex feat. Replife 4:51
08. Blaktroniks – It Can Get Ugly 4:01
09. B. Bravo – Computa Love 4:08
10. AD Bourke – Aries 3:33
11. Favorite Flava – So Cruel (Sasac Remix) 1:54
12. Vindahl – Sometimes (12” Groove Version) 4:02
13. The Rah Band – Messages From The Stars (Original 12” Astro Mix – Atjazz Re-Edit) 4:53
14. Reeno – So Funky 4:09
15. Portformat – Mothership feat. Dudley Perkins & Georgia Anne Muldrow (Opolopo Remix) 5:14
16. Swedeart – I’m A R.O.B.O.T. feat. Blaktroniks (Tokimonsta Remix) 3:30
17. Addiquit – Take U Home 3:29
18. Eagle Nebula – What I Like 2:49

Tokyo Dawn Records pres.The Heart (Compilation)

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The heart. A vital muscle organ responsible for pumping blood through vessels by rhythmic contractions. This symbol of life and love is the quintessence of the sound concept behind Tokyo Dawn Records’ new compilation project of love-drenched heart beats.

Including over a dozen previously unreleased songs from some of today’s most engaging producers such as Machinedrum, Swede:art, Robot Koch, Jay Scarlett, Simbad, fLako, Comfort Fit and more, ‘The Heart’ also features special vocal appearances from Georgia Anne Muldrow with her original song for Mos Def’s latest album, Questlove’s sister Donn T, Quadron singer Coco, soul queen Jimetta Rose, Blaktroniks and more. 18 declarations of life, love and lust compiled by TDR founder Marc Wallowy.

‘The Heart’ will hit all major stores on September 17th 2010, but a special pre-release edition can now be downloaded here.

Jürgen von Knoblauch (Jazzanova): “A great view on the fantastic diversity of todays inbetween ground. A perfect release!”
Daz-I-Kue (Bugz In The Attic): “Quality Future Soul all the way”
Recloose (Planet E) “Great modernist adult contempo love joints!!”

Tokyo Dawn Records – The Heart (Teaser)

Release date September 17th 2010
Label code TDR10-003
Distribution Digital / CD worldwide
Release page +STREAM

1. Jimetta Rose – Glory Us (2:07)
2. Kris Mars – Wake 2.0 feat. Non+ (3:29)
3. Soulparlor – I Told You feat. Colonel Red (4:40)
4. Georgia Anne Muldrow – Roses (3:41)
5. Wallis Bird – La La Land (Comfort Fit Remix) (4:57)
6. Jay Scarlett – Gentle Persuasions feat. Reggie B (4:16)
7. Swede:art – Linguistics feat. Stray (B. Bravo Remix) (3:25)
8. Addiquit – Open Eyes (4:25)
9. Exes4Eyes – Blow You (4:08)
10. Donn T – Kisses (4:55)
11. Union Analogtronics – Janasa feat. Rachel Claudio (3:10)
12. Slow Drag Travellers – Feel (3:24)
13. Portformat – Scream & Shout feat. Miles Bonny (3:06)
14. Hygher Baby – Let U Go (DJ Asparagus Remix) (2:34)
15. fLako – I Want You feat. Dirg Gerner (2:50)
16. Robot Koch vs Numaads – Now (4:05)
17. Blaktroniks – Fais Moi Fremir feat. Sheila Monique (3:55)
18. Vindahl – Head Over Heels feat. Coco (3:37)

Production B. Bravo, Blaktroniks, Comfort Fit, DJ Asparagus, fLako, Jay Scarlett, Machinedrum, Non+, Portformat, Robot Koch, Simbad, Soulparlor, Swede:art, Union Analogtronics, Vindahl
Additional prod. Compiled by Marc Wallowy
Vocals Addiquit, Coco (Quadron), Colonel Red, Donn T, Georgia Anne Muldrow, Hygher Baby, Jimetta Rose, Kris Mars, Miles Bonny, Nuumads, Rachel Claudio, Reggie B, Slow Drag Travellers, Stray, Wallis Bird

Genres Future Soul, R’n’B, Alternative Hip Hop

For more check Tokyo Dawn Records

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